Aunt Jane

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Some of my fondest memories from my youth center around my mother’s younger sister Jane – my Aunt Jane. My maternal grandparents remained sexually vital and active well into their senior years. Aunt Jane was an accident, so to speak, in that she was born eighteen years to the day after my mother was born. She was also born the year mom and dad got married. She is fourteen months older than I am.

When Jane was two, grandmother had to have hip replacement surgery, and was unable to take care of Jane, grandpa, and their home. Grandpa hired a woman to come in and cook meals and clean house, but grandma wouldn’t let the woman take care of Jane. As a result, Jane came to live with my parents and me. We were raised as brother and sister for almost a year before, after a second surgery, grandma was again able to care for her daughter.

Even after Jane went back to live with grandpa and grandma, she spent a lot of time at my home. We lived only a short distance from one another, and our parents thought it was good for us to have someone about our own age to play with. All of the kids who lived near either of us were three or more years older than we were. So, Jane and I grew up together.

That was the way things stood until Jane graduated from high school and went off to college in Socorro. I was in my senior year at Belen High School at the time.

During her first year away from home, Jane, like so many college freshmen, was more interested in social life, and her newfound freedom from parental control than was good for her. She joined a sorority that had a reputation for throwing wild parties that on occasion turned into orgies. Jane lost her virginity at one of those parties. To this day she doesn’t know who the boy was who, after he had come in her, pulled out and shouted to everyone else in the room, “Hey, look! I just popped a cherry,” and waved his limp, blood stained cock for everyone to look at.

I bought a twelve year-old ’54 Chevy that year, and after a lot of hard work got it to looking good, and even better – running good. I was proud of that car.

My eighteenth birthday was on a Saturday that year. I didn’t want to spend it at home with mom and dad. I talked them into celebrating a day early by taking me to dinner in Albuquerque. I also talked them in letting me call Jane and arrange to visit her over the weekend. She had an apartment off campus and I knew that she would be a lot of fun to be with. We always enjoyed being together. At the time, I had no idea how much fun we would have before I returned home early, very early, Monday morning.

When I got to Jane’s apartment she asked me in and showed me where to put my pack in which I had a change of clothes, my camera, and a package of rubbers. I was still a virgin, but had hopes that I’d be able to hook up with one of Jane’s liberal minded girl friends before the weekend was over. Little did I realize that it would be Jane and not one of her friends who would be the first to feel my cock inside her.

I had to pee and asked Jane where her bathroom was. She grabbed me by the hand and drug me down the hall. When we got to the bathroom door, Jane pushed me inside and came in too. I was a little surprised, but hell, we had peed in one another’s presence hundreds of times growing up together. I whipped my dick out and let a powerful stream splash into the toilet bowl. Jane just stood there grinning.

When I finished, I shook a couple of drops from my penis and while I was stuffing it back inside my jeans, I saw Jane sliding her jeans and panties off her butt. I hadn’t flushed the toilet. Jane sat down on it and mixed her piss with mine.

Like I said, Jane and I had peed in one another’s presence hundreds of times as little kids, but this time there was something different about it. Hearing the buzz of her piss splashing against the front of the toilet bowl, and smelling its odor made my cock stiffen in my hand. It got so hard so fast that I couldn’t get it back inside my pants. I stood there in front of my Aunt with a red face, and a very hard cock.

Jane giggled and reached out to stop me as I continued trying to stuff my dick back inside my jeans. “Don’t, Lang. Don’t put it away. I want to look at it and touch it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Suddenly it dawned on me. We weren’t little kids any more. We were not innocently playing doctor. We were two horny young people with raging hormones.

Jane only stroked my dick a couple of times, just enough to smear the pre-come that was leaking from it over the glans. Then, she stopped, wiped her pussy with a piece of tissue, stood, pulled up her clothes, flushed the toilet, and went to the sink to wash her hands.

I finally managed to stuff my cock back into the confines of my tight jeans, and washed my hands too. By then, Jane was back in her living room/bedroom drinking a Dr. Pepper. As I entered the room, she said, “There are more drinks in the fridge. Help your self.”

I opened the fridge and saw that Jane had some St. Pauli Ankara bayan escort Girl beer. On occasion I had sneaked one of dad’s beers at home, and liked the taste of a cold brew. “Can I have one of your beers,” I asked.

