Anonymous Lover Ch. 04

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This story builds upon my previous story called “Anonymous Lover”. Susan is David’s lover but she comes home unexpectedly to find him in bed with his sister, Beth. They now plan to get her back, but with unexpected results. All characters are fictitious and all are over the age of 18.


It was a couple of days after I had told David of my closet episode that he breached the subject of Susan with me. We were sitting in the lounge with a beer, watching a very forgettable movie.

“Are you into this movie, Beth?” he asked.

“No – not at all. Do you want to do something else?”

He clicked the remote and the picture rapidly shriveled to a little white dot in the centre of the screen and then disappeared. He regarded it for a moment. “That was, without doubt, the best part of the whole movie.”

“No doubt about it…, what’s on your mind?”

“I’ve been thinking about what to do about Susan.”

“Not my problem, Buster. She was your lover, not mine.” I reached over and touched him. “I’m happy with what I’ve got.”

He looked at me for a moment. “I am too, Beth, but I don’t like the way it finished between her and me.”

“You mean her coming into the house and finding you buried in your little sister up to your balls? Why on earth would that put her off?”

“We don’t know that’s what happened.”

“All of the evidence points towards it.” I ticked off the relevant points on my fingers. “One, she’s away for the very week you decide to kidnap me, but the weather gets really shitty…so she comes home early”.

He was silent, so I continued. “Two, on the morning that she is due back the front door suddenly opens in the storm whilst we are engaged in horizontal physical training.”

“It could have just blown open with the wind.”

“It’s got a deadlock on it….open with a key and shut with a key. Some clever fucking storm to put a key in the lock and turn it.”


“Three, that same morning we find a mysterious present on the sofa that wasn’t there before we went back to bed after breakfast. It has ‘To David from Susan, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss,’ written on it….that’s a bit of a clue.”

He nodded, and I went on. “Four, we find the spare key to the front door on the hall table; and five, she stops speaking to you and won’t return any of your calls or messages from the very day that all of the above happened.”

“But she was away.”

“Not at first. Her Mum said that she came back from her holiday early and stayed around a week or so, then lit off to somewhere else. She said that Susan was very preoccupied. Well, unexpectedly seeing the love of your life vigorously fucking his sister would do that, wouldn’t it?”

David shook his head. “We don’t know that. What makes you think that she actually saw us doing it?”

“How can you think anything else? Let’s work through the scenario….she lets herself in on the Wednesday after Easter with the key you gave her, full of joy and happiness at the prospect of seeing you again. She sets the key down on the table in the hall and walks down the corridor to the lounge, where she puts her present to you on the sofa. The sound of the storm drowns out her entrance. The house is quite dark, but she’s surprised to hear noises…voices. Her curiosity is piqued. She steps out of the lounge and across the hallway, and is drawn to the bedroom like a moth to flame to see what’s making all the noise. There we are, on the bed in front of her, engaged in you know what. She sees us, turns and runs out of the house, leaving her keys and the present and the door swinging in the wind.”

“But we would have seen her at the bedroom door.”

“No. Remember that was the morning when we really discovered each other for the first time. We were right into it, with my legs up by your ears and you tickling my tonsils…from the inside. Both of us had our backs to the door…you could have flown a 747 into the house and we wouldn’t have noticed.”

David was silent, thinking over what I had said. At length he nodded agreement. “But she can’t have seen much. The lights were out.”

I shrugged. “I’m not sure how much she could see or hear. We don’t know how long she was there, but I imagine she at least saw enough to know you were shagging an unknown female in your bed. Whether she figured it was me is another matter….it would be useful to know, though, as you’re going to have to deal with all of that if you ever want to talk to her again.”

“Yeah. Let me think about that,” he said.


I turned in a bit early that night. I loved this big bed with its soft mattress and its old-fashioned bedstead and big fluffy doona. I’d changed the sheets that morning and they were crisp and white against my skin. The brass rails on the bed gleamed butter gold in the soft light from the lamp beside me, and its old fashioned shade cast interesting shadows into the corners of the high ceiling above my head.

I became aware that David had entered the room Ankara bayan escort dressed in his jocks, carrying a camera attached to a tripod. I looked at him. “I know it’s a stupid question, but what the fuck is that for, Spielberg?”

