Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

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Author’s Note

The story that follows contains explicit bisexual male-to-male contact. If this offends you, please read no further.


For weeks after our encounter with Doug, our love life was red hot. My wife Lisa seemed to almost always be in the mood, and since I am usually in the same frame of mind we made love often. Our threesome with Doug seemed to have turned Lisa on as much as it did me. Sometimes while we were making love, Lisa and I would talk about what we had done with him… and what we still wanted to do!

Doug had been out of town on business travel a lot, and it was a month before Lisa and I had an opportunity to invite him for another visit. This time when he came into our house, Lisa hugged him, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. I must admit to feeling a pang of jealousy, seeing Lisa kiss him. I know it may seem silly, given what we had all done with one another. I love Lisa dearly, and although our threesome with Doug had been incredibly hot, I never want to lose her! Besides, I am still uncomfortable with my own sexual feelings toward other men. Though I often fantasize about bisexual intimacy, I still find it intensely embarrassing – and that’s part of the arousal, too.

Sitting on the couch, Lisa, Doug and I talked and joked and laughed, catching up on the events of the last month over a few drinks. There was an intense sexual tension that ran through the conversation. We all knew what we wanted, but kept talking around it.

I put my arm around Lisa’s shoulders, and began to kiss her neck as she and Doug talked. She moaned and tilted her head back as I nuzzled her delicate throat. Lisa parted her lips, and I kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue lightly across hers. Doug leaned over and began to kiss her neck and chest.

As he unbuttoned Lisa’s shirt, I unsnapped her pants and tugged them down. Lisa stood, wearing nothing but her underwear, kicking off her pants and dropping her shirt to the ground. God, she looked so hot!

Lisa swept her hair behind her shoulders, and stood with her hands on her hips. Doug smiled at her and stood up, then looked her up and down admiringly. He moved in closer, and then reached his hands under her arms and around her back. Lisa smiled provocatively as she felt his fingers touch the clasp of her bra. She pushed out her chest, drawing his eyes down to her cleavage. Doug smiled at her and instantly popped open the clasp of her bra. The bra went limp and Lisa jumped a little when she felt it come loose. It still hung on her shoulders and covered her breasts. She pushed out her chest again, daring him to remove the lace bra that just barely draped over her breasts. Her hands remained on her hips in that taunting pose. My heart raced and my cock was throbbing. My emotions were a jumbled mix of arousal and pride at how sexy and beautiful Lisa looked, and an eager anticipation of the evening before us.

Doug moved his hands back through her arms around to her front. He raised his hands to her shoulders and ran his fingers just along the inside of each strap, pushing them just barely off her shoulders as he followed their path down to her chest. He traced the bra with his fingers all the way to her breasts. With the lightest touch, the bra fell from Lisa’s breasts, and his fingers grazed her nipples as it slipped it off. Lisa’s breath faltered a bit as she felt this.

Catching my gaze, she smiled and pushed out her bared breasts for me to admire. Lisa was bare from neck to navel, and her breasts were glorious. She has large, round breasts, with big perky nipples that beg to be kissed and sucked. Lisa bit her lip and absorbed Doug’s gaze. She had let the bra fall to the floor, but replaced her hands on her hips. She swiveled her torso nervously as she flirted with my eyes.

I stood, and walked over to stand behind her. Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed and nuzzled her neck while cupping her breasts. My cock strained against the confines of my pants as she ground her panty clad bottom into me. Doug embraced Lisa and began to kiss her lips. I pulled my hands from between them, and continued to kiss her neck and stroke her back. Lisa’s breasts were pressed against Doug’s chest and her buttocks pressed against me. She shuddered in excitement, sandwiched between two aroused and excited men, ready to please her.

Sensuously, Doug kissed down her body, and fell to his knees before her, wrapping his fingers inside the elastic of her panties. Lisa bit her lip and squirmed with delight as she prepared to bare her last bit of flesh to us. My head on her shoulder, together we looked down at Doug over her swell of her breasts, heaving from her racing breath. His face inches from her navel, Doug softly touched his lips just above her waistline, and she melted into me, grinding her bottom against my cock.

