Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 104

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. Enjoy.

Chapter 104 — Tom and Julie’s Surprises. Prom After-Party


Tom was positively bubbly, an emotion I’d never seen from the distinguished man. He looked into my office from the open door and then strode across the carpet until he was near my desk. Melanie was a few feet behind him with a wide grin.

Tom opened his arm and looked up at the sky. He pronounced, “Today is the best day in my life. I have TWO FABULOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS.” He was almost shouting, but the excitement in his voice was contagious. I stood up with a grin to accept the news. It was obviously good.

He danced around, “FIRST, I’m going to be a father. Julie is expecting. Isn’t that great news? I am so excited by just that news that I could burst. She called me only five minutes ago. I was just coming in to tell you another piece of news.

“SECOND, we completed the two tests late last night on the Gigabyte Cellular Technology program — one here in the city with Verizon and the other down on St. Croix. We just finished processing the results from everything this morning … errr, over lunch. Things functioned far better than our projections. The stress test was a piece of cake; not a single bit lost; and down on St. Croix, we had full speed coverage of the entire island from just our three cellular test towers. Everything is WONDERFUL!”

I had stood and come around my desk. I hugged the man, and even induced him into a little dance. Tom filled in a few details on both of his events, and then I urged him to go home to be with Julie.

I caught his attention and looked him in the eye. I knew the answer to my question, but I asked him anyway, “So, did you give her an engagement ring and propose?”

Tom looked horror stricken. “Oh, God, no. Now she’ll think that it’s because I got her pregnant and I want to make an honest woman of her. I actually have the ring down in my office locked in my desk.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You think … today, huh … like as soon as I get home.”

I silently and slowly nodded at him. He looked totally chagrined. He looked at Melanie. She was also nodding.

Melanie was standing there with her hands on her hips. She muttered, “Men are dumb,” and walked back towards the office door.

I suggested he take Julie somewhere fun and romantic and propose. I said then to stop by her parents’ home so she could share the news face-to-face. He liked those ideas and ran out, saying over his shoulder that he’d see me later at the condo. I wondered whether he remembered that it was Friday and that we’d all be going home to The Meadows for the weekend. He raced past Mel on the way out.

Melanie read my mind and said, “I’ll text him about The Meadows. Julie is out there now with the kids. He’s been working so much he has no idea what day of the week it is.”

“Thanks, Mel. I’m ready to knock off early, so whenever everyone’s ready to head home, so am I.”

A few hours later I joined Sheila, Melanie, and Marcia for the ride out to The Meadows in our limousine. Marcia had been in Florida, Texas, and Arizona all week, so I hadn’t seen her. She teased me saying that I sent her far away just so I could have ‘Miss Me’ sex with her when she got back. However, one put it, I did love making love with her.

As we walked into the house, a few of the others were already there, and so was Matt Henderson. They had been sitting in the large living room chatting; Matt had had his arms around June and Tori, the latter in her last stages of teasing the daylights out of Carter, Ryan, and Mike about the graduation prom they’d be going to the next evening.

A sudden flash of energetic brunette hair flashed into my peripheral vision as a body hurled herself into my arms. Julie screamed for all to hear, “I’M ENGAGED. TOM ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM … AND I’M EXPECTING. I’M PREGNANT WITH A BABY.” From the tone of her voice there was no doubt that she was not only exceptionally excited, but also happy to an extreme.

I nodded and figured I might help Tom a bit, “I know, we’ve been talking about it for weeks.” I also wondered what else she could be pregnant with if it were other than a baby. Her statement was redundant, but I didn’t say anything. Why did that thought get there?

She swooned into my arms and gave me a kiss, “REALLY? Why didn’t he just ask me back then? I love him. I would have said yes that first night we met.” She turned back to Tom with a huge grin and then waved her left hand under my nose. One of the biggest diamond rocks I think I’d ever seen glistened and glinted in the light on her ring finger. The setting was beautiful; Tom had ankara yabancı escortlar good taste — expensive too. Julie said excitedly, “Isn’t it gorgeous? I love it. I love Tom. I love YOU for bringing me into this family, and I love everybody.” She twirled around in front of me.

