Asian Team Nurse

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All the guys on my rowing team were laughing when I walked into the boathouse.

“What’s up?” I looked around as if I had missed the joke.

“Dude, we have just hired the hottest Asian chick to be our team nurse!” Paul yelled. Paul was my rowing buddy – youngest guy on the team. Very excitable. Everyone’s kid brother. Suspected virgin.

“But here’s the thing, man, she’s a lez!” Joey clapped his hands. Joey was Italian. Biggest slut on our team. Keep away from his motel room on roadtrips!

I shook my head, “How can you tell?”

“Oh, maybe it’s the 2 female symbols tattoo’d on her neck?”

“Or the rainbow flag wrist band?”

“Or her t-shirt – Dykes Bite?”

Everyone laughed, and I had to smile. Our last nurse was Mrs. Havestock who was the mother of one of the teammates. She was getting too old to travel around with us from regatta to regatta, so she retired and we needed a new nurse to bandage feet and fingers and take care of heat exhaustion. The nurse of a rowing team really didn’t do much more than be our house mother / cheerleader / driver. So now, we get hot Asian Lesbian?

Suddenly all the guys stopped laughing. I turned around and saw her. She was hot! She couldn’t be anymore than 5’5. She had fit herself into one of our rowing singlets and her perky boobs were practically oozing against the fabric. She was wearing shorts, and I could see the unusual tattoos on her ankle (a dragon) and on her right arm (a sleeve of dragons). On her neck, she did indeed have interlocking female symbols. Her black hair was tired back in a pony tail, and she had the smokey eye makeup Asian chicks do so well.

“Hey! You!” she pointed at me. “What’s your name?”

“Me? I’m Mark.”

“OK, Mark. Nice to meet you. I’m Anna, your new nurse.”

I shook her tiny hand which was soft, and I could smell her intoxicating perfume. It was amazing how her mere presence had silenced all the guys who just stood around, smiling.

Our first regatta was in Austin, Texas, and we soon got used to Anna driving the team van (no one dared to make an Asian woman driver joke), bandaging our wrists, and giving us hard-chopping back adjustments. She didn’t talk much, and she definitely wasn’t motherly to us like Mrs. Havestock.

We were one day out of Austin, when I did a dumb ass thing. I was running through the motel parking lot and decided I could jump over a small fence as a short cut. Instead, I caught the top edge of the fence right in the groin. There was a searing pain (my buddies said I screamed like a girl), as I fell. A couple guys surrounded me, looking concerned at all the blood.

Someone called for Anna. She came over with her kit, looked at the blood and asked the guys to move back. She snapped on a pair of blue plastic surgical gloves, took a pair of scissors and cut away my shorts. There was no time for embarrassment. She wiped away the blood and found the injury.

“Mark, you are very lucky. Looks like part of the fence splintered just below your scrotum. I’m going to remove the splinter and dress the wound. No stitches.”

I covered my eyes, hyperventilating. I didn’t care that the guys were looking at me bareass. I couldn’t stand the sight of blood – and there was so much of it.

I propped up my legs as she deftly pushed aside my balls so she could swab the wound which was just left of my taint. She then showed me the splinter – a 2″ shard of wood from the top of the fence post.

She then put a pad on my wound and secured it canlı bahis with medical tape. “All done, tough guy. No stitches, it’s a small prick.” She smiled and the other guys laughed too. “You will have to change that pad often – welcome to my world!”

The guys helped me up. Another buddy pulled up my shorts. Then we headed back to our rooms.

A few hours later, I was lying on my bed in the motel room I shared with Paul. “Dude, gross, it’s bleeding through!” My wound was seeping already seeping through the pad.

“Shit, don’t look!” I slid my shorts off and hunted for the fresh pad. I removed the old pad and the tape ripped at my hairy ass. Then I fumbled with the new pad, trying to push my balls aside and trying to hold the pad in place.

“Paul, could you help me?”

“No, that’s nasty!” Paul was shaking his head. “Let me get Anna!” He ran out of the room.

He returned a moment later with Anna who brought along her med kit.

“Lean back. Spread your legs!” she commanded. She snapped on a pair of blue plastic gloves and aimed a small flashlight at my wound. “It’s pussing. Did you shower? You have to keep the wound clean.”

I shook my head sadly. Paul sat across from me on the other bed, staring, looking concerned.

