Any Other Day

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I woke up feeling a bit lonely, Amy and Tiffany had been away for a week now and the days seemed to drag by.

With a sigh, I sat up in the bed I usually shared with Amy, even though she wasn’t here, I had slept on my side of the bed.

I could have slept in Tiffany’s bed, but that would have felt totally wrong without her present. So by default I was in the second bedroom that Amy and I often shared.

My long rosy gold hair was a tangled mess, sleeping alone had me tossing and turning, vainly trying to get comfortable.

I reached for my glasses and put them on before getting out of bed, barefooted I padded to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I sleep nude, so once the water got hot and steamy, I took off my glasses and stepped in. Once more I missed Amy and Tiffany, one or both of them would have normally joined me for my morning shower.

Bored, I soaped my large breasts, playing with my pink nipples as I did. It turned me on as always and my breathing got a bit quicker as I let one soapy hand drift to my pussy.

The thrill of masturbating in front of my lovers was missing, but it still felt nice to play with my body and imagine one of them playing with my tits and the other licking my tight little slit.

It didn’t take me long to get past the tingles and onto the shaking as I fingered myself and tweaked my nipples.

My legs felt wobbly after I orgasmed and I lent my head on the shower wall as I allowed myself to come down. Usually this would be where I got on my knees and licked out Amy or Tiffy, once again, their absence made me feel a little lost.

I towelled off and dried my hair, taking my time as I didn’t have to go make breakfast for the girls.

After doing my hair, nails and makeup I walked to my closet, not the one in my room, the one in Tiffany’s. It had sexier clothes and I felt the need to FEEL sexy today.

Normally Tiffany told me what to wear and after a week of dressing myself and choosing my own outfits I was board stiff.

I’m naturally shy and left to my own devices had been wearing nothing you could call sexy. Much to the disappointment of the men in our office who had become used to seeing me in short skirts or a blouse that was ‘just a bit too thin’, or a dress that hinted at my lack of underwear.

Tiffany never made me wear anything that showed too much, just enough to be a tad scandalous. She was well aware that my natural shyness and lack of confidence in my body prevented me from truly enjoying the exhibitionistic streak she herself had.

But for some reason, today I didn’t want to be my usual boring self, I wanted to be what Tiffy liked, even though she wasn’t here to see it.

Don’t ask me to explain it, it was just the way I felt, even though it went against my usual instinct to cover up and be demure.

Because of my daily routine I was up early enough to complete it, yet I didn’t have those things to do, so I had plenty of time to decide what to wear before going to work.

After trying on a few things I settled on one of the special bra’s that Tiffany had paid for, made to measure it cupped my DD boobs with adequate support while leaving my nipples free and exposing just over half my upper areola. Matching knickers that were made of a gossamer pale blue material and featured the same blue ribbons of my bra.

I covered up with a pale green blouse that was just thin enough to show off the bra without being overly revealing, a person would have to stare hard to see my nipples and areolas.

Matching skirt and Jacket combination followed, the jacket was a three quarter length that came to my hips but didn’t cover my bum, while the skirt was just short enough to be classed as sexy without being so short that I would have to be careful bending over.

Being a warm summers day, I didn’t bother with tights or stockings, slipping my bare feet into a pair of open toed sling backs with a four inch stiletto heel.

I checked myself out in the full length mirror and gave myself a nod of satisfaction, the whole outfit looked business like but sexy, my slim legs looked great and I could see a distinct knicker line under the tight skirt, while my ultra-sexy bra was nicely hinted at.

I called for a taxi as I went downstairs, I would be early into work, but didn’t mind. As acting head of the office while Tiffany was away it was a good idea to get there before the rest of the employees.

At twenty four years of age, I was considered too young to be in charge, yet this past week had gone well and I hadn’t had too many problems with the older and more experienced staff.


The offices were empty when I arrived, as expected, I was the first one in and Jerry the security guard had been dozing in his chair.

He had perked up when I entered the front door, I knew he liked what he saw because I felt his eyes on me as I walked to the elevator and had seen him staring at my bum and legs in the reflective surface of the lifts doors.

Any other day I would have blushed, yet strangely, canlı bahis şirketleri today all I felt was a warm tingle of excitement that I hadn’t experienced when Tiffany made me dress in similarly sexy clothes.

