Ashley’s Pees Where She Wants Ch. 02

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Ashley is a 19 year old high school student, one of the last in their school’s grade 13 program which is now ending. She found a tablet she was able to translate and now she has the ability to control minds. She has used this power to fill her growing pee fetish she discovered one evening when she pissed into her 18 year old sister’s favorite teddy bear.


The next day Ashley headed down stairs for breakfast. Now suddenly hydrating in the morning had taken on a whole new purpose and she drank two big glasses of water and didn’t skimp on the milk in her cereal. She wanted to make sure her bladder was nice and full before long, and had decided to make this a new habit.

Julia came downstairs holding her still wet bear. “Mom! I’ve got something I need to tell you. Ashley…”

“Stop.” Commanded Ashley. “Tell her to forget it.”

“It’s nothing, I was just kidding.”

“Thought you could tell on me did you. You will not tell anyone about what happened yesterday with your bear. Now go put that bear back and don’t even move it until the week is up” Instructed Ashley. Julia looked dejected as she headed to put the bear back into its place. Ashley got a twisted final thought and added “Julia, you love that bear right. Give him a nice long WET kiss for me right now.”

Julia couldn’t believe the sick command she was given but followed her order nonetheless placing her stuffed bear to her lips. She kissed it on the mouth sucking in some of her sister’s pee as she did so. The stale pee was cold and gross and she immediately spat it on the floor when she was finally able to break the kiss. Ashley smiled as Julia walked up the stairs with her bear, and finished her glass of water.

Ashley’s desire to find new places to pee began to grow over the next few days as she tested her powers on different people, just to make sure it worked as universally as she had hoped. güvenilir bahis So far it seems that no one is able to resist her techniques.

Among her tests included “seducing” a boy she had a crush on last year and had a couple of guys eat her out when she was horny on a couple of occasions.

The second time she did this she had been jogging before hand and picked a guy her friend told her wasn’t willing to go down on her. The look on his face was priceless as he plunged his tongue into her moist and sweaty pussy totally against his will. You would almost think she was pissing into his mouth the way he looked, though that did give Ashley an idea…

“I’ll have to try that later” she thought. He was probably lucky her bladder was so empty at the time as she had just finished relieving herself onto someone’s fabric cushioned bicycle seat.

Now she was on her way to fulfill an idea she came up with during lunch. She remembered how much she enjoyed peeing on the belongings of someone who had annoyed her. As she tried to think of her next place to pee one of her classmates walked up and tried to start a conversation.

“How are you?” He began as he approached her table.

“Fine, how are you?” Ashley responded as she quickly looked him over. She hadn’t really spoken with him before but he wasn’t bad looking. Then her opinion of him went downhill.

“Would you like to find out?”

“Sorry, wha…” It took Ashley a moment to figure out what he had said. “Oh you. No. That’s lame!” Ashley had no patience for guys who had to come up with stupid pickup lines just to start a normal conversation.

Apparently her response was not enough and when he kept hitting on her she knew who was going to be next on her list. He had unwittingly volunteered himself to be her next target.

Ashley commanded him to “Go away.” and he moved to another table to eat with some friends. When they finally left the lunch room türkçe bahis to head towards his next class she followed them. They headed into the change room and Ashley waited outside long enough for the boys inside to change and head into the gym.

Finding the door locked she found another gym teacher and persuaded them to unlock the door and forget he ever saw her. She snuck into the gym when nobody was looking and found it empty. She surveyed the various bags of clothing to see if she can find those belonging to the guy she followed here and his friends. She collected the clothes she recognized and laid them out in a row on one of the benches. Being sure to re-lock the door she unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees.

She then proceeded to hover over one of the bags she had set down with the open end of the bag spread out and facing upward, and watched as a stream of urine exited her body to spray the contents of the first bag soaking the boy’s clothing within.

She slowly rubbed her clit as the thought of using the boy’s gym bag as a toilet began turning her on. The material of the jeans and t-shirt quickly darkened as it absorbed her liquid. Stopping her pee she moved over to the next boy’s bag and began peeing once more making sure to get both his pants and his shirt wet.

She was just wetting the pants in the last bag when a boy walked in from the gym. It was the boy she had followed to the change rooms. Ashley cut her pee short as he looked her way. Before he could react Ashley commanded him to stay where he was and not make a sound. He saw her dripping into the bag when she came up with an idea of how to benefit from this turn of events.

“Come here you, there is no toilet paper here so you’re going to lick me clean.” With no choice of his own the boy walks over to Ashley who had taken a seat on one of the benches and spread her legs giving him access to her pee wet pussy.

He did not güvenilir bahis siteleri know why he was following her instructions but couldn’t help but drop to his knees between her legs and move his head towards her. The droplets flow along his tongue as her pussy is wiped clean by the tongue unable to do otherwise. Seeing as nobody else was showing up Ashley figured he must have just come back to get something so she should have some time. She tells him to keep licking, giving instructions as to where and how she would like to be licked.

Feeling really good, and seeing the boy kneeling in front of her doing everything she says, reminded Ashley of the encounter with her sister and the bear and how good it felt to pee into the bear while rubbing herself. Then she remembered the idea she had the second time she made a boy eat her out. This boy had already tasted her pee after all, and he was the one who interrupted here before she had completely finished.

As she neared orgasm she commanded the boy to surround her pussy with his mouth as he licked her. The seal being complete she empties the final reserve in one last long spurt into the mouth tending to her pussy helping to send her over the edge to another strong climax, even stronger than the one with the bear.

When the boy realized what had happened he tried his best not to notice the taste in his mouth but he could do nothing about the liquid she had put into his mouth and all over his tongue. Her pee was trapped between his mouth and her. He was unable to move away due to her commands and she raised her hips causing the piss to flow to the back of his mouth when she commanded “Swallow right now.”

She realized why guys like it when girls swallow their cum as he swallowed her pee to her delight. She pulled her pants back on, giving the boy the command to forget he ever saw her and to leave the bags as they are. She already knew she would be looking back at this event some time soon.

What was unknown to Ashley however was that she wasn’t the only one who would be looking back at this moment, because she and the boy who interrupted her were not the only two people in the room.

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