As Fate Would Have It Ch. 01

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Guys I am still not sure quite the direction I will go in the end so if you have a preference at the end please let me know! I have written the second chapter and so what I am talking about might not make sense to some of you until after you read that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I am quite busy at the moment – juggling school, work and sporting commitments so I apologise if it takes a while for me to submit chapters.

All characters engaging in sexual activities are over the age of 18.


It was the first day of school for the year. There was an energy through the school which was felt on no other day but the first. The hallways filled with yelling and laughing as kids were reunited with their friends after the long summer holidays, travelling and swimming in the river. Zoe Merton was just like any of these kids. She walked across the yard toward the old school which looked like some castle that had been pulled out of a history book and plonked smack bang in the centre of London. Jack Horton, one of her best friends chatted happily to her as she smiled at the kids who said hello to her. Jack was a good-looking boy, about 6ft with a muscular build and wavy, unruly sandy coloured hair. He was going on about how he’d spent the summer in California, surfing.

“I wish you could have come Zoe. It would have been sick! You just don’t understand how mad these waves were, they were like 5 metres high, I swear!” Jack exclaimed.

Zoe chuckled “Sure. Anyway, you know I don’t have the kind of money to be going surfing on the other side of the world – besides I have to work and study for this year.”

Jack scoffed. “I wish you would just have some fun while you’re still a kid. You’ll be grown up soon enough, why rush toward it?”

“I have fun all the time, and I do plenty of immature things.” Zoe paused. “Just not on the other side of the world, that’s all.”

Jack shook his head. “Well, there’s a party this weekend – you’re coming to that, right?”

Zoe shot him a ‘really?’ look and said “You think I’d miss that? You’re mad. Of course, I’m coming. Eddy asked if he could come too, I told him I’d drive him.”

“You’re sneaking your little brother out of the house for a party? Maybe you’re not as uptight as I thought.” He joked.

Zoe punched him lightly as they began climbing the old stone steps toward the huge front doors of the school.

Kids hung around the front steps, sitting on the stone walls and smoking while they chatted to their friends.

“Where is Emily?” Jack asked as they neared the top of the stairs.

“I don’t know. I’ll text her. There’s no way we’ll find her in this bloody maze of a school.” Zoe said.

It was her last year of high school and she still got lost in the numerous corridors. The inside of the school was huge stone corridors and pillars, she imagined that Hogwarts from Harry Potter looked something like it. This school was probably bigger. There was a huge grassy court yard in the middle of the school. The classrooms and corridors snaked around it. All together there were over 300 classrooms, housing over 6500 students and 360 teachers. The school was very prestigious and strict. All students had to wear the school uniform – though how well they wore it varied greatly. The school uniform consisted of black shoes, a white button up shirt, red sweater and stiped red/grey tie, grey pants for the boys and a grey skirt for the girls with long grey socks. Jacks top button was undone and his tie hung loosely around his neck. He had a small leather back pack slung across one shoulder, barely large enough to carry half of Zoe’s books.

Zoe carried a similar backpack and a laptop bag, crammed full of notes and more books, barely leaving enough room to slid her laptop in. Zoe’s phone binged. She took it out and looked at it.

“Is that Emily?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, she said she is sitting on the wall on the east side of the court yard, flirting with some douche bag.” Zoe said.

“She didn’t say douche bag, though did she?” Jack replied knowingly. Zoe never approved of the guys Emily dated.

“No.” Zoe admitted. “She’s flirting with Luke.”

“Really? I didn’t think he was even good-looking. I thought he was just popular because he was captain of the soccer team.” Jack said doubtfully.

“Um, no Mr. I-Should-Have-Been-Captain. He is totally good-looking. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a douche bag and she shouldn’t be flirting with him.” Zoe told him.

“Hm, if you say so. But Em will do what she wants, she always has.” Jack warned her.

“Yeah, then it’ll me who has to clean up after her. Anyway, I just wish she didn’t throw herself around so carelessly, she’s going to get hurt.” Zoe complained.

“Don’t worry about it Zo. She’s the one doing the hurting most of the time.” He smiled.

A group of girls standing against the wall of the corridor were giggling and stealing looks at Jack. He smiled at them and they all blushed. Zoe rolled her eyes.

“Tarts.” casino oyna She said disapprovingly.

