Awakening the Beast Pt. 03: Beauty

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Author’s note: This story starts where Pt. 2 left off. While not required, Pts 1 and 2 are recommended first, to follow the story. Do enjoy. As this chapter is a little shorter, I’m publishing Pt. 3 and Pt. 4 at the same time. All copyrights reserved to the original author. – TIB


The following Monday at work, Kelly was a little trepidatious in approaching Denise.

“Are you okay?” Kelly asked.

Denise gave a beaming smile. A little… too big, actually. “Hey honey. Sorry we got split up there after the festival. But it looked like you ended up having quite a night.”

Kelly felt the blood drain from her face. “W-wha… what do you mean?”

Denise raised her eyebrows knowingly. “After we got separated, I looked around for you for a while, then came back to the park. Eventually found you behind one of the tents, but you were… errrr… quite preoccupied with someone.” She winked, as Kelly blushed in embarrassed horror. “Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me. That was rather hot. You two look good together, and he seems like quite a stud, huh?” Denise smirked, clearly enjoying herself. “I didn’t watch for long-mostly tried to ensure you two were left alone.”

Kelly didn’t know what to say. “Denise, I… well… um… thank you, I guess.”

Denise chuckled. “I guess I wouldn’t mind being somebody’s ‘fuck toy’ either.”

Kelly buried her face in her hands. “Ohhhhhhhh… Denise, you bad, bad girl.”

“Says you,” came the reply.

Kelly found herself daydreaming again at work, and looked up “Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs” on the internet, as Caelin had told her to do. She was amazed at what she read, looking at the world differently than she ever had. Had she too been unaware of dangers to herself and others? What role would she choose for herself? Clearly after the attack the previous weekend, she needed to be able to protect herself. This was something she would have to think about.

On her way home from work, Kelly’s phone rang. “Hello?” she answered.

“Hello, baby girl. It’s Caelin.” Kelly’s heart jumped a bit. “Let’s get together this weekend.”

“Yeah, I’d like that very much.” Kelly pulled to the side of the road so she could talk. “Saturday? It’s the 4th of July. I love the city fireworks show.”

There was a stretch of silence on the other end. “The 4th.” Another pause. “That used to be my favorite day of the year.” Oh… used to? What did that mean? “It sounds like you’re planning on going to this show.”

Kelly pursed her lips in some puzzlement.. “Well, not exactly. But I guess I have been going to it every year. Would you prefer something else?”

Another brief pause. “No, that’d be fine. I’ll pick you up at 8.” She gave him her address.

Kelly couldn’t wait. The week dragged by ever so slowly, each day inching her a little closer back to him and their first real “date”. Kelly decided to wear her pretty blue dress that evening that complimented her fiery red hair, which she styled in long waves. Dressing up a bit, she chose to go with garters under her dress, holding up a set of black sheer stocking hose, and a thick black belt over the dress to accentuate her waist.

Opening the door for Caelin, her heart a bit aflutter, his unspoken reaction to her appearance was everything she needed for affirmation. Clearly, he approved of her choices. He looked like no slouch himself, wearing a pair of charcoal grey slacks, a navy polo shirt, and dark sports jacket that made his large frame even more imposing. A white pocket square just peeked from his breast pocket, making him look ever so dapper.

He gave her a light kiss. “You dressed up for me.”

She smiled.

“I like that,” he said, smiling back warmly, holding and rubbing her arms as if to warm her, then giving her another kiss on the forehead. “Let’s head out.”

They spent the evening making small talk, getting to know each other as they walked the streets. There was so much Kelly wanted to know about him, but was cautious, taking her time, sensing a minefield underneath. casino oyna He wasn’t very talkative at first, but did seem very interested in her and what she had to say. As the evening wore on, though, Caelin seemed more at ease, and began to open up to her, talking a bit about himself as well. Mostly casual conversation.

People were out and about, waving flags, wearing Americana-themed clothing, barbecuing with friends, and playing frisbee in the park with the family dog. Street vendors sold hot dogs as the food staple of the day. Approaching the time for fireworks, Kelly asked if they should start heading to the capitol building to see the show.

Caelin hesitated, pushing his lips tightly together. “Let’s stay away from crowds there. We’re only a block or two away right now.” He turned, looking up at the sky. “We have a great view from here. Perhaps this sidewalk cafe?” He motioned across the street.

Kelly agreed, and they sat, ordering drinks. Caelin had requested a table at the edge of the cafe, and sat with his back to the wall. Sparsely occupied, they had space to themselves. The waitress let them know the city asked that all lights be turned to a minimum during the show, so the cafe and streetlights would be extinguished shortly. They pushed their chairs together, then sat quietly. Orchestral music was playing gently over the cafe pavilion speakers, from a radio station set to accompany the show with a live performance from the local symphony. Right on time, the lights dimmed, and a new song began.

