Art Teacher Romance Ch. 03

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This is Chapter 3 of the Art Teacher Romance Series. You do not have to read Chapters 1 and 2 to enjoy this Chapter, but I hope you will read the first two chapters as well.

Also, you might enjoy the “Art Class with Julie” series which appears in the Erotic Couplings section. Terry, one of the two main characters in this story, is first introduced in “Art Class with Julie Chapter 03.”

Comments and criticism is always welcome.


Terry strolled into her classroom studio just before the 1:00 bell. Most of her students were already at their easels painting the still life items laid out on the center table: a Granny Smith apple; an old wine bottle dripped with wax, a yellow candle stub sticking out at the top; and a string of pearls draped on an overturned bowl. Sun light poured in through the oversized windows filling the long wall opposite the door. Jazz music played quietly in the background.

A few more students straggled in behind Terry. A few minutes late for a three hour studio class wasn’t a problem; Terry hardly even took notice. She draped her windbreaker on the old wooden coat tree in the corner. Sometimes she used the coat tree for a still life subject; today she used it was there just to hang her coat on. She put on her painting smock, a large sized, button down blue denim shirt, a hand-me-down from her father. It gave her a warm feeling to wear this shirt from the only man in her life.

Terry liked to let her students spend a half hour or so working on their art before interrupting with her lesson for the day. It gave them time to slip into the right mood, settling down after their hectic morning class schedules. Terry’s morning schedule wasn’t nearly so hectic, at least not this morning. She had woken up with her arms wrapped around her new friend, Anne. Yesterday had been a long day of discovery for the two women. For Anne it had been her first experience making love with another woman.

“Like you’ve been doing it all your life,” Terry assured her this morning. The two women lay in each other’s arms for another quarter hour; just quietly enjoying the feel of being held and holding. Eventually, Terry started to stir. “I have to teach a class today. Lucky it isn’t until 1:00. I’ll have to go home first to change into some fresh clothes.”

Anne pouted, but then brightened up, “can I make you some breakfast?”

“Wow, great in bed and she cooks too? What more could a girl ask for?” Terry teased.

“Scrambled eggs, toast and coffee?” Anne asked.

“Can I have tea instead of the coffee?”

Anne laughed with delight, “Of course you can.” But then the frown returned to Anne’s pretty face.

“What’s wrong?” Terry asked. She wanted Anne to be happy.

“How does this work? When will I see you again? We hardly know each other but I don’t want you to leave.”

“How about tonight,” Terry answered. “You said your husband Rob would be out of town for another day, so we can see each other tonight. If you’d like, you can come over to my place for dinner; or we can go out to a restaurant, like on a date; or we can come back here and have another quiet night.” A sly smile appeared on Terry’s face, “Well, maybe not so quiet of a night.” They both laughed. “Let’s decide over breakfast.”

Terry got up and took a quick shower while Anne prepared breakfast. They agreed to meet back at Anne’s house in the evening, around 6:30. Anne said she had to do some grocery shopping and then she would head to the health club, while Terry went off to change clothes and teach her class.

“Professor Andrews?” Terry shook herself back to the present at the sound of the student’s voice. Terry got a kick out of being called ‘Professor’. Technically, she was an instructor, but the students always called her professor. She didn’t let it go to her head, though, and enjoyed her interactions with the kids. This student was Julie, one of Terry’s star pupils.

“Hi, Julie; how’re you doing?” Terry asked.

“Okay, thanks. I’ve been working on this painting for a few days now. It’s coming along,” Julie said this last part without much enthusiasm.

“You don’t sound convinced,” Terry responded. “I can sort of see why. What do you think is wrong with it?” This was Terry’s standard teaching approach, letting the students analyze their own works first as a way of learning and improving their technique.

“I’ve got the perspective out of whack. The bottom of the bottle should be a little smaller. It’s too late to change it now, so I’m trying to work around that. Maybe I’ll add an extra object in front of the bottle. At least that’ll hide the problem.”

“Yep, that’s what’s wrong and you can fix it the way you said. The only problem now is we don’t have an extra item out on the table. So you’re kind of stuck with what you’ve got there.” This last was Terry’s way of reminding her student that her class is about technique, not about hiding mistakes or even making pretty pictures. Julie nodded her acceptance of the mild rebuke. “At least you figured out what was wrong with it.”

“Well, I can’t even take full credit for that. I shouldn’t admit this to you, but I had a little help,” illegal bahis Julie confessed, one side of her mouth squnched up in a lopsided grin. “My boyfriend came by the studio yesterday afternoon. He sort of pointed me to the problem.”

