At Least Let Me Blow You

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“At least let me blow you.”

What? Did I hear that right?

After a few seconds of staring in space to let my brain digest what it heard, I looked down.

Sure enough, she was kneeling in front of me, lowering my zipper.

I thought back, trying to make sense of it all.

A half hour ago, I was driving across the country to visit relatives.

It was a sixteen hour drive, and I was making pretty good time.

Travelling alone, I could usually last as long as the car between breaks.

I was on a fairly long empty stretch of highway, running through an area that was mostly farmland.

It was a warm day. The clouds seemed to be gathering for a late afternoon cloudburst. Not unusual for this time of summer.

Up ahead, I saw a car on the side of the road. It looked like some sort of compact car. The driver was trying to fix a flat tire, but appeared to be having trouble. I pulled over to offer a hand. This was going to be a rush to get fixed before the skies opened up, and there wasn’t anyone else around to help.

I slowed down and noticed the car was a Volkswagen Jetta, with a large University logo in the back window. Probably a student’s car. Probably held together with duct tape, I thought.

As I got out of my car and walked back towards the Jetta,

“Do you need a hand?” I shouted as I got out of my car and started to walk back towards the car behind me.

“I could use some help getting these nuts loose.” replied a voice from behind the stranded vehicle.

I walked between the cars and as I turned around the front end of bahis siteleri the Volkswagen I could see someone crouched down, looking at the back rear tire. The head raised and I saw a cute girl with shoulder length strawberry blonde hair looking up at me from her position beside the tire. She seemed about 20, short, a bit curvy and definitely of Scottish extraction. She was wearing jeans and a scoop neck tee shirt. From where I was, the view down the front of her shirt was impressive. It’s amazing how a brief, unintentional flash of cleavage can focus one to a task.

“Let’s see if I can get these loose.” I said as I knelt down beside her.

She passed me the tire iron and I placed it on the first nut. It took a pretty good shove to get it cracked, but I did get it loose. The remaining nuts came off in similar fashion. We unloaded most of her worldly possessions from the back of her car to get at the spare tire at the bottom of the trunk.

It only took a few minutes to change the tire, but the rumbling of thunder on the horizon made us move particularly quickly. She had replaced all of her belongings in the trunk by the time I got the last nut tightened and the hubcap replaced.

“Thanks for the hand getting those loose.” She said, looking both relieved and cheerful as she walked towards me from behind the car. ” I don’t know how long I would have been here if you hadn’t stopped. I had been trying to get those nuts off for about 10 minutes before you arrived. I’d probably have been stuck here most of the day. What do I owe you for the repair?”

She seemed to be reaching canlı bahis for some money in her back pocket as she came to stand in front of me.

“Don’t worry about it.” I said as another rumble of thunder announced the approaching weather.

“I’m just glad I could help.”

Then came the line that threw me.

“At least let me blow you.”

During the two minute mental recap as I stared straight ahead into space she had undone my belt and pants and pulled them down to my ankles, along with my boxers. She had my rapidly stiffening cock in her hand, stroking the shaft as she took the head in her mouth.

I looked down again and started to enjoy the sensation. This didn’t appear to be an offer that was up for negotiation.

She worked my shaft with increasing enthusiasm and speed. Then she wrapped her hand around my now wet cock and began stroking it while she sucked on the head. The combination of the two was incredibly pleasurable. By now I was along for the ride….

Her free hand came up and cupped my balls, playing with them. Heaven. I started to close my eyes to fully enjoy the sensations when a transport truck came down the road at full speed and honked his horn on the way by. Apparently he enjoyed the show. It brought me out of my reverie, but didn’t slow her in the least.

I looked down to see the top of her head as it moved along the length of my shaft, following her hand in a steadily increasing rhythm. After several strokes, she paused. Her eyes turned up towards my face. She smiled as the head of my cock rested on her now glistening lips. Slowly, güvenilir bahis she started to move forward again, this time without her hand leading the way. Her eyes were locked on mine, as she took inch after inch of my cock into her mouth. I expected her to stop after she had almost four inches into her mouth, but she kept on going.



God! What a delicious mixture of disbelief, bewilderment and pleasure her mouth now held all seven inches I had to offer. Her eyes looked both angelic and devilish at the same time, if that was even possible. I swear her smile grew, despite the obvious impediment.

She slowly withdrew my shaft from her mouth so that the head was again resting on her lips. She moved forward again slightly faster. This time her tongue deftly moved side to side along the underside of my cock as she took me inside her once more.

That was all it took. My head flew back involuntarily as I exploded into her mouth. She had sensed my pending orgasm and had begun her back stroke as she was awarded her prize. She continued her full length caresses of my cock with her mouth until I had emptied every last drop my body was capable of creating.

When it was clear that I was spent, she withdrew my shaft from her mouth and stood up, swallowing my full load. I still had my face to the sky, lost in the rapture of the most intense orgasm I had had in years.

“Enjoy the rest of your trip.” She said as she started to go around the front of her Jetta. She climbed into the driver’s seat and a loud clap of thunder announced the arrival of the mid afternoon storm. The skies opened up just as she shut the door of her car. The sensation of the heavy, cool rain was refreshing, and brought me back to reality, as I watched her pull out onto the highway and continue on her way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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