Anna Belle

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This story was written for Anna Belle. It is my own creation and I hope you enjoy it.

Anna Belle

It had been a long week at work and while the bosses were out of town the workload had increased if anything. Anna Belle and I are coworkers and long term friends. In all the years we have known each other there had never been a spark. Nothing to build upon and more often than not things had been “friendly professional”.

What changed you might ask? Well, Anna was in a relationship that seemed to be turning more serious until out of the blue she was sent on trip overseas. What started as harmless banter about the trip turned a little more exciting with the discussion of how she would survive the month long ordeal without any physical relations. Toys were suggested discussed. Her interest in this topic peaked my curiosity. I have always been the naughty risk taking sort and this conversation would definitely have caused our HR department some extra work.

You see while Anna had been getting more serious with her current beau, he didn’t know she was seeing someone else on the side. The relationship wasn’t monogamous however they had never discussed sleeping with others. I began seeing a different side of Anna . Instead of the prim and proper mother of fraternal twins, I was seeing the sexier side of my co worker.

Back to the present, Anna was working in her cubicle when I stopped by for a little chat. The day was grinding to an end and we were killing the last 20 minutes. Anna asked me if I would be able to give her a ride to her car on the other side of the complex. I agreed being the gentleman I had always shown myself to be. After packing my things for the evening I stopped back at her cube and she was just beginning to gather her bags. She slid her chair under her desk and in doing so knocked her purse to the floor. As she leaned over to pick up the items that had spilled out the site of her was awe inspiring. I noticed several new things about my friend and co worker. For a start she was wearing 4 inch black heels. These did amazing things to her legs. The calf muscles bulged and her short black skirt rode up on one of the most gorgeous heart shaped asses I have ever seen. As the skirt rode up I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing the pantyhose of a modest mom. They were actually thigh high stockings. My pulse began to race as I was enjoying the unexpected gifts I was being shown.

Anna is a workout fiend. She never misses a day and it shows. She has rock hard calves and sculpted thighs. She hardly carries an ounce of body fat. Her shoulder length dark hair frames one of the most serious expressions I have ever seen on a woman. She can stop a man cold with one poker oyna glance most days. Today when she stood back up she stopped me dead in my tracks. What she had seen was me enjoying the view. I was cold busted. What was even more of a shock; I didn’t receive the icy cold stare that I expected. It was replaced with a look of lust and need I recognized all too well. Being coy I thanked her for the view and the inspiration and asked her if she was ready to head out. She smiled and if anything blushed a little before heading for the door. I dropped her off at her little red sports car and told her I would see her in the morning. She quipped back if I was lucky I would.

The next day started as the last one had busy as ever. I don’t believe we had time to say more than 5 words to each other. As noon rolled around we went our separate ways to lunch. I was 30 minutes late getting back, however, when I did there was meeting request waiting for me. Anna Belle had requested an hour meeting in one of our conference rooms. I was curious as to why she had selected one in a different building of the complex. I was more curious as to why the note attached said “A well deserved break for Friday”

With 5 minutes until the scheduled meeting I looked around for Anna, she was no where to be found. I headed off to the meeting thinking about the work left to do before we could call it a day. I arrived at the room and the door was shut. I knocked and entered finding Anna sitting at a conference table with a folder and her laptop on the desk. I noticed she was wearing a white blouse that buttoned down the front and a prim ankle length blue skirt slit modestly to the knee. She waved me to a chair and said she had one thing left to finish. After a couple of minutes she closed the folder and stood back from the laptop pushing her chair back from the table. She asked me to come over and look at what she had found. The tension in the air was palpable. The thoughts going through my head about this woman and the conversation of the previous night had me excited and un- nerved. I walked over to her laptop and on the screen in front of me was a vibrating dildo. Not just any dildo it was built like a rabbit with a clit stimulator on one side however it had an anal probe on the backside. She saw my expression and smiled telling me it was what she had purchased for her business trip and she had been using it ever since. Again I smiled uneasily, I was not about to make a first move on her. She walked over to me looking deep into my eyes and mumbled something about a hard week and we deserved this. All I could see was that deep look of lust in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed me.

