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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.

This is a fantasy of a man (me) being forcefully taken by other men and contains some things that not all may want to read about, including spanking, anal sex, pissing, enemas, etc. If you’re not into this type of fantasy please don’t leave negative feedback. If this turns you on, please send me a message. It’s written in a casual style, not a heavy, formal writing style. That makes it seem more realistic to me. Thanks, and enjoy…


The older I get, it seems like the more lower back trouble that I have. As soon as I turned 40, I started going to a chiropractor on a regular basis, or at least quarterly for an “adjustment”. Sometimes it turned into more than just an adjustment. I still worked out so I had a great physique for someone in their early-40s, but I had stopped running; it was messing up my back. It was getting to be harder and harder to keep the toned body that I have had over the last couple of decades.

Of course, traveling in a car for hours at a time, sometimes 10-12 hours a day, doesn’t help. Sometimes I’d have to find a chiropractor while I was on the road for my company. As a sales rep for a furniture company I traveled quite a bit all over the US and into Canada and sitting down for 10+ hours a day wasn’t good for my spine. As a single, horny male who liked to fuck as much as I liked to be fucked, I often kept a butt plug in my ass while driving. It was a great, full feeling and it really made me hornier than ever.

The first thing that I would do when I got to my next hotel while I was traveling was to do some yoga in my room to try to loosen up my back a bit. Sitting on the floor upside down against the side of a wall with my legs straight up in the air, while I was resting on my shoulders in an upside-down vertical position really seemed to help. It also gave me the opportunity to let out some of the horniness that was always in me. I would try to catch my own cum in my mouth and swallow it as I worked-over my cock in that strange position.

I would usually then head downstairs and sit in the hotel sauna or soak in the hot tub for awhile, or both. Inevitably, since I was still a young’ish, single male, and I was always horny, I would fantasize about other people being in the hot tub or sauna with me – men, women, or both. I usually ended up working over my cock pretty good under the foamy water in the hotel hot tub or in the sauna while sitting there naked by myself, sweating and slippery, thinking of another person being in there with me.

Another thing that I did if my back was especially out of alignment would be to search for a chiropractor in the town where I was staying for the night. I’d read the reviews online to see if they were quacks or were great back-crackers. Sometimes they ended up shoving their cocks into my back crack, I mean, between my butt cheeks and into my tight little asshole.

In June of 2017 as I was making my way across southern Arizona I stopped for the night in a small town. I found a hotel right off of the freeway and went through my usual routine of unpacking and then I always squirted a big dollop of Vaseline into my asshole. I have run into situations when I’m on the road when I would be allow myself to be taken by a stranger or strangers and raped in hotel saunas and a couple of times in a hot tub or even pulled into alleys or gas station restrooms or into vans and raped.

I learned to always make any potential forcible-anal-entry as easy as possible. I would much rather be slippery back there than to have a stranger’s cock reaming and burning its way up my ass with no lubrication. Often times, the only lube would be a little precum from the raper being excited by the thought of ramming their cock between my butt cheeks and into my poor little asshole. It worked great; I was always ready for anything. It was a fantasy of mine to be taken “against my will” (or, to pretend that I’m being taken against my will) that I tried to make come to life as often as I could.

While I’m driving, I actually fantasized quite a bit about being taken against my will. I usually wore stretchy, athletic shorts and I would have my cock out and would be stroking it while I drove and with the butt plug in my ass it really felt great. I felt horny and dirty all the time, I loved it. I imagined all sorts of situations that I could get myself into and what I could do to turn on any potential horny guys that I encountered. I fantasized about them forcibly slamming their cock or cocks into my asshole with all their might and I would always bend over in saunas or in gym shower rooms hoping that someone would just take me and fuck the shit out of my asshole right then and there. And, it happened fairly often, thankfully.

A hotel sauna was a great place to get forcibly fucked by strangers. I was always naked, sweaty, and slippery and my asshole was always full of Vaseline so if another horny guy, or canlı bahis several guys, came in there it wouldn’t be long before I would tease them enough that I would be bent over and I had a cock or three sliding in-between my slippery butt cheeks. I often left a hotel sauna with cum dripping out of my asshole after being spanked, raped, and filled with cum by several strangers. That has happened several times over the last few years in random cities and I always made sure that I would be as appealing as possible to any would be ass-rapers when I would be in a hotel sauna or hot tub. I loved to be taken against my will.

