Bad Girl, Wait

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“Take it slut, it’s just a little weight.” Mistress Regina clipped the labia clamp onto her slave, making her whimper as the metal edges bit soft and red flesh. Her slave, Eloise, had been put on an extreme 3-day sexual exercise, but she had not yet been allowed to cum. Regina knew it was driving her girl mad, but she didn’t really care. She’d been dumb enough to be caught masturbating when Regina had come home early, so this was her punishment. “You think you needed that? You’ll realize you weren’t even close!” Regina had warned. And then she’d made her slave call in sick to work for tomorrow, giving them a three day weekend.

Today was Saturday afternoon, about halfway of what her slave would have to suffer through. Eloise had cried to be allowed to cum constantly since yesterday, but her mistress was a queen at providing a million different kinds of pain that would prevent Eloise from releasing, but not bring her down. So the sexual high was ever present, and since Mistress Regina had tools to keep Eloise on her toes when she wanted to sleep or take a break, there was absolutely no repose for her.

Regina flicked the hanging weight, causing her slave to cry as it swung and the metal parts bit a little deeper. The mistress had grown bored of the nipple clamps and weights, so she’d put nipple shields on the pierced nubs, the kind that forced them almost an inch away from the rest of the breast. It had delighted her to no end when her slave had screamed about how much it hurt. Not though, it seemed like she wasn’t really thinking about them.

Standing up straight, Regina took a good look at her slave. Eloise was held standing, her ankles held far apart by a spreader bar. Her head and wrists had been put into a high pillory though, allowing the mistress full access to her slave’s front and back, and causing the slave extra anguish by a curved upper back.

“Mistress please, I won’t ever disobey you! Please just let me cum!” Eloise cried, her eyes red and puffy, but still a beautiful shining blue.

Regina walked closer to her and slapped her güvenilir bahis whipped cheeks. Ignoring the cry at that, she said, “You know I love to hear you beg, but I’m still not going to let you get away with it.” She kept her hand behind her slave and nudged at the inflatable dildo that was in her ass, receiving a low groan. “Unless you cry just right enough to get me to feel sorry for you. But I still think you have enough strength to last a bit longer, my dear.” She felt for the small ball pump and inflated the dildo a little more, causing her slave to jump slightly with each squeeze.

Walking around her slave and observing her beaten rear and back, her rosy red nipples surrounded by the marks of angry clothespins, splatters of hot wax still remaining in random spots, bite marks, and a whole mess down in between her legs. Regina hadn’t even gotten to a third of the things she planned, she was merely wondering where was the best place to go with this next. An idea suddenly hit her, and she smiled evilly behind her slave.

“Eloise, please me.”

Barely biting back a groan at the unfairness, Eloise perked up when she realized she’d have to be released from this painful pillory. “Yes mistress, of course.”

Regina leaned over and undid the ankle cuffs holding Eloise’s legs, and the slave didn’t bring them together for fear of pulling hard on the chained weight, but slowly she rebalanced herself, enjoying the feel of her hips being able to relax. Her mistress didn’t unlock the pillory though, and Eloise felt a pang of worry hit her. “Mistress? How could I serve you still tied up like this?”

“Use your imagination.” Regina grinned and walked out of Eloise’s site, then returned with a small but long chain, a medium weight cord, and a ribbed dildo. “But first, let me show you the rules.” She hooked one end of the chain to the ringed piercing on Eloise’s clit hood, and tossed it over the top of the pillory, giving it the slightest tug once the excess chain hung over. Her slave squeaked, which caused her to grin. Regina then tied the dildo türkçe bahis onto the top of her slave’s foot like a unicorn’s horn, and made sure it was tight enough not to slip, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.

“All right, get to work darling.” The mistress got down on the floor in front of her slave, resting forward on her elbows, while she held up her butt and wiggled it, the slitted underwear exposing her moist pussy lips.

Hating the unfairness of it all, Eloise balanced on one foot mostly, wincing at the sudden swinging of her labia weight, and started to tease her mistress with the tip of the blue jelly dildo. She tried to not whimper at the combination of pain from so many sources: her pussy lip, her nips, her wrists, her neck, her back, even her legs now that she was using muscles that hadn’t been moving around much before. It was hard though to focus not only on that (for her mistress was quick to correct her if she got too whiny), but also on really making this pleasurable for her mistress. luckily, Mistress Regina was all ready moist at the idea, and glancing back to see her girl’s look of focus and determination delighted her as well. She scooched back a bit to get the dildo further up inside her, purring as Eloise did what she wanted.

Keeping her balance as best as she could, Eloise moved the dildo in an out gently, knowing her mistress was damn close all ready. Even her own breath became a little speedier, as she fascinatedly watched the slick blue object disappear inside her mistress, then get pulled out with a wet slurping sound. Eloise wished she could lick off her mistress’ juices, but it would probably not happen this time. She prided herself on being able to serve though, so kept at it, making a kicking motion with her foot as her mistress started to rock back and forth on the dildo.

Regina used one forearm to hold her upper body up, and her other hand was by now rubbing furiously at her clit. She kept sneaking peaks back at her slave, who was obviously getting riled up from doing this, so Regina decided to put güvenilir bahis siteleri her in her place, since this was supposed to be a punishment. She reached back and felt the slim chain that was hanging off the top of the pillory, then gave it a good yank.

She made a high-pitched moan as Eloise’s foot kicked a little harder, then tugged at the chain so it would happen again. Eloise had gone from excited concentration to a hurried, but controlled reaction, trying to get her mistress to cum since she was pulling at that damn chain connected to her clit hood piercing constantly. She worked dutifully at it, twisting her foot a bit, causing the ripples on the dildo to rub against her mistress’ insides.

Mistress Eloise made a deep moan as she thrust back (and dually tugged on the chain) against the dildo, her head whipping up and back, reaching quite the nice climax, especially for a quickie. She got up soon, stroking her wet lips with her fingers and holding them in front of her slave’s mouth. “Nice. Considering the circumstances.” Before her slave could lick the flavored gift of her mistress though, Regina rubbed it off her fingers by using Eloise’s pulled out nipples, causing her slave to scream in shock.

“Well, I’m going to go watch a little bit of TV and get a bite to eat. I’ll be back to check on you.” Regina undid the rope holding the messy dildo off Eloise’s foot, then slowly started to introduce it into her cunt. “Hold this while I’m gone. Don’t drop it.” She parted her slaves legs with the spreader bag again, and undid the chain hooked on to the hood ring.

Eloise made a small whimper as she forced her insides to grip onto only the head of the moist dildo, knowing that it was left that way to make sure that if she tried to use it to get herself off, it would only slip out. But it still felt warm from being in her mistress, and it was difficult for her to only hold the thing. “Y-Yes Mistress.”

Chuckling to herself, Regina headed upstairs, all ready planning to watch her slave on the closed circuit TV she had hooked up to the rest of the televisions in the house. She’d wait until her slave had to drop the dildo, and then go downstairs to punish her delightful slave. Three days just didn’t seem like enough for her, but perhaps in a week, her slave might be naughty again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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