Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Gal

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As Salam Alaikum, people. How are you? Ayaan Ismail here. Everyone’s favorite naughty Somali gal, college student and part-time cleaning lady. Got another wicked story to share with you kind folks. My boyfriend Adam Stephens and I decided to leave the City of Ottawa, Ontario, and spend a few days in the City of Montreal, Quebec. Just call it our holiday if you will.

Too bad we didn’t spend much time out of our hotel room during the first couple of days. Adam and I were too busy fucking over every inch of the place. We’re a passionate couple, and I mean this in every way you can think of. And then some. Adam and I are as different from each other as can be. It’s part of the fun for us, come to think of it.

I am a Somali-Canadian woman and a proud Muslim, born in the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, and raised in Ontario. Adam Stephens was born in Canada, to a Black father who emigrated from the Caribbean and a white Canadian mother. We met, and connected, and we’re happy together. A lot of Muslim girls overlook perfectly decent men everyday because they’re from other faiths. Muslim guys on the other hand can date and marry girls of any faith. I’m not foolish enough to do that. I live my life my way.

During the first two days that we spent in Montreal, Adam and I found new pathways to pleasure. For some reason, Adam is quite turned on by the sight of me stark naked…with my Hijab on and nothing else. I find it sexy too, and there’s nothing quite like having my pussy licked by my favorite biracial Christian stud while I’ve still got my Hijab on. It’s poker oyna a lot of fun, and I swear, I’m almost addicted to it now.

Adam Stephens is addicted to the taste of my Somali cunt, and I am thrilled to hear it. I lay on the bed, with my legs spread, and my sexy stud got between my legs and licked my pussy like a hungry man. Afterwards, I got on all fours, spread my plump Somali butt cheeks wide open and told Adam to get busy. Translation? I want to feel his tongue in my asshole! Adam began happily munching on my sweaty butt hole, and I giggled in pleasure as he eagerly licked me up.

The two of us had a lot of wicked fun over the next few hours, and after Adam finished polishing my gorgeous Somali derriere with his tongue, I let him fuck me in the ass. Anal sex can be a wonderful experience…when done right. First, Adam lubricated me good and proper with some Aloe cream, and also applied some on that thick mixed dick of his. Then, he fingered and licked my butt hole some more, before I declared myself ready for some ass fucking. Adam pretty much took it from here.

Adam Stephens eased his dick into my hungry asshole slowly, just the way I liked it. Anal sex isn’t something any of us should rush through. Messes and injuries can occur if you do. Fortunately for me, Adam likes to take his sweet time as he works that dick of his into my asshole. I lay on my back, legs in the air, as Adam began pounding away at me, slowly but surely drilling his dick into my butt hole.

I lay there, rubbing my tits with one hand and fingering my wet cunt with canlı poker oyna the other as Adam Stephens filled my asshole with his dick. I locked eyes with Adam as he fucked me, and smiled contentedly. For I saw nothing but pure, undiluted love in those eyes of his. Adam fucked me good, getting that dick of his to the bottom of my butt hole, one inch at a time. I cried out in pleasure as I got fucked in the ass, and I welcomed the deliciously hot pain down below. It was absolutely fantastic!

Adam Stephens slowly pulled his long and thick mixed dick out of my asshole, and that’s when, um, something kind of gross or funny ( depending on your viewpoint ) happened. What happened, you may wonder? I farted the moment Adam Stephens dick plopped out of my asshole. A loud, wet fart. Shoot, I did NOT see that one coming!

I looked up at Adam Stephens, feeling so embarrassed I thought I could die right then and there. Adam laughed and told me not to worry. Then my favorite biracial Christian stud squeezed out a loud fart right in front of me, and we both burst out laughing. Adam and I are perfect for each other! Later, I thanked him good and proper for fucking my ass…by fucking his with my new strap-on dildo.

I look really hot wearing a strap-on dildo and a Hijab, according to my beloved boo, Adam Stephens. It’s the mixture of female dominance and Islamic modesty that turns him on, I guess. Adam told me that he thought all Muslim girls were submissive, until he met me. Damn right Muslim girls aren’t submissive! Even if a Muslim lady appears submissive, internet casino don’t believe that she’ll submit to every male that comes along.

Seriously, I wish people would get their fact straights. Muslims of both sexes should bow down before the Creator. In Islam, females aren’t considered inferior to males, that’s just cultural sexism talking. I am a strong and dominant woman and a proud Muslim. Don’t like it? Feel bothered by it? Kiss my thick Somali derriere, thank you very much.

Without further ado, I donned the strap-on dildo, rolled a condom on it, and lubricated it good and proper with plenty of Aloe cream. I did the same to Adam Stephens sweet ass, after making him spread his butt cheeks for me. I pressed the dildo against Adam’s ass, gripped his hips for balance, and thrust forward. A gasp escaped Adam’s lips as I penetrated his bum with my strap-on dildo. This is going to be so much fun.

Adam Stephens butt is sweet, and I delighted in fucking it good and proper with my strap-on dildo. I love dominating my sexy biracial Christian stud like this. Adam is taller and stronger than me, and I love overpowering him, Femdom-style. To hear Adam cry out my name as I pleasured him turned me on like you would not believe. I pegged Adam until he begged for mercy. A fine way to start our holiday in Montreal, eh?

Over the next few days, Adam Stephens and I explored the lovely metropolis of Montreal and got to know this magical city. The town is quite diverse, and that’s how I like it. Also, I’m glad that we’re far away from Ottawa, where my friends and family live. I’m a Muslim woman in a relationship with a Christian man. Something that’s forbidden by the rules of Islam. I’ve got to be careful…almost to the point of paranoia. It’s my life on the line, after all.

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