Big cities seemed to have more matter-of-fact type of hotel ass-rapers, in that they just made their move, grabbed me, forcibly fucked the shit out of me, sometimes literally, as in I would literally shit right after they filled me with cum and pulled out. The stimulation of being deeply-fucked in my sensitive asshole does that to me and it just makes me horny knowing that most guys love to rape a dirty guy like me! Especially if it’s a fat cock that’s sliding in and out of my tight hole, that just does something to my… desire to go… These guys seemed to love to spank me as I was pushing out a big shit after they had just fucked and cummed into my full, tight asshole. The feeling of being on my hands and knees and pushing out a big shit in front of a stranger who just raped my dirty asshole while being spanked at the same time was amazing. Sometimes they would fuck me as I’m shitting and that was thee best! So dirty, no nasty, so perfect! That was by far my favorite ass-rape scenario and it happened every once in a while, but not often enough for me.

After the big city ass-rapers fucked me and left a load of cum deep in my ass and slapped my butt cheeks a few times for good measure, they just went on their way. It was no big deal, just let’s fuck the shit out of this random guy with the nice ass and get out of there.

In small towns, it almost seemed to be more about the act and trying new positions, like those guys were inexperienced and they wanted to try new and unusual things with a stranger’s asshole. Just so it was my asshole that they were raping I was ok with strangers practicing on my ass. They were sometimes really dirty and nasty, like they knew I was a stranger and they would never see me again so they could and would do all sorts of dirty, nasty things to me. It was great, I can’t lie, I love being dirty and being used as a dirty sex toy for strangers. They would fuck me upside down, with my legs held back, lying flat on my stomach while they straddled my abused asshole, or any number of other positions.

When I got to this little Arizona town and had unpacked, pulled the butt plug out of my asshole, and squeezed a load of Vaseline up my ass, I called the chiropractor with the most unusual reviews. They were all reviews from guys and they said things like, “It was the best adjustment of my life.” Or, “He reached places that I didn’t even know I needed to have adjusted.” It sounded promising. It must have been a one-man operation because the chiropractor himself answered the phone and said to come on over whenever I was ready. I took that several ways, but I really did need to have my back adjusted.

I decided to keep my loose, stretchy shorts on and since I don’t usually wear underwear who knows what would be on the agenda at the back cracker’s office.

When I arrived at the chiropractor’s office it was empty other than a youngish-looking guy, also in shorts and a t-shirt, sitting at the reception desk. It was the doc! He was in his late-20s and to see a professional in loose shorts and a t-shirt was a little strange, but I guess with it being in the 90s outside it was probably more normal than not in this area. It was incredibly hot in the office, like in the mid-80s at least. Apparently the AC had gone out which explained the chiropractor being in shorts and a t-shirt.

We went back into one of the two exam rooms and started going through the usual procedure. With him standing in back of me while I faced a pivoting, padded table with a cut-out portion to rest your face in, he took each of my arms and legs and moved them around to see my range of motion. He came dangerously close to my crotch while he was moving my legs, which I thought was strange, but exciting. Of course, the whole time I was there sweat was building up and I could feel sweat balls rolling down my back and rolling in-between my sweaty butt cheeks because it was so hot in there. When he moved my legs up I could feel my balls and the tip of my hardening cock peeking out of the bottom of my loose shorts leg hole!

Then I was told to touch my toes which made my hardening cock twinge a bit knowing that I didn’t have any underwear on and this stranger was standing right in back of me looking at my ass, no doubt. I have sort of figure-skater butt cheeks from working out and guys love to spank them and get a thrill out of fucking between them.

He had me bahis siteleri sit on a padded vinyl stool, which was warm because of the heat in the office. He had me arch my back and he lifted my t-shirt up over my head so that I couldn’t see anything and then he pulled my shorts down quite a bit in the back. I could tell that my ass crack was exposed at least halfway, which again I thought was strange, but also exciting. He ran a little two-wheeled tool over my spine a few times, really concentrating on my lower back. I don’t know what that tool is but all chiropractors seem to use it.