“Be nice. It’s not their fault they have good taste.” He said cockily.

Zoe spotted Emily sitting cross legged on the low stone wall that enclosed the court-yard, talking to Luke who was leaning against a huge stone pillar, next to her. He was good-looking, Zoe reflected. He was about 6ft 1″ with short dark hair, light stubble, and deep set brown eyes with a strong jaw. He was decently muscled but still seemed smaller than Jack.

Emily said something to him and jumped off the wall. He turned around and sneered at Jack and Zoe who both ignored him, before walking off to join a group of his friends who were standing around nearby. Emily walked over to them and embraced them both.

She pulled back and looked them over. “You guys look good; summer agrees with you.” She observed.

Emily was a gorgeous auburn haired girl with pale English skin and fine facial features. She looked delicate but in truth was extremely feisty and hard-going. She had green eyes and stood about 5’6.

Her skirt was a size too small and her blouse too tight. Though, so was Zoe’s though so who was she to critic?

Before they could fall into conversation the school bell rang loudly across the grounds and kids started shuffling through the halls.

“What do you guys have first?” Jack asked quickly, before they could get split up by the crowds.

“Maths” Zoe rolled her eyes.

“Music, you?” Emily asked Jack.

“Yeah, same, lets walk. We’ll see you later Zo, have fun in maths!” He called out as the crowds drew them apart.

Emily and Jack had both chosen music as an elective that year. Typical. She got stuck with the boring subjects because she wanted to go to university while Emily was singing her heart out and Jack was bashing away on his drum kit.

Emily began trudging toward her maths class. She hated maths. It was her worst subject and she had a lot of trouble understanding the concepts. At least they had a new teacher this year, anyone was better than pervy old Mr. Newman, who she had last year.

She looked at her timetable which she had already written neatly into her homework diary. Her new teacher was called Peter Oakley. She hoped he wasn’t too old and creepy like half the other professors at the school.

She got to class 5 minutes late. She had been at school 10 minutes before the bell and still she managed to be late. Of course. She paused outside the door, not wanting to be the person who was late to class on the first day of school. It wasn’t her fault the school was so damn huge and confusing. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open, ready for the whole class to turn and look at her.

She opened the door, her gaze focused on the class who all turned and watched her walk in. Some of the kids she knew smiled at her and the boys looked her up and down, drinking in her body. The only seats left were right up the front of the room, no one wanting to sit there for fear of being labelled a nerd or having the teacher ask them questions they didn’t know the answer to. She was so busy trying not to flush at the embarrassment of being late as she made her way to her seat that she didn’t even notice her new teacher.

It was only when she heard him say “You must be Miss Merton,” did she look up. Her breath caught slightly in her throat at the sight of him and she was certain she was gaping. She quickly recovered and sat down.

“Yes sir.” She replied.

He was gorgeous. Her new teacher, Mr. Oakley looked to be in his early thirties and was about 6’2″ and a well-muscled body not even his white button up shirt could hide. He had dark wavy hair and bright blue eyes that seemed to drill into her. His jaw was square and set with light stubble across it. His face looked as if it had been moulded by the hands of God.

‘Why are you late?” he asked.

“I’m sorry sir. It just took me a while to walk across the school.”

His face remained stony, revealing no expression. He gave the briefest of nods and turned back to the chalk board where he was scrawling complicated equations and notes. She noticed he had a very nice ass.

Zoe half expected him to say something else but when he didn’t she took out her note book and began copying notes as fast as she could, trying to stay focused and not let her eyes wander, though it was clear no other girl in the class had the intention of doing the same.

By the end of the day Zoe was exhausted. Her writing hand was sore after minimal use during the summer and she’d had to eat her lunch during her free period while she studied in the court yard.

The bell had just rung to signal the end of last period when she got a text from Jack.

“Hey, wanna go grab a coffee with Em and I?”

Zoe typed a quick reply and went to go meet them in the school parking lot by Jack’s car.

She was glad it was a Friday, though it was stupid that school started at the end of the week canlı casino and not the start. Thursday had been a public holiday though and so they had decided to make the Wednesday (their official starting date) a student free day so all the teachers could get their lesson plans ready.