Tom moseyed into the living room looking quite content. He said, “I hope you’ll excuse us in a few hours. I’m taking Julie out to Swan’s for a celebratory dinner.” He thought a minute and said, “If any of you want to come along, please join us. It’d be more fun for both of us in sharing this than just the two of us.” He looked to Julie for verification, and she nodded enthusiastically.

I looked at Elsa and she nodded eagerly. I said, “Well, it sounds like a great invitation to me. Anybody else?”

There was a chorus of voices opting to join them for the dinner — everybody that was there. Izzy instantly started to text the family members that weren’t present to see if they wanted in on the event. Everyone did, and a few said they’d meet us at Swan’s.

Matt started to make excuses to leave so we could celebrate together. Elsa turned him around and kissed him. “No, you are my date for the evening, and I want to go to Swan’s with you and everybody. Besides only a week or two ago you made love to Julie, and I think you should be present while Tom and she share their happiness with all of us.”

Matt looked surprised, and he looked to me for permission obviously on his mind. I never felt empowered to be the social guru for the family. Elsa had that job nailed. I chuckled and pointed at her and said, “Whatever she said.”

He laughed. I moved to him and shook his hand. “Matt, you’re becoming a fixture around here, so from now on why don’t you just start thinking of yourself as a permanent guest. Everyone likes you, and we’re glad you have started to hang out with us.”

Elsa latched onto Matt’s arm, “Oh, goody, a permanent guest. I have plans for this one after we get back from dinner.” She broke into one of trademark lecherous smiles that let everyone know that she was thinking of sex in large quantities.

I pulled Julie to me a second later, “And Miss Julie, “When is this wonderful baby of yours due?”

Julie pulled away from me and did her happy dance with her fingers dancing towards the ceiling, “February … and in case anyone wonders, Tom is the daddy. We were sort of trying.”

“Do your parents know?”

Tom and I will drive out and see them tomorrow. I called to be sure they’d be home but didn’t tell them any of my news. I had such a hard time containing myself, but they’ll know something is afoot as soon as they see me. I want to see their faces light up. They love Tom, but not as much as I do.” She latched onto Tom’s arm and pulled him to her and looked adoringly into his eyes. She was so in love.

I held a hand over my heart, “Julie, I will miss you.”

“Oh, Mark, no you won’t. We talked, and we’re still going to be family members and make love with everyone, except we’ll be like we’ve kind of been since Tom moved into the building, we’ll be a long-term couple too. So, we can make love all the time too, except on important days when Tom and I need to couple up for some reason. We agreed we didn’t need to ask permission either. We really trust each other, and I just know I’m his Great Love for All of Time.” She smiled and danced away like a blithe spirit.

I glanced at Tom and he was smiling and nodding. He mumbled, “You know, I feel the same way about her.”

“So, is tonight one of those important days.”

Julie grinned at me over her shoulder, “It is for an hour or so after we get back from dinner while Tom and I mate again to confirm everything that’s happened today — what we’ve learned and done today; THEN we’re both going to be available to celebrate with our friends … and I want to MAKE LOVE WITH EVERYONE.” She danced around some more. I’d never seen her so animated. She was prancing around tossing her skirt around so much, that occasionally I’d get a flash of her pussy. God, she was sexy.

I caught Julie as she pranced by and kissed her; soon the others in the room also expressed their love to her through hugs and kisses. Separately, Tom was also the beneficiary of a lot of female attention, some of it quite lewd until he sported a solid lump in his pants that didn’t seem to want to go away.

There were twelve adults for dinner at Swan’s, plus Philip Emerson, Jenny, Patricia, and Skylar in the toddler and baby categories. The missing members of the family were KC — who had the evening shift at her gallery; Deke — who was putting the finishing touches on a security system at a lawyer’s office; James — who was also working late; and Izzy — who had promised her parents she join them for her mother’s birthday. Thus, we had eleven family members plus Matt.

As you might expect we got a long table, and were an animated bunch compared to the other patrons in the nice restaurant. We were well behaved, and our conversations ranged ankara yeni escortlar all over the map.

I teased Ryan and Mike who sat across from me over dinner about their prom date the next night. “Are you ready for some wild dancing and some even wilder sex afterwards?”

