Away Team

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I run my own demo and remodeling business. I like working for myself; I live in an area that sees lots of remodels so I’m kept busy. My wife and I have been together ten years; two kids under five keep us hopping. I work long hours, but take breaks to come home for dinner or bedtime. When a clerical error cost me a few months without insurance for the worksite I had to scramble to find a contractor I could work under.

My wife’s brother-in-law’s cousin has a similar business; he offered to employ me; the downside was that he lived and worked almost three hours from my home. As much as I hated being away from home, wife and kids, I took the work. A few perks came with the offer; free lodging in the family’s roadside motel, higher pay, and there was an indoor soccer league that I could sign up for. I play two or three matches a week at home. I run on off days to stay lean and relax.

The night before I left, the grandparents took the kids for an overnight. I fucked Dawn all over the house. We yelled and growled our way thru three blistering orgasms each. When my alarm went off at five my lovely wife blew me in the shower, bless her. We talked about one night this next weekend alone without the kids too when I got back home. I was gonna work thru Friday afternoon and drive back, staying thru Sundays then drive out again Monday mornings.

I threw my last minute packing together and hit the road. I was on the job site by nine. The cousin, the owner called and left detailed job plans at the main office; I didn’t meet him. I drove from the job site to the main office got the job plans and took the morning to review them. I’d keep really busy and while looking it over realized I’d need to call in specialists: electricians, a plumber…I called the boss, got his receptionist. She let me know I could just email requests for workers or gear and they’d send them out. It hit me that I was going to be a supervisor. I quickly drafted a thank you email.

Then set to work detailing the job plans. The day flew by. I ate at the diner near the main office and as the sun set and it got cold I emailed a detailed requisition email. I was done for the day. I had just enough time drop by the soccer dome to register. Fortunately I had my gear with me, while signing up I got drafted for a match. I played a hard game; it was great playing against totally new people. It was chilly but I jumped in my car and was back at the motel before the sweat cooled in my hair. They’d set me up in one of the dozen cottages set among old trees.

I cranked the heat and showered. It was only nine but I crashed. I forgot to turn down the heater and woke up sweaty, with a raging boner. Realizing I was alone, I pounded one out on the squeaky bed, moaning and swearing. My quads and ass were sore from the game but it felt great to just jack off and get into it. I shot off all over my pecs and only rubbed it in, falling back to sleep immediately.

The alarm bolted me out of bed. I stretched my back and glutes while I brushed my teeth. I was reminded of being a bachelor, naked, horny and alone. I missed my kids’ chaotic mornings and my wife’s smile. I checked the forecast; it was supposed to be warmer today. Pausing for a second I grinned and pulling my old Carharts out went commando. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. I hit the minimart for a bad cup of coffee and didn’t stop moving until I waved down the lunch truck at 2:00.

The work went smoothly; I kept at it until I was ready to drop after 12 hours. I drove the little extra and picked up groceries, filling the little fridge and pantry. I called and chatted with Dawn and blew kisses over the phone to the kids as they went into story time. I unpacked and decided to go for a quick run. The hot and horny weight of a load in my balls had me turning fantasies over in my head as I ran. Another realization of bachelor life: I could watch porn! I surfed on my laptop, keeping a slick rhythm on my cock for a good half an hour with the volume blaring. I let out a shout and came and came. It was awesome having no neighbors! I showered and crashed.

That was my daily routine for the rest of the week; I hit one more soccer match on Thursday. Driving home Friday I had a hard on the whole way. That night the kids were gone. Dawn greeted me in the garage dripping wet and we fucked in the front seat of my truck. I shot come all over the passenger seat. Being home that weekend was incredible. The only downside was that Sunday, Kip our youngest was sick so Dawn and I got little sleep, let alone time together. I hit the road at six with two days load built up. When I noticed the come drops on the seat I jacked of a while but didn’t let myself come again. I worked for a few hours and got a call from the boss.

His nephew who went by his last name, Meyers, was going to be onsite this week and as he was just recovering from a back injury, might need my help. His truck was onsite and I called out a ‘hello?!” as I entered the unit he was assigned to today. I heard the toilet canlı bahis flush and waited at the door. We instantly recognized each other: he had been goalie on the opposite team last Monday. I hadn’t realized how tall and buff he was from the other end of the pitch: 6’2″ and probably 210 pounds. I’m 5’10” and 160, flat bellied and lean. I felt immediately competitive with him…our handshake was rough.

