Banking on Keeping Their Secrets…

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author’s note: This is a work of total fiction. Any similarity to anyone living or deceased is purely coincidental. All acts of a sexual nature are performed consensually, and all characters in this story are aged 18 or older. Comments are welcomed to help me improve my creative writing.

The quiet hum in the banking hall was interrupted by the harsh ring tone of the office telephone. But not for long. Before the instrument had chance to begin its second peal, it was answered.

“Good morning. Midshire Bank. Colette speaking. How may I help you?”

“Colette, sweetie, it’s me,” came the sultry, seductive tones of her aunt’s voice. “Can you talk?”

“Yes, madam,” replied Colette, smiling at Brenda, who was sitting opposite her, and who, she was certain could not overhear what Aunt Jennifer was about to say.

“Tell me where your uncle is at the moment,” Aunt Jennifer asked. “Esme’s just arrived and she’s livid. Howard was supposed to take Mandy’s birthday present to the office with him, and he’s left it on the table in the hall. He and your uncle were due to present themselves at Mandy’s premises this afternoon.”

Colette thought swiftly. Brenda might not be able to hear Aunt Jennifer, but she would certainly be able to hear Colette’s reply.

“I’m afraid the manager is engaged with Mr Mansel, the chief clerk at the moment, madam,” she replied.

“OK, don’t worry,” came the reply down the line. What I’ll do is this. I’ll text Fergus straightaway. He’ll buzz through to you to come into his office. I want you to bring Fergus and Howard home here now. Esme and you and I are going to teach the pair of them a lesson they won’t forget in a long time. I’ll expect you in about twenty minutes, my love. Don’t be late, but drive carefully.”

“Of course, madam. I’ll tell the manager as soon as he’s free. Thank you for calling Midshire Bank this morning.”

Colette replaced the phone and shook her head at Brenda.

“Some people just think they can ring up and demand to speak to the manager,” she said in disgust, managing to keep a straight face. She knew that her uncle, the manager, would always accede to his Mistress Wife’s every demand, but for obvious reasons, that was something that couldn’t be shared with just anybody.

Just then the intercom buzzed and Colette pressed the ‘answer ‘ button.

“Yes, Mr Grant?” she said innocently.

“Bring your dictation pad in, please Colette,” said the disembodied voice, adding,”and let Brenda know that Mr Mansel and I have to go out, so you’ll be needed for most of the rest of the day.”

“I’m here, Mr Grant,” answered Brenda, making a face at Colette. “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll get Moira to answer the phones, and Janice and Cheryl can do Colette’s typing and filing between them.”

“Thank you Brenda. I know it’s a nuisance having to do without Colette today, but she’s the designated office driver, as you know. Bring your pad in, Colette. I have a few instructions for you before we leave.”

He clicked the ‘off’ button and Colette looked at Brenda sympathetically.

“I’m sorry to leave you in the lurch,” she said, getting up from her desk and picking up her dictation pad and a pencil.

“That’s alright, love,” smiled Brenda, who had nursed an infatuation for the tall, well built and extremely pretty secretary ever since she had started at the bank seven months previously.

“It’s not your fault,” she continued with a smile, “and anyway, as the manager’s niece, I can hardly give you a row can I?”

Colette laughed politely. She knew Brenda was a frustrated middle aged lesbian. She hung out with a gang of leather clad bikers during the weekends, and reverted to Ms Respectful during the week. Everyone in the bank knew about this, and as a result, her nickname was “The Weekend Rebel” , after the song of the same name.

As she made her way to Uncle Fergus’s office, Colette wiggled her arse provocatively, thinking to herself, “No-one gives me a row, you frumpy old boot. You might be a Weekend Rebel and biker dyke, but you don’t know the half of what Aunt Jennifer and her girlfriends have taught me!”

For appearances sake, Colette knocked on the bank manager’s office door, and waited until she heard “Come in” before entering. Once through the door, she closed it behind her and stared at the two men who occupied the office.

They both got respectfully to their feet, and the smaller of the two gave a half bow and said, “Good morning, Ma’am. I hope you are well?”

Colette looked at him in derision.

“You’re in big trouble, boy!” she sneered. She didn’t see anything wrong in addressing a fifty-odd year old as ‘boy’. It was how she had been taught to talk to submissive males. She was about to expand on her opening remark, when she stopped and sniffed the air.

“Who has been smoking?” she demanded. “You?” This last remark was directed at her uncle, the bank manager.

