Baby Sitter

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As I drove home, I couldn’t believe how incredibly frustrated I was — sexually, that is. I hadn’t had sex for months — with a man, at least. I’d had plenty with little vibrator, but that’s just not the same. My husband and I were estranged, probably heading for divorce, and my prospects for the future (sexually) were uncertain.

I’d had a dinner meeting that evening with clients that was a last minute thing and I’d been lucky enough to get my regular baby sitter, Kara, on such short notice.

I pulled into the driveway but didn’t put the car in the garage as the automatic door opener was noisy and I didn’t want to wake the kids; who should have been in bed an hour ago. I entered my house through the back door that opened off the kitchen and set my briefcase and purse on the breakfast bar. I also slipped off my heels since my feet were aching from having worn heels for almost fourteen hours.

I really need to toss those shoes and buy something more comfortable, I thought to myself.

I was hoping Kara wasn’t going to be too upset with me for being home so much earlier than I’d told her; but the meeting had not gone well. It broke up much earlier than planned and with a fair amount of animosity, on both sides. So, I made up my mind to pay Kara for the full time I had said I’d be gone; so she wouldn’t be shorted.

I walked slowly down the hall to the living room as I looked through a stack of the day’s mail, which was mostly junk mail.

If they can ban spam from email, way can’t they ban it in the mail box too, I thought.

I expected to find Kara watching TV in the living room, or maybe doing homework — she was a senior in high school and her mother was a good friend of mine. I knew Kara had recently had her eighteenth birthday because her parents had given her a used car for a present, which meant I wouldn’t have to drive her home — so, at least there was one positive thing in my day, which otherwise, had been pretty shitty.

As I neared the door to the living room I heard something and it soon became apparent it wasn’t the TV, or if it was, then Kara had developed a penchant for porn. The sounds were very obviously those of people making passionate love. I heard something like a smacking sound like you’d get from slapping something wet, or from a wet pussy connecting with the hips of a hot stud. And, there were gasping and heavy breathing noises and I distinctly heard a girl’s voice saying, “yes, oh yes, oh that’s so good” very softly.

I chuckled to myself, I bet Kara really did sneak in a porno DVD and she thought no one would ever know since she was at someone else’s house, and alone.

I thought to myself, if I peek around the corner I’ll seen her with her fingers between her legs getting herself off as she watches some hot action on the screen.

Then, I knew that I’d have to go back out to the car and make some noise coming into the house so she could grab and hide the DVD and collect herself. I wasn’t angry with her for having a normal curiosity about sex – hell, I was curious about sex too!

Like; when was I going get some sex again … hopefully damn soon, I thought.

So, I tiptoed up to the doorway and very slowly and carefully peeked around the corner. The first thing that came into view was the giant TV screen, and curiously, there was a commercial on the screen and almost no sound coming from the box.

That’s odd, I thought.

I continued my stealthy reconnoitering and slowly the couch came into view and I saw Kara exactly where I expected her to be. However, she was naked, straddling a young man’s lap and bouncing energetically up and down on his very large and impressive cock — the young man was naked too.

My heart raced, and my mind reeled.

I was … was … not furious as I knew I should be at my baby sitter for taking such liberties in my home. No, I was incredibly turned-on! Without thinking my hand went up under my short skirt and I squeezed myself and felt how I was already getting wet. My fingers pulled my thong panties aside and started making little circles over my clit; I spread my legs wider apart.

I still had my head pressed against the door frame and was peeking around the corner just enough to see the two beautiful young people screwing each other’s brains out. Fortunately, he seemed to be engrossed with sucking Kara’s left tit which imposed her body between his head and where I stood spying.

Oh fuck, I thought, they are so hot; and I want a cock so fucking bad!

I thought of just walking in on them and joining in the fun, but I knew as soon as they saw me they’d be terrified that they were both in big trouble and that would spoil everything.

Unless, I thought, I make it completely obvious they were not in trouble and I that I was not angry with them.

It occurred to me just how I could convey that message and just what I needed to do so that I could have exactly what I so desperately craved without scaring these adorable kids off.

I went back around halkalı escort the corner where I could not be seen by them even if they looked in my direction, and I started to disrobe. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, and then I unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it down with careless disregard for the fine silk material. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra, and then pulled the straps off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I pulled my thong over my hips and down my legs and stepped out of the panties. I did not remove my sheer black thigh high stockings — they looked sexy and might help convey the message I wanted to get across.

