Arm Chair Theatre

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My mind was set alight with sexual possibilities when I was invited to spend a weekend at Charlottes house. Her parents were away and it was the first time anyone had been invited to her home. She had never been seen with a boy all through College and the rumours that she was gay were rife. Now we had left College and she was still without a boyfriend and I began to believe all the gossip. She heard these opinions of her but never took the bait, she was completely non-plussed.

That might have been because her parents worked in the Theatre where the liberal thespians took accusations and sexual rumours with a pinch of salt.

Charlotte did a lot of Am dram herself and I always attended any show she was in, drooling over her sex body. She’d be wearing sexy corsets, stockings and heels in farce or playing the boy in pantomime.

She was my first girl crush and when she surprisingly went out of her way to befriend me giving me the nickname ‘Jo’ I took my crush to another level, masturbating with lurid fantasies about her.

I still didn’t know if I should come out of the closet. I was a petite flat chested slight girl with green eyes and a blonde pixie haircut. I always thought Charlotte out of my league and I dreamed that her invitation just might be my first dip into the world of homosexuality.

Little did I know her house was in the middle of no-where and the first night was a spent just watching Tv. We sat apart on a small velvet like covered sofa and I spent the evening taking longing looks at Charlotte’s ample boobs and gorgeous ass. I was too shy to just try and jump her and sat there hoping she’d come onto me. Was she teasing me? Was she really gay? Was I gay? Maybe I was just being naughty in my fantasises frustrated by a lack of attention from anyone.

Late that night we said goodnight and hugged. I forced myself to prolong the hugging hoping for a goodnight kiss. I was up on tip toe to get breast to breast with her pushing our bodies close. Disappointingly she just giggled and politely pushed me away. “Goodnight,” she bid and turned and walked along the landing to her room with me drooling over the sight of her amazing butt.

I sighed and made my way into my room feeling really stupid. I stripped for bed and slipped on my short blue transparent baby doll nightie, which I had bought for Charlotte to seduce me in. I remember buying the nightie, holding it up and imagining myself in it. It was then my doubts about my sexuality flooded back. Were girls really for me? It was easy to lust after girls in magazines, on film or even on a train but to actually engage psychically? I still had my doubts.

I lay in bed wishing that every creak of the house I heard was Charlotte creeping along the landing to my bedroom for her to have her wicked way with me. I couldn’t sleep and dreaming of what she would do to me just got me worked up. In the end it was just too much and I pulled up my nightie, spread my legs and rubbed off my frustration.

The next morning I lay in bed staring at the ceiling assuming Charlotte was still in her bedroom asleep.

I decided to get up and make some coffee. I walked over to where my lacy white panties were strewn over a chair. I thought I’d better slip them on as my nightie was much too short and would show just a little too much considering Charlotte wasn’t interested.

I felt a little silly as I pulled my panties up as I thought we were going to have what Americans call a sleep over and we’d be on Charlottes big bed watching Tv and eating junk food both in our sexist nightwear. In my dreams she seduced me, slipping her hand up my nightie before a welcoming kiss.

I wondered how I had got it so wrong. I believed the rumour about her being gay and the more I looked at her the more that myth erotically grew in my head. She just dripped with sex appeal, full breasts, a big bottom on long legs and long black hair plus the sexist black rimmed glasses you’d ever saw.

I tip toed down stairs feeling a little silly in my ‘seduce me’ lingerie. I wandered to the kitchen and yawned and filled the kettle. I turned as I heard a singing voice and steps behind me.

“Oh, give me some coffee,” she begged.

“Morning Charlotte,” I greeted.

“Good night?” She asked as her as she raised her arms to let her hair down.

“Very good thanks,”

“I do like that nightie,”

“Thank you,” I acquiesced suddenly becoming aware of its transparency.

“Nice and see through,” she added, her eyes examining my little boobs. I blushed and turned to make the coffee to escape her prying eyes.

“How many sugars?” I asked turning my head back slightly to ask. In doing so I saw that by reaching to let her hair down she was lifting her red t-shirt and exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I melted inwardly but decided not to act on her exposure and so I laughed at her display.

“You’re going to have to get a longer t-shirt,” I suggested while looking at her freshly exposed privates.

“Oh who cares, we’re all girls together, nothing that you haven’t seen before, anyway my canlı bahis şirketleri ‘Choose Life’ t-shirt has died,” she joked as her hair fell around her shoulders.

