April Fool Pt. 01

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All fictional persons participating in sex in this story are well past the age of 18.

This story contains incest. If that bothers you stop right now and move on to the next story.

This is a story first that happens to contain some sex in it. If you are looking for jerk-off material, you may be disappointed with this. I do not write stories that have one long continuous description of every minute detail about the sex that is going on, so if that is what you are looking for you might want to also move on.

This story is also not to be taken seriously. All the characters are fictional so no mothers, sons, sisters, cousins or whatever were harmed in the writing of this story. It is meant to be lighthearted and often ignores the laws of probability but not possibility. This is a story about a guy who has sex with a lot of different women, (mainly family members) and the story will span many parts. It is meant to be absurd, but I hope at the same time entertaining.

Stay safe out there and stay indoors as much as your sanity will allow. If you get bored in your quarantined homes, read this story. Please take the time to rate too. We writers take a lot of time to come up with these often-outlandish stories just to entertain you. We do it for free and all we get out of it is your comments so please let me know what you think at the end.

*Please note, I did not use an editor on this one so there is bound to be spelling and grammar errors. If you are nitpicky then send me what errors you find through the contact tab, do not put them in the comments. When I have time, I will correct any errors and resubmit the story with the edits.

Thank you.

Edited 4/20/2020


“Casey cheated on you? Wow!” Mom exclaimed. “From what you told me about her, she seemed like such a sweet girl.”

“Well, I didn’t tell you everything about her. She’s not as innocent as I made her out to be. I half expected it to happen anyway, but I guess the longer we were together the more I thought we had a chance.”

“What do you mean ‘she’s not as innocent’?” Mom asked.

“Well she was kind of a slut when I met her…”

“Brian Andrew Meyers, you know I don’t like it when you use such derogatory words about women,” she corrected. “I raised you better than that.”

“Sorry, Mom. But what would you call a girl that dated a different guy every weekend? A girl that liked to take part in partner swapping and gang bangs? That would suck any guy off at a party if they asked nice enough…”

“Casey did all of that? Why would you go out with her?” she asked, aghast.

“She was hot as hell, Mom. Probably the hottest girl I’d ever met.”

“Where did you even meet a girl like that?” she asked.

“We met right after I finished college, at one of Amanda’s sorority parties,” I said.

“You mean Amanda knows her?” Mom asked curiously.

“Not really. Casey graduated a year before Mandy even graduated high school. Technically they are sorority sisters and Casey still attended a few of their sorority parties post-graduation. I’m pretty sure Mandy knows of her though, Casey’s exploits were legendary.”

“Oh, so she’s older than you then… Still that doesn’t sound like you,” she commented.

“Well, when we first started dating, I knew about her past. We both came from the same area and started dating. She told me she wanted to settle down. She said she had her fun in college and now she was interested in something serious. We hooked up a few times before we started dating ‘officially’, I guess I impressed her. She said that out of all of her lovers I was the best and wondered if I was interested in giving a relationship a try.”

“So, your relationship was based on sex?”

“It’s not something I wanted to brag about to my parents. Anyways, she is hot and good in bed, and besides that we seemed to have a lot in common. We got along, and just seemed to gel together, you know? I was hesitant about our relationship at first but over time it seemed like we were not only compatible but that I could actually trust her.”

“How do you know she cheated on you?” Mom asked. “Did you catch her in bed with her lover or something?”

“Casey may act like a bimbo but she’s not that stupid. No, it was nothing like that. Remember that start-up that I founded my second year in college with a bunch of my college buddies from MIT?”

“Yeah, I thought that was just something to make some money for college.”

“It started out that way, yeah. But after we started making money, we thought why not make a go of it. It seemed like it had potential for greater returns, so we thought ‘What have we got to lose?’ For a year the three of us worked on the app using whatever free resources we had available. We sought out investors but failed. After maxing out all our student loans one of our partners quit and we bought out his shares.

“The guy that stayed on’s name was Robert Jenkins. He comes from a wealthy family and he got his father Ankara escort to be an Angel Investor in our company. Six months after we got funding, we were making enough money to pay his father back and hire staff. We hired a marketing team and started to show potential.”