“He came by here?” Terry asked, slipping into a whisper. Other students would assume they were being quiet as a courtesy. “How are you two doing?”

Now Julie broke out into a full blown smile, “We’re doing great. Thanks to you.”

“Oh, I think you’ve got that part backwards, I should be thanking you.”

Last semester, Julie invited a buddy of hers to pose for a few sketches with another model. The other model was Terry. The resulting drawings were the most erotic pictures Terry had ever seen. The sketch of Julie’s boyfriend as he masturbated, leaning back against Terry, was positively electric. The picture of Terry’s pussy, glistening with her own juices still took her breath away.

It was these drawings that Terry had shown to Anne just yesterday afternoon. That led to Anne and Terry’s first night together.

“I made a new friend yesterday, and I have your sketches to thank,” Terry confessed.

“You showed them to her?” Julie knew Terry well enough that a ‘new friend’ for Terry meant another woman. “What’d she think?”

“She thought they were great. They were the ice breaker we needed to connect.”

Julie laughed but wasn’t convinced, “You don’t need my drawings. You’re so pretty; I bet you get hit on all the time.” Julie would never talk with any other professor this way, but they had a shared experience that broke down the formal barrier between teacher and student.

“Well, not as much as you might think. And even then, not from the people I want to meet.” And they both laughed at their inside joke. Terry wasn’t in the closet, but neither did she wear her sexuality on her sleeve.

“Is she someone I know? Someone at the school?” Julie was really curious now.

“No and no,” Terry practically giggled. She didn’t get to have this kind of girl talk very often, and then she remembered that she was the teacher here and probably shouldn’t be having this conversation just then. In a rushed final whisper, she said, “Her name is Anne. She lives near me. It’s complicated. I have no idea where this is heading, but we’re having dinner tonight.”

“Maybe we can double date sometime,” Julie joked. She was genuinely happy for her favorite teacher.

As Terry continued her walk around the studio, her mind drifted back to Anne, wondering if she had made it in time to her 1:00 Pilates class at the health club.

Terry needn’t have worried. At that moment, Anne was on a mat crunching away as her Pilates instructor called out the count; “Eighteen, nineteen, twenty and now over and plank position.” Anne loved this class because it allowed her to lose herself in the rhythm and directions given by the instructor. No thought, no worries, just do the exercises.

As the class wound down at 2:00, Anne was enjoying the feel of coming off a hard workout; slightly short of breath, a light sheen of perspiration coating her face and chest. “Hey kiddo,” Sylvia said as she caught up to Anne exiting the Pilates Studio. Sylvia was Anne’s long time friend. They were both forty four; lived in the same Chicago suburb; their kids had gone to school together; and along with their husbands, they dined together at the country club two or three times each month. Anne and Sylvia were like sisters.

“Hi, Syl.”

“Hi Syl? Hi? Syl? That’s all you want to say?” Sylvia had leaned into Anne, walking side by side down the hallway to the women’s locker room.

“Uhhmmm, Hello Sylvia?” Anne said, a little bit confused.

“You can’t fool me Anne. How long have I known you? Like a hundred years, right? You’re glowing and I don’t mean from that Pilates glass. I was watching you during class; you missed a few reps; you rolled right when you should have rolled left. You never do that. And you’re glowing. Who are you sleeping with? Come on tell me. What’s his name?” This kind of talk wasn’t so shocking coming from Sylvia. Sylvia had a long track record sleeping around. Her husband seemed ambivalent about it. Anne always listened to her friend’s tales of her latest conquest, never offering advice, never expressing approval nor disapproval. But she kind of enjoyed the talks nevertheless. Anne always rebuffed Sylvia’s suggestion that she “get herself a squeeze on the side;” that just wasn’t her.

“I have not been sleeping with another man. I have never cheated on Rob with another man since long before we were married. You know that.” Anne hoped that no one would ever try to parse that sentence between “cheated on Rob” and “with another man;” but for now she wouldn’t worry about it. “I just had a late night,” she continued, “I was up reading and lost track of the time. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep.”

“Uh, huh. Stick with that story for now,” Sylvia teased her. “I still think you’d be happier getting a little extra nookie once in a while.” Both women burst out laughing as they entered the locker room.