“No, Ms. Colette. My smoking privilege has been withdrawn by my Owner,” he answered respectfully.

Colette casino siteleri approached his huge desk. She noticed a half smoked cigar smouldering in the crystal ashtray.

“Get out of my way,” she said forcefully, sitting down in the manager’s chair. She put her legs up on the desk and looked at her uncle, who stood with his head bowed.

“Do I have to spell it out for you?” she said quietly. “Get on your knees and do your duty. We have a few minutes. I am supposed to be taking dictation, after all!”

Her uncle knelt down and shuffled forward. He dipped his head under Colette’s leg and pushed his face up under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing knickers as he very well knew. Her scent was intoxicating, and he breathed in deeply. His cock twitched in his trousers.

“What are you waiting for?” Colette asked impatiently, and then she sighed contentedly as she felt her slit being licked and penetrated by her uncle’s tongue.

She took the half smoked cigar out of the ashtray. It was still smouldering. She reasoned, correctly, that Howard had hastily tried to extinguish it when Jennifer’s text had come through to Fergus.

Colette put the butt between her lips and puffed it back into life. The lit end glowed red and she tapped the ash into the ashtray.

“Take your shirt off and drop your trousers,” she ordered the chief clerk, and being the well-trained submissive that he was, he obeyed instantly. In no time at all he was bare chested and his trousers were round his ankles. Colette knew that Esme, his wife, forbade him from wearing underwear, and so she was able to study the submissive’s pierced nipples and his heavy steel cock lock cage.

“I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes in about twenty minutes,” she told Howard. “Aunt Jennifer told me Esme’s fuming. That’s why I’ve been asked to take you two home.”

She puffed luxuriously on her cigar, and blew smoke into Howard’s face.

“You know that you’re not allowed to smoke, boy,” she continued. “I can’t wait to tell Esme that you’ve been disobeying her. Haven’t you realised what a tell-tale I am? I love getting you into trouble with your owner!”

She wriggled a bit in her chair, and brought her legs crashing down across her uncle’s back.

“That’s enough!” she said softly. “We can’t have the bank manager walking through the banking hall with cunt juice smeared all over his face, can we? Get up, for fuck’s sake!”

Uncle Fergus scrambled up and stood there, red faced from a combination of embarassment and exertion. Colette looked at him with distain. She took a deep drag on her cigar and beckoned her uncle closer.

When he was inches away from her, she exhaled her smoke into his face, and as he started coughing, she told him to open his mouth. Like Howard, Fergus had received many painful lessons in instant obedience. He opened his mouth and Colette tapped the thick, dry ash into the waiting orifice.

“Close and swallow,” she said, beckoning Howard to approach her as well. He shuffled over, finding that his trousers being round his ankles made smooth movement an impossibility.

Colette cupped his cock and balls in one hand, and used her other hand to convey her cigar into her mouth. Her last drag caused the end to glow bright red and she swiftly removed it from between her lips and held it over Howard’s metal cock cage. He began to tremble.

“If that cock belonged to me, I’d put this cigar out on it,” she said, “but as it is, I think I’d do better to deliver you unhurt to Esme. I am sure she’ll think of a way to make you suffer!”

“Oh get dressed, for fuck’s sake!” she continued. “I don’t want go be late delivering you!”

Whilst Howard dressed himself, Colette told her uncle to speak to Brenda and to tell her that he would be out of the office for the rest of the day.

“Make something up!” she hissed, “and make it plausible. Tell Brenda I’ll be back sometime this afternoon.”

Uncle Fergus did as he was told. He convinced Brenda that after this hastily arranged meeting that Colette was driving him and the chief clerk to, the two men had arranged another meeting on the golf course. Colette would drive them there and then take her lunch break. She would be back in the office by two o’clock.

“Very good, Mr Grant,” replied Brenda, thinking to herself that she wouldn’t mind playing a round or two with Colette. But she kept that thought very much to herself.

Twenty minutes later, Colette steered the bank’s official manager’s car up the drive towards the huge detached house where Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Fergus lived. She had been living there too, whilst her parents, Aunt Jennifer’s sister, Monica, and her husband Edward were off on a world cruise to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

Colette loved living with her Aunt, who she thought was almost as beautiful and open-minded as her mother. Monica and Edward were due home this coming weekend, and Aunt Jennifer had already begun organising a ‘welcome home’ party for them. A very select guest list had been drawn up, and replies to Aunt Jennifer’s canlı casino discrete invitation were already beginning to arrive through the letter box.