He “accidentally” ran one of the little nubby wheels in-between my butt cheeks and along my ass crack on the top portion that was visible as I sat on that hot, now-slippery-with-sweat vinyl stool facing away from him. When he ran it over my asshole, pushing against it fairly hard, he apologized, saying, “Oops, sorry, my tool sort of slipped in there.”

I wondered if it was an accident or not but I could feel my cock growing with the excitement of what might come next.

I sort of moaned and pushed out my ass when that happened and I said, “Mmmmmm… I have no doubt that it would be easy for your tool to slip in there.”

He mentioned maybe having to take my temperature anally because that was more accurate. That was a new one on me but maybe it was a new procedure. I was up for anything, literally.

The next thing he did was to put his left arm on my left shoulder and press in on my lower back with his right thumb while he moved me back and forth. Then he switched hands and did the same thing with his right hand on my right shoulder and his left thumb pressing onto my very lower back. He was pressing pretty hard on my lower back and running his thumb up and down my sweaty, slippery, naked, exposed lower spine, even starting to get close to running it in-between my butt cheeks. He was pressing really hard with his thumb and pulling me back so my ass jutted out on the stool.

As he got closer to the top of my crack and started pressing in on the top of that area, his thumb “accidentally” slipped in-between my slippery, sweaty, Vaseline-coated butt cheeks and in an instant the tip of his thumb pressed against and then plunged into my puckered, slippery asshole! It didn’t go in far, maybe an inch or so.

He said, “Sorry, I accidentally slipped in there again, naughty doctor.”

I instinctively moaned, “Ohh! Mmmm.. yes you did.. Naughty doctors are my favorite kind. It felt great, I hope that it seemed normal in there. Feel free to take more readings…” I jutted my ass back out towards his thumb when that happened.

He said, “Naughty patients are my favorite. It felt great in there but I have to do some more tests to make sure.”

His thumb soon met up with my slippery hole again and it went in and out a few times before he grabbed me by my sweaty, hips and slid my sweaty, slippery ass back on the vinyl stool so it was really hanging over the back edge of it and he bent me over even more. He was pressing his thumb all the way up my ass as he pulled back on my shoulder and my ass was sticking out over the back of the stool. Pretty soon his other thumb met up with my slippery little hole and both of them were going into my lubed-up hole at the same time. He said that he was sure that I would need to have my temperature taken, and I also was sure that I needed that.

It wasn’t long before my shorts were down at my ankles and then they were off and a “thermometer” was sliding up into my now-totally-exposed winking, tight, pink asshole. The thermometer seemed bigger than usual, almost like a turkey baster-sized piece of equipment, but it was smooth and it slid way up inside of my lubricated asshole with ease. It felt great. It felt like a slim, long dildo but it couldn’t have been one, could it? It was about an inch in diameter which was bigger than any thermometer that I remembered, but it felt great, so dirty, so naughty! Naughty doctor!

He slid that “thermometer” really far up into my tight little hole and he held it there for a minute and he would twist it around and move it in and out like he was fucking my ass with it, he said it helped to get an accurate reading. Twist, fuck, twist, fuck, in, out, in, and then he would pull it all the way out and then push it all the way in again. He jammed it in all the way again as far as it would go, then twist, fuck, twist fuck, out all the way until my gaping asshole winked shut and then he jammed it back in again! I was squirming and moaning and pushing my ass out and bucking back and forth while he did this to my poor little asshole.

Before too long he started fucking it into my ass really fast and deep and then he pulled it out and put both of his thumbs in my asshole before my gaping hole winked shut. My ass was still jutting out over the back of the stool and he sat on another stool behind me while he was working over my asshole, taking my temperature and doing these other anal procedures. He started spreading bahis şirketleri my hole apart with his thumbs, one on each side of my slippery little hole. It felt great to be used and abused like this by a total stranger.

All of a sudden I could hear him spit and I felt his hot spit hit my asshole! I could then feel his tongue on and in my spread-apart asshole!