They grabbed towels as they made their way down the carpeted locker illegal bahis siteleri room towards the steam room, stopping at their lockers on the way to strip off their work out clothes. Anne wrapped the bath towel around her chest, adjusting it to drape down and provide a reasonable degree of modesty. Sylvia, always a bit of a showoff, simply tossed the towel over her shoulder. Anne noted Sylvia’s firm large breasts. She knew that Sylvia had her breasts ‘augmented’ a few years ago at the same time as the tummy tuck. Anne smiled at her friend, shaking her head slightly as they headed to the steam room.

Sylvia opened the door, walking into a cloud of steam while Anne checked the temperature gauge: a mild 97 degrees. They would be able to spend a full twenty minutes soaking in the steam. Anne looked around the long double level bench surrounding two walls in the steam room. Sylvia had made herself comfortable in the back corner of the room, while another woman sat closer to the door quietly inhaling the vapors. Still wrapped in her towel, Anne walked over to Sylvia and sat down. Sylvia was sitting on top of her towel, which she had laid out on the bench.

“I think I’d better hit the cold shower for a minute,” Sylvia said after just a few minutes in the heat. She walked over to the opposite wall and pulled the chain connected to a shower head mounted in the ceiling. Cool water rained down on her head and gushed off the ends of her breasts. Anne watched all of this with a new found fascination.

“When did you start trimming your pubic hair in a straight line like that?” Anne asked her when Sylvia returned to sit on her towel. Sylvia looked down and stroked her landing strip to fluff it up a bit.

“About three months ago, you just didn’t notice. Neither did my husband. But there are a few others who seem to appreciate it,” she said with a grin.

“Didn’t you want to color it to match your red hair?” Anne teased her friend.

“I asked my stylist, but he refused to do it. Something about the dye being too strong for those ‘sensitive areas.’ He’s probably gay, but I sure was hoping he would say yes. That could have been fun!” And again, both women broke up into giggles.

Anne also noticed the cold water’s effect on Sylvia’s nipples. Her breasts held their form even in this sitting position, one of the benefits of the implants. But Sylvia’s nipples were original equipment. Her areolas were not very large, extending only slightly beyond the base of her nipples. Erect from the cold water, her nipples stood out at least a half inch from the end of her breasts. Anne’s mind ran through this morning’s events and she admitted to herself that she much preferred the look of Terry’s softer, rounder nipples. Sylvia caught Anne staring at her erect nipples. “Jealous? The guys really go for these babies, too.”

Anne started feeling the effect of the steam. Now she walked over to the showerhead, set her towel on a hook and pulled the chain. The water cooled her down immediately. As she picked up her towel, she noticed that the other woman was leaving the steam room. Since it was just her friend Syl, she decided she didn’t have to wrap herself up. She carried the towel over to the bench perpendicular to Sylvia where she sat down on top of the towel. Both women leaned back against the upper bench enjoying the steam. In this position, Anne’s more modest sized breasts extended out only enough that a large hand could easily cover them, like a bra cup. Anne didn’t mind her smallish breasts; Rob had never complained and last night Terry seemed to delight in them as well.

“You could use a little trim Anne,” Sylvia said looking down at Anne’s pubic patch. She had always kept the dark brown pubic hair trimmed in a neat triangle, just barely covering extending down to her pussy. The area surrounding her pussy lips was naturally bare.

“I think Rob would have a heart attack if I trimmed mine like yours,” Anne replied. She wondered how Terry would react, though.

“Or you could shave it all off,” Sylvia teased. “Maybe we should get Brazilians. Of course, I’d have to put a revolving door on my bedroom and tell the guys to take a number before entering.” They both burst out laughing.

“Do you really sleep with that many guys?” Anne asked, a little more seriously now.

“Oh, it’s not really like that. I’ve had plenty of affairs. Jim sort of knows,” Sylvia said referring to her husband of twenty two years. “I’m pretty sure he’s got his own thing going on. We have an understanding, and it works for us.”

“Syl, do you ever have sex with Jim anymore?” Anne asked.