He smiled at me. “It’s my idea to find out what Susan saw.” He set the tripod down in the doorway and fiddled with the camera so that it was pointing down towards me.

“Susan is about five nine, which is the same height as this tripod,” he explained. So she came into the room and looked at the bed, right?”

“Yeeesss….” I didn’t like where this was going.

“Well, if we reenact what we were doing and then check out the video, it will give us an idea of what she could see.” He grinned at me, overcome with his brilliance.


“No? What do you mean, no?”

“Well, we don’t know how long she was there for, nor do we know how much light was in the room. The drapes were back but it was pretty dark from the storm. Aside from which – and I know that you are going to find this hard to believe – I actually don’t fancy a bit tonight.”

“Yeah, I figured that. Never mind, we can film the whole session with just dim lighting.” He saw the expression on my face. “Well, we don’t actually have to fuck….just reenact it.” He pressed the record button on the camera and strode over to me, pulling aside the bedclothes. “Come on, Sis, it won’t take long.”

“Which part of ‘No’ is it that you didn’t understand?”

“All of it. It won’t take long and this is really important to me, OK? Just a re-enactment, right? I promise.”

“Fat chance of that if I know anything about you.” I couldn’t help but smile at his earnestness. “Promise me, then – just a simulation.”

“I promise.”

“OK then.” I moved reluctantly. “Where do you want me?”

“Where we were on that morning”. He pulled the covers right back and I could feel his hands on my body, adjusting me, opening my legs. “Um, could you lose the nightie?”

“No way!”

“Go on, Beth. It will get in the way. You’ll be safe, I promise!”

“That’s highly unlikely.” I slipped it over my head and it fluttered to the floor, a scrap of blue silk against the polished floorboards.

“Panties, too. The camera must see what she saw.”

I slid them down over my legs and threw them on top of my nightie. I could feel his eyes on me, sliding over my body, caressing my breasts and thighs, lingering on my sex. My nipples hardened a little despite myself, and I hoped he hadn’t noticed.

“God you’re beautiful.”

“You promised.”

“Yeah…pity, though. Well, OK.” I heard him shucking off his clothes and felt the mattress compress as he climbed onto it, kneeling down between my legs. “We only did it in the missionary position on that occasion, right?”

I laughed. “Nobody calls it that!”

“Well, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, well, I think so. It wasn’t a quickie, but we were pretty horny so we didn’t play around too much.”

“OK, you were over here a bit more.” He pushed his pillows out of the way, and shifted me over so that I was more central in the bed. “And your legs were open a bit more….I was between them, not outside them.” I felt his hands on my calves, widening them, his fingers stroking and caressing as he moved them a little. I watched as he knelt between them, taking the weight on his arms, and then the touch of his cock nudging feather light against my labia.

“David! You promised!”

“Yeah. Don’t get wound up about the axle. Its just simulation.” He twisted around to see if we were lined up with the camera, and adjusted us a bit. “That looks right. OK. I won’t go into you, but will rub it along your crack. OK?”


“Right. Glad you agree.” He lifted his cock and rested it on my mound, and I could feel its warmth and rigidity. Between our bodies I could see the occasional flash of his scrotum. I envisaged his nuts nestling inside it, and imagined how much cum was stored in them, ready to be released. I tried to think of something else.

“Right. I was fucking you….” He started to thrust gently, soft hands against my flesh. I closed my eyes and thought about the laundry I had to do tomorrow; my job, cleaning toilets – anything to take my mind off the warmth of his member as it slid back and forth over my mound, and the tickle of his balls as they lightly touched my pussy each time he thrust forward.

“Now, what about the sound track? What were we saying?” he said.

I looked up at him. “Fuck that!”

“I don’t think that’s what we said….or was that an invitation? Interesting proposition, but I promised.” He was silent and I listened to the rhythmic creak of the bed, a metronome for fucking. “I think I was telling you how much I loved you, about the tightness of your pussy and how good it felt to be inside you,” he said at last. “Did I say anything about being your brother? That would have been a give away.”