I cupped Lisa’s breasts as Doug began to tug on her panties. He pulled them down about an inch in the front, exposing the soft skin of Lisa’s lower belly and hips. Lisa’s body ankara dansöz escortlar tightened up, and I could almost feel her tingling as Doug ran his fingers along the inside of her lowered waistband. Lisa writhed with delighted shock, her back arching at the touch of our hands and lips, exploring her beautiful body. Doug looked up at Lisa’s delighted face as her hips squirmed from the touch of his fingers pressing just above her pussy.

With that, Doug tugged firmly on the front of Lisa’s panties, pulling the lace down to reveal a tuft of her fiery red pubic hair. Lisa gasped at the feeling of her pussy being exposed to the air. Her breath quickened with each tug, and with each moment Doug revealed more of her beautiful flesh. As he slid her panties down her legs, I could see the luscious round cheeks of Lisa’s ass, bared in all their perfect glory. Her hips curved beautifully, framing the neatly trimmed tuft of hair that just barely concealed her pussy lips.

As Doug removed the lacy panties from around Lisa’s ankles, I looked her gorgeous body up and down, admiring her entirely nude figure. Doug ran his fingers along Lisa’s bare legs, working them up along the ridges of her hips. Playfully, he stroked Lisa’s lower stomach and her pelvic area, staying just inches away from her pussy. Lisa squirmed at Doug’s ticklish strokes, and her naked body writhed with delight. Doug slid his hands around to Lisa’s ass, cupping her bare buttocks gently with his fingers. He pulled Lisa’s hips close to his face, and kissed her softly on the left ridge of her pelvis. Lisa’s stomach sucked in at the feeling on Doug’s lips on her, and her breath faltered. Doug smiled up at her and slid his fingers slowly off her buttocks.

“I’m going back to the bedroom,” Lisa said. Doug and I followed, shedding our clothes as we walked down the hall. We climbed into bed, once again with Lisa in the center, flanked by Doug and me on either side of her. Our hands and mouths explored every inch of her body, kissing and sucking her lips, neck, breasts, belly and thighs. I heard her gasp and shudder, and knew that Doug had at last begun to caress her pussy.

I watched as Doug bent down and flicked his tongue over her clit, teasing it as it poked out from its little hood. He sucked on it, before running his tongue lower, over her pussy and down to her ass. She pulled her knees higher, as he ran his tongue as far down as he could reach.

He moved back to her clit, and then to her pussy, licking her, sucking on her lips in turn, and then together, all the while running his fingers over her pussy, caressing her lightly. He licked one finger, then slowly slid it into her open pussy. From the way she moved, I could I tell Lisa would come quickly. She clenched the sheets in her fists, grinding her pussy against his mouth. Doug slipped a second finger inside of her, and Lisa went wild, moaning and quivering as she thrust against his mouth, cumming twice in rapid succession.

As Doug lay on his chest between Lisa’s outspread legs, continuing to caress and lick her pussy, I looked down between his legs. His cock was pointing down toward his feet, exposing the delicate and sensitive underside of his member. I wanted to touch him, to feel him, to pleasure him. My face flushed red with embarrassment and I could feel my ears burning, my pulse pounding in my temples. Hesitantly, I reached out and lightly ran my fingertips over his cock. He felt my hands brush his dick, and spread his legs wider so that I could play with his cock and balls. I lifted his lightly haired balls upward and let them fall, watching them bounce slightly, then gently caressed up and down along the length of his cock with my fingertips. Doug moaned, and thrust into the mattress.

“I know a better place for you to put that,” I said gesturing toward Lisa’s open pussy.

Lisa nodded in agreement and said, “Me too!” Doug got on his knees, and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy, but Lisa whispered to him, “Lie on your back.”