We got along, but I still felt like besting him at everything. We joked a lot. He’d hurt his back rafting, saving a fat man from nearly drowning. He’d been laid off for almost two weeks, but was speedily getting better, the only things he couldn’t do was bend and lift things or stand for long times with his arms over head.

The first restriction wasn’t a problem: he didn’t need to lift anything heavy anyways. The second was the issue. We were remodeling apartments in a 40 unit complex. It was completely empty as it had suffered bad flood damage this spring. Each unit had unique work, but all of them had had the rough electric done already. Tony was here to do the lighting, inside and out. He wouldn’t be able to do the ceiling fixtures without help.

That’s where things got interesting. I was glad to help; we threw together a platform to work on. I was able to stand, hands over head holding up the wiring, ceiling panels, whatever and Tony was able to move around me and wire things together. The interesting part was how close we had to work together at times. Literally we were belly to belly often and he had to stand against my back just as often. I’m used to contact; I play rough soccer. Besides my wife though, this was the closest and most consistent body contact I’d had with anyone. Each fixture could take up to 15 minutes, most of it me standing basically spread eagle while he bumped and pressed against me reaching over our heads.

After about the fourth fixture I stopped watching his hands and just chatted him up. I glanced down once and saw his treasure trail as his shirt rode up; as his jeans were low on his hips I could tell he was free balling. I kept my eyes down…and felt a tingle when his belt buckle caught on mine as he lowered his arms and stepped back. I took a break to stretch my back a bit and take a piss. With my bladder empty, my cock swelled a little being free of my boxer briefs. I stuffed it away.

The next unit needed two fixtures, we chatted about soccer. I caught myself looking for his shirt to ride up, and he seemed to spend more time pressed against me. I was getting hot for him. I hadn’t been with anyone but my wife and was used to a great sex life; we fucked or she blew me almost daily at home. A thought fluttered at the edge of my mind: before we were engaged we’d messed around with a buddy of mine in a three way; Dawn had been open to occasionally talking about sharing with other people. I blushed. I was gonna have to ask Dawn if I could mess around while on the road. In the meantime; I was gonna get an eyeful if I could.

Maybe he sensed something, maybe I started leaning into him. The rest of the afternoon was long body contact and quiet work. One time I felt his breath on the back of my neck as he worked behind me. He asked if I was gonna go play a match tonight. When I said yeah, he immediately shot back, “great! Come early for warm ups?”

“Yeah…I can do that…”

“Awesome…do you have a locker at the dome yet?”

“No, haven’t thought about one…”

“You can share mine…” He was now standing in front of me his belt buckle and bulge were right on my abs. He looked me in the eye, “If you want to…”

“Yeah, I’ll do that…” I didn’t step back right away, neither did he; he grabbed my bicep and smiled then stepped to the side. Looking at his watch he said he was gonna run for a few supplies for tomorrow then head home for the day. It was nearing five. I wrapped up just after he left. I had to piss…as I stood there in the bathroom of the rough finished apartment…I got dripping hard.

I let my jeans and boxers slide down below my knees and pulled my T-shirt back over my head so I was naked from the neck down. I just jacked. I pumped my fist and let my other hand roam. I kept images of Meyers running thru my head…my phone broke the drive to come…it was my boss. I took the call, still stroking. He asked of I could stay over the weekend to accept a shipment of materials. Without thinking, I said of course. Dawn would be upset, but the double time pay would go a ways to smooth things over.

I stuffed my cock into my briefs and jumped in my truck. I saw the elusive taco truck and quickly wolfed down three dripping tacos. I had 45 minutes until the soccer dome opened for warm-ups. I dashed to the motel, stripped and rinsed off. I called Dawn. She was of course disappointed, but as the whole household was fighting off ear and throat infections, she thought it might work out for the best. Meyers flashed thru my mind…do I ask for freedom to have a fling?

As I was giving a stay at home pep talk to my bahis siteleri oldest, I decided to not ask just yet…When Dawn got back on the phone…she broke the ice by commenting that this was the longest we’d been away from each other and she missed my ‘lovin’ our code for fucking, used around the kids. I told her I loved and missed her; she said the same and then, “What ever you do, just be safe, ok?”