Once again I wondered at this change in my attitude and reactions but didn’t have time to ponder it too deeply as once in the office I had plenty to do before work officially started.

Gary and Tessa arrived together, they were a good team and I knew they were sleeping together, we all did.

They made no secret about it, sweetly holding hands and kissing before going to their separate desks, Jenny got in next.

Jenny was my stand in secretary, taking over from Amy my usual secretary. She had quickly learnt that I was getting in early and had started to come into work early too. I appreciated the extra effort and had already made a note to tell Tiffany that Jenny had tried extra hard while Tiffy had been away.

Jenny popped her head into my office after setting up her work station, “Morning Flick, fancy a coffee?” she asked politely.

I still found it strange having a thirty year old woman treating me as her boss, but I smiled and nodded, “Yes please Jenny, that would be nice.” I replied.

I couldn’t help but notice the way her skirt clung to her hips and thighs as she turned and walked away. Normally I wouldn’t have looked or noticed as much. Yet today I did and I realised that I found her attractive.

Jenny was a good looking woman, naturally tanned skin from a mixed heritage of Italian and Indian, she had exceptionally long legs, black hair that she wore in a short bob cut that framed her angular face.

She was slim yet hippy and busty, the kind of curves that many women including myself would kill for.

I was busty, but didn’t have her hips or nice bubble bum, my bum was small and my hips much narrower.

I shook my head and told myself off for thinking about her that way as I got back to my computer and continued to get the day organised.

Jenny returned a few minutes later with my coffee and placed it next to me on the desk. “Thanks Jenny, I just have to finish this report and then I’ll send it to you for editing.” I said without looking too closely at her massive tits as she bent to place the cup of coffee down.

I think she noticed my failed attempt to ‘NOT’ look, as she grinned and made them sway more than normal. “No problem Flick, I’m happy to do ANYTHING you want.” She said with a flirty smile that spoke volumes and left me in no doubt that she really did mean ‘anything.’

Jenny and everyone else in the office knew I was sleeping with Amy, what they didn’t know was that we lived with Tiffy and were a trio.

Before this, I had assumed Jenny was straight, maybe she was and wanted to experiment, either way, she was being flirty and I had to admit I liked it.

Still, I was already in a relationship and right then couldn’t afford to get tangled up with another older woman who I worked with.

That would lead to a massive mess and be very hard to explain to Amy, let alone Tiffany.

Jenny looked a little disappointed as I pointedly ignored her play and concentrated on my work.

She flounced out of my office and swayed her hips as if to say.. “your loss.”

I thought briefly about it and came to the conclusion that my own sexier attire was what had prompted her flirty actions. For the first time that day I regretted dressing as I had.

Other than Jenny’s continued efforts to flirt and my efforts to not flirt back.. ( I failed miserably ). The rest of the day passed fairly normally until lunch.


Any other day, I would have sent Amy to the Café down the road to pick up mine and Tiffany’s lunch and then eat it with Amy in my office while Tiffy ate hers alone.

As I said, everyone knew Amy and I were an item and it raised no eyebrows for us to lock ourselves in my office for a private lunch break. Though I’m sure those few times we had sex on my office sofa, a few people may have heard.

Jenny was by now familiar with my usual order of a ceaser salad with dressing on the side. Without having to be asked she went to the café and picked it up.

On her return, most of the others had drifted off to get their own food, “Can I eat mine here with you, I really hate eating alone.” She asked in a perfectly reasonable tone.

I don’t like to eat alone either and the request made perfect sense to me. “Yeah sure, that would be nice.” I replied with an honest smile as she set our food out on the small table by my office sofa and in a motherly fashion put out napkins.

I smiled at the way she set it up like a proper dinner, normally Amy and I just ate while holding the plates on our knees.

“Thank you Jenny.” I said as I sat next to her on the sofa with a sigh of relief, it was always nice to momentarily forget about work and really enjoy Enrique’s food.

We sat and chatted about this and that, getting onto office gossip easily enough as I wasn’t usually her boss canlı kaçak iddaa and had gone for drinks with her and the other girls when I was just Tiffy’s PA.

We settled back into that dynamic of being two women who work in the same office without really thinking about it much.