My heart was thumping hard in my chest and I leaned against the wall which separated me from the young couple that I so urgently wanted to join; and I was terrified. I had never done anything so brazen or as wanton in my entire life as I was then contemplating. I put fingers between my legs and rubbed myself again; perhaps in some odd way, to build my courage. I looked at my body in the mirror which hung on the opposite wall of the hallway and realized I was not at all that bad looking for a mature woman, my age. I’ve got great legs — and my black stockings made them look even better. I’ve got really nice boobs and my figure is still almost as slim as it was before the kids. My blond hair is past shoulder length and as I stood there masturbating and assessing myself in the mirror I realized I should let my hair down. It did not look at all sexy in the bun it had been in all day for work — so I let it down and it fell below my shoulders and made me look much more provocative.

They kids were still going strong in the living room and I realized it was ‘now or never’ as they say. I either had to step around the corner or quickly gather up all my cloths and sneak back out to the kitchen and get dressed again. I stepped around the corner.

“Hi kids, do you mind if I join you?” I said as I walked blatantly into the room, nude, but for my sexy stockings.

“Oh shit!” Kara exclaimed as she turned and saw me approaching. She started to get off her boyfriend and I shouted at her.

“No! Stay right there!”

She froze.

“What’s going on?” Her boyfriend said as he relinquished Kara’s nipple and looked around her body. “Oh fuck!”

“Both of you remain exactly where you are … do … not … move!” It occurred to me that as an ‘adult’ — for surely at their ages, these two young adults still thought of themselves as kids — I was the authority figure, just like their parents. Kara also knew what good friends her mom and I were, so I knew I could use a little intimidation, at least for awhile, and hopefully get what I wanted and we would all be very very happy in the end.

“Kara, I know this has got to be weird for you, and for you too, whatever your name is.” I said.

“His name’s Bobby.” Kara said.

“Yeah.” He chimed in.

“OK, Bobby … and Kara … let me explain. I came in and heard you too and I confess I peeked around the corner and saw you f… ah, making love. Now honey, I haven’t had sex in months, so, as I stood watching you both for awhile, it made me so fucking hot that I just couldn’t help myself and I, ah … I started masturbating in the hallway as I watched you. Are you with me so far?

They both just nodded, indicating ‘yes’, so I continued.

“Well, I just couldn’t stand it any longer so I took off my cloths — as you can clearly see — and here I am. I am going to ask you for something … beg if I have to. I want so much to join you … to … to have sex with you. But if you’re not OK with that, then please … please, just let me sit here on the sofa next to you, while you two make love, and let me get myself off. Please say it’s OK!”

“Oh my gosh.’ Kara said in disbelief. “And you’re not going tell my mom? And you’re not angry with me?”

“Kara, think about it. How could I tell your mom? You’d tell her exactly what I did — and you’ve got a witness, biased, but still a witness to back you up. Your mother would never speak to me again.” I explained. “And no I’m not angry; I’m just so fucking horny, I can’t stand it.”

I took a few steps toward them until I stood right next to them. I took Kara’s hand and pressed it between my legs.

“Honey, do feel how wet I am. You did that … you and Bobby.”

“Oh my gawd!” Kara, exclaimed. “You are! And I can’t believe I’m touching a woman’s pus… oh, sorry.”

“Pussy … that’s right. Do you like it? Your hand feels so wonderful and I’ll tell you a secret Kara … I’ve never had a girl touch my cunt before, either. So, we are both exploring new territory here, sweetie.” I said to her.

I took her hand and moved it up and down along my slit to stimulate my clit.

“Oh gawd that feels so fucking great.” I sighed.

“Oh man … this is so fuckin’ hot …” Bobby finally let his feelings be known. “Kara, can I touch her tits? Would that be OK with you?” He added.

“Ah şirinevler escort … yeah, I guess so … this is so weird.” Kara said.

Bobby reached up and cupped my breast while I continued to manipulate Kara’s hand over my clit. He squeezed and pinched my nipple; my nipples are very sensitive and I adored the way he manipulated me.

“Oh … that’s nice Bobby, and Kara please rub me right there … it feels so awesome.” I told them. “Do you like my tits, Bobby?”

“Oh yeah, and they’re bigger than Kara’s.” He said.

