April and John Ch. 01

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This is our first attempt at writing erotica and we would appreciate any feedback you may have. We would like to thank Lindsey Marsh for his assistance in editing our story.

“Sometimes a girl just needs something more, and sometimes the man needs someone new and different.”


“Come back to bed April, please,” Tyler whined as I grabbed my apron from the dresser.

“You know I really want to Tyler, but I was late twice last week and I can’t afford to be late again.”

“Fine, but you owe me,” said Tyler, pointing to the obvious tent that had formed under the green comforter.

His ardour was surprising, but as it was clearly directed at me, it had my approval. I walked to the side of the bed, kissed him on the lips, inserted my hand underneath the comforter and searched for and found the mast of the tent. His cock felt good, even through the fabric of his boxers. I gave it a few teasing squeezes; it was hard and if I’d had the time I would have stayed, but I really needed to get going.

“When I get back, okay?”

He nodded and added, “You’d better.”

After kissing him goodbye, I left for the bar and a typical evening of waitressing. It was re-assuring, even after an hour and a half of fucking, Tyler still wanted me. We’d lived together for twelve months, but I still needed Tyler to want me.

I arrived at the restaurant – “The Grill meets Salad” — with five minutes to spare. I’d been working there since I’d started college and while the wages were the legal minimum, the tips were good. As I signed in for the evening and jotted down the specials on my notepad, Tiffany, a co-worker and friend, pointed to the table over by window.

“He’s here. Your other boyfriend is here.”

I pouted at her and went over to John’s usual spot, which was in the window, next to the bar. John was one of my regular customers; my best regular if the truth were known, someone who came in four or five times a week for dinner but, as I had been informed by the other staff, only when I was on duty. I made my way over to his table, a smile on my face.

“Hi John, how are you doing? Do you want your usual or can I tempt you with a real drink? “

John smiled; I had asked him the same question almost every day since I had started serving him and had always received the same reply.

“To answer both of your questions; I’m well and I’ll have my usual diet soda.”

As I walked towards the bar counter to get his drink I could feel his eyes watching me; boring into my back as they always did. I didn’t mind John ogling me; in fact I loved the attention he gave to me, the way he always made me the centre of his conversation when we talked. Over the last six months, in the few minutes we spent together during his meal, we had become good friends.

The bar was busy and when I returned to his table with his drink, I offered an apology for the delay.

“I’m sorry John, the bar was busy. What do you want to eat?”

He smiled and stared at me, his dark brown eyes smiling in concert with his mouth. I could feel myself becoming excited; I’m a sucker for a man with nice eyes and a nice smile and both his eyes and smile qualified. For the umpteenth time I wondered what he would be like in bed.

“So April, what are the specials?” he asked; his voice returning me to reality.

“Oh right, um steak salad with your choice of uh …cheese, I think.”

As it sometimes did, his presence in the restaurant confused and even embarrassed me; particularly when I mused about his sexual prowess, which was just what I had done when taking his order. Although he probably didn’t know it, John was more than just another customer to me; he was someone I sometimes fantasized about, often when I was making love to Tyler.

“That sounds great, but no cheese.”

I went back in the kitchen relayed his order to the chef, put his bread in a basket, covered it with a napkin and returned to his table. We had talked about ourselves and although I was aware he was married, he had never brought his wife to the restaurant while I was working or told me anything about her.

“So why don’t you ever bring your wife to the restaurant?” I asked.

He looked at me intently, as if trying to understand why I had asked the question. Apparently satisfied it was merely small talk, he replied,

“She doesn’t like salad and she usually stays at work until late; which means I get to go out to dinner most evenings and get to see your smiling face.”

I looked at him. It was the first time he had said anything even slightly suggestive and I could feel myself starting to blush.

As I returned to the kitchen area, Tiffany gave me a weird look and asked,

“What’s going on between you two, I saw him say something and then saw you blush — in fact you’re still blushing.”

“It was nothing. John was just being his usual friendly self.”

“Yeah right,” she scoffed and added, “Why does he always sit in your section?”

“I don’t know, perhaps he just likes routine or something like that.”

Tiffany canlı bahis just shook her head, laughed and said, “Oh things I would do…”

I was rescued by the chef’s cry of ‘Order up’.