Sitting in dim darkness, the couple enjoyed their drinks and the music, but Kelly noticed that Caelin seemed just a bit nervous, uncharacteristic of him. Then…


A soft, low thump from off in the distance, the sound of a firework rocket being launched. Caelin froze. Then it burst overhead with an explosion of beautiful red light and a “bang”, trickling off into fizzling pops.

Caelin startled, eyes wide, sliding backwards. He set his drink back on the table, fumbling, knocking the glass over and spilling the remnants across the tablecloth. Another firework popped overhead and he jumped again, body stiffening. Kelly didn’t know what to do, grabbing his hand and holding it tight in both of hers. He turned to her.

“I’m sorry…”

“No, don’t be,” she said.


She put a finger on his lips, shaking her head in the dim light, quieting him, silently letting him know no explanation was needed. Another firework burst, and his grip tightened hard in her hands, their faces lit up between them in the momentary blossoming overhead illumination. He looked into her eyes, his sparkling from the aerial glare, revealing a tension she had not seen in him before. She gazed back, showing a soft, caring look. She took his hand in her right hand and laid it at the top of her chest, his palm flat on her exposed skin just above her breasts. Then she reciprocated and placed her left hand on his chest, keeping her eyes locked on him.

They sat motionless for a moment. Another firework blew overhead, flooding the area with a bright blue light, and Caelin again twitched, yet only half as much. Kelly didn’t move, looking back and forth between his two beautiful eyes, connecting with him deep inside. Another firework. She stared unflinchingly at him, making him her whole world for the moment. He relaxed a bit. She leaned in and kissed him tenderly and lovingly, pressing her soft lips into his. His body responded, melting to her touch, tension disappearing.

Kelly pulled back and ran her fingers through his hair. “Better?” she asked.

Caelin half shrugged, half nodded. “Maybe. Getting there.”

“Okay. Good.” Kelly got up and moved to sit sideways in his lap, resting her butt on his left leg and putting her right arm around his good shoulder. They sat quietly, watching the display above them unfold to the music emanating from the radio. John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever” started up. Beautiful, richly colored light danced all around them, illuminating their surroundings canlı casino in dramatic fashion interrupted by irregular moments of darkness. It was both surreal and magical. She felt his body relax further.

Caelin turned her face to him with a crook of his index finger. She loved when he did that. He kissed her gently.

“Thanks,” he whispered.

Kelly smiled, and snuggled into him, feeling his warmth, turning her face back to the fireworks show. They held each other for some time, taking in the show and accompanying music. Caelin’s hand rested on her left thigh, holding her, rubbing her gently. His strong hand, moving over her dress, ran over a garter snap underneath, feeling the hard object through the material. He looked down at her for a second, eyebrows raised questioningly. Kelly smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at him flirtatiously.

He slowly ran his hand down her leg, reaching the hem of her dress and feeling her hosiery-enveloped calf underneath. Oh, how she loved how he touched her. Another song started-Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, a true classic and the final piece of the evening. Caelin slowly dragged his fingers up her leg, fingertips gliding over the sheer stocking. He found the top of her hose on her thighs, exploring with his fingers under her dress. The music emanated softly. He touched her softly. The volume dropped low. His hands descended low.

The symphony seemed to be conducting an arrangement for him, as he touched and explored Kelly to the music, flowing in tempo and time. The first building refrain started, growing in tension and tempo, as he ran his fingers up the suspender straps of her garters, feeling her soft bare skin underneath. Kelly’s breath quickened with the overture, in every sense.

Caelin continued exploring, reaching the top of her leg and sliding up her bare hip, discovering her garter belt but… no panties. He again looked down at her.

She smiled up at him teasingly. There was no doubt this was quite intentional.

The music built, driving with increasing intensity.

His fingers rounded over the top of her leg, touching her damp pubic hair.

Kelly whimpered, drawing in an anticipatory breath.

And then the refrain melted, itself a tease, flowing back into the gentle, soft, romantic musical stanzas between the conflicts. Caelin moved with the music, his powerful touch now becoming gentle, caressing, but moving away from her sex. Kelly let out her retained breath with some frustration. He took his time, caressing her leg, her thigh, feeling her garter strap, which he gave a playful “snap!” under her dress. His fingers slid to the inside of her thigh, then back, synonymic with the symphony.

