At Shauna’s Feet Ch. 2

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Slut’s teeth lightly chewing along the side of her foot interrupted Shauna yet again. As per his training, slut was chewing along the juncture of her instep and sole. She adored the mild stimulation of his teeth as they gently scraped along her foot. After chewing from toe to heel along one side of her foot, he would then lick that same area, first in short cat-licks, and then in long licks from heel to toes and back. It was the chewing part that roused her from her daydream. She was mildly annoyed at her slave’s first oral servicing of her pussy being interrupted, but when she looked down at him, and saw how hard he was working to please her, she forgave him. She watched him for a bit as he chewed his way around her heel, lingering at the heel for a while, to the other side of her foot and eventually to her toes, which he chewed singly and as a whole. As his careful teeth made her toes tingle, she again sat back and once again enjoyed her fond memories of beginning slut’s long and careful training…

Shauna grabbed a handful of Sam’s hair. This was going to be great, and she had no intention of letting him change his mind. She held his hair firmly but found she didn’t need to push his face between her legs because he was only too willing to service her there. She relaxed, but still held on to his hair.

Sam’s worship of her was obvious in his kisses on her moist mound. But when his tongue began to lick inside every wet fold, slowly and gently, she knew he was going to be easily trained in this area. His eyes were adoring her slit and the pink petals surrounding it as his tongue barely touched her. He took his time, holding her open with gentle fingers as his tongue tasted every succulent drop of her juices. That first night he must have licked her slowly and thoroughly for well over forty minutes. She let him lick so long because it was relaxing and sensual at the same time. She knew, however, that shortly she would need much more energetic licking from him. Her current needs were urgent indeed, but she also wanted to look to the future…to train him to lick slowly and thoroughly, to orally adore and worship her sex for long periods of time. Then, with proper training, he’d know exactly when to “pick up the pace” and fulfill her needs.

It turns out that she need not fear in this respect, however. After his tongue had slowly serviced and savored her entire flower for a deliciously long time, Sam began to gently suck her tasty folds. The tip of his tongue played between her spread lips, flicking quickly at her pussy but barely touching it. Shauna was amazed at how long he could flick his tongue that way. It made her tingle at first, then made her extremely hot. His flicking tongue danced between her dripping lips, not missing a single spot. He would lick her rapidly but lightly, then press his tongue more firmly into her sweetness and take longer, slower licks, and then suck on an area briefly, and then begin the cycle again..moving to another spot. The change in tempo between her legs kept her off guard somewhat, but also served to keep her from reaching orgasm too quickly. She was able to lay back and enjoy a multitude of erotic sensations in her sex and not have it end too soon. And at least up to this point, Sam’s tongue was up to the task. And he seemed perfectly happy to take his time and give her as much pleasure as he could.

“Sam, you surprise me,” she said, her breathing becoming shorter and quicker, “you seem to be rather well schooled at this. I may not have to train you much after all…at least not at this. Still, I may want to give you a few lessons. After all, you may be good, but you have to be perfect to please me.”

Sam knew better than to answer. He continued to use his tongue only for licking purposes. He would reply only if given permission to…and that wasn’t likely to happen anytime soon with the way Shauna was sighing, moaning and squirming. He played the good slave, keeping his head down and his tongue moving.

After eating her for what seemed a wonderful eternity, Sam felt it was now time for his tongue to play inside her sweet, sugary cavern. He spread her wide and slipped his tongue inside as far as he could get it. He licked all around those luscious inner walls and played at the opening with his hardened tongue. Shauna squirmed and sighed. Finally, she had instructions for him.

“Slave,” she said, his real name becoming a thing of the past, “I am getting very hot. I want you to do two things for me right now.”

Again, he said nothing, waiting for his instructions, tongue never stopping. Shauna changed her position on the sofa, lying mostly on her side now, keeping her one leg on the coffee table, but taking the other off the back of the sofa, bending it at the knee and putting her foot on the seat cushion. She then slid herself forward so that her hips were over the edge of the sofa, pushing Sam’s head back about a foot. He had to stop licking her briefly while she adjusted herself. Once situated, Shauna once bahis firmaları again spread her legs wide. Throughout her change in position, she still held Sam firmly by the hair, and now that she was in the position that she wanted, she quickly pulled his face back between her legs. She was extremely hot and didn’t have time to be gracious or gentle. She wanted his tongue back at work immediately, and had no intention of being nice about it. Once his head was in place, and his tongue had automatically started pleasing her again, she told him what she wanted him to do.