“Excuse me, Tiff, I’ve got to deliver his order, but I swear there is nothing going on.”

I picked up his order and walked out to his table. As usual he was watching me intently as I threaded my way among the tables.

“Here you go John. One steak salad without cheese. Is there anything else?”

“No, it looks good,”

I left him to eat and went to serve the other two occupied tables in my station. Twenty minutes later I looked over and saw he had finished his main course. I walked to his table and as I picked up his plate, asked,

“Can I interest you in a dessert?”

John smiled and without saying a word, slowly worked his eyes up and down my body. When he had finished, he smiled and said.


I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. It was the second time that evening he had made a suggestive remark and I didn’t know how to be respond. In the end I made my normal response to suggestive customers – I smiled and changed the subject.

“I’ll get you your usual.”

I left quickly; the thought of John wanting me had excited me. I’d thought of John in a sexual context many times, but finding out he might have similar feelings for me had increased my heart rate and was starting to make my pussy moist. As I headed back to the kitchen, my face red once again from blushing, Tiffany looked at me, rolled her eyes and then looked at John, who was still staring in my direction. She looked at me again and gave me her famous smirk; the smirk which said ‘you’re up to something and I know what it is’.

“April, you look flushed. I think you’re up to something with your favourite customer.”

She was wrong. I wasn’t up to anything – yet, but I was excited and needed to compose myself. I checked my tables, saw they didn’t need me for a minute or two, and went to the restroom, where I stood and looked at myself in the mirror.

I needed to get my act together. I was a woman with a lover who was fantasising about a man she hardly knew and whose only contact with him was as his waitress. Logically I should ignore him, but my mind wouldn’t let me. I needed to be thinking about food and drink, but all I could think about was him and what I wanted to do with him. Almost as a reflex I reached down and started to rub my pussy and then, realising what I was doing, I stopped; the last thing I wanted was for Tiffany or one of the other girls to come into the restroom and catch me playing with myself.

I moved into one of the cubicles and sat down. Within a few seconds my mind had returned to John and a fantasy so realistic I felt as if it were actually happening. I was seated on the edge of John’s table, staring into his eyes while his fingers stroked and caressed my thighs. The image was so real I could feel my crotch starting to dampen and my nipples becoming erect. I was excited and needed to play out my fantasy to a conclusion. I hiked my skirt with one hand and pulled my panties down around my ankles. I sniffed; I could smell the aroma of a woman in heat and when I moved my hand to my mound, I could feel the warmth radiating from my pussy.

I cupped my neatly trimmed mound with my palms and rubbed my way down the labia where I used my fingers to part the moist flesh. I shivered when my exploring fingers found my clit. It was erect and I played with it for a moment, flicking it gently backwards and forwards with my index finger. I inserted a finger into my void and was surprised by how wet it was. I closed my eyes and imagined John’s tongue, swirling around the entrance, teasing and probing while his thumb massaged my clit.

I bit my lower lip. The thought of John having his way with me was erotic and I needed to reach my climax. I started to rub my clit with my index and second finger and it wasn’t long before I could feel the tension building in my loins. I started to rub faster; increasing the pressure with every stroke. It was exciting, but curiously, unfulfilling. I was cumming, but wasn’t satisfied. I kept wishing they were John’s fingers, it was his tongue probing me and it was he having me for dessert.

A knock on the door, followed by Tiffany’s voice, interrupted my reverie

“April. What’s taking you so long? Your friend wants a coffee. Do you want me to serve him? He’s not a bad looking guy. I don’t mind having him all for myself.”

I was tempted to keep on masturbating, but I needed to get back to my customers and in particular, John. I was mad at Tiffany; mad she had interrupted my masturbation and mad and jealous she was talking about John in the way she had. I pulled up my panties, flushed the toilet to hide the real reason for my trip to the restroom, washed my hands, powdered my face and walked out. Tiffany was waiting for me as I left the cubicle.

“There you are. I was about to go see if he’d give me his phone number. I know quite a few tricks I could show him, bahis siteleri both in and out of bed and, if he wants, over the internet.”

