Beach Getaway

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It had been a long full day. Teaching at the university had its pluses and minuses but one thing was for sure, the long days on your feet definitely wore you out. That was behind me now. There was still enough warmth in the air and sun in the sky to hit the beach and wind down. I knew the perfect place to get away from the crowds. It’s a tiny little isolated beach tucked in between two large outcroppings of the rocky shore. A little local knowledge that I keep to myself. It’s a bit of a scramble to get there but well worth it. I’d been dreaming of the sun’s glow warming my naked body for days now. I had my bottle of wine. I had my favorite tanning oil. As I started to lay out my towel on the empty beach I realized I didn’t even hate my body right now. The summer’s training for the fall soccer season has paid off. I let my hands run up the sides of my taut stomach and slowly felt the heaviness of my breasts in the underside of each hand. I hesitated and then gave each nipple a playful long tug, perhaps enjoying the erotic feel of my nipples being stretched a little too long and a little too much. But damnit, there is nothing that compares with the feeling of warm sun beating down on hard nipples. But its time for my little ritual. I’m not one of those women who likes to primp and preen too much, but there is a time and a place to take care of your body. The oil I’d brought was a little splurge. Ghastly expensive, but its thick sensual feel combined with a smell that reminded me of the tropics after a monsoon shower made it irresistible.

My habit was to dab the oil in a spot and then work it into my skin with an almost religious zeal. Over and over until that one spot was aching from the attention. It caused each location I applied the oil to become alive and almost inflamed with sensation. The overall effect was to send me into sensory overload. I loved to lay on the beach afterwards, holding absolutely still and feeling my body tingle and throb while the sun beat down on my naked flesh. But today something was different. Instead of having each individual part of my body react to the massage, every touch seemed to cause a throbbing sensation in my loins. It could have been that I had just shaved this morning. I’d decided that I needed to break out of my regular habits. I decided to do something a little different and took the shaving a little further than usual. OK, I’d actually shaved every last hair I could find. Now I think I was paying the price. I’d forgotten the absolutely sensual feeling of newly naked skin. Throughout the day I’d secretly slipped my hand into my panties just to have the sensation of my fingers against that freshly naked skin. güvenilir bahis Now with no cloths on, it was almost as if the wind was trying to seduce me. Even the gentle breezes were causing my clit to become inflamed.

All right, maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the sensation of that warm oil permeating my body or maybe it was just the fact that I hadn’t gotten laid in over a month, but my cunt had started to ache in a way that was not going to be ignored. A quick look around assured me that I was still alone. Well, I HAD missed a couple of spots with the oil. I laid flat on my back with the ocean at my feet. I teased myself with the oil, holding the bottle a good foot above my pussy and then letting it drop one golden drop at a time. I could watch each drop glisten and fall only to jump when the trajectory of the oil hit too close to my engorged button. Finally my hands moved to my stomach, spreading the oil over my inner thighs and lower belly. Teasing myself, playing with the moment I know was coming. I deep roar started inside my head when my fingers finally found my thick, full lips. It had taken me some time as an adolescent to come to grips with my physical body. I had always wanted to be delicate and girlish. My vulva and clit never fit my self-image properly, but as a woman I’d learned to embrace this part of me. My lips are large and when I’m turned on, my clitoris swells to the size of a small grape. And let me tell you, right now, I was TURNED ON. In the intensity of the moment I’d suddenly found myself in a place where I was using my forefinger and thumb to pull the hood of my clit back and forth, squeezing every so gently as I moved the tender pink skin up and down. My other hand was not so gentle. I was struggling to get a third finger deep inside myself. I had that feeling you get sometimes where you can just not be full enough. Each downward thrust made me feel more full and closer to extreme satisfaction. But a sudden sound made my heart drop into my stomach. It was a rock tumbling down the nearby hillside. Someone was coming.

Lucky for me she had not crested the butte when the rock was sent flying. I was able to gain some sort of composure before I saw a head pop above the edge of the rocks. It didn’t take long before my composure was out the window again. I quickly recognized the woman coming over the rocks as one of the graduate students in my sociology class. There wasn’t any room to hide on this beach, I’d have to make the best of it. Shannon is actually one of my favorite students. She is bright but slightly shy with the tendency to defer attention from herself. It always seems that her intellectual pursuits take priority türkçe bahis over the physical things in life. She doesn’t wear makeup and her clothing always seems more to hide than accentuate. As we exchanged our surprised hellos and various pleasantries I couldn’t get over the feeling that she kept trying to make inconspicuous glances down. I guess I could see why as my brief glace revealed that my clit was still poking well outside its little red hood and the excess oil made it glisten in the sun. She set up her blanket next to mine and proceeded to get comfortable.