Both men blushed. Ryan said, “Tori’s been teasing us for two weeks, and she even brought her BFF Darby in to help. I won’t last two seconds the first go around. She got all the girls to freeze us out this week. Carter too.” He glanced down the table to see if Carter had heard him; he hadn’t.

“So I heard. You seem to be standing up to it well.”

“I haven’t gone this long without some pussy since I was a junior in high school,” Mike said. Ryan nodded.

Ryan added, “I have the perfect revenge tool, however. I plan to give each of the girls The Experience tomorrow night. They will long remember their graduation prom.” He gave a lewd grin.

“What’s the ratio going to be?”

Mike said, “So far, I believe, it’s the three graduating seniors Tori, Darby, and Skye, and then Ryan, Carter, and me, plus Skye’s brother Derrick, and Darby’s father; so three to five.”

I opined, “You need a couple more females to even things out.”

He nodded, “I think Elsa’s going to join us, and she said she’d be sure to bring a friend. Given everyone’s ages and preferences, I’m betting it’s going to be June.” He cast a long glance down the table to where cute young June sat flirting with Carter and Stacy. Carter might have looked more interested except he knew he was being teased for one more night before the sexual log-jam would break around the prom celebration.


June and I were to wait at the condo for the prom attendees to finish their dinner and dancing, and then their return to join us for the rest of the evening, night, and into the next day. Tori had arranged for Darby’s father to join us about ten o’clock, since he was to be part of the after-prom party. Everyone else in the family, plus Celeste and Matt had gone out to be at The Meadows.

June and I set out some bottles of wine and soft drinks, along with some desserts and other tempting foods every growing teen needs to abuse in order to ascend to full adulthood. We also got a pizza delivered right at ten o’clock, according to Tori’s specifications.

At ten o’clock security notified us that Frank Winters was on his way up to the condo. I met the slightly older man at the elevator. He was a handsome man who obviously took care of himself through exercise. In talking to him, I learned that he ran the claims department for the state’s largest insurance company — Midstate. He was mild mannered, but had an appeal.

We avoided the guerilla in the corner for our first few minutes of conversation. June had joined me, and I served us each a glass of wine and offered some snacks that he turned down for the time being.

Frank said, “I’ve heard a lot about you and your family from Darby … and your lifestyle. I guess we have some things kind of in common.”

I laughed, “You mean we all love sex? We do. We also have a little bit of incest going on here and there, although you’re the first father-daughter team I’ve met of that persuasion.”

He spoke in a low-key way, “It just kind of happened a few years ago. Darby chose me to take her cherry. I was honored but also horrified at the same time. It took her a few months to convince me. She also had to win over her mother. I had no intention of cheating, especially with Darby.”

I think I raised my eyebrows, “Does that mean you won’t be playing with anybody else tonight?”

“Oh, no. That was back then. We’ve opened up our marriage and family relationships at this point. As a matter of fact, Darlene is out tonight with a male friend, and I’m sure they will enjoy themselves if they aren’t already. This is one of those rare times when she can bring him home for an overnight. We’ve done very few of those.”

“And you don’t object?”

“No. I got past the jealousy stuff. I just hope she has a good time. They’ve never had sex before, but Dar has plans and she’s a very good flirt. She’ll prevail. I just hope he’s not a dud. She went out with some guy a few months back she thought would turn her into a quivering blob of orgasmic protoplasm, and he turned out to be focused on his own ejaculations and only needed a receptacle for them. She was pissed, but spread the word about the guy. I guess I’m well trained; I focus almost exclusively on my partner, make sure she’s satisfied, and only then will I allow myself the ultimate pleasures of the sex act.”

I leaned in and kissed Frank to his surprise, “Well, I can hardly wait.” I paused, “I do want to see you with Darby. She’s hot. I got to kiss her a few days ago while she was over here teasing their dates for tonight. I learned she likes girls too.”

“That’s somewhat new; her mother’s influence, plus a rather hot aunt who also served as mentor to Darby. She’s entirely onboard with those ideas now, but it took a while. ankara oral yapan escortlar I truly am in love with my daughter, only in this case it’s a strong romantic involvement.”

I said, “And Skye’s coming with her brother?”

