Back When We Were Young

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Before I started dating my husband, I didn’t know much in terms of sex. I had one serious boyfriend, and he ended up being gay. Not many boys had kissed me either, so to say I was inexperienced was an understatement.

In the summer of 2010, I let myself loose. I went to parties, I drank, I danced with strangers and ended up making out with a person or two almost every weekend. And then, a very special night happened.

I was invited by my friend Kristy over for a sleepover. She and I had been friends for a couple of years and it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for us to sleep over at each other’s places for multiple days in a row. This time was no exception.

When I arrived, she invited me in and we immediately began the night with a glass of wine. For some reason, tonight felt different. I didn’t know why, but it just did.

Kristy was by no means unattractive. She was around 5 foot 5 inches, built from years of playing multiple sports, with long pale blonde hair that reached just the top of her perky little breasts. I had always been jealous of her body and frequently admired how her pale skin always looked beautiful with her bright blue eyes.

Compared to me, she was a goddess.

I stood at 5 foot 7, a little more chubby than most, but still pretty toned from weight lifting, playing softball, and running. I was tan from a summer full of lifeguarding and softball tournaments, and at the time, I had light brown hair that reached my downturned nipples. My breasts had always been large, as well as my ass. To most, I was considered “curvy”. To me, I was just plain.

Kristy took my hand after we finished our first glasses of wine and led me to her basement, where her big screen TV was set up for a marathon. As soon as we plopped down, bottle of wine in between us, she pressed the button on the remote and our show came on.

The opening theme for Avatar the Last Airbender came on and I laughed, “I can’t believe you have these on DVD! I haven’t watched this in years!”

Kristy turned to me and flashed me a mischievous smile. “Did you ever finish the show?”

I shook my head. “No. I never had the time. What happened?”

She canlı bahis took a drink from her glass and then replied, “Aang beats the Fire Lord, Zuko and Katara beat Azula, Toph, Sokka, and Suki take down a fleet of airships, and Zuko becomes Fire Lord. Oh, and Aang and Katara get together at the end!”

I spit out a bit of my wine and pouted. “Man! I wanted Zuko and Katara to get together! They’re so hot!”

Kristy laughed and shoved me playfully on the shoulder. “There’s always fanfiction, love.”

I gave her a wink and then turned back to the TV. As the show played, we continued to drink. By the time our third bottle of wine was empty, we were both falling on our asses laughing at the silly jokes made from the cartoon.

I stood up and mimicked a character for a while, and Kristy giggled as I strutted around the room like I was dancing. But while doing so, I started to get hot and sweaty.

So I pulled off my shirt and plopped back down to take another drink.

By now, we were practically taking shots of the wine when certain things happened in the show. And I was starting to get especially drunk because Zuko kept mentioning his honor over and over. It was getting ridiculous.

“You know what?” I said, turning to Kristy. “Zuko is probably the hottest character on this show. Who do you think is?”

Kristy thought for a moment, then smirked as she replied, “Katara.”

“Really?!” I barked out another laugh. “I never would have pegged you to like that.”

Kristy shrugged and took another drink. “I guess I just think she’s beautiful, that’s all.”

I agreed, took another drink, and felt myself get hotter. I looked to Kristy and asked, “Is it me, or is it getting really warm in here?”

She quirked her eyebrow, then nodded. Without another word, she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it behind her. “I was getting a little hot, too.”

But I barely heard her. I was too busy staring at her breasts, bare and pert. Her nipples were hard, puffed up like they had been played with recently.

Kristy smirked at me again, obviously seeing how distracted I was, then commented, “You know, bahis siteleri I hate my boobs. Your’s are so nice.”

I looked down to my ample chest and frowned. “Nah, mine are too saggy.”

Before I could react, Kristy turned her body fully to me and cupped my breasts in her palms. The pads of her thumbs grazed my nipples and I felt a shiver go through my body.

“They’re so firm, though!” she exclaimed. “I would kill to have breasts like these.”

She kept playing with them, pressing them together and massaging them lightly between her fingers. I couldn’t help but let out a throaty moan as she pinched my nipples once more.

Something changed in that moment, and I knew we were never going to go back.

I got bold. I stood, commented on how hot it was again, and slid my shorts down my legs and kicked them away. I was left bare naked, sitting crossed legged on her floor with my back propped against her couch. Kristy’s eyes gleamed, and she stood and pulled her shorts down as well. Her excuse was the same as mine.

We both kept our eyes on the screen, watching as Katara painted her face with some red stripes and donned a flowing robe.

“Gosh, what I would do to lick that girl’s pussy,” Kristy moaned.

I looked over and giggled. “She’s a cartoon, Kris. You can’t really do that.”

I could see how drunk she was based on the glaze in her eyes and the slurring of her words, but I couldn’t see the lust as she looked at my body once more and leaned towards me a little.

“Yeah, but a girl can dream,” she murmured, breath fanning my face. “Besides, haven’t you always had the fantasy of being with a woman?”

Immediately, I looked down to her shaved pussy and another shiver went through my body. Kristy must have seen, because she shifted in her spot so she was on her knees, face right in front of mine.

I didn’t need to say anything, because I knew what I wanted to do. What my body was telling me to do. My stomach clenched as I captured her lips with mine. In no time, Kristy was straddling me, her wet pussy grinding against my lower stomach.

We didn’t need to speak, because we just knew what to do. bahis şirketleri I pushed her off and onto her back, then lowered my pussy over her face. As soon as she started licking my clit, my mouth latched onto hers and my fingers began stroking her labia- spreading her juices all around. I slid one into her, then stroked her like I would do to myself. Her hips began thrusting into my face, grinding her cunt all over my mouth and chin.

Her tongue was expert, fucking my pussy like it had done it a thousand times. Her nose tickled my clit and I was practically sobbing for more.

Before I knew it, Kristy was pushing me off and onto my back. She lined her pussy up with mine and began rolling her hips back and forth. Never had I ever felt something so incredible, and before I knew it I was having my first orgasm. It ran through me like a tidal wave, rippling and tightening and blinding me that I barely noticed that Kristy had begun licking my pussy again.

She had me orgasming a second time, then a third before she lowered herself onto my face to let me feast. My tongue slid all around her, and my thumb stroked her clit back and forth until she was spasming around my tongue.

After she calmed down, Kristy climbed off of my face and ordered me to bend over the arm of the couch. I obliged, and suddenly I felt her tongue go into my asshole. It was strange, it was new. And it was incredible.

Kristy was an expert at making me cum, because I was at the mercy of her hands and mouth for so long I lost track of everything. The show was still playing in the background, but I blocked it out because the sounds of her satisfied moans and my screams of pleasure filled my ears.

After my sixth or seventh orgasm, we lazily tribbed each other, kissing slowly and suckling on each other’s nipples until our final orgasms shook our bodies.

Kristy got off of me, and without another word went into the bathroom and took a shower. I laid on the couch, sated and tired, and waited for her to return.

But I passed out before she even shampooed her hair.

Luckily for me, though, I woke up to the sight of her in between my legs with a strap-on and a vibrator.

With a grin, she said, “Sweetie, we’re just getting started.”

Even though years have passed, I still look back at that memory and smile. Because sometimes when I’m with my husband, I think of her.

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