Big Dick at the Office

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“Bruno Childs?” The security woman asked me, craning her neck painfully. I was used to it. Being seven foot five has that effect on people. “My, you’re a tall one,” she said, her eyes wide with wonder.

“I get that a lot,” I said, grinning. She reached up to hand me my badge. ‘Bruno Childs’ was on the front. Today was my first day at work at Appalachian Internet Development Systems, where I would be a level 1 data entry clerk. Boo ya. I was just 18, so this was a pretty awesome job to get with no experience. I was living on my own, working 40 hours a week and going to school full time.

“Well, you’re all set Bruno! Have a great first day!”

“Thank you,” I said, and used my badge to walk through the gate and into the huge facility. This place really was big; it was five stories and had a cafe, several elevators, the works. There were so many people here it felt like an airport, with varying classes of people as well, some rich with fancy clothing and some clearly wearing the nicest clothing they could afford. One thing I also noticed was that there were mostly women here. It had to be close to 90 percent. Some honeys too. I got a lot of stares from them too, which I was somewhat used to. It’s like they had never seen a seven and a half foot dude before. Not to mention, I was truly massive. I weighed around 420 pounds, most of it muscle. I worked out relentlessly to keep my body looking good at this size. Two girls walked by me and clearly looked me up and down and giggled to each other. They were each about the size of my leg.

There was a sign on the wall that said ‘First Day Class’ and had an arrow on it. I could follow that. I walked into the room, having to lower my head so my head didn’t crash into the door frame. Everyone turned to look at me, but nobody said anything. Again, almost everyone in here was a chick. This orientation would be fun. I took a seat in the back. I learned a long time ago I could easily block peoples’ view if I sat in the front or middle, so I was always sitting in the back when I could. poker oyna

A small girl was sitting next to me watching me squeeze myself into my chair. “Hi, my name is Cynthia,” she said.

I managed to sit down. “Bruno,” I replied. She offered her hand, and I shook it with mine. The difference between the size of our hands was startling. Mine was at least three times the size of hers. She was tiny, maybe 90 pounds, and around five feet tall.

“I’ve got the first day jitters,” she said, clearly trying to make small talk. I could see her eyes constantly sizing me up; I was wearing a polo shirt, extra large, that looked like it was too small on me. My biceps exploded out of it, and my chest looked like a huge barrel trying to escape my upper rib cage.

“Yeah, me too,” I said. “I hope this is easy.”

“Well feel free to use me,” she said. “for support,” she hastily added, her face now a violent shade of red.

I chuckled. “You got it.” Girls flirted with me a lot. Even when they didn’t mean to, just like that. The truth was, most women literally couldn’t handle me. I was a big guy in all ways. I was packing major heat in my pants, fourteen inches, to be exact. I had been with a lot of women already in my life, and not one of them could take my cock. Many had tried, either out of a fetish, morbid curiosity, pride, societal pressure, I didn’t know why. But all had failed.

Class had gone on until about noon, and we all breaked for lunch. Cynthia turned to me. “I hear this cafe sucks, want to go get some lunch?”

“Sure,” I said. I knew what this meant. These chicks were all so predictable. Not that I was complaining. “Let’s take my truck, I don’t fit in most cars.” She nodded, and we headed out. Lots of looks from girls on the way out again, per usual. We got out to my truck, and she hopped in on the passenger’s side. Even with my big truck, I still took up most of the space up front. It was bench seating up front, more of a construction truck than anything else, but I needed it for the space. I turned canlı poker oyna on the car to get the air going. “So, where do you want to go?”

“We only have an hour, so somewhere close,” she answered. “Can I ask you a question, Bruno?” I nodded. “Like… how tall are you?”

“7’5” I responded.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as big as you. And you’re arms are like…” she held out her hands and tried to emphasize just how wide my arms were.

“Yeah, I’ve been big my whole life. Working out doesn’t hurt either.”

“Can I touch your arm? I’ve never seen muscles like that before.”

“Go ahead,” I said, holding out my arm. Her hands greedily massaged my biceps and triceps, her eyes never blinking and never leaving my powerful arm. I couldn’t help that I was getting turned on, and my captain downstairs was beginning to stand at attention. Cynthia continued to brainlessly grope my arm.

“You must work out like, all day or something – what the fuck is that?” She pointed to my pant leg, specifically the log on my thigh.

“I mean, you can’t blame me right?” I said defensively.

“Is that… your cock?” She asked, barely able to get the words out. I nodded at her. “It’s so huge… it can’t be real. Can I?” I leaned back with my hands behind my head, my engorged cock challenging my pants in an epic struggle for dominance. Cynthia poked it with her finger, almost afraid of the huge chunk of meat bulging from the fabric. She tried grabbing a hold of it. Her small hands could barely wrap around the shaft that wasn’t covered by my thigh. “Have you like… fucked a girl with this thing?”


“Did they all break?”

“Pretty much,” I answered. She continued to knead my cock.

She swallowed hard. “Can I see it?” She asked boldly. I leaned forward a bit and unzipped my pants. I dug deep in there to get the head. I had to do some finagling to pull it out due to its size and girth, but when I managed, her eyes almost popped out of her skull. In my internet casino huge hand was easily the largest, meatiest, fattest piece of meat she had ever seen on a man. “Holy fucking shit!” She exclaimed, her hands grasping the thick rod, trying desperately to control it. I was with a guy once who was seven inches, and I thought HE was big. This thing is like… mind blowing.” Her faced navigated to my shaft and she looked up and down it, marveling at its pure size. She kissed it and licked her lips. “I want to suck your cock,” she whispered. I wasn’t about to stop her.

“Let me drive to the corner over here,” I said. It was a short trip, and she pretty much ignored me and started sucking. Her mouth was barely able to take in my head, and even then she was barely making it. She was making moaning sounds, either out of pleasure or out of pain, but either one worked at making me harder and more turned on. She looked up at me when I parked.

“Your big cock is too thick for my little mouth.” She kept trying, god bless her. She choked on it for a few minutes. “Fuck. It’s so fucking big.” I put my massive hand on the back of her head and started pushing her into my dick. She gave out a small whimper, but I could barely hear her with all of that meat in her mouth. When it started to sound like she was choking, I pulled her off for a minute. Her poor face was flush red and her hair was now messy. “Fuck,” she had time to say before I shoved her back on. She was giving my cock everything she had.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her mouth on my cock, up and down, destroying her poor face with my monster cock. I could faintly hear her gagging for air, and tears were now streaming down her face. Some of her make up was running. She was in no condition to return to work. I could feel myself cumming.

“I’m cumming, you’re gonna swallow it,” I said. I don’t even know if I could have quickly pried her off me anyways, so she really didn’t have a choice. I shot a powerful load down her throat and into her belly. Her hands kept squeezing my shaft, trying to pull more cum out. Eventually she unhinged her jaw and pulled her head off of me, massaging her own mouth for a minute. I looked at her with a smirk. “Well at least YOU got something to eat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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