Bicycle Rhapsody

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Bicycling in the country is a very pleasant experience. The further you ride the more relaxed you become. The things that were bothering you before you started are long past forgotten as mile after mile unfolds in front of you. You become involved with your surroundings, something that can’t happen when you are encased in a motor vehicle. I have been lucky in the past to be part of a group of butterflies as they were going only to where butterflies gather and play.

Today was another beautiful day of riding this time in the East Texas piney woods. All around me were tall green pine trees as far as my eyes could see. It was almost like being in the middle of a green sea with the gentle curving hills simulating waves.

Cresting the top of a small hill I see another bicyclist up head on the side of the road. As I get closer I see the back wheel has been taking off the bike frame. Smiling I comprehend that the person is working on a flat tire. As beautiful as the surroundings are people still throw out trash including glass and other items that can puncture a tire and tube. Long distance bike riders are usually prepared for flat tires, I know I am. I decide to stop to see if I can offer assistance to this fellow cyclist.

As I approach I notice what appears to be a small man bent over his wheel trying to get the tire on the wheel. High-pressure bike tires can sometimes be a problem to remove and reinstall especially if you don’t have the right tools. The man was dressed in the usual bike clothes, Lycra shorts, bright color jersey and helmet. As I was still pedaling he could not hear my approach.

I stopped pedaling about 20 feet away and coasted up to the bike rider. As I drew nearer I could here the muttering and cursing as he tried to force the tire on with traditional bike levers.

Smiling I said, “Could you use an extra hand?”

The man turns towards my voice and it was no man at all! I saw the face of a pixie with her face screwed up in an impish snarl as she fought to get the tire back on the wheel. She said. “I was about to throw this wheel and bike into the woods and walk away. Sometimes it gets so damn frustrating trying to fix a flat. Anyway, yes I could use your assistance.”

As I lay my bike down, I reach under the bike seat and unzipped my tool pouch and withdrew tire levers that are made for high-pressure tires. As I walk towards this miniature woman I can’t help but check her out. She is truly remarkable, from her beautiful pixie face, small mounds of breasts with nipples sticking up proudly from her tight jersey, to the beautifully proportioned muscular legs.

Almost stammering I tell her, “Sometimes you need the right tool for the job.”

Reaching out with my free hand I take the wheel from her and in just a few seconds the tire is mounted on the wheel. Working together I find out her name is Justine and I tell her I’m Bill and in no time we have her tire inflated and back on her bike. With her bike fixed she looks at me and asks, “What do I owe you?”

“How about if we ride together for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a while?” I ask.

She agrees and off we ride.

She is a good bike rider and I find myself working to keep up with her pace. The times that I fall in behind her to draft I get the opportunity to look at her cute little ass. It is so tiny that it almost makes her bike seat look big. I daydream about holding her sweet little ass in both my hands as I bring it closer to my face and bury my face in her sex.

I almost crash as Justine has come to an intersection and slowed down! I just miss her rear wheel with my front one by less then an inch as I jerk to the left and apply brakes.

Kinda hard to look cool as you go sliding pass on your ass, I think as I get my bike under control.

“Where do you want to go?” Justine asks.

If she had asked a few minutes earlier I could have told her. I wonder how she would have responded?

Off track I bring myself back and tell her, “I have never ridden in this area. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Well, if we take a left there is a good size creek about 8 miles away that we can cool down in,” she informs me. “I have been there a few times and it is secluded and waiting for adventurous souls to partake in its’ offerings.”

“Sounds good to me,” I quickly add. “I’m up to any adventure.”

Like a demon she smiles and off she goes. I think I’m going to die before I catch up with her! Then I start drafting again and can regain my breath as I sit back on her rear wheel in a position that is called wheel sucking. Yes your right, the only thing I was thinking about sucking happened to be between her amazing thighs. The miles fly by as Justine sets a truly fast pace.

As I look at my cycle computer I see a bridge up ahead at about the mileage Justine stated, and start dropping off her rear wheel. I don’t want to get caught in the same position I was in earlier.

I was correct as Justine stops and picks up her little road bike she darts onto a little dirt path. This lady is fit I think as I pick up my bike and run to catch up with her. I wonder if she is a professional cyclist and/or Cyclo-Cross rider. If I didn’t have long legs she would have dropped me in the bush.

We are down by a rather large creek as Justine is lost to me as she rounds a bend. As I run to catch up with her I find that she has put her bike on the ground, and is in the process of pulling off her helmet. She has flaming red hair, cut in you know a pixie style. She is breathtakingly beautiful!

At seeing such beauty I stumble over an exposed root and almost drop to the ground.

Justine laughs at my clumsiness and with a smile she unzips bike her bike jersey and pulls it over her head. Then in a flash she is out of her shoes and socks. As she starts to pull down her riding shorts she looks up at me and says, “Last one in is a rotten egg!” Once she has removed her shorts she flies into the creek with a splash that is amazing large due to her small size.

I struggle as I attempt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to put my bike down and undress at the same time. Then I fall down tangled in my bike and clothes.

Justine’s laughter is like music as it floats over the water towards me. I almost feel embarrassment but there is no hint of mockery in her laugh. I untangle myself from the mess I’m in and start to slowly undress.

