BabySitter’s Education

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Amanda was quietly grumbling to herself as she headed towards the Adams’s place for her baby-sitting job. It’s time she gave this sort of thing away and found something better and more reliable, she told herself. It was fine at sixteen and reasonable at seventeen, even though fathers suddenly seemed to be getting touchy-feely and hinting about seeing more of her.

At eighteen, it was not only boring and poorly paid, but a couple of times she’d had to actively fight off an amorous father. No, she’d had enough of this lark. She’d start looking for other work the next day.

Mind you, she quite liked the Adams family. They weren’t all that much older than her, even if they did have two children. Mrs Adams was a sweetie and Mr Adams was OK, even if he had made a mild pass at her. The catch with the Adams’s was Mr Adams brother, Peter. She’d once heard his job described as being a handyman, and if ever a job fitted a man that one did.

When she was within his reach he was all hands, wanting to touch things she considered hers, like boobs, butt and other places. Mind you, when he was an arm’s length away or further he was a real honey. A sweet talking guy who knew how to flatter a girl. But his idea of talking her into bed was a non-starter. For crying out loud, he’d never even asked her out on a date and he wanted to bed her?

Arriving at her destination, Amanda gave a small sigh on finding Peter there as well. Great. Now she’d be fending him off until they all left. She was pleasantly surprised to find Peter on his best behaviour. He was at his charming best, and kept his hands strictly to himself.

When Peter was in this sort of mood Amanda had no objection to flirting with him to a certain extent. Privately she admitted to herself that he could be really charming, and if he ever did ask her out she’d go, taking the chance on what the night would bring. Someone had to be first, she thought.

However, despite his flirting, no propositions or suggestions of dates took place. The three of them had plans for the night, Peter told Amanda. They expected to have quite a time.

All too soon the trio departed, leaving Amanda with two small children who were already tired and wanting their beds. Fifteen minutes later the kids were asleep and Amanda had a long boring night in front of her.

Amanda was watching TV and struggling to stay awake when she heard the front door open. She blinked herself a little wider awake. Had she fallen asleep and not noticed? She checked the time and was surprised to find it was only ten. She’d expected them to be gone for several more hours.

Amanda was standing in the middle of the front room when Mr and Mrs Adams and Peter came into the room, chatting and looking happy.

Peter winked at her.

“Surprised to see us back so early?” he laughed. “No need to be. Our fun is just beginning.”

Before Amanda could ask what he meant she heard Mrs Adams give a happy squeal.

“Me first,” kaçak iddaa she cried. “I’m ready now.”

To Amanda’s shocked surprise Mr Adams laughed and pushed Mrs Adams forward so she was leaning over the side of one of the armchairs. Next moment he’d lifted his wife’s dress up and pulled her panties down. His own trousers dropped, giving Amanda a sudden view of a quite respectable erection.

“Coming, love,” he said, and while Amanda stared Mr Adams moved apart Mrs Adams lips and drove his cock fully into her, totally unconcerned that she and Peter were there, watching.

Stunned, Amanda watched as Mr Adams proceeded to ravish his wife in front of her. His cock went plunging in, drawing squeals from Mrs Adams, while the motions of her bottom showed that she was pushing back eagerly to meet her husband’s thundering drives.

“I need to get out of here,” thought Amanda, but found her feet fastened to the floor, her fascination at the way Mr Adams’s cock was pleasuring his wife leaving her spellbound.

Giving her head a quick shake to clear it, Amanda took a step towards the door. She’d collect her pay another day, she’d decided. Her step towards the door took her no place, she found. Looking down she found that Peter had his arms around her waist, holding her in position, while he also watched his brother making love to his sister-in-law.

It dawned on Amanda that something large and quite hard was pressing between her buttocks, and she didn’t need much of an imagination to guess what it was. For one very vivid second she had a mental picture of herself lying naked on the couch, legs sticking up into the air, while Peter was leaning over her, a very large cock slowly descending upon her.

She felt excitement burning deep inside her, and she knew moisture was gathering inside her. She needed to do something. She was pulling at Peter’s hands (and achieving nothing) when she heard Mrs Adams give a louder squeal.

It registered on her suddenly that Mrs Adams had been making appreciative noises the whole time her husband had been servicing her. Now she was getting even more vocal.

Her attention called back to the exhibitionist pair, Amanda watched in helpless fascination as Mr Adams seemed to accelerate, repeatedly ramming into a squealing Mrs Adams who was bouncing eagerly, happy at the attention she was getting.

“My god,” thought Amanda. “She’s climaxing already. That was bloody fast. I thought sex would go for longer than that.”

“That’s just a quicky to get her started,” Peter murmured in her ear. “She’ll settle down for a more leisurely session later.”

Belatedly, Amanda remembered Mrs Adams cry of ‘me first’. Going first meant someone else would be going second, and the only candidate for going second was . . . her?

Even as this thought crossed her mind Amanda heard Mrs Bush shriek and saw her shuddering as she hand her husband enjoyed their climaxes. In the sudden silence that followed, Amanda twisted illegal bahis her head to look at Peter, and knew exactly what he had in mind.