“Sure, you’re a big boy now. But, only one. I need for you to take me up to the Waldo Mine. I left something up there yesterday that I need for class on Monday.”

“Great. I’ve heard a little about the Waldo. Is it really a working mine?”

“It is, but it doesn’t have enough ore to make it a commercially viable operation, so now its main function is as a laboratory for mining and geology students.”

“You’re studying English and journalism. What were you doing up there?”

“One of my assignments is to write a descriptive essay. I went up there to see for myself what I would be describing.”

We finished our drinks. Jane packed a lunch. I emptied my clothes out of my pack, but left the camera and rubbers in it. I then put the stuff Jane had fixed for our lunch and some more drinks into it, along with an old GI blanket to spread on the ground while we ate.

The Waldo Mine is in the mountains southwest of Socorro. It takes almost forty-five minutes to get there. When we arrived, we checked in at the mine office, got hard hats and big, high-powered flashlights and went down into the mine to where Jane had left her notebook. Raul, one of the mining students whom Jane knew went with us and told us something about the geology of the mine and the things he was learning about hard rock mining. After we got Jane’s notebook, Raul asked if we would like to see still more of the mine. I didn’t wait for Jane to answer; I told him yes.

We spent another hour wandering there in the cold tunnels of the mine. Raul obviously lived and breathed mining. He enthused over practically every outcropping of ore, every stope, every place where it had been necessary to put in extra timber bracing to keep the mine ceiling from falling in. Later, back at my car, Jane asked, “Lang, why in hell did you go and tell Raul you wanted to see more of the mine? It’s cold down there.”

“I’m sorry, Jane. It’s just that I’ll graduate at the end of this semester, and I’ve got to think about going to college. I wanted to find out if I might want to come here to study geology or mining.”

“Do you?”

“No. After an hour in there, I know that I need to be able to see sunlight. I think I’ll go to UNM and study biology. I think I would like to be a wild-life biologist and work in either a state or a national park or forest.”

“That would certainly keep you outdoors.”

“Hey,” I said, as I looked at my watch. Look at the time. No wonder I’m hungry.”

“Yeah. I’m hungry too. Let’s go someplace where we can spread the blanket on the ground and have a picnic.”

“You know this area better than I do. Do you know a nice place?”

“Uh huh. There’s a side road about a mile and a half up the highway that leads to a place the sorority girls sometimes use for their outdoor parties. There’s a stream there, and a large grassy area, and even some fire pits for cooking food and for keeping warm at night.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We arrived at the place Jane had described about fifteen minutes later. From the main highway, the road is little more than two ruts wending up the hill side between piñon pines and juniper. My old car’s springs and shocks took a real beating getting to the site Jane guided me to, but once we got there, I was happy with it. We were in a small glade next to a burbling stream. None of the trees had canopies to shield us from the direct sun, but some fairly tall ones on the west side of the clearing threw enough of a shadow to give us a little cool shade in which to sit as we ate.

I spread the blanket and started to get the food out of my pack. Jane had beat me to it. She had already set out the sandwiches, and drinks, but was looking for a tube of German mustard down in the bottom of the pack. What she pulled out was not the mustered; it was one of my condoms.

“And with whom did you plan to use this,” she asked.

“I didn’t have anyone in particular in mind. I just wanted to be prepared incase…”


I don’t know what that, “Oh!” signified, but it was said in a manner left me curious. I would have expected it to have been intoned as a question. It wasn’t. It was very definitely an exclamation – an exclamation, the significance of which puzzled me.

Nothing more was said about the rubber as we ate our lunch. Both of us were hungry and polished off all of the sandwiches Jane had packed. We also killed two beers each, even though by that time they were a little warm.

After we ate, we bagged the trash in a plastic bag and stuffed it into my pack. Then Jane lay down on the blanket.



“I shouldn’t have drunk so much beer.”

“Oh, is it getting to you?”

“No. Not in that way, anyway. I’ve got to pee.”

“Well take your pants down and do it.”

“But, Escort bayan Ankara you’ll see me.”

“It won’t be the first time. That never stopped you when we were little kids.”

“But we were little kids then. It didn’t mean anything to us then.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, this morning when we peed in the bathroom you got a hard-on, and I felt a tingle in my pussy that made me want you to touch me.”