She looked so good and I couldn’t help but praise her.

“God you look so fresh, alive and sexy and you’ve only just got up,”

“You coming onto me?” Charlotte joked lifting her t-shirt again.

“Stop it,” I laughed.

She turned to get something out of the over head cupboards. She went onto tip-toes and once again her short t-shirt lifted and exposed her perfectly symmetrical peachy bottom. She had to reach higher and bend a little exposing her genitals from behind.

I sighed lowly as I studied Charlottes perfect posterior. She had a beautiful body and it was killing me with desire.

Here she was in front of me flashing her pussy and peachy ass at me and I did nothing. Charlotte took her coffee and away she went.

During the day we did nothing but sit around, chat and drink tea. I wondered if I was boring her as there were many pregnant pauses and I was beginning to feel awkward. I started to make up excuses in my head so I could just go home.

I brought up the subject of her parents acting career and Charlotte lit up and ran through some amusing theatre anecdotes and then mentioned how she used to dress up in their costumes.

“Do you want to see them?” she asked as she stood up and moved towards a door as if I had already answered. I followed her into a large room. A solitary light lit a rack of outfits and Charlotte quickly pulled out one after another excitedly telling me of the parts her parents and herself had played in them.

There was Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty for the pantomimes and more serious clothes for the drama’s.

She held each outfit up to her chest and recited a few lines before moving onto the next costume.

“This is my favourite though,” She gushed and pulled out an outfit. “My costume for Puss in Boots,” she laughed, “Or, as we joked at the time, Pussy in Boots.”

Charlotte made her way to a full length mirror at the end of the room and held the outfit up to her body. It was a deep green tunic, double breasted, gold buttoned and just long enough to make a modest skirt.

“Oh I love it!” She enthused, twirling her body side to side as she admired herself.

“But why, Pussy in Boots?” I asked causing Charlotte to laugh and turn away. She quickly came back holding up a pair of thigh high black heeled boots.

“These were the boots I wore and I was the?” She teased.

“Pussy,” I lowly sighed.

“Yes, thats right, this outfit used to make me feel so horny!”

She squealed in delight.

I blushed imagining her backstage talking dirty and all the sexy shenanigans it led to. I felt jealous of all those around her in my mind.

“I’m going to put it on!” She excitedly announced quickly pulling her t-shirt over her head and whipping her jeans down.

I stood there gawping as she giggled and sat in her white panties and bra to rolling a stocking ready to go up her leg.

“Your face!” She blurted as she pointed her toe to put on her stockings.

I couldn’t hide my feelings, she looked so sexy stripped down to her bra and panties and was now stretching out her long leg to roll up her stocking right up to the top of her thigh. My jaw dropped and I began to feel the shudder of sex. I felt awkward just gawping at her obviously staring at her breasts.

“Find an outfit you like and put it on, come and join me,” She insisted already rolling her second stocking up.

This was my chance, if I wanted to get down and dirty with Charlotte I’d have to play her game although dressing up didn’t really appeal to me.

“Don’t look so serious, it’s just a bit of fun,” She smiled standing to inspect her stocking seams in the mirror. She cheekily spanked her own bum, smiled and turned to pick up her costume.

“Found one yet?” Charlotte asked making my mind up for me. I pulled out the Sleeping Beauty costume as it was long and about my size.

I was too shy to stand in my bra and panties in front of Charlotte so I turned my back on her and quickly took off my t-shirt. I threw the dress over my head and let it fall.

Charlotte giggled, “You can tell you’ve never been in a theatre changing room!”

I blushed and sheepishly reached under my dress and took off my jeans to keep my panties out of sight from my excited friend.

Charlotte put on her tunic over her white blouse and then pulled on her thigh high boots.

“What do you think?”

“You look amazing,” I said in a trance, the words falling out of my mouth without thinking such was her beauty.

“Come on let’s go!” She ordered turning on her heels and walking out into the living room. I awkwardly followed her as she pranced and glided around the room at home in her role.

She came up to me and curtsied. “May I have the pleasure of this dance Cinderella?”

“Its Sleeping Beauty,” I mumbled.

“Who cares, come her you sexy tart!”

With that she pulled canlı kaçak iddaa me to her and held me tight and went into a waltz.

I tried to keep up with her as she laughed as our bodies caressed each other. I felt so out of place but it was nice to see Charlotte enjoying herself for the first time this weekend.