“I’m so proud of you, Honey!” Mom interrupted. “What’s this got to do with anything?” she asked trying to get me to get to my point.

I wanted to share with her my success story, but I figured I’d let her know later. Now wasn’t the time to celebrate.

“Well, part of what we had to do as a company is to hire people to look out for us. Make sure other people aren’t stealing our ideas or violating our patents.”

“Oh, you have patents?” she asked, impressed.

I smiled, “Top of my class at MIT in Computer Science, remember?”

“Oh, Baby. You know how proud I am of you…” she defended.

“I know, but I just wish Dad would be too,” I said.

“I know, Hun, but you know how your father is – oblivious.”

“True,” I smirked. “Well, that firm found out that Casey started posting porn videos of herself, fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry – literally. Once she got a big enough following, some producers asked her to do scenes for their more ‘specialized’ audience.”

“Oh, Baby. I’m so sorry,” she cooed, trying to make me feel better.

But just like every mom ever, she could not leave it at that.

“But you should have known better…” she said, but she stopped herself when I gave her a pleading look not to continue.

“I know. I know,” I said.

“You didn’t do anything rash, did you?” she asked worriedly.

“Other than confront her, pack up my shit and leave her ass? No! Believe me I wanted to though.”

“Why didn’t you kick her out?” she asked.

“It was her place, Mom. I was staying at a motel while I got my own place. The only reason I came home was because of the Corona Virus shutdown… Besides, other than being a slut she’s a nice person. She’s very giving and generous… I just wish it wasn’t for everything. Anyways, I wouldn’t throw her out on the street.”

“You mean the COVID 19 virus, don’t you?” she smirked, trying to lighten the mood.

“You say potato…” I said and she grinned even bigger. “Because this happened right before the shelter-in-place order, I’ll have to wait to get a new place. That’s why I came home,” I said. “Not to mention I missed you, pretty lady,” I quickly added, calling her by one of my pet names for her, making her blush.

“You know, your sister is taking it harder than you. Her college cancelled all classes and she had to come home. This was supposed to be her last semester. She said that a few of her classes were converted to online but she is waiting for word from one of them. She needs them all to graduate.

“I think the worst part for her is that she can’t even go visit her friends. You know how social she is. She’s been locking herself in her room all day. All she does is mope and talk to her friends and sorority sisters online.”

“Yeah I know. I’m sorry I haven’t been any better. I’ll try talking to her, but you know how she is,” I began, pausing.

“She’ll talk when she’s ready,” we both said at the same time, causing us to bust up laughing.


I had been living with my parents for the past couple of weeks. Mom knew not to pry into my business until I was ready. All of us are stubborn like that, including Mom. Dad was the only exception; he wore his heart on his sleeve whether we liked it or not – and it was usually – not.

Dad was a fool. I don’t mean like he was easily fooled, although sometimes he was that too. No, I mean like the traditional meaning for the word fool, like a court jester. Mom was the serious one and I think what attracted her to him was his willingness to make a fool of himself to get her to smile.

I loved my Dad, but his antics could be a little much at times. He loved playing practical jokes and every year he came up with an elaborate scheme involving me as the butt of his April fools’ prank. The problem is that he thought I was gullible for some reason. He always talked down to me like I was a little kid. His schemes were easy to see through and I guess because I always went through with them, (mainly to humor him), he always focused on me.

Dad hasn’t been able to prank me much since I went away to college. Even after I graduated and moved back to my hometown, I lived with my girlfriend about fifteen minutes away if I was lucky and there was no traffic. Normally it would take a half hour to get across town to visit so I didn’t visit as often as I should have.

I figured, now that we were forced to live together again, he’d come up with a doozy. Lucky for me, April first wasn’t until tomorrow, so I had time to get mentally prepared.

“What’s she like?” Mom asked. “I’ve never even seen a picture of her.”

I guess since I was opening up to her, it was now time for her to bombard me with all her curiosities. Ankara escort bayan I did talk to Mom about Casey all the time, editing out the things you don’t tell your Mom about your girlfriend, of course.