“Oh thanks!” Kara scolded Bobby, and she had a big pout on her lips.

“Whoa … hold it you two.” I said removing Bobby’s hand from my breast and Kara’s hand from my crouch.

“We need ground rules. This is not about competition. I know you two must really care for each other and I am not here to steal anyone away from anyone else — I just want to fuck. Kara, if you’re not OK with that, then I’ll just go upstairs and find my vibrator and you two can lock up when you’re done making love. So what’ll be? Can we play together, or not?”

“Hey, I’m cool.” Bobby was quick to say … typical guy. Being with two women at once has got to be every guy’s wet dream.

“Sure, I’m fine with that … and your breasts are larger than mine. Could I feel them too?” She asked.

“Of course, but only if I can feel yours … and suck on your sweet nipples too.” I told her.

I looked at Bobby whose lips were re-attached to Kara’s breast again.

“That is, assuming we can get Bobby’s head out of the way.” I said, and laughed.

I took Kara’s hand and brought it to my breast. She was much gentler with it than Bobby had been.

“Feels like mine, just bigger.” She said.

“Here, suck on my nipple.” I said, leaning over so she could reach my nipple without getting off Bobby’s lap. Bobby was starting to thrust into Kara again now that the shock of discovery had passed.

“Oh honey … your lips are so nice … oh oh oh … I’ve never had anyone feel so good at my breast before; except my babies, but that was totally different.” I said as she licked and sucked my swollen and sensitive nipple into her sweet mouth. After awhile Kara pulled back from me.

“Geeez, now I know why guys are such fanatics about breasts … that was so awesome … Mrs. B___.” She said.

“Please Kara, its Elizabeth, but you already know that everyone calls me Beth. Please, can I sit next to you and try your breasts?” I asked.

“Sure.” She agreed.

I sat on the sofa right next to Bobby as Kara pushed his head away. I took Kara’s hand again and guided it between my legs and she found my clit quickly and began rubbing me. I leaned over and ran my tongue around her dark areola while cupping her perfect young breast in my hand. I flicked my tongue over the tip of her rigid bud and heard her moan; whether from me, or from Bobby’s cock, I could not tell. Then I sucked her nub of hard flesh into my mouth and savored the taste and feel of her.

“Oh Beth … I see what you mean … you’re so much gentler than when a guy does it … oh its so much nicer … uh uh yes I love that …” Kara whispered.

I feasted on Kara’s breast a while longer and felt a tension building inside me as Kara continued to manipulate my little button. I released Kara’s breast and leaned back on the sofa and just let myself go with the intense sensations centered in my sex and I rode the hot chills coursing throughout body. I tensed all over, my tummy clinched, and little mewling sounds escaped from my throat.

“Uh uh uh … oh gawd … oh yes yes …” Kara said, getting off at the same time as her fingers took me over the edge.

Bobby started grunting and groaning and pumping his cock into Kara faster and faster and he erupted into Kara only seconds later. Kara pretty much collapsed on my lap. I lifted her off so she was lying on the sofa next to me and bent over to put my face between her legs.

Her pussy lips were flush and bright red as the natural response of her body pumping extra blood to the genitals during sex. The scent of her sex was strong and musky as I ever so gently licked her, knowing she would be very sensitive so soon after her climax. Bobby’s thick white cum began seeping from her, so went lowered my head and licked it from Kara’s lovely cunt — I’ve always adored the taste of cum … can’t get enough of having a man unload it in my mouth; but taking it from a girl’s warm pussy was even more erotic.

“Hmmmm … so yummy.” I said. Kara heard me.

“You like how I taste?” She asked.

“Oh yes, and Bobby’s cum too — a wonderful ambrosia.” I replied.

“Oooooo … can you share some of his cum with me, I’ve never tasted cum before.” She revealed.

I bent back down and more of Bobby’s luscious juices had drained from her. I collected as much as I could and took it up to Kara’s mouth and let it drip onto her outstretched tongue.

“Hmmm … salty … I like it! Bobby this is your lucky day. escort istanbul Next time I give you a blow job, you can cum in my mouth.” She told her boyfriend.

“I never let him do that before ’cause I was afraid it would taste horrible.” She told me.

“Cool!” Bobby said.

