Apology Accepted

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I’m laying on my bed reading as I hear you open the back door. You say hello to my cat, I hear the lock click, and you venture into my room. I am fully aware of your presence, but don’t acknowledge you, feigning a deeper interest in my book than I actually have. I guess I am still a little upset about you bailing on me last minute yesterday, even though you told me you were sorry. You drop your bag in the corner and wash your hands and face. I continue reading, hoping you will read my mind and give me a much needed massage, considering I am already laying on my stomach and have a strapless dress on. You still haven’t said anything, as you creep up next to me and lightly kiss my shoulder, my neck, my earlobe. I continue reading, just waiting for you to get impatient.

“I said I was sorry” you say, and I continue ignoring you. I flip the page, unaware of the meaning of the words as they blur together on the page. I can’t concentrate on anything when you are near me.

I rub the back of my neck, and you move as if you got the hint. However, as you straddle me, I notice you are facing the wrong direction when your hands begin to grope my ass, lightly massaging it and then increase the pressure. You run your hands down my thighs and slowly bring them back up, your fingertips caressing my skin. I can feel goose bumps rising as you do this a second time. I am still trying to maintain control of myself, as I turn another page.

“Reading that fast?” you say, and I know you are onto me. Still, I refocus on the words with little success. I feel you bend over, your breath hot against the fabric of my dress.

“Naughty girl” you say, as you pull up the hem and find no undergarments to block you on your path of blissful violation. I can already feel the heat building as my nipples tingle and my insides do flip-flops in anticipation. You lean down again, and I can hear you lick your lips, then your fingers as you run them over my pink lips, aiming for the little node of ecstasy.

“Still reading that book, huh?” you whisper, noticing I am already slick with moisture. I turn the page canlı bahis as confirmation to your question. You laugh at me, plunging first one then two fingers into my hot channel, still rubbing my clitoris with your other hand. I still try to hold on to control of myself, but it seems to no avail. I feel your lips brush first one cheek, then the other, followed by a nip from your teeth. Still you lean farther, and suddenly I feel warm air on my labia. I moan quietly, waiting for you to pleasure me with your tongue, but you are determined to drive me crazy with need first. My book is still in front of me, but my eyes are closed and my breathing has sped up. Suddenly you pull back, a reaction to my sounds. You stay where you are as you roll me over, face-up, and continue your ministrations. Your tongue now has full access to my button of pleasure, while your fingers once again dive into my vagina. I gasp when you grab my clit between your teeth and tug slightly. My hips rise up without my willing them, and I grab your hips and pull your ass towards me.

You get up on your knees so I have fuller access to your slowly rising dick. I pull down your shorts and boxers to get better access. I start by fondling your scrotum; gently caressing first one ball, then the next. I use my other hand to tease your throbbing manhood, starting with just my thumb and fore finger, I gently glide them up and down, up and down. You growl with need, but I refuse to pay too much attention to your cock just yet, as I lift my head and take your sack into my mouth. Your surprise is audible, and you temporarily forget what your tongue was doing. I lift my hips to remind you, and you start thrumming my g-spot with your fingers once again. I start beating a tune upon your gooch, and tugging on your sensitive balls. I slowly run my tongue from the base of your balls to the tip of your penis, then back down, zigzagging as I retreat.

I make a circle of fingers around the base of your rod, pressing into your pelvis, and take you into my mouth. Again, you forget your purpose, and I remind you with a quick thrust. Suddenly bahis siteleri you plunge your tongue into my slick heat, and I nearly bite down in a pure reaction to pleasure. I readjust my lips to cover my teeth, and begin to sick your cock, harder and faster, trying to time it with your slight thrusts. I can feel your pulsing staff growing longer and thicker as I circle my tongue around the head, readjusting your foreskin and slurping as your pre-cum squirts into my throat. You’ve stopped all activity and begin to roll off of me. You roll me back over and pull at my hips, forcing me onto my hands and knees. I look at you questioningly, and you pull my ass to the end of the bed and push my face into the mattress. You pull off your shirt and use it to wipe the sheen of sweat off of your face.

You run your tongue from my clit to the end of my labia, and grab my hips and enter me in one swift motion. The first thrust nearly knocks me over, but I use my hands to balance myself. I hear a whirring noise, and feel you grab my arm and deposit my vibrator in my hand. I reach under myself to touch it to my knob and gasp as you start thrusting. You use both hands to spread my cheeks, and lick your finger to lubricate my tight, hot ass. I nearly lose it when your finger begins thrusting in time with your hard cock and my vibrator. You then insert a second finger, and a third, stretching me to capacity and filling me with amazing pressure. I can’t hold back any longer, and I am lost in wave after wave of searing pleasure. I crash forward and you continue fucking me as hard as possible.

“Again” you say, and I can only grunt in response. You’ve pulled me back up to my knees, and grabbed my hair to pull my face out of the comforter.

“I want to hear you scream” is all I hear as I am rocked with another bout of intense ecstasy, this time with me squealing “ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod” without breathing. You pull everything out as I collapse again. You wait for a few seconds while I continue to ride my orgasm, them grab my hips once again and pull me to a standing position and bend me towards bahis şirketleri the wall. You push my dress down, over my hips, and I kick it off.

I am dizzy with adrenaline as you guide my hands to the wall and push my feet closer together, still pulling on my hips to get me on my tippy toes.

“This would be easier in heels” I mumble as you swiftly enter me again. You resume the fingers in my ass and the hand in my hair, and I push my vibrator harder against my clit. You pound into me, fucking me so hard I can hear the loud slaps of your sac on my crotch as I struggle to stay in position.

“You’re so fucking wet” you say, and then grunt as you release my hair and slap my ass hard.

I moan even louder “God Nik don’t stop, fuck me harder, harder, harder Nik, harder.” You ram me with so much force that I nearly fall, but you grab me in my descent. You pull me against you and take my mouth in yours. I can still taste myself on your lips, and I push my tongue into your mouth to parry with yours. You turn me around and tell me to get on my knees on the bed, facing you. You wash your hands as I do what you told me to. You return, and push me farther back, again onto my hands and knees. Your erect shaft is level with my face, and I can’t tear my gaze from it. You have a gleam in your eyes that communicates all I need to know. You grab handfuls of my hair and pull my face towards your pulsating dick.

I open my mouth wide and look up at you. You watch as your cock thrusts into my hot, wet, open mouth, and you pull my head farther and farther down your shaft. I continue looking up at your face and you lick your lips “oh yeah” you repeat and your balls slam into my chin. I hear that recognizable grunt and I pull back and sit up quickly, still looking at you. I keep my mouth open and start fondling my own breasts as your hot load shoots out at my open waiting mouth and my hard pink nipples. I lick what comes in contact with my lips as your stream continues to paint me with cum. I rub it into my skin and take your diminishing dick into my mouth to slurp up any remaining cream and clean off your head. You push me onto my back and fall on top of me.

We lay like this a few minutes before I say “you’re forgiven” and head to the shower. I lock the door, still not quite sure if what I said is true or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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