“Of course! He’s a stud. Even at fifty he’s better then most of my guys. He knows what I like and he’s pretty darn good at doing it.” Sylvia smiled at this, leaned her head back against the wall, and closed her eyes. Anne took the opportunity to study her friend a little more closely. Her nipples were still long and erect, even this long after the cold rinse. She noticed that Sylvia’s legs had spread further apart. Anne realized that her friend had drifted deep into a fantasy of her own, perhaps she was thinking of the pleasures of her husband. Her canlı bahis siteleri breathing was getting a little bit quicker and her right hand started tracing the outline of the little strip of pubic hair. Anne’s pussy started to respond as well, starting to moisten from the arousal she felt watching Sylvia. But Sylvia was way ahead of Anne. Her pussy had started to spread open, first just a little bit as her smaller inner lips began to blossom around the heavier outter lips. Anne watched as Sylvia moved her fingers down towards her pussy; rubbing her middle finger in her dripping cunt. As Anne watched, she started thinking again about Terry and how she had done something very similar to Anne just the night before. Anne felt the urge to caress herself, but resisted. Sylvia felt no such compunction. Her fingers started working faster and faster in and around her fully engorged pussy. Her left hand went up to her right nipple and started squeezing. Lightly at first, but harder and harder as the pleasure started coursing through her body. Sylvia moved her attention to her clitoris, barely visible amongst the full folds of her lips. With her middle and ring fingers spread apart, she rubbed along sides of her tender clit, not touching it, but allowing it to slide between the two fingers. The pressure from her fingers and the base of her palm pushed her to the edge of orgasm. Anne saw Sylvia shudder, her body rocking from her shoulders to her belly and on down to her knees which pulled back and apart, spreading her pussy wide open. Thick creamy liquid began to drip out of her as the second wave of her orgasm rocked her body. Anne was almost as breathless as Sylvia, although she hadn’t even touched herself. Sylvia dropped her hands to her side, relaxed her legs back down onto the bench, and slowly regained her composure.

“Hello. Earth to Sylvia, earth to Sylvia,” Anne said.

“Oh, Anne; that was something. I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

“My God, Syl, I thought you were going to pass out. Maybe you’d better cover up with a towel before someone comes in here and starts to wonder about us,” Anne passed her friend an extra towel, which she gladly accepted.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you. I don’t usually do that with other people around. I just, I don’t know, I just got caught up in it.”

“Don’t worry, Syl. I’m still shaking just from watching you. Think you can stand up?” Anne asked now with a big grin on her face.

“Hmmm, maybe. I don’t know that my legs can support me. But it’s getting kinda hot in here. We’d better get going.” The two women stood up, walked out of the steam room, and headed for the showers. They took shower stalls across from each other. Anne occasionally looked over at her friend in the shower. Sylvia was pretty, but Anne kept thinking about Terry, her blonde hair, large natural breasts, the big areolas that felt so good to Anne. And the way she tasted this morning, when Anne finally dipped her tongue into Terry’s soaking wet pussy. Spicy. And sweet. Then Anne remembered she was in the shower stall, rubbing herself with the soap suds. She realized that now Sylvia was looking at her, and smiling.

As they walked together out of the shower, Sylvia asked, “You were kind of out of it back there in the shower. I don’t know who he is, but I bet he’s gonna get some tonight!” Both women burst out laughing as they strolled to the lockers to dress.

As Anne left the health club, she gave Sylvia a kiss goodbye. It was a little bit more then their typical air kiss. Anne went to kiss Sylvia on the lips, holding her in place with one hand slightly pressed to Sylvia’s back. Sylvia looked at her a little bit confused. “What was that for?” Sylvia asked, with a note of surprise but no displeasure in her voice.

“You made this a fun afternoon at the health club. So that was just a thank you.”

“Your welcome?” Sylvia asked.

“I gotta run. I have company coming over at 6:30!” Anne said as she got into her car and pulled out of the parking lot. She had gone to the market earlier in the day, so she just had to get home, straighten herself up a little and wait for Terry to come over. Anne wasn’t sure she could keep herself calm for the two hours until 6:30. Sylvia’s little adventure had really turned Anne on. She might jump Terry the moment she walked in the door.

The door bell rang promptly at 6:30. Anne ran to the front door, but then counted to five before opening the door. Just because she felt like an eighteen year old girl waiting for her prom date to show up, didn’t mean she had to act like one. She opened the door to find Terry standing there. The sight of her took Anne’s breath away. She had been thinking about this moment for the last two hours, picturing Terry as she was when she left this morning in her jeans and button down canvas shirt. Tonight, Terry was radiant. She was wearing a dark floral silk blouse that perfectly highlighted her shoulder length blonde hair; black silk pants and open toed black strapped sandals, with her toes painted red finished the outfit. She was wearing just a touch of lipstick, and maybe a little eyeliner. Everything else was pure Terry. Anne grabbed her hand and pulled her into the foyer, closing the door behind them as she did so. She pulled Terry in close to her, hugging tightly even as she planted a long deep kiss on her lips. Terry finally pulled herself back; a smile spreading from ear to ear.

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