Best Man

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This is my first attempt in writing in this genre.

I realize it needs some “polish”. Critiques and criticism is welcome!


It was the night before my friend Brandon was to marry his pregnant girl-friend, Michelle. He had come over to my house because he had nothing to do. Michelle was staying the night at her parents’ house to get things ready for the wedding and because the wedding was rather sudden on the account of her pregnancy, nobody had planned on having a bachelor party. He came over in the evening with a case of beer; this was not an uncommon occurrence. We had spent many nights drinking until the sun came up, so this night didn’t seem like it would be any different.

We cracked the case open and started drinking the beer while smoking on the back porch of my house. Our conversations were usually topical events, world news, politics, and such. This night was following the same pattern as most of the others. After about two hours we were both getting pretty tipsy. We changed subjects, began to discuss his thoughts about his upcoming marriage and his disappointment in not having a bachelor party. I felt like I should have done something about that, but I had never orchestrated such a thing, and what could I do on such short notice? Then I had the thought,

“My wife is home. Maybe she’d be up for some fun tonight?”

Now, I realize this is an odd thing to think of right off, but we had actually experimented sexually with both Brandon and Michelle before she was pregnant. One night, my wife Amanda sucked Brandon’s cock while Michelle feverishly licked at Amanda’s pussy. I had drank too much and could not get a proper erection that night, so I limited myself to watching and fingering Michelle’s tight little slit, which was dripping from watching her friend swallow a load of her boyfriend’s cum. But that was really the extent of that night.

I figured that she sucked him off before, so there really couldn’t be any harm in her doing it again.

I went inside the house and told Amanda I would like her to give Brandon a blow-job for his bachelor party. She immediately declined. I was befuddled. I thought this would be something she’d want to do.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because it’s just a blow-job. I’ve already done that.” She replied.

“Well, what if I join in?” I suggestively asked.

“Mmm, maybe. Let’s see where this goes.”

Brandon had come inside to use the bathroom while I was discussing with Amanda my plans for him. He washed up and came out into the living-room which was barely lit by a small lamp. Amanda and I were already making out on the couch. She was sucking my tongue as I fondled her incredible tits. Brandon awkwardly said,

“Oh, I’ll meet you back outside.” And he began to pivot to walk out.

Amanda reached out and grabbed his belt around his left hip and pulled him back to the couch. He let her lead him without protest. She got up, spun him around, and sat him down right next to me. She got on her knees and skillfully undid his belt with her hands. She pulled his belt off of his pants like she was starting a lawnmower, and then put her face into his crotch. I could see her bite at the fly of his jeans. She tilted her head and the button popped open. She pulled back and the zipper went down with ease. She put her hand on his hips and gently lifted to signal to him to rise up a little bit. He follower her unspoken instruction perfectly as she slid his pants. His throbbing dick popped up out of his boxers as she pulled them down next. She didn’t waste any time as she licked the palm of her hand, grabbed the shaft of his cock, and with an expert twist, plunged him deep into her mouth.

Brandon gasped with pleasure as my wife took him all the way to the back of her throat. I sat and watched with a bit of pride knowing how good she was at sucking a cock. Her head bobbed up and ankara moldovyalı escortlar down as she slurped him to the edge of ecstasy, but right as he was about to cum, she pulled his eager cock from her lips and she gave his balls a little slap.

“Not yet.” She demanded.

She leaned over to me, slid her hand onto the bulge of my pants and grabbed at me. She quickly unbuttoned my pants and enthusiastically pulled them off. Amanda grabbed my swelled cock with her hand and pulled. I was not expecting this. She pulled hard with purpose. I got up off of the couch as she guided me by my cock. I stood in the living-room and removed my shirt. She turned to face me as she quickly removed hers. I took a step forward, wrapped my arms around her and unhooked her bra, which effortlessly fell revealing her perfectly shaped tits with her nipples standing erect. I put one hand on her breast and kissed her deeply, trying not to think about the pre-cum that was probably all over her tongue, but failing. Brandon sat motionless, watching me undress my wife; he most likely feared interrupting might stop the process.

