Aunt Reveals Child’s Dad Identity

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While I go on the road, I look back again at that repetitive dream. An old apartment, dark clouds, heavy rain pouring on the windows, and lights turned off in her room. The wooden floor feels warmer than it seems while we lay on it. Her boobs graciously squeeze against my palms, however, I can only focus on her wet inside. I move in and out, in a uniform rhythm that stirs her discreet moaning. Those weird dreams with a somewhat older woman, always the same familiar scent. But who is she!?

Finally, the taxi just dropped me at her front door. My aunt Eleonor is waiting for my arrival, a thirty-two years old woman. This will be an incredible summer vacation. But unfortunately, her child is away on a camping event and we can’t play video games like we always do. Nevertheless, I want to tell her the news, that I got promoted to junior manager. Great news!

The door opens.

“Sam, hey baby! How are you? My sweet baby.” She always calls me baby, it makes me feel like a kid, even when I am in my twenties.

But this time it will be different, she can’t bother me if I talk back.

“Hey, babe! I am fine and extremely athletic, just as you like your kind of guy.”

“So glad to hear that you are doing fine! You and your cute arms.”

Ooof, she didn’t even care to be called babe. Nah, I will still call her that, she always teases me and I want revenge, so today is the day.

One day, months ago I arrived at her house to help her move some stuff, and she tripped and hurt her ankle. I had to carry her to the room, she kept teasing me and saying things like ‘Oh baby! You are carrying your girl to the bed, so manly and strong. Are you gonna do me all night?’ and groping my neck with her fingers. That time my ‘package’ was about to explode before letting her down on the bed.

I don’t discern why, but whenever she does some accounting stuff with the computer and wears her mini glasses, I find her quite intellectual and attractive. Besides, I swear, every year she gets hotter and hotter. I always look at her long pitch-black hair tight with a donut. Her breasts press the keyboard of the computer and her ass is so rounded that reminds me of two bowling balls squashing against a metallic chair.

“Hey baby, make yourself at home, I need to finish some work-related stuff, sorry. But I will get some beer and Chinese food later to celebrate your bursa escort promotion,” then she whispered in my ear, ” and I hope you haven’t got a girlfriend yet, you can’t cheat on me hehe.”

Then boring minutes passed, until an hour later, the sun is hiding behind the horizon. The orange sunlight hits my eyes. I closed them for a few seconds… and her boobs abruptly appeared in front of my face, showing me her inviting neckline.

“Baby, it’s almost time, let me go buy those beers that I promised, and some rubbers too! This will be a long night!”

“Please aunt Eleonor, stop mocking me, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Furthermore, a woman like her must have always condoms in her bag.

She left. Again I am hard, how can she arouse me so easily?

But this time I have a plan, my first step is to touch her more. I want to know, how high can I go with her? It’s just teasing, nothing more? I hope.

Then here we are, in the living room, drinking and talking, like we always have done. And of course, me and my virginity, we can’t touch her, nor lay even a finger.

Oh, come on! Be a man! She is even touching you with her thighs and her barefoot are hanging in front of you.


Then, I request Eleonor to fill again my glass.

“Oh Sam, my baby wants to keep going the party, nice!” She is distracted by the beer bottle.


My fingers moved near her sandals and delicately pressed her soft pinky.

Yes! Wooohooo! I keep rubbing all her feet and ankle with my hand. She just grins and continues talking about anything.

“Baby, I am feeling a little bit… dizzy, can I rest my head on your comfy shoulder.” What!? Now she crawls towards me. Her thighs and waist lay against my body, and her tits swallow my arm.

Please not again, she will tease me forever!

“Stupid virgin! Get hold of yourself!” Oh no! I said it out loud.

“What? Who are you talking to? Are you a virgin?” She heard. The embarrassment of revealing that.

“Me?, I am a virgin.” Yep, that’s me.

“No, you are not.” What the fuck? What is she talking about?

“Yes I am,” I put my glass of beer on the table and she glances at me, making eye contact. Her green eyes absorb my brain like a black hole.

“No, I am sure, I mean, well you are not a virgin. Mhmm, hehehe, bursa escort bayan well I just know.” Her cheeks colored as quickly as I have ever seen.

