Apocalypse Without Men Ch. 01

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*Everybody in the story is 18 or older.

It had been six weeks since the fallout shelter had sealed shut. Six weeks since I’d seen the outside fresh air. Six weeks since I’d had real food other than the slop the synthesizer shat out. Six weeks since I’d seen most of my friends. Optimists say it would be about six months until the blast doors are ready to open again. Six months! It was barely just even been one already! Another five months of this shit! Pessimists say it could be forever. Damn, I hope they’re wrong.

Another thing that made this place even more insufferable was the lack of men. It was an all girl fallout shelter. I hadn’t seen another man in weeks since the bombs fell. Rumors circulated of one man in the shelter, but after being here a little over a month, I doubted that. I certainly hoped there was a male’s shelter elsewhere near town, as I did not want to think of my friends on the football team, Richie and John as having died in the explosions. Even my ex, who I’d rather not think of his name; things ended poorly between us, but I wouldn’t wish a nuclear death upon him. I mean, I certainly said it, but I didn’t mean it.

Laura, my roommate in the vault, snapped me out of my reflections. We had been friends even before the bombs fell, being on the same cheerleader squad in high school. “What’s up?”

“Just reflecting,” I told her. “We’ve been in here six weeks!”

“Right,” Laura said. “six fucking weeks. I miss fresh air.”

It was nearly lunch time and I felt a craving that wouldn’t be sated. “I miss hamburgers and milkshakes at Joe’s Diner.”

“Oh, Joe’s Diner was the best man! Yeah, no more burgers and shakes, just this soy paste and water.”

Memories of the juicy burger in my mouth with a handful of fries and a swallow of that cold, thick, chocolate milkshake made my tastebuds sing. Despite enjoying it, now that it was gone, I felt like I had taken it for granted. Knowing that I wouldn’t get it, and I’d only get that tasteless slop in the cafeteria that comes out of the synthesizer and was the only thing I’d eaten for the past six weeks killed my appetite. “I reckon Joe’s Diner is probably leveled now.”

Laura nodded. “Probably. I imagine poor Joe is dead too. At least we are in here though. We could be out there.”

“Oh bahis firmaları don’t get me wrong,” I said. “I’m glad we got our spots in this vault, but fuck. It’s really starting to hit me. six fucking weeks!”

Laura reclined in her bunk and sighed. “I know the feeling. Fuck, I miss dick.”

That was another craving that was bothering me, and it wasn’t being sated anytime soon either. “Me too. Fuck, it’s been six damn weeks and I ain’t even seen a man here. At first, not dealing with horny guys seeking to repopulate the planet seemed like a perk, but now…”

“Right,” Laura said. “Did you bring any, y’know, toys?”

I smirked and retrieved an 8 inch dildo from my bags. “Bought it a week before the bombs fell. Lucky find.”

Laura’s eyes went wide. “You’ve had that the whole time?”

I shrugged and nodded.

“When do you use it?”

I blushed. “Well, I try to find time when you’re not here.”

“Can I touch it?” Laura asked. “I’ve never had a sex toy before.”


Laura’s fingers raked over the fake dick and she squeezed it. It was realistically shaped and made of a special material designed to mimic human skin. The inside was designed to be realistic as well, so it only gave slightly when Laura squeezed it. A tingling sensation hummed between my legs as I watched Laura handle the thing I stuck in my pussy.

“It feels so real.” Laura stroked the skin and poked at the glans. The skin gave in exactly as a real penis would.

“It’s heated too.”

“Can you show me how to use it?” Laura tried to sound casual.

“Are you asking what I think you’re asking?”

“Look, it’s been six weeks down here, and we’re staying down here AT LEAST five more months with no men,” Laura said. “I’m horny, and I know you are too.”

“This is new territory,” I said without objecting.

“Everything about the apocalypse is new territory.”

“Well, if you want this in your cunt, then you have to take off your clothes.” I mostly wanted to see how far Laura would go before I committed.

Laura did not back down. Instead, she stood and unzipped the blue jumpsuit. When we’d first arrived here, that’s what we were given to wear. Bare cleavage was revealed beneath her clothes as she unzipped down kaçak iddaa to her belly button. Laura shrugged her shoulders out of the fabric, and I saw her full, beautiful breasts. Red nipples stiffened in the cool air and she pushed the clothing down her body. Her shaved pussy was exposed.