“And you’re afraid that I’ll get hard again if I watch you pee. Does that bother you?”

“No. I like looking at a hard cock. What bothers me is that you’re my nephew. You shouldn’t make me feel the things I felt when I saw your hard cock this morning.”

“Yeah. I think I know what you mean. When I heard and smelled your piss, and got that erection, I wanted to reach down and feel your pussy. I wanted to feel the piss that was squirting out of you, and that surprised and scared me.”

“Did you really want to feel my pee on your hand?”

“Yeah! It sounds perverted, but I really did.”

“Is that all you wanted to do?”

“No. I, I wanted to watch it squirt out of you. I’ve seen you sit on the john and pee many times, but I’ve never seen where your piss comes from. I wanted to see it so bad. That’s what made my cock get hard.”

Jane’s face got red, and she seemed to be having difficulty breathing. Suddenly, she blurted out, “Do you really want to watch me pee?”

“Yes. I just told you that.”

Jane sat up, shimmied out of her jeans and panties and said, “Come on before I chicken out.” She then led me over to a fallen tree at the edge of the clearing. She squatted on the tree trunk and spread her legs.

I knew that if I got down where I could really see, I would get wet. I started taking my clothes off.

“Lang, what the hell are you doing?”

“I want to see where your pee comes from, but I don’t want my clothes to get wet.”

“Oh. Okay, but hurry. I can’t hold it much longer.”

I hurried. When I was naked, I squatted down between Jane’s knees, reached out and spread her hair covered outer pussy lips. I’d never before seen what a girl has between those big lips, but I knew her pee hole must be between them. When I spread the outer labia, the inner labia separated too and I was able to see the mouth of her vagina. At the top of her opening, just a little below the bulge that I later learned was her clit, there was a little bulge with a small hole in it. Without warning, that hole opened and a powerful jet of hot, golden, fragrant urine spurted out.

I was down so close to her pussy, trying to see everything, that I couldn’t move out of the way fast enough. Jane’s piss hit me square on the mouth. It did so with such force that some went between my lips. It was, damn it all, it was good. I opened my mouth wide and followed the stream down to its source. I was swallowing like mad, but couldn’t swallow fast enough. Her piss flowed out of my mouth and down over her vulva and across her anus to fall onto the log between her heals.

As she continued to pee, I plunged my tongue into her vagina. Her pee tasted something like beef bullion, but what I tasted inside her cunt was entirely different. From that first taste, I knew I liked eating pussy.

Jane stopped pissing, but I didn’t move my mouth from her vulva. I continued thrusting my tongue into her as deep as possible, and then licking up across her swollen clit.

My tongue on her clit must have felt especially good to her for once when I flicked it, she grabbed my head and said, “Oh, oh, lick me right there. Suck on me there.”

I did. Jane’s scream scared the shit out of me. I jumped back, but she was holding my head so tightly against her cunt that I jerked her off the log she was squatting on. I fell on my back. Her snatch was still glued to my mouth. She was shaking a moaning and having a fit.

After what seemed like a long time, but was probably only a few seconds, Jane calmed down and pulled off my face. I took a long, badly needed breath. She had almost smothered me, and asked, “Jane, are you okay? What happened to you?”

“Ummm, yes. I’m fine. You just made me come.”

I had come a lot of times when I jacked off, and always enjoyed it, but I didn’t know women also had orgasms. Jane’s revelation was just that. A revelation.

Jane continued, “Lang, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Have you ever eaten a girl before?”

“No. You’re the first girl whose pussy I’ve ever seen, much less touched and kissed.”

“You mean you’ve never fucked a girl.”

“Uh huh. One girl I dated let me play with her tits inside her bra, but that’s all I’ve ever been able to do.”

“Then why are those rubbers in your pack?”

“Like I said; I like to be prepared. I was hoping that this weekend here I could meet one of your girl friends and maybe get a little action from her.”

“Well, I’m not about to introduce you to any of them.”

“Why not.”

“Because, Bayan escort Ankara stud. I want that hard cock of yours for myself.”

When she said that, I looked down. I knew I had a hard-on; I could feel it, but I was surprise to see how hard and large it really was. It never got that hard when I jacked off.

Jane grabbed my cock and started pulling me by it back to the blanket. When we got there she said, “Hurry, get one of those rubbers out of your pack and let me put it on you.”