“No,” she whispered. “No, no, no. I am not being a party to this. Not interested. Going home, thank you.”

She was, she found, more conscious than ever of that hard rigidity pressing against her.

She felt Peter’s hands sliding down from her waist and settling on her hips, and she gasped in horror. Looking down she could see Peter’s hands resting on her hips. Her naked hips. Her skirt and panties were pooled around her feet and she hadn’t even noticed him pushing them down. Her attention had been too firmly focused on Mr Adams servicing his wife.

Movement distracted her and she turned her head. Mr Adams was picking up the coffee table from the middle of the room and moving it away. Why was he doing that?

The answer came quickly as she found herself being lowered onto the rug that normally lay under the coffee table. Peter calmly pushed her down until she was flat on her back, and her earlier vision came back to her as he lifted her legs high and wide.

Amanda lay there, not moving, even when he released her legs. She was wide open to him and she knew it. Peter was looking down and seeing something no-one else had ever looked at and, she realised, she was letting him. Her own eyes focused on Peter’s trousers, watching as he undid his belt and unzipped his trousers.

Peter dropped his trousers and Amanda gasped quietly, looking at him and what he was offering her. Not offering, but rather intending to thrust upon her. Or in her, Amanda thought, with an odd mental giggle.

“Why,” she wondered, “aren’t I protesting? Why am I just lying here waiting?”

The answer, she knew, was irrelevant. She was lying there waiting, and Peter apparently had no intention of making her wait too long.

He was kneeling between her thighs now, his shoulders pressing against her legs, keeping them up out of the road. Amanda was breathing more quickly as she watched his erection moving closer and she gasped as she felt it starting to press against her.

Amanda was hot and wet, an unwanted legacy of watching Mr and Mrs Adams at work, and her lips gave eagerly to Peter as he pressed against them. She gave a small squeal as he started pushing into her, the small squeal becoming a sharp yelp of protest when Peter suddenly pushed firmly against her, breaking through her hymen.

“The sound of a popping cherry,” squealed Mrs Adams, and Amanda threw her a glare, although admitting that she spoke truly.

Then Mrs Adams was dismissed from her thoughts as she became increasing aware of Peter and what he was doing to her. Rather, she became increasingly aware of Peter’s cock inside her passage, burrowing in and taking her over. Her attention was becoming tightly focused on this intruder who had charged into her and was now trying to dictate terms to her.

Trying, hell. Amanda had never experienced bahis siteleri anything like this before and Peter’s cock was in full control of the situation. It would slide irresistibly into her, sweeping away any protests she might have uttered, until it was deep inside her. Then there would be a slow retreat, with Amanda’s passage closing and clinging to it as it went, only to have it surge forward again, bringing strange delights in its trail.

Amanda found herself helpless against age old instincts that were coming eagerly into play. Peter was driving into her and she was lifting her hips and pushing against him, trying to take him ever deeper into herself.

She was vaguely conscious of her top and bra being pushed up and out of the way while Peter continued to thrust into her. Hands were on her breasts, coaxing more strange feelings and emotions out of her willing body.

Heat was burning inside her, spreading insidiously through her, leaving a heightened sense of excitement in its wake. The heat seemed to be burning through her in waves, each wave hotter and more exciting than the last, with Peter’s cock controlling the elements.

She was making odd sounds, she could hear herself, but couldn’t seem to stop. She thought she might have been pleading but she didn’t know for what. Was she asking him to stop? Somehow, she thought not.

Peter was driving into her harder and faster and Amanda found her excitement rising to unbearable levels. She was squealing and twisting under him, her legs now wrapped around him, trying to contain him within herself.

Something was going to happen, she knew.

Amanda was surprised when the world seemed to come apart around her. One moment Peter was pressing in, harder than ever, the next moment she could feel his seed splashing into her and then she wasn’t sure what happened after that.

Amanda lay there, feeling slightly stunned. She felt the remains of her clothing being removed and she knew that she was now naked, with Peter still pinning her to the rug.

As awareness slowly seeped back into her, Amanda felt Peter withdrawing, and then she was being helped to her feet and Mrs Adams was steering her out of the room.

Amanda came to full awareness in the shower. Mrs Adams was in there with her, helping to wash her down and chattering away.

Out of the shower and Mrs Adams helped her to dry off. Amanda looked around for her clothes and they weren’t there. She started to wrap a towel around herself, only to have it firmly removed by Mrs Adams.

“You won’t need that,” she said, steering Amanda back out of the bathroom. “The boys are waiting for us. Don’t let it worry you. You’ll find that the second time is even better than the first. Paul is a wonderful lover.”

“You mean Peter,” a still slightly bewildered Amanda thought, “and how do you know what sort of lover her is?”

Now they were back in the front room, naked before the two men, and Amanda blushed as she saw that Mr Adams and Peter were also naked. She saw Mrs Adams was smiling and moving towards Peter, while Mr Adams, Mr Paul Adams, was smiling at her and walking towards her, his erection leading the way.

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