But that was in the future, Colette thought as she swung the car into the double garage which was attached to the north wing of the house. Despite it being impossible to see into the grounds from the road, Colette did everything that she had been taught to do on arriving here.

She switched off the engine and turned to face her two passengers, who were sitting side-by-side in the rear of the car.


The single word of command was sufficient to make the two men scramble out of the luxurious vehicle and scurry to a workbench, on which sat two large plastic boxes. Unbidden, both men started to undress quickly, and to place their discarded clothes in the two boxes. When they were both naked, Colette put her Uncle’s collar around his neck, ensuring that the embossed word “slave’ was properly aligned and visible from the front.

Efficiently, she looped a thin, but very strong chain through his nipple rings and fed it down towards the ampallang piercing that Aunt Jennifer had recently forced him to undergo. When the chain was connected to either side of the barbell than ran through the helmet of his cock, Colette completed her task by clipping a dog lead onto his collar.

Uncle Fergus sank to his hands and knees and was led into the house by Colette. Howard followed behind, his face a picture of fear and trepidation.

Colette walked her uncle through the utility room and into the sunny kitchen.

“I’m home!” she called loudly, and grinned to herself when her aunt answered her.

“We’re in the smoking room, darling. Come on through!”

Colette brought her two passengers into the smoking room. She was greeted by her aunt with a kiss and then she turned to face her aunt’s best friend, Esme.

“Hi Esme,” she smiled, waiting for that lady to remove her pipe from her mouth before she bent down and kissed her too.

“Mmm! You taste yummy!” she smiled and Esme thanked her and asked how she was enjoying her role as secretary and slave monitor in the bank.

“It’s quite stressful, actually,” replied Colette. “I have to be on my guard at all times around these two. Uncle Fergus knows his place, but I’m sorry to say that your slave tries to take advantage whenever he can.”

Esme looked sharply at her young friend.

“Whatever do you mean, my dear?” she asked in a puzzled tone.

“Well, it’s obvious that these two weren’t expecting to be summoned into your presence this morning after being sent off to the bank,” began Colette, “so when I went into Uncle Fergus’s office to collect them, as Aunt Jennifer had instructed me to do, your slave had been smoking. He’d tried to hide the fact, of course, but the idiot hadn’t put his cigar out properly.”

Esme’s lips tightened and her brow furrowed in anger. She smoked furiously, and was soon wreathed in blue pipe smoke. She spoke without removing her pipe from her lips.

“Is this true?” she asked in a tone of voice that made Howard tremble.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m afraid it is,” he said in a low voice.

“Get over that chair,” Esme said in a dangerously quiet voice. She turned to her friend and asked if she might borrow a riding crop, or a cane.

Jennifer confirmed that both were available; which would Esme prefer?

“The cane, I think,” replied Esme, turning her attention back to her husband who now was balanced across the padded arm of the spare armchair. She took the key to his cock lock off the chain that hung round her neck, and undid the padlock.

“Colette dear, whilst we’re waiting for your aunt to return with my cane, would you do me a favour and sit on this lying little shit’s face? I need his pathetic cock as hard as it can possibly be, and I know that he can’t get hard all by himself.”

“Anything to please you, Esme,” smiled Colette. “Um… does it matter that I need a pee now? Shall I go to the toilet first?”

Esme snorted in derision.

“Fuck no! Use him as your toilet, and if he spills a drop on your aunt’s beautiful chair, I swear I’ll cut his fucking balls off and have them made into a pair of earrings!”

Colette giggled and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of it and Esme licked her lips at the sight of her large, pink cunt lips, which Colette kept beautifully smooth.

She sank down onto Howard’s face and wriggled a bit to get herself comfortable. She began to piss and Howard gurgled as his mouth filled with the hot, tangy liquid.

“It’s working, Colette,” said Esme approvingly, “look! His cock is twitching!”

Colette smiled as she emptied her bladder. She rocked her hips back and forth to shake off any drippers, and squeezed the last drops out into Howard’s mouth. As she raised herself slightly to allow Howard to lick her dry, a rather wet fart erupted from her arse.

“Whoops!” she giggled, blushing and looking at Esme.

The older woman smiled. “No sweat, my dear,” she assured her young friend. “In fact, if you need a dump, nothing kaçak casino would give me greater pleasure than to instruct my slave to take your chocolate as well as your golden champagne!”

“I don’t need to go now, actually,” replied Colette conversationally, ” but as I’ve never done that before, I’d love to try it out sometime. May I have your permission to shit in him sometime, please Esme?”