Jenny shared a bit of naughty gossip about Tessa that I found hard to believe, we giggled like a couple of school girls as she told me the details and convinced me it was actually true.

“Tessa did them BOTH, Sally has pictures to prove it.” She laughed and I shook my head, it was so unlike the normally straight laced Tessa, I found it hard to imagine her fucking two guys while Sally filmed and photographed it.

Still, it wasn’t as if I hadn’t done things like that under the influence of a few cocktails.

“Have you and Amy ever had a threesome?” she asked with a giggle.

My guard was down and we were just two women chatting, unwisely I nodded, “once or twice.” I replied with a giggle of my own.

Jenny looked at me with smouldering eyes as she laid a tentative hand in my thigh, “Girls or boys?” she asked a little breathlessly, obviously turned on by my reply.

Her hand on my bare thigh felt good and sent little tingles right up it to my crotch.

I should have closed my legs, pushed her hand off or just got up.

I didn’t.

Her eyes were dark brown and looked sexy, she wet her lips nervously, probably expecting me to push her away.

We stared intently at each other for a few moments, saying nothing yet communicating wordlessly. Both of us understood we found the other attractive.

We brushed lips, tentatively at first, then again, then deeper until we were kissing passionately, I can’t recall which of us made that last first move.

Our tongues twisted around one another’s and my heart rate lept as she cupped my breasts while we kissed furiously.

“Lock the door.” I managed to pant out as she started to undo the buttons of my blouse.

“I already did.” She breathed out huskily as she opened my blouse and rubbed a thumb over my left nipple.

I knew then she had planned on doing this from the moment she had walked in.

I didn’t care, I pressed my mouth to hers and kissed her deeply while rushing to free her breasts from her top.

Jenny had huge tits, bigger and softer than mine, my DD’s were free and she sucked on my nipples alternately as her hands went up my skirt to tug at my knickers.

Willingly, I lifted my hips to let her remove them as I squeezed and played with her nipples. She moaned “Oh Felicity.” As I kissed her bared breasts, her bra pushed up and my own undone and hanging loosely from one arm.

Within moments I had her knickers off and delved into her soft warm pussy with two fingers as she did the same to me. Kissing and moaning passionately as we fingered each other’s dripping wet holes.

I glanced down to watch, her darkly tanned fingers pumped in an out of me as she kissed my neck, the sight sent me into spasms of pre-orgasm. My pale thighs were wide open and the contrast of her dark skin against mine was a vividly erotic sight.

It wasn’t long before we were both completely naked, rubbing our wet slits together, grinding hard against one another as we mauled our tits in unison while kissing so hard it was almost painful.

I could tell she was as close to cumming as I was, our breathing was fast, no longer moaning, we were grunting like a pair of wild animals.

We came together, both hissing out our breath as we did, clutching tightly, our bodies shook and bucked, my hips ground hard to hers, she did the same. Gasping out my name as she shuddered in my arms.

I bent down, biting her left nipple and sucking on it as we started to come down.

“I’ve wanted this for soooooo LONG.” Jenny sighed out, before lifting my face to hers and kissing me deeply once more.

After the kiss, I stared into her beautiful dark eyes.

“You never looked at me like that before, or flirted with me.” I said softly.

She giggled and laid her head on my shoulder. Holding me tightly to her.

“I couldn’t, everyone knows you are with Amy. Plus I’m married.” She admitted.

I pushed her away a little.

“Married?” I gasped out in shock.

I have never been a home wrecker and had no intention of starting now.

She laughed at the expression on my face.

“Oh don’t be like that, my husband cheats on me ALL the time… Besides, it doesn’t count with another woman anyway.” She said with a wide grin.

I untangled myself from her limbs and stood up, I swayed a bit, still a little weak legged from my very strong orgasm.

“I don’t see it that way Jenny, Amy and I have an open relationship, we are honest about it and fuck other people. BUT we NEVER fuck married ones.” My voice was firm. Nice as the sex had been, I wouldn’t let it happen again.

Jenny realised I was serious and pouted like a teenager, looking immature, even to my twenty four year-old eyes.

I wanted to shout canlı kaçak bahis at her, she was a thirty year old woman, what was she thinking.