“Baby, I love you…I want to be really clear ok? Can I mess around with someone here?”

“Yes Thom. That’s what I’m saying. I think that’s gonna make our lovin’ even better when I get you alone. I’ll want to hear all about it…in fact…take pictures…”

She had that deep throaty voiced laugh that sent chills down my back to my balls. I told her I was naked right then and stroking…she laughingly called me a bastard and blew kisses at the phone. The kids were whining for her. We hung up.

It took me a minute to stop jacking off…I decided a cool shower was needed because I kept pulling my cock. In the shower the cool water rained down my chest and my cock wilted some. It hit me; it was only Monday night, I wasn’t gonna get to see my wife for another 12 days! And I had her permission to fuck around…as I toweled off, I felt butterflies and boiling balls warring.

I somehow managed to find and stuff my oozing cock into my jock and put the oldest tightest pair of soccer shorts I had with me in my bag with socks, shin guards and shoes. My jeans I left unbuttoned as I got to my car. The jock absorbed some of the precum, thankfully. In my truck, I cranked tunes and between fluffing my balls and tweaking my nipples, I burned for release. I was gonna rip on the pitch.

Meyers was leaning against his truck as I rolled in to the parking lot, which was almost empty. I saw the front doors push open from inside, we were the first here, evidently, beside the workers. Meyers’ eyes stayed on my nipples poking thru my T-shirt for a long time, and then held onto my cock outline in my jeans. I gripped his arm, in a half hug and slapped him low on the back. Even if that look was all we ever shared I’d come thinking about it later.

We chatted about the weekend shipment, the job site, the team we were assigned to that night. In the locker room, some of the lights were still buzzing as they came to full strength, only partially lighting the room. Meyers had his shirt off before we got to his locker. I matched his moves. He yanked his fly open. I did too; my jock pouch came in to view. His bare pube teased above his fly. I was damp in the pouch and my ass crack was a touch sweaty.

He got his locker opened as we talked about teammates. I kicked my shoes off and pushed my jeans down standing naked except for my jockstrap. Meyers’ eyes gave me the up and down. I stretched arms over head and strutted over to the urinal to piss. I know he was checking out my ass. I kept chatting and looked over my shoulder as I let a full hot piss drain from my cock. He stood naked, long cock dangling as he sorted out his gear. I tugged my balls and openly felt the weight of my shaft as I came back to the locker at his side.

I thought for a second of just telling him that I wanted to fuck…the thrill of thinking that, of planning it and the uncertainty kept me tipping on the edge of hot and nervous. We kept up a chit chat as we unfolded, laid out, toyed with our gear. I sat on the bench and exposing my balls put on my shin guards, socks and shoes. In that time he sorted out his twisted jockstrap and got it on. He pulled his cock out of the waist band twice to get it to lay right.

We heard someone whistling in the hall outside the locker room. We both shrugged and got shorts on. Leaving our shirts off, we headed into the dome. Under the bleachers on one side was a small staging area that had some weights and mats down for workouts, stretching etc. A field worker with head phones on was running a kind of huge vacuum over the bright green turf. He waved as we passed; I recognized him as one of the boys from the local community college I’d met at one my first matches here.

Meyers jogged over to him and they had a few words. He jogged back to me an yelled over the vacuum, “We can do some laps, then Darryl said he hasn’t cleaned the staging area yet, so he’s gonna block it off until game time.” That didn’t really make sense but I nodded. We did a few slow laps around the pitch. The kid waved at us as he put up a sign on the door to under the bleachers. Meyers winked at me and grinned.

In the staging area we went thru a light circuit on the weights, just to get warmed up, and then got into some stretching. Glancing at the clock we had only about 20 minutes until we had to be on the pitch for first form-up. I was pumped. Meyers said, “C’mere lets do some assisted stretches.”

He knelt then lay on his back, bringing one knee up towards his chest. I knelt next to him and gripping his foot and shin, pressed the stretch deeper. His moan was almost a grunt. I felt it in my tailbone. bahis şirketleri I let my hands stay long on his legs, feeling the lean limber muscles. He was flexible. He kept up a chatter about his back injury recovery as I rubbed and leaned against his legs, stretching him any way I could think of…with little warning he rolled over and said, “get my back looser, will ya, buddy?”