“Dude, do you mind?” I gave Paul the evil eye.

“That’s OK, Stay, Paul, you can help.” Anna struggled to push my legs back. “OK, Mark, I need you to lie on the edge of the bed and prop up your legs. It’s very difficult to reach your wound if you’re just lying there.”

Obediently, I moved into position and had my legs propped up like I was a girl getting a gyno exam. Behind Anna, I could see Paul’s eyes widen – I’m sure he was going to tell the guys about the view.

“Paul!” Anna commanded, “Bring me some warm wet towels.”

“Yes, maam!” he jumped up and brought back hot wet towels.

“Mark, keep your legs spread. I’m going to clean you up so you don’t get the wound infected.”

She positioned herself between my spread legs and almost roughly, she wiped me down. With every turn of her head, her long black hair whipped against my thighs. She wiped my taint area, my groin, my hips. She took a fresh hot towel and wiped down toward my asshole. Then with another fresh hot towel dutifully supplied by Paul, she wiped my balls.

Maybe it was the hot towels, or her soft hands, or Paul watching, but this was so cringe-worthy, I closed my eyes and started to count. She kept wiping away, changing fresh towels, as she repeated the process. Then suddenly, I felt her gloved hands hold my soft dick. I sucked in air at the touch but kept my eyes closed. She wiped down my dick as if she were petting a small animal. Then I felt it. I was getting hard. She was holding my shaft as I swelled in her grasp.

“Nice, dude!” Paul laughed.

“Sorry,” I mumbled.

“That’s OK, perfectly natural response.” Anna said. “I need to wipe you clean, Mark. Especially because your wound is in this area. Sweat, urine, feces. When was the last time you showered?”

I tried to ignore that she was talking and holding my erection. “Um, yesterday?”

“Why didn’t you shower after your accident?” she demanded.

“I didn’t want to get the bandage wet.”

She made a clucking sound. “19 year old still acts like a baby.” She then squeezed my boner. “How about here? You’re uncircumcised. Did you clean here? Around the head?”

“Not since yesterday.” I finally opened my eyes and looked down to see her holding me. “Hey, I’m not bahis siteleri a dirty pig. I just didn’t shower today.”

“That’s OK, I’ll take care of it.” She turned to Paul, “bring me more hot towels.”

Paul returned with the last of our room’s towels, soaking wet in hot water.

Very slowly, Anna began to pull back my foreskin. “Looks good so far.” She was retracting it so slowly with both her small hands holding my dick. Finally, the foreskin was fully retracted, snapping snugly around the head. She was still holding my boner with 2 hands, but then she leaned in closer and sniffed me. “You definitely need to wash today.” She grabbed a wet towel and started wiping my dick head.

“Ow! It’s sensitive!” I protested. I had almost slapped my thighs together on her.

“Sorry! Such a boy!” She slowed down.

I turned my head to the side and realized that Paul had a boner in his shorts. He smiled weakly and tried to adjust his pants through his pockets, but the sight of her wiping me down had turned him on.

“You should check out Paul. He never showers!” I said.

“No,” he protested, “I shower twice a day!”

I laughed, “We call him ‘Paul Le Pew’ because he stinks so bad. He never showers with us.”

Paul was blushing, but Anna suddenly said, “OK, Paul. You’re next. Drop your shorts and lie back.”

“What?” he faltered.

“You heard me.”

I looked at Anna then at Paul. This was pretty weird. This was turning into every guy’s fantasy – hot Asian chick. But too bad she was a dyke.

Poor Paul stood there, tenting in his shorts, in shock not sure what to do. He was the youngest on our team, blonde guy with curly hair. We actually called him Pussy Paul because he was too pretty to be a guy. He was so shy and so anxious around girls that we assumed he was a virgin.

Anna stood up, her face almost angry. “Did you hear me, Paul? Listen to your team nurse or I’ll ban you from rowing tomorrow.”

“Why?” he stuttered.

“Because you need to be clean to compete. You could get an infection. You could injure yourself in the boat. All because you’re not keeping yourself clean!”

Paul dropped his shorts, and lo and behold, he had the whitest dick I’ve ever seen.

Anna pushed him to the bed and ordered him to lay back. Then with her gloved hands, she roughly spread his legs and began inspecting him.

