Bianca’s First Time

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It was a dark and warm night with a slight breeze When Bianca was walking across the lonely park.

As she was walking across the path she saw the swing set and quickly checked her watch to see the time, she had to get home before her mum came looking for her.

She had just enough time for a go on the swings, her favourite play equipment even though she had just turned 18.

She giggled as she swiftly walked to the swing set.

Just before getting on the swing she took off her panties and placed them in her bag, as she sat down on the swing she felt the breeze lift up her skirt and caress her now moist pussy.

She slowly started to swing back and forth letting the breeze fully envelope her tight pink fuck whole.

A rustling from the bushes behind her jolted her from her intense pleasure, she quickly put her panties back on and turned around to see a man squatting behind some bushes.

She jumped up from where she was sitting and tried so see who it was behind the bush.

She cautiously walked up to the bush kartal genç escort from which she had heard the noise and peered at the man and suddenly realised that it was her best friend Trent “oh my goodness Trent you scared me!” she said “Sorry Bianca I was just making sure you got home safe” he said with a sly grin on his face.

When they were nearly back at her house she checked the time “oh no!” she said “what’s up?” he replied curiously “its past my curfew and my mum will get angry if she finds out I was late home” ” then lets climb into your window from the back of your house I can lift you into your window.”

Her long white-blonde hair was pleasantly dishevelled from the windy walk home but her liquid eyeliner was still perfectly intact with a little heart drawn on under her left eye. Trent just couldn’t keep his eyes off her, her ass looked amazing in her grey tartan skirt and black studded belt.

As she lifted her leg into her bedroom window he grabbed her sweet ass and lifted her into her bayan kartal escort room and then he climbed in after her.

“What are you doing Trent?” asked Bianca “something I have wanted to do for a long time” he said and with that took off her tight baby pink hello kitty shirt and then her matching little pink socks.

“How did you know I wanted this too Trent?” she asked without getting a reply.

Bianca slowly took off her panties making him harder with every movement. She grabbed onto his waist stroking his now rock hard penis and lifted up his Shirt to see his tanned chest and pulled him close kissing him passionately on his lips.

She pulled him towards the bed and crawled on it towards the pillow letting him watch her pussy lips and curvy ass wiggle their way to the top of her bed.

She turned around with a cat like look on her face and beckoned him to come closer with her eyes.

He took off his pants and his blue camo boxers and got onto the bed with her.

“I want you escort kartal bayan to fuck me Trent, I want you to take my virginity”

He put his hand on her thigh and caressed his way to her pussy and noticed how wet she was instantly which made it even harder for him not to put his big cock in her right now but he knew he should try to loosen her up abit before he fucked her.

After a while of him fingering her tight cunt she couldn’t wait any longer to feel his cock deep inside her, she lifted up her skinny pale leg and straddled him and tried to fit his massive cock in her “Ouch.. it hurts” she whispered into his ear “I’m sure you’ll manage” he said taking control and easing his big member her pink pussy.

He slowly built up pace with his deep thrusts into her pussy feeling how wet she was getting. His massive cock was going so deep he could hear her wincing and moaning with his every movement. She was so tight it felt like ecstasy but at the same time her was worried he was going to hurt her “go harder” she said taking away his fear and making him unleash his built up desire he had had for her since they met.

“I’m having an orgasm! Oh My God!” She said clenching her toes and grabbing harder onto his tanned back. He hadn’t finished but he stopped and decided to wait til she was ready again and then he was really going to fuck her hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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