“Now, slave, while you lick my pussy I want you to reach behind me and finger my anus at the same time.”

This was something new to Sam, and he was not only taken by surprise with it, but being unfamiliar territory to him, he wasn’t sure if there was more to it. He delayed, and it was not appreciated.

“Slave, I gave you an order. Get your finger back where I told you to put it.”

Hurrying to comply, Sam reached back between her legs and probed between her cheeks with his finger, searching for her sphincter.

“I can see you’re going to need some training in this,” Shauna sighed, irritated at the delay and feeling her passion waning just a tiny bit. “Use your pointer, not your middle finger. And rub it in my pussy first, to get it moist. Then play with my anus with your finger the way you did my pussy with your tongue…slow and gentle. Tease awhile, then slowly penetrate it with your finger. Once inside, move your finger in and out as if it were your cock humping my pussy. You think you can handle that? I want an answer.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sure I can. I’ll do my best.”

“Yes, slave, I know you will. And, by the way…I hate that ‘ma’am’ stuff. It makes me feel ancient. From now on, call me ‘Goddess’.”

“Yes, ma…Goddess.”

“Now back to work, slave. The second thing I want you to do is begin sucking my clit…but you’re going to have to build me back up again. This delay with fingering me has made my desires subside somewhat. So you’ll have to work at getting me hot and wet again.”

“Ye…” he began to speak, but caught himself.

With Shauna helping him by tugging firmly on his hair, Sam’s mouth once again worked on her slit and its surrounding treasures. As he licked, he got his finger moist in her dripping sex and slowly slid that finger up between her cheeks and began to tease her anal orifice. In no time, his licking between her legs got her

horny again. She squirmed and gasped as his tongue once again entered inside her and then slowly worked its way up to her clit. He was sucking hungrily by now, but still did not forget her instructions. At the same time his lips surrounded her clit and began to suck gently on it, his finger stopped its external teasing and entered her opening. He sucked her clit harder and harder, his tongue flicking quickly at it. His finger slid deep into her forbidden hole and then came nearly all the way back out, then went back in…and out…and in..

In a matter of minutes, Shauna was squirming about the sofa. She was dripping wet and moaning and shaking, barely able to stay in one spot on the sofa. Obediently, Sam kept licking, sucking and fingering.

When Shauna finally climaxed, she nearly crushed Sam’s head between her thighs, and her buttocks clenched around his thrusting hand, bending his finger when she lurched and bucked on the sofa, nearly spraining the endangered digit. She now had his hair in both her hands, and was holding his face as still as she could while she pummeled his lips and tongue with her primed, dripping sex. She pounded his sucking mouth with her wet, swollen lips, the matted pubic hairs irritating his mouth and face. Yet still he licked and sucked. And all the while his mouth serviced her, his finger continued to try to propel itself in and out between her clenching cheeks.

Shauna’s orgasm drenched Sam’s face, and his tongue tried to lick up every drop it could find. Her climax lingered, waves of pleasure coursing outward from her pulsating pussy to every other inch of her body. She deliberately pressed her crotch into Sam’s face and ground herself into him, and her sphincter clamped on his finger as she squirmed delightedly on it. All of this prolonged her delicious orgasm. It seemed she was swept away on an endless sea of pleasure…infinite satisfaction.

At length, Shauna’s heaving subsided. She was exhausted from her own activity and her extended use of Sam’s face and finger as her playthings. Sam’s head was still between her legs. He didn’t dare remove it until she gave him permission. Likewise his finger, while not inside her anymore, was poised nearby should she have further use for it. But Shauna had gotten what she wanted, for now, and had no further need for Sam’s face or finger at the moment. She spread her legs to look down at Sam’s crushed, sticky, irritated red face, and when he looked up at her with a smile that said he was proud of himself for pleasing kaçak iddaa her so, she returned his smile.