My mind sped back to the morning in question, the Escort bayan Ankara details etched in my brain as if it had only been yesterday. Me, on my back, my heart bursting with love, begging him to take me, wanting to feel him inside. His long sliding strokes up into my body, the tightness and pressure, my cunt clasping, our lips close to one another as we cried out. I remembered my words: ‘David, Christ God, David, Fuck me, fuck your sister!’ and his response, his voice gusty with desire ‘Yes, God Yes, Beth, I’m filling you, I’m filling you with my juice! Take it, take it….’

And as I remembered I could feel my body take charge, my labia swelling open and my juices begin to flow, my hips responding to his thrusts. My hands came up and clasped his back, and I raised my legs and crossed them over his waist.

He shifted his hips and I felt his cock lodge against my opening, and then he pushed forward and slid his length completely into me in one smooth, fluid movement. My fluids bubbled around him, slick and wet, and the room was filled with the sound of our coupling, and of our voices and our sighs of pleasure. Over his back I could see the camera, its little red LED winking at me as it recorded what it saw. It was pointing between his legs, to the spot where his thick rod was penetrating me, looking at my cunt; it watched the rhythmic sawing of his buttocks, driving his shaft into me; it saw my legs over his back, ankles crossed, my hips angled up to allow him better access. It recorded the flow of our juices as they leaked out of me, trickling down my perineum, down over the crimped tightness of my anus to stain the crisp white sheet beneath me, and it heard the rhythmic creaking of the bed and our gusty cries of pleasure.

I imagined it to be Susan, standing there a few weeks ago as the thunder crashed around the house. What was she thinking at that moment? Was she in shock as she realised that David was fucking someone else? Did she understand that it was his sister underneath him, her hungry young cunt stretched open by the thickness of his shaft and her cries of pleasure shrill in her ears? Was she hurt by what she saw, or did her own loins flush with excitement as she watched the couple writhing on the bed before her?

I imagined what would have happened had she stayed, slipping off her clothes and moving silently beside us, running her fingers over David’s back, his startled look and then acceptance of her. I envisaged her tongue probing at his shaft where it joined me, lapping at the juices that were splattered by our coupling, her own fingers busy inside her. I pictured her swinging her long brown legs over my face so I could eat her, frantically pushing my tongue into her body, feeling the crisp springiness of her hair on my chin, the spurting of her juices into my mouth and the crimping tightness of her anus as I penetrated it.

The vision burst in my brain like a shooting star and my climax engulfed me, higher than ever before. My cunt seized David’s shaft in an iron grip, clamping down on the thick stem and milking its slippery length with violent contractions, and I felt the long jets of his seed that I milked out of him, spurting into me like hot lava. He thrust violently into me with each spurt, the bed crashing against the wall and my legs gripping his back tightly to draw him into me. I heard his voice calling out.

“Jesus God, Beth, I’m filling you! I’m filling my little sister with my juice!”

And my own shrill response “Yes David, oh yes, yes. God! I feel it. Fill me up with your juice! Fill up your dirty sister with your sperm!”

The creak of the bed gradually subsided and then there was only our ragged breathing, the feel of our sweat cooling on our skin, and the slow whirr of the camera as it recorded the trickle of his jism leaking out of me.


“Well,” said David. “If that’s what she saw, then there’s nothing she doesn’t know.”

He rewound the tape a little and pressed play. The angle of the camera had foreshortened the image, so that the parts of our bodies closest to the lens appeared disproportionately large. His broad buttocks and his kneeling thighs framed my genitals, in shadow but still clearly visible. The camera had captured everything: his pistoning shaft, the lips of my vulva stretched open, my hands fluttering on his back. I watched the muscles of his legs and back as they tensed, saw the powerful thrusts as he filled me. The speakers either side of the screen faithfully reproduced every sound: the crashing of the bed and the shrieks of passion and I heard my voice, almost unrecognizable as my own “….Fill up your little sister with your sperm!”

He pressed the stop button. “So what do we do about that?”

I shrugged. “You could send it to her.”

He glanced at me in annoyance. “That’s not very helpful.”

“Well, it’s an idea.” I laughed. We could wrap it in a little present, with a note saying ‘This was the entrée – you are invited to the main course’.”

David Bayan escort Ankara looked at me with interest. “Well, that’s an unexpected perspective. Do you want her in our bed?”