“But I haven’t slept with anyone.” Please, someone, kill me.

“No, you have. Haven’t you? Oh god, now I have to tell you, jezzz I am too drunk! Please… listen carefully. When you were nineteen years old and graduated from high school, one time I bought a weird aphrodisiac chocolate. If you don’t know, we girls need sometimes a little… help and… toys, if you understand. But that day you ate them all, you thought it was only chocolate.”

“And then? I don’t remember.” My head is spinning like crazy while her body pressures me more.

“Of course not, that thing was so potent, but you ate them all. Then…” She grabbed my shoulders and continued, ” you started kissing my neck and touching my boobs, at first I resisted but I could no longer suppress my desire for not having sex with anyone yet, so I removed my clothes and we did it on the floor. But still, your erection wouldn’t stop, and not even your lust for me, so you kept cumming inside, again and again, all night while grabbing and pressing my tits like a demon. You made me feel like a very desirable woman, I changed my wardrobe and… that’s all? I think, Hehehe.”

Now it makes sense, that’s why I started liking nerdy girls like her. At that age, she was always alone, no dude wanted to date her. She looked too nerdy while she was at college, with huge glasses and always wearing a big sweater.

“So, nothing else happened?” Now it was me that was holding her shoulders, desperate to know the truth.

“Eh?!, Have you ever thought why my boy looks a lot like your father?”

“Whose asshole left you and your child alone? Did you have sex with my father?” Oh man, please don’t tell me anything.

“No, just with you, and only with you in all these years, hehe. Well maybe one or two guys more, but nothing serious.”

“Why are you laughing? Are you serious?”

“Nah, it’s nothing that serious, you are already old enough to know. That day, you made me a woman and a mommy.”

“So, is he my child?”

“Yes, you are THE daddy, that’s why I call you baby. I can’t stop seeing you that way. And also I am happy, that you are calling me babe, you are so cute. I love flirting with you, and you are a great dad, always visiting escort bursa me and playing with our son.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me earlier!?”

“Why? Because you were still in high school and I was looking for a job after I graduated college. How could I worry you that way? So now you are a professional with a great career. It doesn’t matter anymore.” My vision was fading away and I laid my head on her bouncy bosom.

“Yes, yes, you are my baby. I really like younger men, so much energy and desire. I learned that night, you knocked me up so easily.”

Ok, so now that I have learned that we did it some years ago and she is the woman in my dreams. I want to go further away with her, touch her more, and if nothing is enough, then…

“Hey!, What are you…,” I started smooching her neck and her collarbone.

“Please, I am sensitive there, wait wait!” She pushed me away and with my jaw completely open I watched her in surprise as she smiled.

But I resumed, this time kissing her cheeks and lips.

“Take this!” She yelled and threw herself at me and hugged my body.

“Hmmmmm,” I couldn’t even breathe and now her warm tongue is inside, exploring my mouth.

I hold her body and carry her, but she keeps kissing me even hanging in the air.

“Take me to the room baby. But…” her hand got the rubbers out of her pocket, “use this.”

In the room I couldn’t endure it more, my cock was about to destroy my trousers, so I unzipped them and let her down. Also, she undressed hastily, and the donut of her hair came off, glossy strands of obsidian hair traveled her back and shoulders.

“Oh my, I don’t remember you being that thick,” she poked my dick. “Did you grow more since the last time?”, then spat and put it in her mouth for a few seconds, “but what I love more are your robust testicles, those clarify how you knocked me up in one day, your sperm factory is jumbo size!”

Unexpectedly, she jumped again at me. While I hold her body, I turn around at a long mirror in her room, I can see how she pushes my dick inside her with her hand. Then I oscillate her up and down while her rounded naked ass is revealed in the mirror.

So… we kept the night alive!

The next day, I found her washing the dishes. After thinking all day long, I am so nervous. But I have to commit after what I did, and… and… marry her. I really like her.

“Hey, auntie.”

“No auntie, please! Call me babe.” She pouted at me.

“Ok?? Babe?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

So we started dating and three years passed. We got married eventually, just like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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