I was shaking like a leaf while digging down into the bottom of my pack. I couldn’t believe it. My Aunt Jane wanted to fuck me.

I finally found the rubber and tore the foil pack open, but didn’t take the condom out. I handed it to Jane.

“Come here, stud.”

Jane again took my cock in her hand and pulled me toward her. I expected her to roll the rubber onto my prick. She didn’t. She pulled me real close and then leaned forward to take my rigid shaft into her mouth. I almost came right then. I had never felt anything so exciting. My Aunt Jane, the most beautiful woman I knew, was sucking my cock. Had anyone told me the day before that this would happen, I would have told him he was crazy. Now I felt crazy – crazy with the most exciting, most wonderful feelings I had ever experienced.

As she bobbed her head back and forth, sliding my dick in and out of her hot mouth, Jane reached down between her legs and played with her own pussy.

I didn’t even have time to warn Jane. My come erupted into her mouth in a series of rapid fire squirts. I felt Jane’s mouth and tongue working frantically as she swallowed my come.

Too weak kneed to stand, I sank down onto the blanket next to Jane. There was a little bit of my white come on her lips as she brought her mouth to mine to kiss me.

I had French kissed a couple of times with girls I dated, but never had one of them kissed me the way Jane did. I could smell and taste my come on her mouth. I could feel her tongue as deep in my mouth as I had earlier stuck mine into her vagina.

We were both breathing heavily. I with a difficulty I’ve come to realize was a sign of my sexual arousal. Whenever I get really turned on, my nasal turbinates swell just as my cock does, and I have to breathe through my mouth. That’s the only time that I don’t hate having a stuffy nose.

My cock softened a little after it shot off in Jane’s mouth, but never really went limp. Jane’s kiss wouldn’t let it. More than that, as we kissed, she reached down and began sliding her hand around all over my cock. It was still oozing come and a fresh batch of pre-come, and she was spreading all of that slippery stuff over every millimeter of my dick, bringing it back to life.

As soon as Jane convinced herself that I was hard enough, she broke that torrid kiss, took the rubber out of the foil and rolled it down over my throbbing hard-on. She then put her hand on my chest and pushed me down so that I was lying on my back.

Before I realized what was happening, Jane was astraddle my hips and had my rubber clad dick wedged between her labia minor right at the opening of her vagina.

Ooofff. I felt my cock being engulfed in the hottest, most glorious tight cavity one could imagine. Our short hairs meshed as she bottomed out and began making little circular motions that ground her clit against my mat of pubic hair. Then she began sliding up my shaft, and then plunging down again. Wow. I thought. No wonder all the guys at school talk so much about how good it feels to fuck.

It had been less than five minutes since I had filled Jane’s mouth with the largest amount of come I’d ever shot out, but now I felt another orgasm building. I didn’t want it. I wanted to continue feeling Jane’s hot, tight vagina sliding up and down my rubber clad dick. I wanted to continue playing with the distended nipples, to watch her naked breasts bouncing and swaying as she rode me. I counted backwards from a hundred. I did algebra in my head. I did everything I could think of to keep from ejaculating.

Then Jane began to wail again and went rigid. She was coming. That was all for me. My come exploded into her tightness. I had thought coming in her mouth was the ultimate orgasm. Boy was I wrong.

Jane’s orgasm was making her pelvic muscles squeeze the living bejeepers out of my cock, and that was making every spurt of come from my dick fight its way out into the little nipple at the end of the rubber I was wearing. Eewww damn! What a come. What a feeling.

Then it dawned on me. I was no longer a virgin. On my eighteenth birthday I’d fucked a woman. Hell – it wasn’t just any woman. It was my Aunt Jane. She was only fourteen months older than me, but she was still my aunt. I’d had my first fuck, and committed incest doing it.

I didn’t know what to think. Part of me was happy and proud, and wanted to shout to the world that I was a real man. I had fucked. Another part of me ached with shame. I had fucked my mother’s baby sister.

Jane saw the confusion I was feeling. It must have been written all over my face. She kissed me and said, “It’s okay, Lang. It’s okay. I wanted you to fuck me. I wanted you inside me more than I’ve wanted any of the boys I’ve fucked since I lost my virginity.”

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