The thing was, I hadn’t sent Mom a picture of Casey for a reason. I always knew my Mom was hot, but she was my Mom and I didn’t think of her in a sexual way. OK, maybe when I was thirteen, I might have jacked off to her, but I jacked off to everyone back then. Aunts, cousins, teachers, the grocery store clerk, no one was safe from my pubescent fantasies including my grandma. The rule was, if you were female and we met, I probably jerked off to you back then. But I got over that phase, or at least I thought I did.

When I broke up with Casey, it was mainly because she went behind my back and I didn’t want to have sloppy seconds. The funny thing was, when I brought up “sloppy seconds”, she looked horrified and said she would never do that to me. She said the shoots were professional and the guys always wore condoms, they were required to by law. She said the cum shots were just camera tricks where they put stuff in her vagina so they could dip their dicks in and pretend like they creampied her. I guess in her mind, sloppy seconds just meant that I was being contaminated by someone else’s semen.

I know I sound like a sucker, but I believed her. She even showed me some behind the scenes footage where they did just that. But for me that wasn’t the point, but it was hard to convince her of that, we just thought of things differently.

I didn’t hate her and we’re still friends, but I doubted I’d ever have anything more meaningful with her than a phone call once in a while. When I was shown the links to the porns she made, one of them even showed up on Pornhub. People online commented that she reminded them of Kit Mercer.

When I looked up Kit Mercer it was like looking at a naked picture of my Mom except Mom is taller, has blue eyes and is a natural blonde. Kit Mercer looked like my sister too except my sister was younger and had smaller breasts. Like I said, I always knew Mom was hot, but I didn’t realize all my girlfriends were pale imitations of her until then. I had to dig deep in my conscience and ask myself if I had the hots for her or not. I concluded that I didn’t and yet just thinking about that seemed to have opened Pandora’s box.

Trapped in a house with my Mom and my sister was a constant reminder of my subconscious mind’s attraction to her. I guess it didn’t help that I hadn’t been laid since my breakup either and my hormones were a contributing influence on my thoughts. But now I found myself having to adjust myself to hide unwanted boners around my Mom. I think if my sister wasn’t hiding in her room every day, it would have been way worse.

“OK. I’ll show you a picture of her but please keep your comments to yourself,” I said, seriously, but I knew she would make them anyway.

She made a gesture like she was swearing and grinned, excited that she finally got to see one of my girlfriends. I was notoriously a private person. I never took selfies, and the only pictures I would ever post were landscapes and architectures I appreciated in my travels. The only online pictures of me came from other people tagging me in their photos.

“Oh my God! You’re right, Honey, she’s gorgeous… I see why you’d ignore some of her ‘faults’,” she commented. Then a lightbulb went off in her eyes and she blurted, “Oh my God! She looks like Mandy,” she commented, thinking she looked like my sister Amanda.

I corrected her without even thinking, “No. She looks like you…”

“Doh,” I thought, mentally slapping myself.

Mom blushed, “Oh no, Honey, I’m old and she’s young. There’s no way I look as hot as her.”

I didn’t like my mom putting herself down, so I reacted without thinking.

“You’re right, you’re WAY hotter!” I said, making her blush.

“You know Honey, you’re 25 and your baby sister is 22, we’re all adults,” she trailed off.

“Yeah?” I prompted.

“Well… Would you be uncomfortable if you told me a little about… you know… your sex life?”

“You really want to know?” I asked, surprised.

“Honey, I barely have sex with your father nowadays. I get more action from Bob than your dad.”

“Bob?” I asked.

“That’s what I named my favorite dildo,” she whispered.

I blushed furiously, “Uh, yeah OK, TMI. Why me? I’m your son. Shouldn’t you be asking Mandy?” I asked.

“We’ve always been close, and I feel comfortable talking to you. Besides, maybe I can live vicariously through you,” she smiled mischievously.

That was true, we were close. I talked to my mom on the phone every night. We didn’t always have long conversations, but I would at least call to tell her that I loved her and that I got home safe.