Then she brought up one leg, bent it at the knee, shoved her foot in Sam’s surprised face, and pushed with enough force to make him sprawl backwards, landing on his back on the floor. When he looked up at her, stunned, she got off the sofa, stretched and walked over to him. Standing with one foot next to his head and neck, she lifted the other and stepped squarely on his face with it. She playfully crushed his face with it and said, “That was very well done, slave. You will have to work on pleasing me anally though. Still, all in all, that was quite enjoyable. I’m going to have you do that some more for me later tonight. But for now, I never did get my feet worshipped, did I? I got so horny I wanted you eating me right away and I didn’t have you worship my feet the way I intended. I still have to assess your foot worship talents. So, here’s the new plan. I’m going to lie back down on the sofa nice and comfy and you’re going to spend the next,” she stopped to look at the clock, “hour worshipping my feet…completely. First, I’ll see what you can do, and then I’ll give you specific instructions on how I will expect you to service my feet from now on. Understood?”

He muffled a reply through the toes of her mouth-crushing foot.

“Good boy. Now get up and come back over to the sofa.”

She removed her foot from his face and went back to the sofa, lying down comfortably with her feet dangling over the edge. She wiggled them teasingly as Sam first sat up, and then started to stand up.

“Oh, no, slave…be a good little toe sucker and crawl over here on your hands and knees.”

He did…with only the briefest hesitation.

“Mmmm…such a good boy,” she cooed. “Now, slave, after that wonderful orgasm, I need to relax. So,you get those hard working hands and mouth busy on my feet. I’ll get comfy and watch you to see where you need improvement. And if I should drift off to sleep, you just keep servicing until I wake up. Go on, footboy…

show me what you can do for my feet. Rub first, then worship them with that talented mouth. Leave no spot unlicked,” she giggled, pleased with herself.

“Yes, Goddess,” he replied, cringing almost instantly as he realized he wasn’t supposed to do so. Luckily, still basking in her afterglow, Shauna didn’t notice – or let it go unpunished – as she laid back and closed her eyes.

Sam leaned forward into Shauna’s dangling feet to truly worship and service them for the first time as her true slave. His hands began kneading her soft foot flesh, his lips and tongue resting…for now…until it would be their


Slut was just finishing off her long foot worship session by sucking her toes and placing long, slow licks on the sides and soles of her feet, from heel to toes (Shauna insisted that each lick from heel to toe take no less than 10-15 seconds – even timing him with a stopwatch until the timing was second nature to him – and each toe should be sucked individually for no less than a minute at a time, with constant movement of his lips as he sucked) when she again noticed him faithfully at her feet. He had stimulated her feet with his lips, teeth and tongue for no less than ninety minutes and her feet were feeling very relaxed and refreshed…given new life by his single-minded attention to them.

She now wanted to relax further and mentally relive her somewhat short first foot worship session with him, because she was proud of the job she had done training him and perfecting his skills. While his own techniques had been adequate from the start, she wanted him to service her exactly the way she thought it should be done, so she had made him work hard at perfecting each and every one of his talents for her personal comfort, pleasure and, yes, amusement. After all, watching him working so hard to please her was half the fun. Sometimes the contortions he’d have to make with his mouth and tongue to accomplish all his foot duties couldn’t help but bring her endless joy…cruel, wicked joy that by itself could make her wet with lust.

“Slut, I want my feet washed now. Go get everything you need and come right back here.”

“Yes, Goddess.” He hurried. He knew Shauna’s patience was a fragile thing.

He was back in a flash with a basin of warm water, some liquid bath soap, a wash cloth, a nail brush and a towel. He set the basin down at her feet, lifting each foot to place it gently in the warm water. Shauna trusted that he knew by now the proper way to bathe her feet. He did. He’d quickly become an expert at pampering her feet, remembering even the tiniest detail, in which he took great pride.