“My you’re such a fine sexy lass,” she said in a mannish theatrical voice.

“Why thank you good sir,” I answered in my best pantomime voice.

We both giggled as she moved around the room with me enjoying being so close to her able to sneak a look down her cleavage. She stopped and looked at me and smiled mischievously. I looked into her eyes puzzled and then it happened.

She reached around and gripped my ass cheeks with both hands and I startled and gasped.

“My she has an ass!” She recited from Lady Chatterleys lover.

I went limp in her arms and my he’d rested on her shoulder.

Charlotte giggled pushed me away slightly and giggled some more.

“Sorry, its just this outfit, it gets me so turned on.” Before moving in to kiss me. I froze and shivered, this was it, she was going to take me but then to my frustration she stepped away. “No!” I sighed as I was left in limbo.

“You can see why I was called Pussy in boots, I was anyones.”

“Oh thanks,” I said feeling slighted.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that! I’ve always wanted to jump your bones.”

My jaw dropped, this was what I wanted. We stood staring at each other.

“Fuck I feel so horny!” She exclaimed and went to the arm of the sofa and straddled it. She lifted her costume displaying her little white panties and paused as she pushed the gusset to one side. My breathing quickened as I saw a glint of moisture of her sex momentarily as she let her tunic fall down around her. She sat astride the arm and put both hands out in front of her then started to grind.

“Oh thats good!” she gasped.

I watched not knowing what to do with myself. I was acutely embarrassed that she was masturbating in front of me and I stood there in a trance shell shocked with all the news I wanted to hear. “She wanted to jump my bones she said, Me!

Charlotte looked incredibly sexy and she was beginning to sigh already. I shouldn’t be watching this I kept saying to myself and yet I could not pull away, my eyes glued to her gyrating hips, my ears receiving waves of pleasure as she groaned in delight.

Her head rocked back and forth and I found my breathing getting shallow and my head dizzy as her display slowly intoxicated me. I could feel myself getting wet and struggled to keep some dignity as I watched.

Charlottes eyes opened slightly in her reverie and I froze on the spot being caught watching her, my hand subconsciously over my pussy.

Charlotte rocked on slowly holding out her hand.

“Join me,” she sighed causing me to laugh nervously.

She didn’t take offence as she just kept rocking away shamelessly, getting more and more turned on.

This was what I wanted but I was a shy girl and things weren’t going as planned, I was confused caught in a moment. Her actions were getting to me and I envied her wanton state of bliss.

I looked at the other arm and nervously walked over to it.

Charlotte stopped rocking and watched me.

She was breathing hard “Go on, it’ll be fun,”

I looked at her impaled upon the sofa arm, my face flush with excitement and my genitals tingling.

I wanted Charlotte but not in this way, I wanted to lay with her as in my fantasises. I watched her unbutton her blouse and display her bra bound boobs. She pushed a hand into one of the cups and let out a large gasp as she tweaked her nipple. One hand went forward to the arm again as she started to rock and grind her pussy on the sofa.

I stared at the vacant arm as Charlotte rocked away. It was join in or leave Charlotte to her orgasm. I stood and watched her and was slowly persuaded.

“Why not?” I thought and quickly opened my legs and straddled the other arm doing my best not to flash my panties to my onlooking friend. She stopped and looked at me and smiled, her face flushed deep red.

Neither of us moved as we looked at each other in wonder. We were in another world. Charlotte was breathing heavily, her chest heaving pushing out her young budding breasts. She looked heavenly and I felt my pussy gush.

I was sewered on the arm hard up in-between my legs, an exciting pussy fulcrum. There was no turning back now as I had joined my friend ready to masturbate.

“You have to make sure your pussy is touching the arm,” she teasingly instructed knowing it would cause me a tinge of shame. I smiled back at her blushing in unease as apposed to her full on wanton flush.

She had noticed I had just jumped astride without adjusting my panties.

“Push your panties to one side so you can get your clit in contact with the velvet,” She instructed.

I had suddenly become very coy listening to Charlottes blunt sexual instructions. I blushed heavily before quickly putting my hand canlı kaçak bahis up my skirt to discreetly push aside my panties without showing myself.

My hand was only between my legs fleetingly as I quickly pulled the gusset aside but in that moment I felt the wetness within. My sex was excited as it touched down on the velvety fabric of the sofa arm and I openly gasped!