I was now feeling a little neglected, my hardon waving in the air. But I eagerly watched Anna wipe Paul down. His own boner was practically pulsing in her hand as she looked at his dick from the left, then the right. Then she looked closely at his circumcised dick head. She gave it no more than a once around before she opened her mouth and began to suck.

“Oh, jeez!” Paul cried out. He looked at her blue gloves massaging his pale dick as she slurped and licked his now red dick head.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how hungry she was as she licked and swallowed. My own dick was twitching, pulsing in envy as my buddy was getting an awesome blowjob.

“I, I thought you were a lesbian?” I said. My mouth was getting dry.

She stopped for a second, “Who said that?” Then she attacked Paul’s dick like it was an ice cream cone.

“We thought you were. You have that lesbian tattoo?”

She gave his dick a kiss. “Mark, you’re such an asshole. That symbol means I love my sister.” She growled as she sucked on Paul’s quivering organ. He was lying back, hands behind his head, panting.

With her 2 gloved bahis şirketleri hands, she started jacking Paul in upward circular strokes while she continued to lavish her lips on his dick head.

I gulped as he gulped. I was enjoying the sight, wondering if she was going to blow me next. Then, it hit me. “Can I fuck you?” I thought of some spit-roast action.

Anna shook her head and released Paul’s dick, “No, you have an injury. Do you want to make it worse?” She continued to slobber on his dick. She licked up and down his shaft, tracing the veins, hungrily nibbling his balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” Paul cried out.

“Dude, so fast?” I laughed a little, but wished I could get blown like that.

“I’m gonna cum!” He looked at me, “It’s my first blowjob, man.”

“Hey Anna, slow down, let him enjoy it.”

Paul’s hips were thrusting forward into Anna’s hot waiting mouth. She pulled back and squeezed the base of his dick to relieve him momentarily.

“Virgin dick?” she asked.

Paul nodded.

“Then watch how grown-ups do it!” She said. She moved back between my legs and licked the length of my shaft.

This girl knows how to suck, I thought. I too was lying back, hands behind my head. I looked over and smiled at Paul’s wide eyes as he watched Anna swallow me, rolling the foreskin up and down with her gloved hand, while raking my abs with her other. She was attacking and sucking me as if my dick had the cure. Soon my hips were bucking. I squeezed her body between my thighs, kneeing her boobs. I looked down and watched her pretty red lips on my dick. She took a gloved finger and rubbed it into my asshole.

“Shit, I’m going to cum…” I began.

Then she stopped. Shit, what a tease.

“Paul, get over here! Mark, lie back on the bed.” She pushed me to lie lengthwise on the bed and then positioned Paul to straddle me.

“I’m not sure I’m into this shit.” I began. I looked at Paul’s balls over my groin.

“Let’s try this,” she said. Then, to both Paul and my surprise, she grabbed and held both our dicks together and started sucking them. She lubed us both with her spit, licking and holding the heads together so she could get her mouth around them. She was jacking the two of us together and it was so weird to have my dick rub up against another guy’s, but with her mouth hungrily feeding on us, I could feel me throbbing against Paul’s own throbbing dick.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I just love white dick!”

“Geez,” Paul moaned, “I’m going to cum.”

“Me too,” the feel of her plastic gloves was driving me insane.

She jacked us faster and was giving our dicks a major tongue bath when Paul yelled out again. I could feel his hot cum explode in her mouth adding to the lubing of our dicks. The heat of his cum felt awesome on my own dick head. Seconds later, I was coming too. She was now in a feeding frenzy, sucking us both and swirling and swallowing our loads. Paul tried to pull out, but she held him in place until we both softened and fit more comfortably in her hungry mouth.

It seemed like forever as she suckled us both, licking our dicks clean of cum, before she let Paul pull out of our wet sticky union.

As I lay there panting, she pushed my legs up, wiped my wound, and applied the bandaging.

Paul too was lying beside me, panting.

Anna, the former lesbian team nurse smiled at me. “I’ll be back in the morning to change your bandage.” She grabbed Paul’s toes. “I’ll be changing Mark’s bandage throughout the trip. You good with that?”

He nodded.

“Good,” she then grabbed at my toes. “As Mark heals, we’ll see where else I can fit you two boys.”

Then she walked out of the room and left us smiling like fools.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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