He was saying things like, “We have to make sure that there are no obstructions in there that could be causing your back trouble… mmmm.. mmm…slurp.. Your temperature was normal but I have one more method to try. I have to take your temperature again with a bigger, wider instrument and go a little deeper and more aggressively to make sure that everything is normal in there.”

I said, “I’m looking forward to this deeper and more aggressive temperature procedure.”

He licked my asshole and kept spreading it apart wider and wider with his thumbs and kept spitting on and in my asshole and licking it.

Then he stood beside me with his hard cock sticking out of the bottom of his loose shorts and he was pressing it against my face. He put the palm of his hand on my sweaty lower back with his fingers pointing down and massaged my lower back, while his middle finger was starting to plunge in and out of my sensitive, slippery crack and over my quivering, puckered recently-fucked-by-a-big-“thermometer” asshole. Before too long, his middle finger was plunging in and out of my asshole, all the way in as far as it would go. He was trying to lift me up by curling his middle finger up inside of my ass and pulling straight up! And then two fingers were in there, then three fingers, always pulling up like he was trying to lift me off of that stool! Then he moved in front of me and all of a sudden his hard cock was in my mouth!

“MMmm.. bbbbb.. what the.. bbbb.. mmm…” was all I could say as his hard cock was now fucking my throat and his fingers were jamming up my poor little asshole.

He moved away and his wet, pre-cum-dripping cock slipped out of my month and he went back around to the back side of me again. He pressed on my upper back to sort of bend me over a bit more and he started pressing into my asshole with his fingers in a cone shape, all four of them and his fantastic thumb were pressing into my slippery asshole, stretching it out, punching into it in that cone shape. He was chuckling while he punched his cone-shaped fingers into my poor asshole.

He said that he had to make sure that my anal cavity wasn’t the cause of my back trouble, but how abusing and punching into my poor little asshole would tell him that I didn’t know. He was now spanking my asshole and poking into my hole with his cone-shaped fingers and he started slapping and spanking my sweaty, hot, slippery ass cheeks and before too long he started rubbing his cock up and down my slippery, sweaty crack. He mentioned having to take my temperature again with a different instrument this time! I knew this was it, I was about to get raped!

I said, “I think you’re right, I need to have your bigger instrument take my anal temperature. Shove your giant thermometer in there all the way! Slam it in and then pull it out all the way and then ram it back in there again and do that a few times and let me know how hot it is in there! Are my butt cheeks also hot? If not, maybe they need a good spanking to make sure that they aren’t causing my back pain. Spank my ass and take my temperature with your big, fat, slippery, angry instrument! Now! Do it now! I need your big, fat slippery instrument taking my temperature now! I need to feel it spreading my butt cheeks apart and sliding deep up inside my anal cavity to make sure that it isn’t the cause of my back pain!”

He stepped behind me again and I could feel his hands on my sweaty hips and feel his wet, slippery, hot cock head on my little asshole – and then it was in! And I mean in, all the way deep up into my slippery anal cavity in one motion right up to his sweaty, swinging balls! SLAM! He slammed against my sweaty butt cheeks that were hanging out over the edge of that slippery, hot vinyl stool.

Slap, slap, slap, his balls were slapping up against my balls. This chiropractor’s “thermometer” cock had just slammed up into my ass all the way as I was sitting on that slippery, hot, vinyl stool and my asshole was at the perfect angle for his cock to enter me, and he hit bottom, again and again! It was great!

I was sitting on that little stool facing away from him with my ass jutting out over the edge of the stool and my t-shirt was pulled up over my head and my shorts were off and I was being raped by a young, horny chiropractor that I had just met twenty minutes ago. I was sliding all over on that slippery vinyl stool in that 85-degree heat as he fucked the shit out of my poor little raped asshole. Literally, I felt like I was shitting every time he pulled his big “thermometer” out of my poor little tight asshole.

He fucked and fucked and fucked and really slammed his dick into my shit hole like he was punishing it, and punishing me. His cock would hit bottom on every thrust and he would pull it out all the way and then SLAM it back in my puckered-up little abused hole again and laugh.

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