Becca’s New Experience

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Becca had been in the closet for over an hour. She had experienced more in that time than in any other year of her short life. Her head swirled with new concepts, questions, feelings, and uncertainties. But most of all, there was a new feeling deep inside her that would not go away.

She looked out the small opening at Jenn and DJ. They were still naked; uncovered for her curios eyes to explore. She studied the differences in their bodies, noticing appealing aspects of each, wondered how they interacted and what each of them must have felt when they were together. She looked at DJ’s manliness, but it was not nearly as impressive as it had been when he was with her sister. She wandered what would it be like to touch it or to taste it like Jenn had? Were they all the same, or were there differences unique to each one? Would she enjoy having it inside her the way Jenn had, or would she hate it the way her friends talked about?

Becca had woken that morning so much closer to innocence, with no concern bigger that what her teachers would be like when school started or what she should wear when she went out with the other drill team officers that evening. But now her life was more complicated – she had more questions than answers, and that was a new and uncomfortable experience for her.

She looked one last time towards the bed and its occupants. Some time had passed since they had moved, and their breathing was now very regular. Becca held the blue miniskirt tight against her chest and pushed the closet door open. As quietly as humanly possible, she tiptoed out of the room. Neither figure stirred as she open the bedroom door or closed it behind her when she entered the hall. She took her first really deep breath in well over an hour, and with her mind and her heart racing, she headed for the security of her own bedroom.

* * *

Becca quietly closed her bedroom door behind her and locked it. Jenn and DJ were asleep, but she didn’t want to wake them – she needed a few minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet so she could think about everything she had seen and felt over the last hour. She turned on her stereo, cleared a spot on the disaster that had once been her bed, and climbed in.

The images in her mind were still so fresh and vivid that she couldn’t block them out. She wasn’t even sure that she wanted to. Closing her eyes, she pictured DJ naked with his erection standing out from between his legs. She could see the dark redness of the head and the curly blackness of the hair around it; and then it disappeared. First bayan kartal escort it slid silently into Jenn’s mouth and then reappeared glistening with her saliva, and then it went deep into her body and caused both exquisite pleasure and pain. Next, she pictured the look on Jenn’s face as DJ’s erection moved in and out of her and then the tension in her legs as he kissed between them. And finally, she remembered the tingling between her own legs as she watched them and as she touched herself. It seemed to get more real the longer she remembered them together.

All of these thoughts raced in and out of her consciousness both intriguing and teasing her. She wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong, but she enjoyed the way the images made her feel. The more she fantasized about them, the more real her own tingling began to feel. She decided that, right or wrong, she had to give in to those feelings. She felt a smile spread across her face as any remnants of guilt left her, and a warm feeling spread through her body instead. She concentrated on that new feeling, trying to determine exactly where it came from and what caused it. As she became more aware of her own body and how it could feel, she finally determined what was causing this new sensation in her – while fantasizing about Jenn and DJ, her hand, seemingly of its own free will, had again found the sensitive spot between her legs.

Aware of what she was doing, Becca pulled her hand away from the source of pleasure. She had heard stories in church about what happened to people who pleasured themselves, and when she was younger she knew a girl who thought she was going to go blind because she had done it. But as the tingling stopped, it left an unfulfilled craving inside her. More than any other thing in the world, at that moment she had to try to relieve that yearning. For the first time, she knowingly placed her hand on the very lowest part of her stomach. Slowly, she ran her finger over the smooth silkiness of her panties. Everything she touched with that hand seemed to come alive with exquisite sensation. The smallest detail of her body now had magnificent proportions. She noticed the warmth of her soft skin beneath the silky material, and as she made her way lower, the slight coarseness of her pubic hair. Next, she felt a slight rise, and a little further on there was a separation as the skin made two distinct ridges. As she traveled between these ridges, the pleasure became more intense. And as the ridge turned downward and went between her legs, there kartal eve gelen escort was a spot of such intense pleasure that she allowed her touch to linger there for a moment. When she continued her journey of exploration, she noticed how wet her panties became the further she reached between her legs, just as they had in the closet earlier.