Then again… the soft refrains of the French La Marseillaise, woven into the overture. Militant and building. Caelin slid his fingers to the inside of her thigh, gently sliding up, making light contact with her bare pussy lips just as another firework exploded overhead in gold brilliance. Kelly felt an electric jolt through her nerves as he touched her sex, finding her warm and wet, wanting more. He traced her outer lips and delicately ran his fingertips through her pubic hair. Kelly grasped his leg, holding him tight, and moaned softly. He stroked her outer sex, driving her as the music built stronger and stronger, fireworks popping in the air.

The orchestra surged.

Caelin slipped his middle finger between her soft, wet folds, and stroked her pussy full length, his fingertip coming to rest on her clitoral hood.

Kelly gasped, instinctively grinding her hips into his strong hand, and twisted her body in his strong arms. She tingled, a bundle of nerves, as if she herself were a stringed instrument, being plucked and strummed by a virtuoso.

And then…

Again. Tchaikovsky. That teasing Russian motherfucker. Just when you think he would deliver, he AGAIN melted the overture, flowing back into the gentle melodious chorus. Caelin’s hand retreated, caressing around her sex but not touching. Kelly groaned and growled with annoyed kaçak casino frustration, consumed with heat, squeezing his leg hard and digging her fingertips into him through his pants. This teasing was maddening.

But Caelin didn’t relent. Fireworks crackling in the sky, he stroked her fair thighs, stretching her garter straps, tracing her stockings, feeling her soft stomach. Kelly shivered, vexed with expectancy. Then the music trailed off, dying and going soft. Caelin rested his palm at the base of her stomach and pressed gently, pushing her pooled blood into her loins.

There it was again. Traces of La Marseillaise. His fingers slid over her pussy again. Kelly drew in a breath. The horns sounded, and he cupped her sex with dominance. The fireworks increased their tempo, and Caelin assailed her with increased fervor. The music built, marching forward.


Caelin slipped one finger inside Kelly, feeling her sopping wetness inside her soft canal. Then another finger, resting the heel of his palm against her clit and steadily massaging.


Kelly moaned, pushing up into his strong hand, and twisting her face into his neck. The light show overhead swelled. Caelin stroked her inside, resting the pads of his fingertips on her rough g-spot and rubbing over and over. Vivid colors swirled and flashed all around them. The orchestra strengthened unceasingly, building to a monumental pitch. Caelin’s hand matched the tempo, fingering her at a frenetic pace. Kelly audibly groaned, grinding her hips. She lost sense of her surroundings, her world becoming a blur. And then…

The city sky went black.

The music gave a momentary pause.

Everything went quiet.

Kelly couldn’t breathe. And…

Then the world exploded. The fireworks erupted in a grand finale barrage of light and color, turning night into day, the booms resounding between the buildings. The overture burst into the majestic finale, strong and glorious. Cannons sounded off in a nearby park. Caelin jumped, squeezing Kelly tight with his arm, and pressed hard against her pussy. Kelly’s body exploded, shaking wildly. She clamped her mouth on his neck to keep from screaming in public, making low, guttural sounds into him, bucking her pelvis against Caelin. Then she lifted her head back and opened her eyes, seeing stars, not sure what was part of the dramatic firework effects and what was the edge of her consciousness. Her hand on his leg flailed and groped, her muscles clenching and unable to grasp anything.

They held each other tight as the symphony concluded the grandiose overture, replete with horns, strings, and the celebratory church bells. Kelly rode her orgasm, secure in his embrace, her head swimming The song finished in a final grand fusillade of light, color, sight, cannon fire, and sound.



Kelly panted, breathing heavily, body quivering. They could hear loud cheering and wild applause from the nearby crowd at the end of the show. In a way, it seemed as if they were cheering the two of them in such a performance. The faint smell of sulfur and gunpowder wafted in the air. Kelly felt herself trembling, and clung to Caelin tightly, feeling wonderful.

Then she realized it wasn’t she who was trembling. It was him. His hand trembling on her clit and inside her sent small waves of pleasure through her in her afterglow. She squeezed her legs together, clamping down on his hand and pushed in to his body, holding him securely. She gently stroked his chest, giving soft kisses on his neck and whispering “sssssshhhhhhhh”. Gradually, his small tremors subsided, both of them seeking relaxation in peace.

The lights came back on, and Caelin quickly pulled his hand from under Kelly’s dress, his fingers slick with her creamy cum. He grabbed a napkin from the table, wiped his hand, then mopped up the remnants of his spilled drink from the tabletop. He looked into Kelly’s eyes and licked his fingers, as if cleaning off barbecue sauce after eating chicken wings. He gave that lopsided smirk, and wiped his hand again.

Caelin paid the cafe tab, while Kelly used the ladies room, smoothing the front of her dress as she returned.

“Let’s get you home, pet,” he said. The night wasn’t over yet.

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