I unbuttoned Amanda’s pants and slid my other hand into her panties while my other hand fondled her tit, and rolled her pink nipple between my fingers. I maneuvered my hand lower and was met with an incredible flood of pussy juice. I pulled my lips away from her and looked into her eyes. She seductively smiled as she pulled my hand by the wrist out of her pants. She pointed my fingers at her mouth and licked her pussy cream off of my fingers. I could smell her flowery, yet spicy, pussy scent on my fingers, which made my cock swell even more. As soon as she had them completely clean, she dropped my hand, then dropper her pants. She stepped out of them then kicked her soaked panties off across the room. Amanda stood in front of Brandon, who was still seated on the couch, then parted her legs. She reached in-between her legs and behind her, grasping Brandon’s cock in her hand. My wife then bent her knees and slowly positioned his cock at the opening of her dripping cunt. She swirled the head around her labia, getting the top of his cock nice and wet.

Amanda looked up at me for approval; we had experimented a couple times in the past, but nothing like this. I could tell she was beyond excited and Brandon’s eyes were wide with anticipation. I simply said,


She smiled as her legs buckled and his cock was thrust deeply into her tight wet hole. Amanda gasped as if she had been holding her breath for several minutes. He immediately clutched his hands onto her amazingly shaped ass and began to fuck her vigorously. He grunted as he pounded upwards off of the couch, trying to keep her from flying off. She was bucking hard as his thighs slapped loudly against my wife’s ass with ever push and pull. I stood massaging my cock with my hand, watching this spectacular act of lasciviousness. While I knew it was taboo, I did not care. I was enjoying the sight of my wife getting fucked hard by my friend. Amanda was moaning with uncontrollable passion. She wanted more though.

Amanda leaned forward, while still getting properly fucked and she put her hands around my ass and pulled me closer to her. I released my firm grip around my cock, and grabbed a handful of her hair. I pulled her head back to look up at me. She tried, but her eyes were rolling back from sheer excitement. Amanda reached down and grabbed Brandon’s shaft as it was still pounding at her like a piston in an engine, she lubed up her hand with her flowing pussy juice, and then let him go again unimpeded. She then reached for my cock with her slicked up palm, and with her signature twist, plunged my dick into her mouth. She worked the shaft skillfully with her mouth, making sure she licked all the pussy juice for maximum flavor. I wanted to cum immediately, but resisted. I tried to concentrate ankara ukraynalı escortlar on other thoughts in an attempt to calm down. The sounds of Brandon grunting like a beast as he wildly fucked Amanda from behind, the muffled moaning and slurping of my cock being expertly pleasured, and my own uncontrolled lustful vocalizations were almost too much. I had to stop. I pulled her hair hard to get her off my cock. She pulled back, taking me all the way into her throat. I was almost too late as I bent my hips in retreat.

“What’s the matter, honey?” She coyly asked as she wiped drool and pre-cum from her lips.

I grabbed her arm and pulled her off of Brandon. He whimpered in protest. His cock hopped up and down with each heart beat desperately wanting to cum. I pulled her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. Brandon quickly followed. He got on his knees on the bed, and my wife crawled up onto all fours. She put his cock back into her mouth, again with her signature twist. She sucked him hard, almost angrily. She spread her thighs open pointing her ass at me. Her cunt, still beyond excitement from being fucked, was dripping pussy juice, and possibly cum. I couldn’t be sure he had already had an orgasm or not, but at this point, I didn’t care either. I positioned her in front of me and buried my cock into her. Her pussy was hot. I mean, physically hot, like she was running a fever. I had never felt her so worked up before. I fucked her as hard as I could, with no regard for the cock in her mouth. Teeth would just have to be a hazard he would have to deal with.

For a few hours Brandon and I took turns fucking her pussy and mouth. I took a break for a bit to get a glass of water. My mouth was dry from the heavy breathing. I went back into the bedroom and she was straddling him cowgirl style.

“Come on baby.” She slyly suggested. I went to the front of the bed and presented her with my cock for the untold time that night.

“Huh uh.” She shook her head no and pulled me by my dick again as if it was a leash. She led me to her ass.

“Here.” She said pulling at the shaft of my cock so the head pushed into her asshole. I was excited. We had never tried a double penetration before. Brandon stayed still in her pussy as I lubed up the head of my cock with all the excess fuck juice that was all over the edge of her pussy. She seductively moaned pushing her hips back as my cock lined up with Brandon’s. It was strange to me. I had never done this before, and I wasn’t sure if he was cool with my cock rubbing on his cock as we both fucked my wife’s pussy at the same time. So, instead I repositioned and slid my cock into her ass. I could feel Brandon’s cock inside of her pussy. The head of my cock and the ridge of the bottom of his collided, only the wall of my wife’s pussy and ass separated them. He began to fuck her again, and I got too excited. I pushed deep into her ass.