What a view I had from between both of their legs! As Lisa straddled Doug, her beautiful pussy lips opened slightly, glistening in the soft light with her wetness. She looked down and stared for a moment. Beneath her, Doug’s hard, thick cock was sticking straight up, throbbing with his pulse, and his heavy balls hung loosely beneath. Slowly, Lisa lowered her pussy down toward his dick. To my surprise, at first she just sat on it, pressing it against his stomach. She slowly rocked her hips forward, sliding her wet pussy along the underside of his penis, then down to his balls, teasing him with the soft flesh of her pussy. As she slid forward again, I could see that his cock was now coated with my wife’s glistening pussy juice. At the top of her slide, she went a little farther, allowing Doug’s cock to spring up at an angle. As she slid back down, the tip of his dick pressed against the bright pink lips of her pussy.

Lisa looked back at me and suggested, “Lube him up for me?” We ankara saatlik veren escortlar often use KY Jelly since my dick is fairly large, so I reached for the tube in the nightstand. “No,” she said huskily, “use your mouth.” I almost came from excitement right then. I loved it that Lisa was telling me to suck another man’s dick, giving me permission and even encouraging me to explore his cock with my hands and mouth.

My stomach fluttering, I reached out and encircled the base of Doug’s cock with one hand, while cupping his balls with the other. Extending my tongue, I licked slowly up and down Doug’s rigid member, from the very base up to the tip, tasting his cock again for the second time – and at my wife’s command! I savored the moment, as I ran my tongue around the head of his cock, exploring the sensitive underside, then took him into my mouth. No sooner had I begun to suck him in and out of my mouth than Lisa stopped me. “Put him inside of me,” she whispered intently.

Still straddling Doug, Lisa lowered her beautiful pussy toward his hard cock, glistening and wet with my saliva. I grasped his straining dick at the base, and wiggled it back and forth across her pussy lips, spreading them open. Doug’s cock swelled in anticipation, and Lisa writhed with pleasure as I teased her pussy with his dick. Then, ever so slowly, my beautiful wife worked her pussy down his thick cock, taking his rigid dick inside of her, inch, by inch, stretching her pussy wider and wider. When she was all the way down to his balls, she paused for a long moment, then pulled off of him slightly. From between their legs, I watched in amazement as Lisa’s pussy clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed, milking Doug’s cock with her internal muscles. She didn’t move her hips at all. Lisa has always had tremendous muscle tone and control in her pussy, and she was using those muscles to squeeze Doug’s thick cock!

Then Lisa lifted her hips until the head of Doug’s dick nearly popped free, but at the last second, she pushed back down, driving his cock deep inside her. She threw her head back and closed her eyes. She lifted up again, then slid back down, a bit harder. Up and down, up and down. She was riding the full length of his cock. She was dripping wet. I could see drops of her juices dribbling down his shaft, and over his balls.

I sat watching this scene, completely enthralled. I couldn’t believe I was watching my wife having sex with another man. What’s more, I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it. I was amazed to realize that there was not a trace of jealousy as I watched Lisa riding Doug’s cock. The whole sight and idea of it was intensely arousing. I wanted nothing more than to see him shoot his huge load inside Lisa’s tight pussy.

I put my hands on her hips, and suddenly Lisa sat upright, her butt cheeks clenched tight as she ground her shuddering pussy onto Doug’s cock. Her eyes closed, she pursed her lips in concentration. I knew from experience that she was cumming, wrapped around Doug’s cock.

As her orgasms subsided, she leaned forward again. Doug was in heaven. Lisa was leaning over him with her hands on the bed, her breasts dangling in his face, brushing his lips with her nipples. Doug ran his hands over Lisa’s breasts, down her sides, across her back, and all the while he was licking and sucking her nipples until they were all wet and perky. I had my hands on her hips, just feeling her movement as she shuddered to another orgasm. It made me feel like I was doing Doug with her pussy… moving her up and down on his cock… giving my wife’s hot pussy to him.

From between their legs, it was a truly awesome sight to see. Entranced, I watched Doug’s cock, slick with Lisa’s juices, sliding in and out of her body. With each outward stroke, the thin flap of skin at the base of Lisa’s pussy would flare out, dragging along the length of his thick cock. Lisa’s pussy lips were red and engorged, taut around his shaft. Doug’s balls were hanging heavily, bouncing slightly against his ass each time he thrust upwards into my wife.

