Betsy and Lisa

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I came home late after my afternoon adventure with Gary and Emily (See “Gary” and “Emily”) and was in a great mood, natch. However, getting home to Betsy dampened it somewhat.

“Cheating” on her was no big deal, since she was married, but cheating on her with a guy was not where I wanted to be. I was exploring, not really bringing out a gay side. I told myself that, anyway. I sighed, shut the car off and went upstairs.

There was very loud music playing. Betsy had her friend Lisa over, and they were waiting for me. Seems they followed me to Gary’s and were confronting me. I was not in the mood for defending my actions so I just said I was going to bed. I got called names as I went to our room. I didn’t take the bait.

After shutting the door and stripping, I lay in bed and tried to sleep, but my mind was on the earlier events. And my manhood responded in kind. I blocked out the music and concentrated on the issue at hand, and the video replay in my brain.

I got a good head of steam going, and didn’t notice footsteps heading to my door, until it was too late. Betsy and Lisa barged in to have the confrontation I denied them a few minutes earlier. As Betsy has seen me naked before, she was nonplussed, but Lisa let out a ‘Wow’ upon seeing my erect member. I stopped what I was doing but did not cover up on purpose. I figured a hard penis glaring at you while you are trying to be angry may diffuse the situation. I was almost right.

Lisa kept staring as I slowly deflated, and Betsy was going on about coming out of the closet and being honest, and I countered that I wasn’t being dishonest or hiding, just exploring. I then said, that I still had feelings for her and that I enjoyed our time together, and if she ever went back to her husband I would be saddened, but understood.

Bringing up her husband was shrewd, and I didn’t lay it on thick, because it made her realize our relationship was tenuous at best. I then said, ankara escort bayanlar ignoring Lisa for a moment, that she was one of the best girls I had ever been with. It cant be love, but I enjoyed our intimate moments together, especially the exploring we did, trying new things neither of us had tried before.

And it was true. She was the best sex partner i had up to that point.

At this point my little friend started perking back up, as the memory of those events came to me. I was totally concentrating on Betsy, ignoring the fact Lisa is still watching, and at this point, Betsy is softening and noticing my hardening rod.

They were both drunk, BTW, so that was in my favor. I was sorta hoping they would both go back to getting drunker, and I could get back to finishing what I started, but that wasn’t the case, so now I had this new angle to try. Or at least, if I played this right.

Lisa had a live in boyfriend, who, apparently wasn’t well hung. As she would not stop staring at my cock. I noticed this was going on, and it was starting to turn me on even more. I scrambled to figure out the correct gambit to get these two girls to initiate something, when Betsy asked “Who are you thinking about that has you hard, me or Gary?”


Thank you dear for helping me out.

“I am actually getting turned on by you two checking me out.” It was then that Betsy realized it was three of us, not two, she had sort of forgotten Lisa was behind her. And Lisa was still checking me out and getting rather turned on as well. As I have said, being huge has it’s privileges.

Betsy then got quiet for a second, as if she was slightly confused by what I was suggesting. She then asked if I really wanted two girls? I grabbed my hard dick, waved it and said “Does this answer your question?” Lisa and Betsy exchanged looks, and it was up to Lisa to confirm if she was in.

Betsy said, “C’mon, Rob wont have ankara esmer escortlar to know.” Lisa didn’t have to be asked twice, she walked over to the bed past Betsy and sat down to take off her pants. Betsy joined her in getting undressed and I sat back and watched the show.

Betsy came over first, and sat on the bed next to me, and Lisa got on the other side. I had two naked women next to me, and I didn’t know where to start. Lisa was tall, with probably size 40D breasts, they were big. She was sort heavy, but just a little on the fluffy side. Healthy is a good word, her hips were full and she had a nice looking bush. Betsy was short and petite with nice, small tits. Her hair was a burgundy red this week (as a hairdresser, she changed her hair color every week or so) but her best feature was her curvy round ass.

I could spend hours at a time with her sucking me off and her ass in my face. All day long. Lisa was watching my dick and I could tell she wanted to touch it, so I placed my hand on hers, and moved it over my hard dick.

She grabbed hold, and started stroking, and that was all that was needed to get it stated. I leaned over and started kissing Betsy and fondling her while Lisa worked my member to full and ready status. Lisa moved in between my legs and started sucking, and Betsy leaned down to join her.

I then motioned Betsy to move her ass in to my favorite spot, over my face, and started kissing and rubbing it as it was over my head, and I worked my tongue into her ass and then her tight pussy. She was shaved and that made things interesting. This was way before that was a common thing, and I had the pleasure of keeping it shaved every weekend, as one of our Sunday night play times.

As I ate Betsy out and she and Lisa kept up the mouth music, I heard Lisa ask if she could get on. Betsy said yes, so Lisa got up and straddled me. I kept up my action on Betsy. Lisa positioned her pussy over my grup yapan escortlar cock and started working it down. It was hot and sopping wet, and was very tight. Tighter than Betsy. Finally settled all the way in, she slowly rocked back and forth.

Betsy then bent back down and started licking Lisa’s clit while Lisa was fucking me. Lisa started screaming which started a whole chain reaction, pushing Betsy over the edge and she came on my face, which got me hot and I let loose a stream of cum deep in Lisa’s pussy, moaning with joy, which pushed Lisa to have an orgasm that made the whole bed shake.

after a few moments, both girls dismounted and laid next to me and I was rubbing Betsy’s thigh when my member started growing again. Being 22 helped recovery time, or two naked chicks, not sure, so I said switch.

Betsy started stroking me to get me fully charged and i started rubbing Lisa’s ass, to get back to action when the doorbell rang, and it was Rob, to pick Lisa up.


The girls grabbed all their clothes and ran out of the room and got dressed. I stayed in my bedroom and kept quiet. Rob must have thought they were fooling around with each other, or they dressed in time, because he took Lisa home and Betsy came back and stripped and crawled back into bed.

I was still raring to go, but as we kissed the alcohol took its toll and she fell asleep. Had to finish it off myself. But I had a lot of material to work from over the last 12 hours. 3 girls and one guy all in one day. It remains one of my favorite go-to mental pictures.

The next morning I awoke to find Betsy dressed staring at me from the side of the bed. She used those four dreaded words all guys hate to hear. “We need to talk.” In the sober light of the morning, she decided that life was not going in the direction she needed, and she needed to make a change, and she felt ashamed of what took place last night with Lisa, and then the whole Gary thing. I almost mentioned Emily just to make it funny, at least to me, anyway, since I knew where it was going, but decided that to leave it.

She said I needed to move out. I thought about it and decided it was probably best.

So, that is how I met Anthony….

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