“Hurry up!” Justine yells.

I just smile at her as I slowly pull up my jersey to expose my abdomen and chest.

As I pull the jersey over my head she does a wolf whistle and then yells, “Take it off baby. Take it all off!”

I smile at her as I bend down to release the straps on my bike shoes. Then one at a time I pull off my shoes and socks. Clad now in only my bike shorts I look at Justine, smile and hook my thumbs in my shorts to pull them down and then I turn my back to her.

Justine boos her disapproval to me, until I pull the shorts down. Then she starts with the woof whistles again. Looking over my shoulder at her I smile an innocent smile, and then with my hands covering Lucifer I turn and run towards her. I jump up at the edge to the creek and curl myself into a “cannon ball,” and launch myself at Justine.

As I swim upward towards the surface I can’t see Justine. As I break the surface I look around for her and she is nowhere in sight. As I turn I feel Justine’s hands as she grasps Lucifer and pulls me under. I see her smiling at me as we come eyeball to eyeball. Then I catch her in a bear hug and kick to the surface. She is still smiling at me as we bob on the surface, yet she has not lost her grasp on Lucifer! I start moving towards the creek bank.

I smile at Justine and say, “Well I didn’t get the chance to introduce you, but you are holding on to Lucifer.”

Justine laughs but still does not remove Lucifer from her grasp. “You guys are such dopes! Naming your dicks. Hell I guess I should name my tits Donny and Marie or some sort of similar shit,” she informs me.

As my feet touch ground I pull her upwards and kiss Donny and Marie, saying, “It is so wonderful to meet you Donny and Marie!”

Justine laughs that wonderful singsong laugh of hers and I feel like I’m starting to fall in love.

Justine releases Lucifer and puts both arms around my neck, and pulls herself up until her lips find mine and then we kiss. It is more than passion or lust, yet it is still almost a timid event almost like I really want you yet…

Justine fits so wonderfully in my arms. As I lower my hands to that beautiful ass I find that it is a perfect fit for my two hands. As I massage her buns her tongue is playing a fugue that Mozart would have been proud of on my tongue. 32 and 64 beat flicks of her tongue drive me crazy!

I move us both towards shallower waters where I can lay Justine down. As our lips and tongue continue their own music I allow my hands to play Justine’s body as a musician would stroke his instrument. God she plays so fine!

Removing my lips from güvenilir bahis şirketleri hers I trace her jawbone with my tongue as I slowly move towards her left ear. At the same time my left hand finds Donny and starts to play a different song. A small moan escapes Justine’s lips as I tweak Donny’s nipple.

I grow tired of licking and probing Justine’s ear and start my way downward towards her neck licking and sucking as I advance to her left shoulder. Once there I start to gently bite as my hand moves from Donny to Marie. Justine’s tempo increases but she remains in the same key.

As my lips travel downward towards the nipple of Marie I think I hear the mumblings and moans of Justine increase an octave. I suck in and gently bite her nipple and flick my tongue in 64-metered time and she goes wild. I allow my hand to move down her abdomen until it reaches the junction of her wonderful muscular thighs.

As Justine feels my hand at her junction she spreads her legs so I can gain access to her being. I find her clitoris and play it like Van Cliburn plays a piano. Justine now knows what Rhapsody truly means. She feels her body take a trip that where only few lucky souls have been and few have returned. She is overcome with emotions as her climax shakes the foundations of her being.

Removing her nipple from my mouth I let my tongue travel downwards to play a brief interlude with her belly button. Justine can only moan and writhe her torso to and for like a gypsy dancer caught in Ravel’s “Bolero,” the tempo ever increasing until she comes again. She is lost in a kind music she has never known but will crave for the rest of her life.

Moving downward I capture Justine’s clitoris between my lips and teeth. Like the woodwind in Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” I begin a slow and strong movement that captures the attention of Justine. Teasingly I bite and at the same time slowly allow my tongue to flick back and forth until she comes again!

I move upward over Justine’s body until Lucifer is knocking at heaven’s door, wanting in. Reaching downwards she guides Lucifer into her neither mouth, and then he slowly enters. Inch by inch Lucifer marches onward until can go no further. Then Lucifer slowly withdraws. Once again Justine is treated with a rendition of “Bolero,” that Revel never knew. Slowly the tempo increases and keys signature changes as Lucifer dances onward to the delight of Justine. Faster and faster the dance of love is performed. I know of nothing but the beat that drives my heart crazy, which is transformed to Lucifer who conducts an act of love I have never known before.

Faster and faster Justine and I dance the dance of lust. Going ever higher into heights unknown and then beyond! Then the world explodes for both of us.

After a few moments or hours or years Justine states, “Bravo!”

Then we clasp each other and luxuriate in the glow as much as two lovers listening to Barber’s “Adagio for Strings.” Knowing that life is short and that we must hang on to each other until that moment we are pulled apart never to know that special happiness again, but doomed to live forever in these memories.

Justine nuzzles up next to my neck and whispers, “We have no sag support.”

“I know my love,” I whisper back. “It is only 70 miles back to Dallas.”

We both moan, acapella and in tune.

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