As she finished speaking she winked, but her comments did not sit well with me. I started to become angry. How dare she try to move in on John, he was my John; always had been and always would be. I stared at her, my anger apparent, but all she did was smile and say,

“Aha, I knew you had a thing for him and that look says it all. April and John, sitting on a tree…”

She had read me like a book and now she was rubbing it in.

“Oh shut up, Tiff!” I said; trying to shut her up, but knowing my efforts would not be successful.

I poured a coffee and took it to John’s table along with his check.

“Looks like you girls are having quite the conversation,” he said with a smile as he took a look at his check.

“Just girl talk,” I replied, “and the coffee is on the house, it’s from both of us.”

As soon as I had said it, I knew it was silly. The free coffee had nothing to do with Tiffany; it had been my choice. Why I had said what I’d said I wasn’t sure; it was probably a matter of nerves associated with my trip to the restroom. A short while ago I had been in the restroom fantasizing about him and now I was standing in front of him; a mere two feet away. I looked at him; I could see he was checking me out while pretending to glance through the bill. I had butterflies in my stomach and the more he looked at me, the more I got turned on. It was becoming obvious to me – and perhaps to him – I was infatuated with him.

“Here you go,” he said, handing over the money and a tip of ten dollars.

He got up to leave and as he turned around towards me said,

“Oh, by the way; dessert tomorrow?”

I had brought him a free coffee, but had forgotten his dessert. As I stuttered an apology he smiled and said,

“No worries, April. I’m sure my usual is not as delicious as what I really want for dessert”

As he made his exit, I stood there pondering his remark. Could it be he actually wants me, or is he simply being a flirt? Either way I was happy, but kept wishing it was the former rather than the latter.

After John left trade slowed down and I decided to take the rest of the night off and head for home, but when I reached the apartment Tyler was nowhere to be found. Annoyed by his absence I flopped on the bed, put on some music and tried to unwind. The music worked for a while, but within fifteen minutes it became audible wallpaper and my mind drifted off; recollecting the events of the day. I remembered blowing Tyler and him returning the favour. I had enjoyed it, but the replay wasn’t as exciting as the fantasy of John going down on me. It was only a matter of time before I started to get the familiar feeling of wetness between my legs.

The fantasy had evolved since the episode in the restroom and was much more graphic. John was now kneeling on the bed; his tongue making a wet trail from my nipples to my clit. The thought excited me and I took off my skirt and panties and reached for my pussy with both hands. I was excited, wet and in no mood to walk to the drawer to get my vibrator. I needed to cum and I needed to cum quickly.

I closed my eyes and slowly began to touch myself, imagining it was John’s hands doing the touching and imagining what they would feel like. As my fingers probed inside my pussy, I could feel my juices leaking out and dribbling onto my hands. I ran my palm over my mound, coating my pussy with the wetness. My fingers rested on my clit, giving it gentle squeezes. The longer I lingered there, the harder the rubbing and squeezing became. Wanting more, I started fingering myself with my other hand, finger-fucking frantically in an effort to drive myself to an orgasm. I was close; my stomach muscles had started to tighten, my breath was coming in short gasps when I heard something at the foot of the bed.

“Started without me?”

I looked up. I was no longer alone. Tyler had returned home and was standing at the foot of the bed, his pants on the floor and his hand wrapped around his throbbing member. I could only surmise he must have been there watching me for some time. My face flushed and my mind raced to recall if I had muttered John’s name at any time. Satisfied I hadn’t, I turned my attention to Tyler or, more accurately, his cock which he was stroking slowly. I smiled and started to move my fingers in unison with his hands. For the last ten minutes I had been thinking of John’s fingers and tongue playing with me, but now I was being presented with the real thing; an erect cock coated liberally with pre-cum. For a brief moment I wondered what John’s cock would be like and if I’d ever get to wrap my fingers around it.

All thoughts of John disappeared a moment later when Tyler took my hands and placed them on his cock. I’ve always loved the feel of Tyler’s cock in my hands and I started stroking it instinctively. As it always did, his cock responded to my touch. I held it in one hand and stroked it with the other, bahis şirketleri watching as it twitched under my ministrations. I cupped his balls; the left one was smaller than the right and it always made me wonder, even though I knew it was physiologically incorrect, whether the smaller one was smaller since it contained less cum. I stopped for a moment and kissed him, bringing a look of surprise to his face and then a look which said ‘why did you do that? — get on with it.’