Becca withdrew her hand, and as she took a few deep breaths, she again felt the craving deep within her. She thought about the look of fulfillment that Jenn and DJ wore as they slept after their encounter. And then she thought about the inconceivable pleasure that the touch of her own finger between her legs had caused. She decided that if there were anything she could do about it, she would never again endure this feeling of hunger.

She got up from the bed and double-checked to make sure the door was locked. Then she went to her mirror. While studying her own image in it, she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She let it fall to the floor, and then grasped the elastic of her panties. She pushed them down past the curve of her hips where they were free to fall to the ground. Becca stood there for a moment studying her body, and for once she did not compare it to Jenn’s. She was taller than her sister, and her legs were longer and not quite as muscular. The hair between her legs was a sandy blonde color instead of black like her sister’s and was triangular shaped instead of trimmed into a thin mohawk. And her breasts were globe-shaped like Jenn’s but larger and fuller, and capped with lighter-colored nipples. For the first time ever, Becca liked what she saw. She headed back to the bed, made herself comfortable, and continued the journey she had begun earlier.

Her right hand went immediately to the area that had caused such intense pleasure moments before. She laid her hand over the soft hair with her middle finger resting between the two folds of skin. As she moved it down and then back up again she gasped from the intense pleasure this gave her. Again and again she continued the movement, and each time she did so the pleasure was so intense that she could hardly breath. She felt her hips begin to move involuntarily, and she opened her legs wider so that she could reach new areas. She moved her finger beyond the last soft hair until she felt the opening to her womanhood bathed in her own sexual juices. She caressed the area protecting the opening, each time applying more pressure. Finally, the combination of pressure and moistness escort bayanlar overcame nervousness and the tip of her finger slid inside her.

At first Becca was scared, partly because she had always been told this was wrong, and partly because it felt so good. The opening was so tight that she could barely move her finger, and for a moment she flashed back to DJ. His erection was so much larger than her finger and yet it had slid so effortlessly into Jenn. But there was no pain – this was by far the most intense pleasure Becca had ever experienced. She pushed her finger in a little more, then withdrew it slightly, and then pushed in again. This time it went in a little deeper a little easier, and the enjoyment was even more intense. Would something large, like DJ’s manhood, feel even better than this? She continued to move her finger in and out and was eventually able to get its entire length inside her very wet womanhood. At this point it was hard to imagine anything feeling any better.

Becca pulled her knees up and spread her legs even wider. Every little bit she was able to open them allowed her easier access to the spot inside her that caused the unbelievable pleasure. She remembered how Jenn reacted when DJ increased the speed with which he moved inside of her. Becca was getting much more comfortable with her little experiment and decided to see if it worked for her. She moved her finger in and out a little faster, and when that intensified the pleasure, she upped the tempo yet again. The tingling sensation she experienced earlier when she first touched herself was spreading throughout the middle portion or her body. Her hips were gyrating, matching the rhythm with which her finger stimulated her, and she learned to match the two motions: every time her hips thrust forward, opening her to the greatest penetration, her finger dove deepest inside her.

A hot, exciting sensation began to mingle with the tingling that Becca had been feeling for the last few minutes. It started where her finger entered her and slowly spread in all directions. Every time she thought nothing could feel better, a new sensation, more satisfying than the last, would present itself. Her body became tense, and as she felt waves of euphoria rushing through her, she trust her finger in one last time as deep as it would go. As she held it there, wave after wave of pure ecstasy raced to every inch of her body, and it became difficult for her to breathe. Finally, after the pleasure had touched every last inch of her body, it came once again to the place it had started – in the wetness between her legs. One last extraordinary crescendo lifted her hips off the bed where they hovered until the great release drained her body of all energy. She collapsed on the bed too exhausted to do anything other than catch her breath, the worries that had bothered her minutes before, mysteriously gone.

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