I didn’t share that same closeness with my Dad, however. Dad was too busy being a lawyer, so he left it up to Mom to get me into various activities growing Escort Ankara up. In high school, he was the star quarterback and mom the head cheerleader, but when they got married straight out of high school, he went from athlete to couch potato, yet Mom worked hard every day to keep active.

Mom had me six months after they married so it was hard for them to both go to school. She did manage to get an associate degree in physical education over the years, but I could see that she regretted not going back for more.

Dad on the other hand, got his undergrad in Criminal Justice then moved on to law school. They both agreed that mom would go back to school once he became a lawyer, but I don’t think they understood just how hard that would be with two children.

I don’t think dad even liked kids to be honest. Mom often said we were unplanned and as Mom liked to explain it, Dad didn’t like to wear condoms and the pullout method didn’t always work; I was living proof of that. Dad started wearing condoms after I was born but apparently, they don’t always work either and Amanda was proof of that. I had no idea what they were using for birth control after Mandy, but we were her only kids, so it was working. I could tell Mom wanted a bigger family.

Growing up, Mom was a soccer mom, but she was never satisfied with sitting on the sidelines. She always wanted to participate in everything we did. With her Physical Education degree, she was either the coach or some sort of assistant coach for most of the sports Amanda and I were involved in growing up. It wasn’t until high school that she finally had to sit on the sidelines when I joined the basketball team. If she would have had her four-year degree, she might have qualified for the women’s coaching position, if there were an open spot but that didn’t happen.

When Mom wasn’t coaching youth soccer, she was teaching yoga and later Pilates and recently she added HIIT classes to her repertoire (High Intensity Interval Training). She has her own YouTube channel now and films videos for all three classes daily and once a week does a live broadcast. She’s very popular and a few years ago she passed the million-viewer mark. I’m pretty sure she makes more money than dad.

Coming from Norwegian stock, everyone in my family was tall. Dad was 6’5, Mom was 6’1 and Amanda was 6′ even. I was the tallest, topping even Dad, at 6’7, (not sure how that happened).

Besides being tall, we were also all blonde-haired and blue-eyed, except for Dad. Although Dad was technically blonde, it looked more brown than anything else. He insisted that he was what you would call a dirty blonde. Also, he had green eyes not blue, but he said that growing up he was just as blonde as me. He even showed me pictures of him and sure enough he looked a lot like me when he was younger. Today he had a paunch which was slowly becoming a beer belly. Not to mention his hair was thinning on top, he had age spots, moles and laugh lines. Dad looked like he was ten years older than he was, unlike Mom who looked ten years younger. Sometimes when we would all go out, he would be mistaken for her father and I, her husband, which amused Mom to no end and always irked dad just as much.

When I started high school, Mom missed the closeness we had growing up, and to be honest I did too. So, to make up for it we took to doing activities together outside of school. We started running together and even trained for a marathon. Amanda used to follow me around everywhere and so she wanted to join us. So, she took to running with us too.

Soon we three started playing other sports together like beach volleyball, and tennis. We also went hiking and biking together also. The three of us became really active and loved doing things together. Dad, not so much; he loved work too much.

In college, even though I was thousands of miles away, I participated in some of Mom’s HIIT classes remotely. She would facetime me live on a little monitor while shooting her videos. I soon realized just how well-known Mom really was when I became a semi-celebrity. However, when people did recognize me, I was known as Britney Meyers’ son or that guy that she talked to online. That kind of became her thing, she would teach a class and interact with people, live.

Since I was always the “tech genius” in the family, I was the one that set up her YouTube channel. And since my company specialized in monetizing YouTube links to products embedded in videos, Mom’s channel was our first success case. We partnered up with stores willing to pay commissions for click traffic generated from their videos.

From what she told me; she makes so much money from her online business that she quit teaching her Yoga class (at a gym) a few years ago so she could focus all her time on her business. Now she does everything exclusively for her online followers, and not only has a YouTube channel but her own Patreon Website where she makes money through two different means.

“Well what exactly do you want to know?” I asked, not sure how far to take this.

“You knew she was, umm, promiscuous before you met her. What was it like having sex with a porn star?” she asked, conspiratorially like we were sharing a big secret.

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