Zoe found Jacks car already loaded and squeezed in the back with Jack’s little brother Billy and his friend Greg. The stress of the day began to seep out as she talked and laughed with her friends. Though there was one thing she couldn’t get out of her mind, Mr Oakley, her hot new maths teacher.


When she’d walked into his room Peter had almost gaped. She was five minutes late, making even more of an entrance than she otherwise would have. She didn’t notice him as she smiled at her peers, many of whom obviously knew her. He could see the boys greedily taking her in, practically drooling at the sight of her.

She was about 5’7″ and had long, dark brown hair, tied back in a lose pony tail, her skin was olive. Her skirt was too short and her blouse too tight for her c-cup breasts by his guess. As she turned he lost his breath. She had gorgeous dark green eyes and a button nose, her legs were long and ass was perky and perfect.

He quickly pulled his lust in check and addressed her. It was not often he fawned over women these days. Practically never. However, this girl, in just a glance had given him what he had never felt in a life time. It was going to be a challenge teaching her for an entire year.

As he packed up his things that afternoon he thought of her. It had been a while since he had bedded a girl, maybe that was why he was lusting over a school girl.


After going out to coffee with Jack and Emily, Zoe felt great. Jack dropped her and Emily at her suburban house just outside of London and told them not to be late to the party that night because they were too busy gossiping and deciding what to wear.

Zoe said hi to her mum then went up the stairs to her room with Emily to get ready for the party.

“What kind of party is this anyway?” Zoe asked.

“Pretty casual, just wear something nice, a dress of some sort.” Emily said.

Emily knew just about everything there was to know about fashion. She always looked the best at parties and she always threw the best parties, though this time it wasn’t her party.

“Who’s party is this anyway?” Zoe asked.

“Do you even talk to anyone?” Emily frowned. “It’s Zeke’s, his older brother used to throw the best parties ever. Before I came along of course. Well, and before he graduated. Either way, it’s meant to be awesome, they have a pool and everything.”

“Like you don’t?” Zoe replied, as she started sifting through her closet for something to wear. Emily’s father was a rich business man and they lived on a huge estate with horses, tennis courts and a swimming pool.

“Yeah well, most other parties we go to don’t so you know, just thought I’d inform you before you asked.” Emily said.

Zoe shrugged. “Anyway, do you think I should wear this dress or this one?” she held up to dresses. One was a short pink party dress which was puffy at the waist and the other was a strapless black dress which clung to her figure.

“Definitely the black one.” Emily informed her.

“Wow, I think that’s the fastest we have ever decided on anything.” Zoe said.

“Yeah, well, let’s see it on you first,” Emily instructed.

Zoe ducked into the bathroom and slipped on the dress. “How do I look?” she inquired.

“Ohh, it gorgeous.” Emily cooed. “We should curl your hair and you should definitely wear black heals with this.

“I thought you said it was casual.” Zoe said.

Emily shrugged “You can never look too good.”

Soon they had gotten out the curling iron and make up and were sitting in front of the bathroom mirror. Zoe applied light make up while Emily curled her hair.

“So, met any guys you like yet Zoe?” Emily asked. She asked at least weekly.

“I told you I’m not really into ‘playing the field’ and all that. I want to meet a nice guy and date him for a while. I haven’t met any nice guys that have lasted more than a month.” Zoe said.

“You’re too uptight you know that? You need to have more fun.” Emily frowned.

“Yeah, that’s exactly what Jack said.”

“Because it’s true” Emily smiled. “You don’t need to have serious relationship, it’s only high school, you have a lifetime for that.”

“You sound so much like Jack” Zoe informed her.

“What about that super-hot maths teacher I heard some of the girls in your class telling me about?” Emily inquired.

Zoe groaned inwardly, Emily did know everything that happened at the school.

“What about him?” Zoe asked.

“Well, do you like him?” Emily pushed.

“He’s super-hot just like those girls said, but he’s a teacher so it doesn’t really matter anyway.” Zoe replied.

Emily bit her lip and smiled a bit. “I know, that’s way too naughty for you, isn’t it? I kaçak casino think he’d totally go for it though.”

Zoe blushed “What? No, why would you think that?”

Emily rolled her eyes, “Oh please, you’re like the hottest girl I know, Luke asks me like every day if you want to hang out with us and his friends because they all want a shot with you. Hell, if you weren’t always with Jack, they would totally go for it but they don’t want to cross Jack.”

