Ashley’s Tale Ch. 01

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Ashley stared at the letter grasped in her hand. The large red letters that spelt “OVERDUE” stared up at her like an angry accusation. She also thought, wryly, that this spelt the end of her financial independence; alongside this one, a pile of the threatening letters, which had accumulated gradually over the past few months, sat stacked on the kitchen table. She had paid off what she could, keeping them at bay like a lion trainer with a chair and whip, but they had gotten away from her, and now the lion had mercilessly pounced on her. She crumpled the letter in her hand and threw it away, disgusted.

How am I going to pay these? She thought, bowing her head and cupping them in her hands. Her terrible job didn’t pay nearly enough to cover what she owed, and she knew she was in deep trouble. She closed her eyes and tried to think of a way out of this mess. She could keep applying for higher paying graduate roles, but she knew her lack of experience and mediocre qualification would hold her back. Even if she did happen to catch a lucky break, she suspected that she would be out on the street long before that happened. She could ask her parents for help, but the thought of grovelling to them made her skin crawl. Her mother’s high, patronising voice, so much like fingernails down a blackboard, rung in her head; her voice, shouting at her and making her feel about an inch tall made her dismiss the thought straight away.

She thought back to her university years, and how she had her friends had scraped by on nothing but their student loans and, so it seemed back then, sheer determination. Then, a memory, consigned to the part of her brain where seemingly useless and inane memories were stored, struck her like a physical blow. She and her friend, Alexa, had decided to treat themselves and had splurged a bit on shopping, and, as a result, their funds were seriously low for the month. They had been half-joking about how they were going to survive for the month, when Alexa had said,

“Well, Ashley, we could always get ourselves a nice güvenilir bahis sugar daddy each.”

They had both burst out laughing at her suggestion.

“Oh, yeah, I can imagine us each hanging onto the arm of a seventy-year-old business man. I think we’ll survive.”

However, Ashley wasn’t laughing now. They hadn’t been that desperate then – they had lived very frugally and gotten through until the next loan payment, but he was desperate now. She considered the prospect. She would never sleep with a seventy year old man; she was desperate, but not quite to that level yet. But a business man in his forties or fifties? She could see herself doing that, and she was surprised to find that the idea excited her. But would a rich businessman even want to spend money on her? Was she pretty enough?

She rose from the kitchen table, stretching her long legs as she did so, and walked to her bedroom. She stripped as she went, discarding her clothing carelessly on the floor of her apartment until she was only in her bra and panties. She stood in front of the floor to ceiling mirrors of her closet and looked at herself, studying the reflection. Blue eyes stared back at her from her heart shaped face, and she took in her small nose and naturally full, red lips. She reached up and unclasped her long black hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders and down her back like a dark waterfall. Her reflection smiled self-consciously, showing the straight, white teeth hidden beneath her lips.

Her eyes dropped lower and she reached behind her back, unclipped her bra and let it fall soundlessly to the floor, revealing her large but pert breasts, the buds of her nipples hard and standing to attention like pencil erasers. She cupped them, feeling the warm and silky flesh in her hands, and she pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She gasped in pleasure as a wave of excitement flooded through her, and she rolled them between her fingers, feeling the warmth beginning to spread throughout her body. She moved her hands away türkçe bahis from her breasts and slid them down her stomach to hook them into her panties and slide them down her long, smooth legs. She stepped out of them and kicked the flimsy garment away, and she stared at her naked body.

Her white, almost porcelain skin seemed to glow, and the eyes that stared back at her were half lidded. Her face was flushed with excitement and the colour that had bloomed in her cheeks stood out like two red roses in a field of snow. She breathed heavily, as if she had just finished a long run, and her heart thudded hard against her ribs like a drum in her eagerness. It had been a long time since she had really looked at herself in the mirror; she had always been too preoccupied with work and mounting bills to pay much attention to her appearance, but thoughts of debt and her stressful job had been banished from her mind like darkness fleeing from light as the eroticism took hold of her. It felt so naughty to be standing naked in front of the mirror, looking at her naked body.

She stared at the small patch of dark hair at her crotch, and she slid her hand downwards. She spread her legs and began caressing the creamy, unblemished flesh of her inner thigh, her touches electric, sending little jolts of heat and warmth along her leg and into her rapidly dampening crotch as her other hand moved back up to cup the swell of her breast. She stood like this for a moment, teasing herself as she stroked her thigh and squeezed her breast, enjoying the building sensation of need as the pulses travelled to her wet pussy. Suddenly, the need was too great, and she found the hard bud of her clitoris and began to move her long fingers in slow circular motions over it. She sighed, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she worked her fingers faster, feeling the orgasm start to build within her like a huge wave which is ready to break against a shore.

No, not yet! she thought, and she reluctantly slowed her assault on her clit down, working back into güvenilir bahis siteleri the rhythm of the small, almost teasing circles she started with. Ashley opened her eyes, and her reflection smiled back at her, the wild look in her eyes exciting her further. She ran her fingers up her body, leaving a glistening trail on her skin and up to her mouth, tasting herself and running her tongue over the digits, licking them clean.

She moved quickly to the small set of drawers beside her bed and threw open the drawer, her hand darting inside and pushing aside pairs of socks and underwear until she grasped the cool, plastic object that she sought. She pulled the vibrator free, and, praying that the batteries still had some life left in them, pressed the small button that brought it to life. She grinned as her prayers were answered, the strong vibrations running up her arm. She shivered in pleasure and threw herself back on the bed, propping up her head with a pillow.

Ashley spread her legs and ran the smooth surface of the vibrator over her sensitive labia, imagining that it was the real thing, and that her lover was teasing her with his hard prick. The images vivid in her mind, she gasped as she pushed the vibrator into her wet pussy, bringing the fantasy into reality as she began to move the dildo faster. She looked at herself in the mirror, gasping and whimpering, watching as she fucked herself, her legs splayed and her hand a blur as she pumped the vibrator in and out of herself. She felt the orgasm build, winding in her like a spring, ready to uncoil and send relief through her. Suddenly, she was coming, her orgasm rolling through her with waves of agonising pleasure, her vagina clenching and unclenching around the dildo, as if trying to milk semen from it. She collapsed back, breathing hard and sweating, her race for the evening ran with her as the triumphant victor. She lay there, savouring the afterglow of her orgasm like a sunbather basking in the sun’s rays.

Ashley looked at herself in the mirror as she lay there.

“I think I am pretty enough to get a sugar daddy,” she said, her voice low and husky. “I think any man would be lucky to have me.”

She lowered her head back, content in the knowledge, and she feel into a deep, satisfying sleep.

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