“Its nice isn’t it?” Teased Charlotte, “Just wait until you move, you’ll love it.”

I was in a state no one had ever seen and I didn’t want seen.

“Now rock!” She laughed even though I didn’t need telling as the fabric was already making me shudder as I mirrored her position. Charlotte slowly rocked without embarrassment as I looked on.

She moaned and sighed lightly with both of her hands between her legs on the edge of the arm.

“Oh thats good,” she blissfully sighed with her eyes closed.

When I thought she wasn’t looking I started to move with her and immediately an orgasmic flare burnt beneath my dress. The sensation was so good and yet at the same time I still felt Inhibited by such an outwardly private act. I bit my lip and rocked on doing my best to keep my pent up excitement with-in. My head began to feel light as I rocked more.

“You have to get as near to the edge as possible, and grind your pussy downwards so it brushes your clit.”

I kept my eyes down and pretended not to hear her but I did as she told and angled my pussy so I would lightly stroke my clit with my grind. I moved forward and an electric erotic pulse zapped through me, “Oh!” I cried out in uncontrollably ecstasy. I stopped and gasped at my shameful outcry of pleasure, “Fuck that was good, too bloody good.” I said to myself, knowing that if I continued I’d be screaming the walls down.

“Keep going!” Urged Charlotte now back up to speed rocking on the arm. “How did she do it?” I thought, “She must have a pussy of leather!”

“Go on rock!” She cried loudly with a crackling voice.

I didn’t need any mentoring but obeyed her just the same pushing my genitals never to the sofa edge again. My body began to shiver as my breathing intensified and I found myself letting out involuntary gasps of delight. I brushed my pussy over the arm again and again and my whole body shivered with delight.

I tried my hardest to hold onto my dignity, Charlotte was my best friend but cumming in front of her was causing confusion, I wanted her but for some reason masturbating in front of her made me feel shameful. My body head and genitals had other ideas though as I become inebriated with wave after wave of light caresses.

“Don’t!” I told myself but things were slipping away, I bit into my lip harder and let out a long squeal.

I looked blurry eyed at Charlotte and through the haze I could hear her really letting go. Both her breasts were out now as she played with her nipples, alternating boobs.

I should have been shocked by her state of undress but I was in no state to judge as I forced myself back and forth along the arm in an orgasmic state I had never know before. I slipped a hand into my bra and tweaked my nipple and a wave of pleasure flowed out through my breast.

Charlotte was oblivious to my presence now, blinded by pleasure and deafened by her own squeals. She was almost there, rocking fast in a frenzy of gratification. The whole sofa was rocking with her fast approaching climax. He movements moved the sofa and impacted on me, Charlotte was imposing herself on my sex. I felt a huge surge of humiliation as Charlotte was the one causing the glorious sensations on my pleasure zone. It was as if she herself was masturbating me, making me feel guilty.

I watched her rock faster and faster, getting more and more worked up causing more shuddering impact on my pussy. I was immodestly impaled by the wonderful feelings, my reserve leaking away with each light stroke upon me. Her noises pushed me over the edge and my dam of modesty broke. I let go of all decency and urgently stroked myself along the velvet arm. I gave in and quickly started to rock. Charlotte looked at me and smiled through the watery eyes of her increased sensual being. We both rocked on the sofa in harmony and Charlotte held out her hand and I immediately grasped it.

We both squealed loudly in orgasmic harmony as we climaxed, I went very dizzy, my head going ultra light and numb, my body shivering and losing power as all my nerve endings shot out to the heavens as I fell into a soft soothing cocoon of pleasure. I blacked out momentarily only to quickly awake and find myself on the floor. Charlotte laughed and hopped off the arm and sat beside me. “Wasn’t that hot!” She exclaimed, oblivious to any shame as she adjusted her dress.

Our breasts heaved as I tried to compose myself slowing my deep breaths, subconsciously holding my dress down over the dwindling throbbing of my sex.

“Lets see how wet you are?” Excitedly squealed Charlotte as she roughly tried to pull my dress up to examine my embarrassingly soaked undies.

“No! Don’t please!” I begged as I sat up to push my dress down leaving me defenceless up top. Charlotte made her move and lunged to kiss me. Both my hands come up to push her away by the shoulders but that left me unprotected down below. Her hand went right up my dress and clamped itself over my panties.

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