I was suddenly lost for words, and I had to think for a moment to choose what I had to say. “I don’t know. When we were fucking last night I imagined that she joined us, you know, there, joining in. I was eating her out and I loved it….but that’s just fantasy. I’m not sure it would be a good idea.” He said nothing, and I continued. “Besides, the chemistry has to be right, even if we wanted it.” I looked at him. “Let’s not jump to any conclusions, David. This isn’t about getting Susan into our bed, is it? I thought it was about you making your peace with her.”

“Yeah….it is. But if it turned out that way, I wouldn’t mind.”

I flung a cushion at him. “I bet. You are a fucking pervert, Mr Wilson. Now, lets figure out how we can at least make contact with her.”


The bar wasn’t exactly seedy, but it wasn’t top notch either. The furniture was as worn as the clientele who were distributed on the stools around the bar. I sat in the corner furthest from the door and I could see the whole room. I watched as Susan came in and scanned who was there. She bought a drink and I expected her to take her usual seat but she surprised me by walking across the room and sitting at the table next to mine, carefully taking off her coat and shaking off the rain drops and undoing the scarf from around her head. Her glossy dark hair fell free and I could see that it was longer than David had described it to me. She was dressed smartly, and she had taken trouble with her make up.

We sat there for a minute or two, and once again I wondered what she was doing there. An attractive female on her own in a downtown bar would attract a lot of attention, but I knew from my previous observations that she had rejected them all. I couldn’t figure what she wanted…she had made no attempt to meet anyone, and she didn’t look at her watch the way one might if you were waiting for someone. She just came in, stayed for a couple of drinks and then left, and this was the fifth evening I had watched her.

I suddenly became aware that she was speaking to me, her voice soft. “I’ve seen you in here before.”


“Are you waiting for someone?”

“Yes – maybe. I just don’t know who it is yet.”

She smiled. “Sounds like me”. She looked at me for a moment. “Would you mind if I joined you?”

“Not at all.” I watched as she stood up and moved to my table, with her long legs and short skirt. She leaned in towards me.

“I’m Susan.”

She extended her hand and I took it, feeling the warmth in her fingers. “Elizabeth.”

I wondered if she would recognize me, but it was doubtful. She’d only ever seen one part of my body and it sure as hell wasn’t exposed right now. In a flash of wry humour I speculated on her reaction if I stripped off and flashed my pudenda at her….would she peer at it and then say ‘Ah, yes, I know you…. David Wilson’s sister!'”

She sat next to me. “So what sort of person are you hoping to meet?”

I was taken aback by her directness and she must have sensed it. “Oh, sorry….that sounds like a total come-on. My friends tell me I’m too direct.” She smiled to rob her words of any offence. “You don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to.”

I found myself attracted to her candour. “No, that’s fine. I’ve not really thought about it, to tell you the truth….I’m hoping I’ll know when I meet them. I’ve sat here for a week and rebuffed about thirty or forty guys who thought they were God’s gift, or that I was on the game. Eventually they leave you alone. I guess they all think I’m a raving Lesbian.” I laughed. “Perhaps I am.”

She laughed with me. “Difficult to reach this stage in our lives without at least an inkling of that, I would have thought.”

“Maybe not. I’ve a friend whose husband decided he was totally gay after fathering four children by her – she found him rogering his boy friend when she came home one day….what do you call it? In flagrante delicto, I think. Pretty difficult to explain that one away, anyway. It probably wasn’t a tough call for her to make after that.”

She ran her finger though the condensation ring on the table, making a little pattern. “I can relate to that.”

“A man problem?”


“Husband or boyfriend?”

She hesitated. “Boyfriend….well, I hoped it the relationship would go further.” I could see her struggling, deciding whether to go on, but she was silent, looking down at the table.

“Well – ” I raised my glass. “Maybe we do have something in common, Susan. Fuck ’em! Who needs them anyway?”

Her big brown eyes were on my face as we drank, and I could see her weighing me up.


“Did she mention me?” David demanded.

I sighed. “David, I’ve been through it with you once already. She didn’t mention you – at least not by name. She did imply that her boyfriend – that’s you – was a total shit, though, and I have to agree with her.”

“Really? Why do you say that?”

“Ho! This is ‘I won’t fuck you as its only going to be a simulation’ shit head speaking. So what happened to your integrity?”

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