He knew she enjoyed having her feet massaged as he washed them, so he lifted one foot by the heel and with his other hand he squirted an ample amount of soap on her instep and an even more generous amount on the tops of her toes. He then put the soap bottle down, cupped his hand kaçak bahis and dipped it in the warm water,lifting a palmful of it up and over her foot. Bringing his hand close to her instep, he then flipped his hand to let the water slowly trickle onto her soapy instep. Then he brought his hand down to rub the soap/water mixture into her foot just long enough to be soothing to her. Next, he switched hands, taking her heel in his soapy hand and dipping his other hand in the water. This palmful of water he let drip on the tops of her toes, and then he quickly brought both hands up to massage the soap into her toes. He massaged her toes the way she liked, slowly and gently at first, and then more forcefully, working the soap into, around and between her toes. It was a warm, soapy, soothing massage and foot bath all in one…and Shauna loved every second of it. She sighed dreamily and watched him massage and lather and rinse each foot several times. She closed

her eyes at about the beginning of her third bathing and rinsing cycle and went happily back to that first night. Where was she? Ah, yes…

She had just ordered slut to worship her feet for an hour. He was fairly new at worshipping a woman’s feet..well, at least the feet of a dominant woman like herself. She wanted to get an idea of his talents and so at first she let him go on his own. He massaged her feet nicely, though at times a bit more roughly than he should have. When he was too rough, she made him kiss the spot several times and beg forgiveness. He was only too happy to comply. His massage was very thorough. He’d obviously done this part at least for other women before. His fingers expertly soothed every inch of both feet. He even did ankle twists and toe twists, flexes, stretches and rotations. All in all, it was a very nice massage. He probably wouldn’t need a lot of training there, except for maybe the order in which he did them or building his stamina to do them all for much longer periods of time. Good..she could concentrate his training on what she most enjoyed…oral service.

“That’s enough massage, slave. I’m eager to feel your mouth on my feet. First..worship my feet…kiss them as if nothing on Earth means as much to you as my feet. Show me how grateful you are to be my foot slave.”

“Yes, Goddess,” he said, sighing as he leaned forward to adore her perfect feet.

Again, he obviously enjoyed this very much. He kissed her feet not with lust or haste, but slowly and with reverence, his lips caressing every inch of them. She was impressed. He truly did worship her feet…and that was good. It meant she had still more power over him. Seeing his worship of, and need for, her feet made her realize that by denying him his fetish she could make him weaken and crumble, eventually giving in to her will on just about anything she chose. And she planned on using that time and time again. Yes, this man was going to be very easy to train for her personal pleasure. Recreating him would be her crowning achievement.

“Now, show me what your tongue can do for me. I prefer long, slow licks on all but my toes. For them, I like slow licks at first, but then I want you to build up to quick, forceful licks, especially along the bottoms of my toes and when you spread them to lick between them. I want to really see your head moving with the effort. A lazy tongue is not allowed on my feet.”

He performed as directed and again she was impressed. She thought that his tongue might need a little bit more stamina as it started to tire out from its efforts on her toes, but that would come in time. She had faith that she could lengthen his toe licking time considerably with continued training.

“Not bad, slave. Now, let’s see how good you suck toes. Get to it.”

Here she was extremely impressed. Not only did he suck her toes, but he squeezed each toe with his lips and slid his mouth up and down its length as he sucked, giving her a wonderful individual toe massage effect as he sucked. She smiled with approval as he sucked each toe with enough force to feel good but not to hurt.

“Hmmm…use your teeth very gently as you do that. I think that will feel just divine.”

He did as she requested, and the feeling for her was even more delicious.

“Oh, yes, that’s wonderful…now, start from the beginning again and do that on every toe.”

He went back to the first toe and started over again, sucking, massaging with his lips, and now lightly dragging his teeth along each toe as he went. This part of the foot worship alone took over twenty minutes for each foot. By the time he was done the hour time limit had long since passed. Having completed servicing every possible inch of both feet, he looked up at Shauna to see if she had any further instructions.

She was lying back on the sofa with a contented grin on her face, her eyes closed. Noticing the stoppage of action, she opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“I don’t recall telling you to stop, slave.”

“I’m sorry, Goddess,” he thought quickly, “but I didn’t want to bore you by doing the same things over and over again. I thought maybe you’d have further instructions for me, maybe something special you’d like me to do for you.”

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