“Yes, so I understand from Darby. I’ve met both of them. She’s hot and he’s about five years older, college grad, works in an accounting firm, and handsome to boot. Their family is kind of like ours; lots of sharing across generations and lines of kin.”

We continued chatting. At ten forty-five I got a text from Marshall, our chauffeur, saying that he was picking up the prom attendees and would be at the condo in about fifteen minutes. June and I dimmed the lights, added some sexy incense, turned on the faux fireplace, and put on some dreamy jazz music that Tori had chosen to help set the evening’s mood.

June joined me to sit on either side of Frank Winters. This time we both gave him some soul-searing kisses. He started to pant.

He said, “This is really going to happen? I’ve never been in a group setting this large … only with Darby and Darlene, and that was so different than this.”

I smiled, “I think so. Tori, Darby, and Skye are in charge. June and I are here to even out the numbers. If any of the girls want double servicing, we will gladly just watch or play with each other.” I reached across and stroked June’s cheek and neck down across her chest to the edge of her scoop-neck top.

The four men and three girls from the prom arrived shortly thereafter. They were abuzz talking about the dance, dinner, the decorations, and the pending graduation. Skye and Derrick had not been up to the condo before, so were duly impressed with the views, decorating, and everything about the place.

Carter escorted Darby over to her father, and presented her to him. “Sir, thank you for allowing me to escort your daughter to the dinner dance. I certainly had fun, and I hope she did.”

Darby kissed her father on the lips rather hotly, and then allowed as how she’d had a fabulous time ‘so far’ and was looking forward to the rest of the evening. She looked over her shoulder at Tori and Skye to see whether they agreed, but I already knew they would.

Carter came and kissed me, adding some tongue. I could tell the poor man had been teased to his edge. He was ready to explode. I whispered to him, “Not too much longer.”

We got drinks and some snacks got eaten, as small talk about the condo took place. I took the time to get to know Derrick better. Tori had made a good decision to invite him back.

June and Mike were snuggling in together, and Ryan was trying to heat up Tori. I wasn’t sure how she wanted the evening to start, but I assumed she had a plan, especially after she looked at me and winked.

June and I were wearing a skirt and blouse, and we contrasted to the three girls who wore formal gowns. Tori had ended up wearing the bluish-white gown that Cindy had worn to that first charity ball with Mark years earlier. She was wearing her new pearl necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet. The other girls were less ostentatiously attired, but equally pretty in the prom dresses and jewelry. Darby wore a gown, and Skye a high-end cocktail dress that looked about as formal. She had sexy long legs.

Tori announced, “We’re going to change into something more comfortable and appropriate for what we have planned for the rest of the evening, so if you’ll excuse us …” On that note, the three girls headed off towards the master bedroom. I had already seen three duffle bags in the room that I guessed were changes of clothing for the three teens.

June and I talked with the men. About ten minutes after they disappeared, we heard a little ‘Ahem’ from the entrance to the bedroom hallway.

Those of us in the living room turned and looked. There were quite a few rapid intakes of breath. Tori, Darby, and Skye stood there wearing very sexy lingerie. Tori wore her fuck me heels, black stockings with lace tops around her upper thighs, a black thong, and a mostly black bustier trimmed in bright red. She’d fluffed up her hair.

Darby was similarly dressed only in white. Skye didn’t have stockings on, and her thong and bustier were so thin there was little about her body, the thin strip of pubic hair, or her areolas and nipples that her outfit hid. The three were the epitome of raw, willing, desirable sex.

The three sauntered into the living room … strutted might be a better term, but by then no one was acting as a grammar cop.

Skye went to Frank Winters and planted a boiling hot kiss on his lips that on any other day would have shut down the power grid in the middle of the country. Tori had similarly engaged Derrick, Skye’s brother. His moan was audible anywhere in the room, and I wondered if he’d creamed his pants.

Tori took on Carter, Ryan, and Mike, alternately kissing each of them with every fiber of sexuality she could conjure into her act. The three men sported significant bulges in their tuxedo pants.

Tori motioned for June and me to join her, so we moved to the sofa where she’d engaged her ‘brothers.’ She said in a low voice, “Just do what you want with everyone. Don’t wait for instructions, but do make sure to ‘do’ Derrick and Frank. We’ll be doing the same thing, especially with them.”

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