“NOPE! You need to get out!” She commanded. I did not argue. She was in total control of this situation. I left the bedroom and let them get back to fucking as I rinsed off in the shower. I wanted to be clean for when she would inevitably swallow my cum. I took my time and allowed them to really enjoy themselves. I could hear them while I was in the shower, it was right next door. They were talking about fantasy situations, then more moaning, grunting, position changes, and then more fucking.

I dried off and went back into the bed room. Brandon was back on his knees and had my wife in the doggy-style position. The mattress was soaked with her fragrant sex juice. She asked,

“Are you guys ready to cum?”

“Oh god yes. Can I cum in your pussy?” Brandon begged.

“I don’t know, can he?” Amanda diverted to me.

“Yes. Fuck her hard though.” I said.

He did. He positioned himself with one knee down and one leg up so he could get a ankara minyon tipli escortlar good angle on her pussy. He wrapped his hands around each of her hips and because to thrust over and over. She yelled out,

“Oh my god! Fuck yes, fill my cunt with your cum!”

I watched in anticipation stroking my own cock eagerly. He moaned loudly as his grip tightened on her hip with one hand, leaned forward and grabbed her tit with the other. He was going to cum hard. His whole body gyrated and convulsed. The tendons in his neck pulled taut, and he released a flood of orgasmic fluids from his cock filling her entire pussy. He fell away from her, collapsing on the bed huffing, panting, and glistening with sweat. He was completely spent. More than satisfied by my wife’s body, he was completely drained.

“You’re next.” She beckoned.

I put my cock in her face so she could suck me off, but she refused.

“No. Here.” She said pointing at her freshly used pussy. Cum was slowly dripping out. I debated for a moment if I was ready for this. I had never touched another man’s cum, let alone covered my dick in it.

I didn’t argue though. I went behind her; she was back in the doggy position. She lowered her tits to the bed with her ass raised high in the air like a cat that needed attention.I pushed my cock back inside, but went slowly, not knowing really what to expect. I began to speed up. Her pussy felt so different. She was normally very wet, even a gusher, but this was something I had not expected. I sped up, using my friends cum to fuck my wife’s pussy even harder. I found a rhythm with my pounding. I reached for her tits, she was going wild.

“Yes! YES! FUCK YES!” She said, then her voice muffled as she surprised Brandon by gobbling up his mostly flaccid cock. His eyes bugged out in pain as he had no more to offer her. She didn’t care. She swallowed up the cum that was leaking out and hungrily licked all the fuck juice from the base of his cock, as I pushed my own cock deep into her cunt causing his cum to pour out of her and onto the bed.

This kinky act sent me over the edge. I took a deep breath and began pumping cum into her already filled love hole. My cum was gushing out around my shaft, mixing with Brandon’s, overflowing her cunt’s ability to hold it all in. I shuddered as I finished one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced before in my life. I pulled out of her pussy. My cock was covered in Brandon’s cum, and my own. It was a mess. I flopped down onto the bed. Amanda followed. She laid spread eagle between us, fingering her pussy, and savoring the feeling of two men’s cum inside of her.

“Oh my god. I want to do this again.” She said

“I agree” Brandon said.

“Okay.” I puffed totally exhausted.

The sun was beginning to come up. Brandon got dressed, then left to go get married to Michelle with my wife’s dried pussy juice all over his cock and in the crack of his ass. It was a small wedding, just them with the Justice of the Peace, so he didn’t have to worry about being formal. After he left, Amanda rolled onto her side and began to masturbate. This is her favorite position for making herself climax. I watched her as she furiously rubbed her pussy lips, randomly shoving her fingers into her double-cum filled hole, then rubbing the cum onto her clit. She did this several times until her body began to shake. She convulsed several times in pure ecstasy, finally allowing her lust to be satisfied.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms for a few hours, before waking back up in the afternoon. We talked about the event of the night, we smelled of sweat and sex already, and soon we were both turned on again. Amanda rolled over onto her side, and I scooted in behind her spooning her. We were both still sore, so I took it easy. I slid my cock into her incredibly sloppy pussy and fucked her again at a nice gentle pace, this time she started to orgasm before me. Her pussy contracted so tightly from the orgasm, it pushed my cock out as I was also cumming. There were now three loads of cum all over and inside of my wife.

“Okay. Yeah… I need a shower now.” She said maneuvering out of bed.

“Me too!”

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