This was what I had been waiting canlı poker oyna and hoping for. The gloves were off. As our lips met and our tongues danced with one another I slowly brought my hand up her back under her hair and took and large handful of it in my grasp. The look on her face turned to surprise as my grasp tightened and began to pull her head back. I exposed her throat and to roughly kiss and lick my way up from the bottom of her neck toward her lips. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as I covered them with mine. Her chest began to heave as I ran my other hand over her taught stomach and up the front of her shirt. When I got to the top I began releasing the buttons slowly. With each one her exposure and her excitement grew. By the time the shirt was unbuttoned lust had completely overtaken her. The lacy Victoria secrets bra proved to be no challenge as I popped the front clasp. Her breasts were now exposed to the air.

Her nipples were small and pink the size of a pencil eraser and stood out nearly an inch from her breasts. The areolas hardened and shrunk just barely visible beneath the swollen and excited nipples. I began licking my way down the freckles that dotted her cleavage and crossed the line to succulent milky white flesh that surrounded her sensitive buds. When she felt the fingers of my left hand on her right nipple she shook. I realized just how sensitive her nipples were and knew that if I took my time she would be Cumming from just this simple stimulation. I began to softly tweak her right nipple with my left hand again. This time increasing the pressure and slowly beginning to stretch it away from her body. Her breast being a perfect handful without the slightest of sag was completely covered by my hand and while I stretched her nipple I began gripping the entire breast. Her hands shot to my head and clutched my mouth to her left breast. As I took her second nipple into my mouth I let my teeth graze sides and applied ever increasing suction. Her low moans now became constant and as the volume increased the tone depend and I could feel her shaking become more intense. I took the tip of her nipple between my teeth and began squeezing her right nipple harder as I began to slowly bite down on her left. She began to buck and the word YES escaped her lips as the first orgasm of the day enveloped her. I felt her relax in my arms and saw the dreamy look in her eyes. I moved her back to the conference table and laid her gently on it with her legs dangling off the side. I was finally about to get the prize I had been longing for

As she lay there I began to raise her skirt, her legs began to part and the skirt began to slide higher. This revealed what I already suspected internet casino stockings and a garter belt. The aroma of her excited sex was intoxicating; however it was still hidden beneath her skirt. With the stocking tops exposed I used my teeth to remove the clasps from first one and then the other leg. She was beginning to awaken from her afterglow at this point and watching me intently. When the stockings were unfastened I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her to a standing position. Facing away from me I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and I laid it on the chair. Again I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Standing before me feet shoulder width apart was the object of my lust. Her stockings falling down to the 4 inch blue heels, the matching garter belt framed a perfect taught ass with dark blue t-back running up the middle.

I reached down and removed her foot from her left heel. The stocking sliding down was deftly removed and the foot replaced back into the shoe. Kneeling down behind her I slowly begin to tenderly lick my way up the back of her leg. Tasting every inch of her calf, feeling the muscle bulge and become taught with each swipe of my tongue. I begin softly teasing the back of her knee enjoying the tender ticklish flesh. I worked my way up the back of her thick muscular thigh, she then leaned over the table and as my tongue reached her rock hard cheek she again began another soft slow moan. I ran my tongue all over the cheek of her ass without separating it or making any move between her legs. I stopped and took a step back, admiring her bent over the table before me and began to move in for the second leg. I again removed her shoe and slid off the stocking, placing her right foot back in her shoe. This time I took my left hand gripped her left cheek while working my mouth up the back of her right leg. When I reached her right cheek with my mouth I begin to squeeze her left check with my hand as I softly began to bite the right one. I leaned back and slid both hands over her cheeks she began to shiver expecting what was about to come. As I softly rubbed her cheeks I let my hands drift away and brought them back with a soft slap to each side. I slid my hands up and under the t-back hooking it with my fingers and began to slide it down. Anna Belle again started to moan as she felt me pulling it from her. The t-back was soaking wet and as it slid to the floor she stepped out of it. With her legs still shoulder width apart I started knead her ass cheeks softly at first and evenly getting stronger. As I separated them I saw heaven. Her lips were clean shaven, swollen, and her wetness was dripping and running down the inside of her thighs.

Anna has the most beautiful puckered, pink star I have ever seen. I softly blew on it and watched it constrict. She began to wiggle not sure of what lay in store for her or where I will head next.

To be continued …

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