I soon realized that her abilities stretched far beyond the intellectual to that of camouflage as well. As she stripped down, she exposed an absolutely stunning body. Broad shoulders accentuated and held high her large firm breasts. Her torso tapered quickly to a narrow flat waist and then out again to full womanly hips. Three things about her caused me to stare almost obscenely at her body as she undressed. The first was a brilliant gold barbell nipple piercing. Her deep brown nipples seemed to set off the shine on the metal. Second was a delicate Japanese influenced tattoo of a stylized bird of paradise with long gossamer feathers that ran down past her bikini line to the edge of her delicate lips. The third I noticed as she removed her top. Although her pussy was fully shaved, her underarms had a tangle of long delicate blond hair. The juxtaposition of the shaved and the unshaved caused me to give an involuntary shiver.

It seems we had a lot in common, she too had brought a bottle of wine to the beach. She too would rather hide from the maddening crowd. She too seemed to be a creature that reveled in the sensual nature that the beach can nurture. The wine flowed and the conversation followed. I found out more about the life of our university students in that time on the beach than the in whole semester I’d spent at the University. Although I am only thirty-three, I still felt a world apart from the students at school. Shannon bridged that gap for me talking both from the world of books and the world of the flesh. But even with all the giggles and the constant run of conversation, I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was still glancing at me in ways that belayed a steamier subtext. I could blame it on the wine again or the constant ache coming from my unfinished masturbation, but I really think it was pure lust for Shannon that made me ask if she wanted to try my new oil. I’d never really lusted after a woman before. I’d looked at women and appreciated their bodies, their personalities, their sense of style but never with this kind of pure and unadulterated lust.

I told her güvenilir bahis siteleri to lay on her stomach. I threw my leg over her gorgeous full backside so that I had each of my inner thighs pushed tight against the sides of her ass. I watched in amazement as the oil hit her shoulders and back turning her tan skin two shades deeper. I ran my fingers over her shoulders, down her spine to where her backside started to rise and then back. The first soft moan that escaped her lips only served to embolden me. I risked running my hands along the side of her breasts just to see if they were as firm and sensual as the looked. My fingers then moved to her underarms and danced in the downy fur. So soft and different that my finger stayed and gave gentle tugs and pulls, eliciting a new set of sounds from Shannon. A more intimate set of sounds. A strange sensation caused me to lean back slightly and look down to where our two bodies met. What I saw almost embarrassed me but in the end seemed to drive me to a new level of passion. My clitoris had become so swollen and erect that it jutted out from my body. I’d never seen my body in such an aroused state.

Ever so slowly I started to move my hips forward watching with erotic fascination as our slick oiled flesh touched and parted. It all cascaded down on me – we were two naked women on an open beach and I was masturbating myself against Shannon’s sweet full ass. Let me tell you, some realizations can set you on fire. The moment broke as Shannon rolled over. She grabbed me and pushed me forcefully to the ground, back to the sand. She grabbed both of my legs bringing my calves up to her shoulders. “two can play at that game” was all she said as she started to grind her crotch against mine. She moved her hips in a way that told me she’d been in this position before. I didn’t care. It felt like heaven. The way she positioned her sopping cunt against my open lips and then slid up and down. The little herky jerky hitches she made with her hips that took me closer to the edge and then the way, as I reached the edge of the abyss, she pulled her body quickly back and thrust three fingers deep inside me. Hard rapid thrusts that would not stop. Fucking me with the ferocity of a feral animal until I fell screaming over the edge, the wild spasms of my cunt trying to grab her hand and pull it further into me.

I fell back panting and spent. My body wanting to do nothing more than go fetal, pull myself into a tight ball and try to process what had just happened. But Shannon’s gentle kisses at the side of my neck brought me back to my senses. The smoldering intense look had diminished and been replaced by something warm and gentle. We lay close against each other as the sun sank into the ocean, watching the final light of the day. It was a beautiful thing sunsets, the fire melting away to nothing. I think I have a new appreciation for them.

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