Birthday Surprise

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Caroline and I have been friends for a long time over the years we have had great sex with each other and with others. Men have told me that she gives the best blow-jobs you will ever receive and, on top of that, she’s a gorgeous and loves to spoil her men with sexual favours. So, in the run up to her boyfriends birthday, she was wondering what to give him as a birthday surprise, Caroline told me on the phone that Gavin was a little disappointed when she said that she had invited her best mate, and her boyfriend, over for dinner to celebrate his birthday.

I told her not to worry as between the two of us we would give him a night he would always remember.

I had known Gavin for a little while and he made a pass at me before going out with Caroline we had been out on several occasions. For the record, Caroline a small and very tasty brunette and Gavin is a good-looking lad. Still, I guess he thought what a lame birthday this was going to be.

The day arrived and Paul and I turned up early evening as planed, Caroline was knocking up a simple pasta dish in the kitchen. We began the evening with a glass of wine and some idle chit-chat. After a short while Caroline and I suggested that Gavin and Paul pop down the pub for a pint while they had a girlie chat and served the dinner. they both duly obliged and disappeared out the door not needing to be told twice.

When they returned dinner wasn’t ready but what a pleasant surprise we had waiting for them. As they entered the front room Caroline was sat on the settee in her some of the sexiest underwear I had ever seen whilst I, was completely naked, with my head buried between Caroline’s legs. I think both men were stunned for a moment. they just stared at what must have been a marvellous sight, I lifted my head up from between Caroline’s ankara escort bayan legs and we kissed. I could only imagine how hard the men had suddenly become. The kiss stopped and Caroline smiled at me, wished Gavin a Happy Birthday, then beckoned Gavin and Paul over, telling them to remove there clothes.

Once all there clothes were off, Caroline and I began to suck on Gavin’s cock as he stood in front of us. As we did, I saw Paul smile at me and then move behind me and then I felt him slide his cock into my pussy, making me suck harder on Gavin’s cock. As Paul fucked me and I sucked Gavin’s cock, Caroline slid herself underneath me and began to lap at my cunt as Paul’s cock eased in and out of me. After a few moments, Paul pulled his cock out of me and then stood next to Gavin. I duly began to suck on both of there cocks, first one, then the other and then both together. As this was going on, Caroline moved away from us and knelt down positioned on the settee so her arse was facing us.

She then pulled her cheeks apart so her arsehole was clearly visible. What a beautiful sight it was! My next move made Paul and Gavin’s cocks harder than they had ever been before. I made my way over to Caroline and began to lick and tongue her gaping cunt and arsehole, smearing the juices and adding a coat of thick saliva. I then began to dip my tongue inside, poking it between her oily lips and deep into her fuck-hole as well as occasionally rimming her arse. I then guided Gavin over and placed his cock between my girlfriend’s splayed lips. Without waiting, he gave a jerk and drove his aching prick deep into her hot cunt.

As he fucked Caroline I sucked on Paul’s cock and licking his balls just the way he likes it. He managed to refrain from coming, and after a while Gavin pulled out ankara bayan escort of Caroline telling Paul to have a go. I Watched as Paul fucked Caroline they really got going, and I could see this clearly was a point that Gavin should once again join in the festivities so I suggested that he fuck me at the same time as Paul was fucking Caroline. My cunt was lovely and juicy, and I knew it was just as tight as Caroline’s, and as I squeezed my cunt mussels on his shaft Gavin was fighting hard to avoid coming.

Paul and Gavin withdrew there cocks at the same time then Caroline guided me down onto the floor so I was on my side. She then made her way behind me and began to finger and lick my arsehole. As I was enjoying this experience, I began to suck Gavin’s cock, as Paul started to run his tongue around the ridges of my cunt occasionally flicking the tip of my clit shocking my body with excitement the joint pleasure I received from their mouths soon had my head spinning then I felt Gavin’s balls twitch as the tangling of pleasure played with my body.

Just before Gavin’s cum rose I stopped sucking on him, He almost lost it but the strain on his face told me that he was determined to make the most of this sordid night of pleasure but both Caroline and I knew it was time for a change once more. we requested that we the boys spend a little time licking our sweet cunts, seeing as we had organised this birthday treat. Gavin and Paul could not refuse such a request and obliged. they took turns licking one cunt then the other, eventually bringing both of us to orgasm. By this time I was sure they were both ready to explode and I was that we could oblige them with two wanton cunts to receive there seed.

Gavin sat on the settee and I slid herself down onto his cock and began to ride him. ankara escort bayanlar Caroline and Paul did the same in the chair opposite so we could all watch each other. As I watched Caroline fucking Paul, I pounded up and down on Gavin’s rock hard tool. As I squashed Gavin’s balls against my arse he began to thrust his hips, but once more Caroline and I told the boys not to come. Caroline got off Paul and I climbed off Gavin and Caroline stood Paul up guiding him over to where Gavin was seated. Caroline began to wank his cock and I wanked Gavin’s. I could tell that Paul was going to come and Caroline began to wank him faster. as I watched as Paul’s cock exploded and his hot come shot all over Gavin’s cock and balls. Caroline and I began to lick Gavin’s hard cock working him into a sexual frenzy with our tongues. I bent down on the floor as we had planed to give Gavin a good shot to fuck my arse as he had told Caroline he had wanted to do ever since he had met me.

I looked over my shoulder and watched as he tried to get up from his seat, as he did his cock began to shake and I knew it was to late for him, a stream of cum shot from his shaft splattering on my arse. I began to rub my pussy as I felt my best friend’s tongue probing my arsehole once more taking his cream and pushing it into my hot puckered ring and, as I felt an orgasm rising deep inside me, Caroline pushed a finger up my arsehole as my orgasm shot through me.

Paul and Gavin sat back to watch as Caroline licked up the come from my arse. When Caroline had finished licking my arsehole, we began exploring each other with our tongues. We continue to kiss and finger each other until we both came one final time.

With that, Caroline looked at Gavin, smiled and asked him if he’d enjoyed his birthday present. One look down at his hard cock gave her the answer, and let her know he was ready to continue the celebrations and looking at Paul sat next to him smiling, both Caroline and I where in for far more sexual pleasures that night.

But that’s another story.

Love MsLinnet

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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