Feeling admonished, I stroked him again, this time much harder than before and was greeted with a small flow of pre-cum which coated his cock and the sides of my fingers. I licked it; enjoying the salty taste. I looked at Tyler again he was ready; he only needed me to wank him to climax and I knew precisely what he liked and how to do it. Sitting up on the bed I cupped his balls with my left hand and started rolling his balls gently against each other inside my palm, while my right hand started pumping his cock. I could sense his excitement and the effect I was having on him. His breathing was getting laboured and his thighs were starting to tremble. I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before his cum spurted over my hands and body, but I needed something for myself from our coupling.

“Lie down”, I instructed.

He moved to lie on bed. I straddled him, my thighs outside his, my pussy against his cock. Slowly and very deliberately, I inched upwards towards his head, my clit brushing and rubbing against his body every inch of the journey. When I reached his head, I changed direction, so I was facing his feet and pushed my pussy against his face.

“Suck it, Tyler. Lick it.”

He sucked and licked; if there was anything he was good at it was pleasing a woman with his mouth. I was getting excited and after staring at his throbbing member for a while, I reached for it and started to stroke it; each stroke ending in a squeezing and twisting motion of its head. Each time I squeezed, it oozed enough pre-cum to coat almost half the head, and every twist of my hand caused his hips to buck upwards, in an effort to both encourage me to wank him harder and to push himself to a climax. I was in complete control. I looked at him and asked,

“Want a blow job?”

I knew the answer before I asked. Tyler always wanted a blow-job; he always wanted to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow. I didn’t mind; I had swallowed the cum of all my other lovers and in time, had come to enjoy it. I reached for his cock and surrounded it with my lips. It was slick; coated with his pre cum. I sucked and licked it; I loved the taste of his cock when it was coated with pre-cum. I started to wank him with my mouth; bobbing my head up and down on his cock and intermittently swirling and running my tongue along its length. The longer I continued the louder his moaning became and the more tension became apparent in his stomach and thigh muscles. When his balls started to contract I knew he was close and was determined to give him the best blow-job he has had in days.

Lying below me, Tyler’s mouth had started to increase its assault on my pussy. I could feel the tip of his tongue probing into my pussy and flicking my clit. His tongue was doing wonders to me; every time he dragged his tongue over my clit, waves of pleasure rushed through my body. Usually his assault would drive me over the edge, but tonight something was different. I tried to keep my mind on Tyler and what he was doing, but it kept drifting away, imagining it was John servicing me. I knew it wasn’t fair to Tyler, but I couldn’t help it. I reminded myself I loved Tyler, how wonderful he was, but I couldn’t shake this feeling I had for John. It was like an itch that wouldn’t go away.

With every probe of Tyler’s tongue into my pussy I kept wondering what John’s would feel like and how he would have me for dessert. I started grinding my pussy on Tyler’s face, but all the time I was doing it, I was imagining John’s tongue in my pussy.

I could feel my orgasm drawing close. I wanted to cum, in fact I’d been wanting to cum since the time I played with myself in the restroom. My mind raced, thinking about John, the innuendo in his reference to dessert and then, suddenly, it happened. My heart started to race and I was gasping to catch my breath and everything was starting to spin. My body felt tense and I pushed myself onto Tyler’s face, grinding myself hard against his tongue. My thighs clasped his face and then it happened; wave after wave of pleasure; starting in my pussy and engulfing my whole body. I felt ecstatic. I kept on cumming and cumming; every flick of Tyler’s tongue sending jolts of pleasure through my body.

Spent I collapsed on top of him, my head beside his still erect and unsatisfied cock. I’d cum but he hadn’t and it would be unfair if he didn’t. I usually had little appetite for sex in my post-coital triste, but today I was still horny. I devoured him with my mouth bobbing up and down on his very hard cock. It didn’t take long before his hips began to arch and I knew he was going to cum. I closed my eyes and started stroking him, while sucking and rimming the head. When he put his hands on the back of my head, I knew he was ready and almost immediately, felt spurt after spurt of hot cum shoot into my mouth.

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