“How would that even be crossing Jack?” Zoe asked, curious.

“They think he has a thing for you. Half of them are convinced you two are dating. I know him though, he’s way too much of a fuckboy for you.” Emily explained.

Zoe laughed “True. So, what is the deal with you and Luke? Are you guys an item?”

Emily thought about it for a moment. “Not really” She said, “I mean we hung out a bit over the summer but we aren’t dating or anything.”


“Hey, that reminds me!” She continued, “Luke invited us and Jack to go clubbing with him tonight after the party, his older brother is a bouncer at this club and can totally get us in!”

“Really? That’s awesome! We should totally do it.” Zoe exclaimed.

“Really? I so thought you would say no, this is great, we are going to have so much fun!” Emily squealed.

Soon they were both changed and ready to go.

“I’m just going to get Eddy, then we can go.” Zoe told Emily.

“Ok, be quick, we don’t want to be too much later than we already are.”

Zoe hurried to her brother’s bedroom and knocked on the door.

“Just a minute!” Eddy yelled through the door.

“Come on, we are going to be late.” She nagged.

“What’s the time?” he asked.

“Like 7.30” she replied, glancing at her phone.

“Didn’t it start at 7?” he questioned.

“Yes, that’s the whole point, hurry up.” She replied, agitated.

He pulled the door open, hopping out as he pulled his second shoe on.

“I’m ready, let’s go.” He said, striding out in front of her, down the stairs to her car where Emily was waiting.

Eddy was only 14 but he was already taller than Emily, at around 5’10’ with wiry muscles and dark hair like her own, short and spiked. He had a handsome face and olive skin with dark green eyes, just like hers, people never had trouble knowing they were related. They all bundled into her car and set off to Zeke’s house following Emily’s directions.

They made it to the party just after 8.00pm and found Jack hanging around with a group of girls by the side of the pool. He was wearing wet shorts and no shirt, showing off his summer tan and chiselled abs.

“Thought you guys would never make it!” he said, leaving the group of girls, whose eyes trailed after him. “The water is nice” He gestured to the pool behind him.

“Yeah, well, these dresses are not getting wet Jack.” Emily told him.

He shrugged “You could take them off, no one would complain” he smiled.

Zoe looked around for Eddy, but he was already gone, mingling with crowd and hitting on pretty girls.

“Where’s Eddy?” Jack asked, seeming to have read her mind.

“He’s here somewhere.” Zoe shrugged.

Jack grinned “Your mum let him out of the house then?”

“She doesn’t know” Zoe laughed, “he told her he was staying at a friend’s house for the night. He’s going to get busted, and if he doesn’t he is going to have to be nice to me for quite a while.”

Just then Luke showed up, carrying a tray of vodka shots.

“Hey Emily” he winked at her, “Jack, Zoe, good to see you guys here. Come, sit, have a drink with me.”

He led them over to a poolside table with stools around it. He set the tray of shots down and placed one in front of each of them. He picked his up and everyone else followed.

“To this awesome party!” he said.

“To this awesome party!” they yelled and clinked glasses, downing the shots.

Luke and Emily drifted off after a few more shots, leaving Jack and Zoe alone with the drinks.

They’d had about 3 or 4 each.

“So I heard that some people think you and I are dating.” Zoe started.

Jack scoffed “Really? Doesn’t surprised me actually, we do spend a lot of time together, and I guess because Emily is always out with her little playthings they don’t really see her as a part of our little trio.” He paused.

“Why do you bring it up?” he asked.

Zoe shrugged. “It’s just that lately I’m starting to realise that I need to loosen up, or so people keep telling me.” She smiled at him and he grinned.

“So, what is that supposed to mean?” he asked cautiously.

“Maybe I need to try things I never have before.” She replied easily, the alcohol flowing through her veins.

She downed another shot and Jack followed suite.

“Like what?” he asked as he put the glass down.

She turned to him, regarding him carefully. One of his elbows was leaning on the table as he watched her closely.

She shrugged “Like this.”

She wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him toward her. Their lips met and his arms moved to grab her waist. He kissed her back for a moment before pulling away.

“You’re drunk already?” he chuckled.

She shrugged “Maybe, I don’t care.”

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