“You don’t wear underwear under your jumpsuit?”

My mouth had gone dry and my pussy got wet. I had of course seen Laura naked during team showers before the apocalypse, and caught glimpses around the room. But I never really looked before. I didn’t expect to be so turned on by her body, and seeing her firm figure nude before me. Stray thoughts in mind wondered how her breasts felt and what it would be like to suck on her nipples.

“You do?” Laura asked. “I never wore underwear before the apocalypse, why would I start now?”

“I sometimes wear my bra, but I always wear panties.”

“Are you wearing them now?”

“Of course.”

“Take them off,” Laura said. “I’m not being the only one naked here. I’d tolerate a jumpsuit, but absolutely not a jumpsuit with underwear.”

For a brief moment, I hesitated. This situation gave me mixed feelings, but I didn’t want it to end. I unzipped my suit, to which Laura gave a cheer. I had it completely off my body, and then unhooked my bra. Laura eyed my petite breasts with pink nipples that were already stiff. She watched me like a hawk while I pulled my panties down and I was as naked as she was.

Laura’s eyes went up and down my body. “Very nice. Turn around.”

I spun around to let Laura see my ass. “Fucking hot!”

“Thanks.” I blushed.

Laura hopped onto her bed and beckoned me to sit next to her. “Do you need any lube for this?”

I shook my head. “I usually use my natural lubricant. Are you wet?”

I can’t believe I asked that.

“Touch it and tell me.”

I reached for her sex. My fingertips grazed over the slight stubble of her shaved pussy, and I reached the tip of her slit. Laura exhaled as I rubbed her moist clit for a second before entering her. She was soaking wet inside and I rubbed her walls. Breaths turned into moans.

“Oh, your fingers feel so good.”

“You should be wet enough for the dildo.”

“Put it in me, then.” Laura put the dildo in my spare kaçak bahis hand. “I need to make sure I do it right.”

I took my fingers out of Laura to grasp the fake dick. She looked dissatisfied with the lack of stimulation until I put the head of the penis near her entrance. Her legs went wider and I slipped it right into her. Her breathing got deeper as I pushed it into her, and she was so wet that it slid in easily.

“Oh fuck!”

“You OK?” I asked, as the dildo was kind of big.

“Fuck yeah.” Laura put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer. “Deeper!”

I pushed it in deeper and rubbed her clit. Laura turned her head toward mine with an open mouth. Her lips found mine and she pressed in a kiss. I opened my tongue to receive her and I fucked her faster with the dildo. Muffled moans vibrated my mouth, and I hungered for more. I broke the kiss to suck on her hard nipple. The fleshy nub responded well to my touch, and it was my first time having a girl’s nipple in my mouth. I loved the way her tit felt on my tongue. Laura’s moans got louder, so I fucked her harder.

Laura’s moans turned into screams, and I was certain our neighbors heard us. She put a hand on the back of my head to keep me close to her tits, and I sucked as she rode her orgasm. When her breathing returned to normal, she ran her fingers through my hair and then gently positioned me.

“That was great,” Laura said. “Now it’s your turn. Let’s see if I got this right.”

I let Laura take the dildo from my hand, and she guided it to my entrance. It was still slick from Laura’s pussy, and her fluids mixed with mine as the tip of the penis pushed into me. It felt so amazing to have somebody else using it besides me. I was finally being fucked again, and oh it felt so fucking good. Laura pushed it deeper, and I enjoyed feeling every bit of the artificial cock inside me. She pulled it out slightly, only to thrust harder.

“Fuck yes, Laura.”

Laura’s beautiful lips went to my nipples and I let myself moan loudly as she sucked on my tits. Energy shot throughout my body, and my pussy was pulsating around the dildo that Laura was fucking me with. It filled me completely, and as much as I’d like to imagine it was a real man, there was no denying Laura’s feminine touch. And I found myself loving feminine touches.

Laura played with my clit, and I let out screams of pleasure that rivaled her own. Waves of pleasure shook my whole body and I held Laura close as I rode my orgasm. I panted

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