“Of course you may!” replied Esme enthusiastically. “And after you’ve finished, you make sure he cleans your bum perfectly. Any cling-ons and you can thrash him too!”

She looked around as Jennifer returned, carrying a selection of canes.

“I know this is going to be a punishment caning,” Jennifer said, “so it will be painful. I didn’t know if you wanted a stingy cane or a thuddy one.”

Esme considered her options.

“Colette, will you stay on his face until I’ve caned his cock soft, please?” she asked, and smiled in pleasure when the young secretary said she’d be delighted to stay sat on Howard’s face.

“I’ll take a rattan heart cane for his cock, Jennifer,” she decided, ” and then his arse is really going to suffer. Do you have a Tohiti cane?”

Jennifer selected two canes from her bundle. A short, stiff rattan heart cane which she handed to Esme for inspection. Then she passed her a wide Tohiti cane.

“That’s a 12mm variety,” she smiled “It bruises like a bastard and he’ll not be sitting down in a hurry after taking that!”

“Perfect!” replied Esme, standing up and measuring the distance she would need. She made sure that she would be caning away from Colette, so that she wouldn’t hit her young friend in her follow through.

She winked at both women. “Can you hear me, slave?” she asked.

There was a muffled sound from underneath Colette, and Esme announced that she’d take that as a ‘yes’.

“This is your punishment,” she informed the prostrate, trembling Howard. “For smoking without permission, and for being a deceitful, lying bastard, you are sentenced to being caned until that hard-on you are currently sporting shrivels and dies. Subsequently, you are going to get ten strokes on your arse as a reminder of who owns you, and what happens when you forget my instructions. I specifically told you to take Mandy’s present with you this morning. She’s expecting you this afternoon, and she’ll make you suffer too. But first, you’re going to get ten strokes of this cane.”

“I’m not going to insist on silence, for two reasons. One I love to hear you whimper and moan; and two; I’m going to beat you so hard it will be impossible for you not to cry out!”

“However, if you attempt to rub your arse at any time until you are given permission, then I’ll discount any and all previous strokes and start again. Now, I’m about to start on your cock. Don’t you dare damage Ms Colette’s cunt with your teeth. Here we go!”

Colette leaned back, resting on the palms of her hands to give Esme a wider field to swing. She wriggled a bit and felt Howard’s tongue slip into her slit. Then Esme struck.

Her cane whistled through the air and crashed into Howard’s swollen purple helmet. There was a muffled scream of agony, and Colette giggled.

“Www! That was nice!” she said, referring to the jet of breath that had been forced out of Howard and into her cunt. “It tickles! Hit him again Esme.”

Esme obliged, only this time her cane landed in the middle of Howard’s cock shaft. Another muffled scream was followed by a throaty giggle.

“It’s working!” squealed Colette. “Look! His cock’s not nearly so hard now!”

She wriggled a bit more, rubbing her cunt over Howard’s mouth, and, despite the pain, his cock reacted, twitching frantically. Esme delivered her third stroke, which landed, once again, on his helmet. His scream of agony was a lot less muffled this time, and Esme laughed cruelly.

“So you thought you’d sneak a cigar, did you?” she snarled, tapping his cock with her cane at every word. It now resembled a cooked prawn, shrivelled and pink, although three separate angry red welts could clearly be seen.

“Sorry, Colette, my dear. You’re going to have to get up,” Esme said. “It’s time to cane his arse!”

Colette looked so disappointed that her aunt took pity on her. She clicked her fingers and motioned to her husband to get on his back on the floor.

“Come and sit on your uncle’s face, my dear,” she said with a smile. “I love to see you getting pleasured. If he doesn’t give you an orgasm, we’ll cane him too!”

Colette smiled her gratitude and kissed her aunt. She sank down onto her uncle’s face and wriggled to get herself comfortable. She grinned at her aunt.

“He seems to like it too,” she giggled, indicating Fergus’s cock which had sprung to attention despite the chain which was still attached to his piercing.

“Oh, that’s too good to waste!” breathed Jennifer. She got to her feet and stood over her prostrate husband. She unzipped her skirt and took it off, revealing her black stockings which were held up by a suspender belt. Her cunt, like Colette’s was shaved smooth, and her swollen labia showed signs of having reacted to the cock caning she’d witnessed earlier. Jennifer quickly unclipped the chain from Fergus’s cock piercing, and improved his hard-on with a few hand strokes. She smiled approvingly and licked her lips.

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