Instead I gathered up my clothes, strewn around the room as they were it took a minute or two to find everything. Jenny stayed as she was, stark naked and obviously making a point of not getting dressed.

Tiffy’s office, mine temporarily, had a small bathroom. I ignored her as I walked into it and cleaned myself up, redoing my hair and makeup, using a wet wipe between my legs and a fresh one for under my breasts and arms.

Fully dressed and felling more in control of my emotions I walked back into my office.

Jenny was nowhere to be seen and I let out a sigh of relief, hopefully that would be the end of things. Even if the next few days would be awkward, if she was sensible, she would just treat it as a nice time and not try and push her luck.

I knew it would still take some explaining to Amy and Tiffy, but with luck they would understand that I hadn’t known she was married. It was one line we had all agreed on long ago.

The office was starting to fill up again, I could hear people shuffling about and returning from their lunch break.

I opened my door and headed to the recruitment area, I still hadn’t heard back from the two sergeants we had pitched a deal to the other day.

Graham Watts looked up at my approach and I could tell he wasn’t happy to see me.

“Any news on Gibbs and Jackson?” I asked before he could start his usual rubbish.

Graham seemed to wince and I knew it was bad news.

“Sorry Felicity, Gibbs gave a flat no… and erm, erm Jackson wants more money.” He told me nervously.

I have never understood why some people act like that around me, he was nervous and scared, yet it wasn’t as if I was going to fire him. In fact everyone in the office knew that I was the one that had stopped Tiffy firing a few people around here.

I sighed and tried to give him and understanding and gentle look.

“It was a long shot Graham, you could have come and told me yourself.” I said gently.

“Yes, yes, sorry Felicity, I’ll do that next time… Sorry.” He garbled out like a twelve year-old instead of the forty something he actually was.

This wasn’t what I wanted, he feared me and I felt awful about it. There wasn’t much I could do about it though, so I let out a slow breath of frustration and painted a smile on my face.

“That’s fine, let me know if we have any hopefuls.” I said as I turned on my heel and went back to my office, wondering why such a nice and gentle man was so freaked out by me.

I left my door open, just the way Tiffy usually did. Signalling that I was approachable and didn’t mind an intrusion.

Sitting at Tiffany’s desk, I opened up the computer and took a look through my own stash of private files. These were the ones that held prospective men and women who were coming out of the forces and were of interest to Harrington Securities.

I flicked to the batch of Royal Marines, most were not on our lists, but four were very much the type we wanted.

Reading out the dates, I picked up the phone and dialled our specialist contact who would hopefully be able to pitch a deal and get them interested.

Once more, it was a long shot, the American firms were paying more and at first glance offered a better contract. Harrington securities looked long term, so our contracts were actually far more generous and encompassing.

Unfortunately, most of the men and women, tended to look for the fast money.

Harry answered on the second ring.

“Whatcha need Tiffany?” he asked in his cheery southern accent.

“It’s Flick, Tiffy is away. We have some prospectives for you to contact.” I replied, understanding why he would expect it to be Tiffany.

“Gotcher Fliccy, Gimmie the names.” He replied, all business as he usually was.

I reeled off the names and locations, adding in a few other details that I knew he would need.

Halfway through my list I felt a hand on my inner thigh and let out a squeal of surprise.

“Wuts UP?” I heard on the phone as I ducked my head down and looked under my desk.

Still naked and with her clothes in a pile next to her was Jenny, both her hands were on my inner thighs and she was pushing them apart with considerable strength.

Her dark eyes glinted at me with mischief as she did.

I gulped and darted a look around my office and out the wide open door.

“Fliccy? Felicity? Wuts going on?” I heard on the phone.

“Nuh…Nothing.” I said a little unconvincingly as I glared at Jenny and tried to tell her to fuck off with my eyes.

“I thought I saw a mouse.” I breathed out in frustration as she tugged at my knickers, pulling them to one side and exposing my pussy lips.

Harry laughed down the phone line.

“Call security.” He joked as her snorted laughter.

I was fucking tempted, but how exactly do you explain a stark naked woman attempting to get to your pussy? Especially when she can describe your own naked body in vivid detail.

I ran threw the rest of the list as quickly as I could, Harry made sounds of understanding as I did. All the while, Jenny started to finger me and play with my clit in an annoyingly expert way.

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