I dug into his back; he pushed his strap lower on the curve of his fuzzy ass…I lost myself in his body. He sat up and we were nose to nose. “Lay down, Thom.”

It was the first time he’d said my name and I got shivers from it. My jock was tight as my cock pointed down in its growing erection. Meyers put one of my feet in his hand and the other hand he put on the back of my thigh on my hamstrings. He leaned into me; the stretch was deep and burned a little. He kept up the pressure though, until I grunted. He rubbed from the back of my knee into the leg of my shorts. I realized his shorts and jock were half off his waist as he leaned over me again. I could think of nothing to say. He manipulated my legs into angles and actually did an amazing job of deep stretching me and keeping just on the side of innocent touch.

“Roll over…” he voice was deep and quiet. I couldn’t deny it. I rolled over; he started at my shoulders, massaging me. I could hear more and more background noise as the dome filled. We’d have to go soon. He ran his hands down to my thighs, over the curve of my ass. He pushed down, making me hump the mat under me. He did that several times, and then gently tugged my waist and strap like his to below the top of the curve of my bubble butt.

When his hands pushed down on my nearly naked ass, we both exhaled loudly. He shifted from on the side of me to kneeling between and over my thighs. He put his hands on either side of my shoulders and leaned his face next to mine, “What’re we doing here, buddy?” The question was so quiet; I knew it was just for me.

I turned up to look at him, “We’re getting to know each other…straight up…I’m married and I have permission from my wife to mess around…if I’m too forward, I’m sorry. She suggested it…wants to hear all about it. There were two conditions: that I play safe, and half joking that I take pictures. You down to play?”

In answer he dropped his weight full onto me and I found his tongue on my front teeth. I pulled him into my mouth. As we kissed I became more aware of the heat pouring onto my back, into the crack of my ass…he was growing hard between my cheeks. The whistle and the following silence from the pitch was our wake up call. We broke apart and stood. We got our shirts settled and with one last slippery kiss he said, “oh, I’m down…your place, your ass after the match…” and we went out the form-up.

He was of course at goal, I got placed at forward. It was a fun, tough match. No one scored the first half. At break, Meyers kept a hand on me the whole time, ruffling my hair, getting me in a headlock, draping an arm over my shoulder, cupping my butt cheek, more than once. I leaned into him at every chance. The other guys caught the mood and grab ass spread to the field for the third quarter. I had to think abut nuns and dead kittens for a bit when I started to pop a woody during a lull on my side of the pitch.

I scored near the end of the match. It was a surprise goal for the defenders and my team went bonkers. I ran the length of the pitch yelling, whipping my shirt over my head. Meyers met me full run and threw me over his shoulder to run with me a few yards. I was crushed under the guys. Meyers got his tongue in my ear, calling me his stud, his star, his slut. When I finally was pulled to my feet, my half hard dick was tenting my shorts. The celebratory hugs, head butts and ass pats came from all 10 other teammates. Two of them pulled me close enough to them that they eyed my hard on with grins and winks.

The last few minutes of the match were scrappy; but the other team couldn’t score. The final whistle blew and we all huddled up to a long happy sweaty hug. Shaking hands I got lots of congrats from the other team. Most guys left right away, slipping into sweatpants and trickling out in small groups. A handful of us trooped into the locker room, just past the door, Meyers, yanked my shirt up off my sweaty torso and threw it in my face. It was one of those loud happy times in the locker room. I strutted to the urinals again in my strap. Eyes were on me. Meyers was already in the shower, in one corner. The steam was rolling and the guys were all carrying on. The grin on my face almost hurt.

I took the shower next to Meyers; who was idly spinning under the spray with his hands on his head. I felt a deep gut flutter of lust. He locked eyes with me and made his cock jump. I was a bit surprised but as I spun under my shower realized it was steamy enough no one could really see details. My cock woke up again. As I soaped and rinsed over and over Meyers and I kept our back to the guys most of the time, so we could stroke and show. It got a quieter, I looked around, and most guys were out of the shower. The guy next to me, Jones, one of the teammates who’d eyed my on field boner nodded as he revealed his own shower hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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