“Ooooh … oh oh oh Beth!” Kara shouted because I was licking her clit — something I’d never done before, but I’d long fantasized about being with another woman. I loved the feel and taste of that sweet young woman and hoped I would have opportunity to explore and expand my new found proclivity, in future. As I thought about it, I knew a few women who went both ways and I made a mental note to reestablish closer ties with my long neglected acquaintances.

Kara came again in just a few minutes. If she was like me – I can have orgasms one after the other just minutes apart – she could keep going all night.

“Hey, ah … you guys … don’t forget about me over here.” Bobby reminded us.

“Kara, is it alright with you if I suck your Bobby’s cock?” I wanted make sure I deferred to Kara before doing anything with her boyfriend.

“Sure, but if he comes in your mouth, though, you have to share it with me.” She said,

“Bobby if you’re about to come, you tell us, so you can shoot in Kara’s mouth and then she can share it with me. OK?” I said.

“Yeah.” He agreed.

I shifted around on the sofa so I was kneeling next to, and bending over, Bobby’s still stiff cock. I took him in my mouth and felt him twitch as I slid down the length of it. I grasped the base and as my head bobbed up and down his shaft my hand stroked him as well. Bobby was groaning with delight.

All of a sudden, I felt Kara’s head between my legs and her tongue lapping at my pussy. She wrapped her arms around my hips and pulled my sex down to her eager head and found my clit again. It wasn’t long before I felt myself shudder uncontrollably. My hips started to buck, but Kara held on and kept flicking her tongue over my clit until I cried out in total joy. I had to abandon poor neglected Bobby as I my body buckled and fell like a rag doll on the sofa.

“Did you like that?” Kara asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said after a few moments. “I think you need to take over sucking Bobby’s cock.” I told her. So she did.

Several minutes later I heard Bobby’s deep guttural groans as he shot another load, this time directly into Kara’s virgin mouth. She did not swallow it but came over to me and placed her lips on mine and Bobby’s tasty cum entered my mouth. Our tongues swirled around each other’s mouths and we cherished the strong salty taste of Bobby’s seed. Our kiss, however, did not end after we’d each swallowed our share of his spunk. We continued to kiss passionately. I was lying on the couch and Kara was kneeling next to the couch bent over me as we kissed. I wrapped my arms around her, and gloried in the feel of her young body, when I felt something warm press against the opening of my pussy.

Then it filled me completely; Bobby was fucking me while Kara and I explored what it was like to love another woman. It felt so utterly spectacular. I broke off from kissing Kara.

“Oooooo Bobby … that feels so wonderful … I haven’t had a cock in me for sooooo long.”

“Kara’s a lot tighter inside, but you still feel real nice.” Bobby said. What is it with guys and comparisons, anyway?

“Wait till she’s had a few babies, Bobby” I said as he pounded his beautiful cock into me.

Kara slid her hand down my belly and started rubbing my clit again and I was soon on my way to women’s wonderland. I felt my cunt squeeze Bobby’s cock rhythmically as my pussy muscles contracted over and over on his hard shaft.

As I came back down, I felt him pick up the pace and he slammed me faster and faster until his body was smashing into mine in a frenzy and I came again, and then again, until Bobby let out a mighty groan and with one last tremendous thrust, he exploded inside me.

“My gawd … that’s three times you’ve cum.” I gasped. Kara had a big smile on her face from watching me get so thoroughly fucked.

“Move over Bobby.” Kara said as she stood and moved around to kneel between my legs. I felt her tongue start lapping at my raw pussy. It felt good, not like I was going to cum again, just very pleasant and soothing. She came up and gave me some of her boyfriend’s cum and went back for more. After a couple more ‘loads’ I heard Bobby.

“Hold still baby so I can get it in you.” So Kara happily complied and let Bobby fuck her from behind while she kept supping on my pussy. After an appropriate break she worked her way back up to my clit and gave me several more delightful orgasms. I heard Bobby cum again after I don’t know how long.

“Do you want to lick Bobby’s cum from my pussy again?” Kara asked.

“Oh honey, I’m totally exhausted. But, maybe Bobby would do it and share it with you.” I suggested.

So she asked her boyfriend to do that for her.

“No fucking way baby! That’s totally fucking gross!” Bobby said; his sensitivity overwhelming us both.

“Oh really? Well Bobby, if it’s that gross, then you have cum in my mouth this evening for the first time, and for the last time. If cum is too gross for your mouth, then its too gross for mine!” She told him in no uncertain terms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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