Lisa resumed teasing Doug with her pussy, pulling almost all of the way off of him so that just the tip of his cock was inside of her, then making small quick thrusts before sliding all of the way down his length, taking him balls deep in her pussy. I ran my hands over Lisa’s firm, round ass, my fingers wandering across her smooth bottom, and the crevice between her cheeks, lightly tickling her perfect little butthole with my fingertip. As Doug’s cock slid in and out of her tight pussy, I reached around his shaft to find Lisa’s tender clit. She stiffened and bore down on Doug’s cock, grinding her pussy on his dick while I rubbed her, shuddering to a tremendous orgasm.

Moving lower, I encircled Doug’s balls with my index finger and thumb, squeezing lightly as Lisa slid up and down his shaft. Tugging gently downward, I milked his balls rhythmically to the beat of Lisa gliding up and down on his cock. After a time, I lifted ankara azeri escortlar his balls upward to meet my lips, and softly licked them, feeling the sparse hairs tickling my nose. Lisa’s pussy juices had made his balls wet and slippery and I could feel the heat of his cum waiting and wanting to shoot into her. They looked so hot. My dick was raging hard.

As she pulled off to tease him again, Lisa arched her back. Her butt cheeks parted, revealing the perfect rosebud of her bottom. I couldn’t resist. I leaned over and licked her butthole, tasting their combined juices, running my tongue around and around the circle of her anus, then dipping into the warm center. Lisa moaned in pleasure, feeling another man’s cock inside of her pussy while I rimmed her. I licked lower, to the sensitive spot right between her bottom and the opening to her pussy. Her butt cheeks clenched, and she bore down on Doug’s cock once more, riding him to a pair of fierce orgasms.

Again, Lisa pulled almost all of the way off of his cock, giving me access. Just the tip of Doug’s cock was inside of her delicate folds, and his hands were on her buttocks, pulling them apart to reveal her bottom. I encircled Doug’s cock with my index finger and thumb, and began stroking up and down on his shaft while the tip of his cock remained just inside of my beautiful wife’s hot pussy. Leaning in, I began to suck them where they joined. I licked the sensitive underside of his cock, clamping my mouth on his dick while swirling my tongue across the exposed ridge of his cock-head. It was so incredible. With the slightest flick of my tongue, I could move from the sensitive spot just beneath his cock head to the tender flesh between Lisa’s ass and pussy. Doug tensed, but I did not let him release – not yet. I licked upward again to Lisa’s bottom, and lightly flicked my tongue across her butthole for a few moments, then worked my way back down the length of Doug’s shaft, tasting Lisa’s pussy juice on another man’s cock.

Gently, I pushed upward on Lisa’s firm, round ass, lifting her off of Doug’s cock that I might suck on him for a bit. “Awwww,” she protested, not wanting to release his dick from her tingling pussy.

“Don’t be greedy,” I said teasingly, “you’ll get him back inside you in just a minute.” Reluctantly, she complied, and let Doug’s cock slip from her body.

I held Doug’s achingly hard cock upright, and brought it to my lips, all the while caressing and fondling his burgeoning balls. I extended my tongue and flicked it lightly around the head of his dick, concentrating on the ridge of his bulbous cock-head and the sensitive spot just beneath his head on the underside of his dick. The taste of Lisa’s pussy nectar on Doug’s cock drove me wild with lust. I wrapped my lips around his member, and began to bob my head up and down while simultaneously swishing my tongue back and forth across his thick shaft. Doug moaned and thrust in and out of my hungry mouth as I pleasured him. “Ahem,” Lisa cleared her throat. She was still straddling Doug as I sucked him, and was clearly feeling a bit neglected. “Don’t make him come yet! I want him back inside of me.” And with that, she arched her back, sticking out her pussy and wiggling it back and forth.

I released Doug’s cock from my mouth, and planted a big wet kiss on my wife’s slick pussy. “He’s all yours again!” I said, as I guided Doug’s cock to her entrance. As soon as she felt Doug’s cock pressed against her pussy, she quickly slid down his shaft until he was once more balls deep inside of her.

Lisa resumed riding Doug’s cock, gliding up and down his length. I moved to the side of the bed, and reached down between them to caress Lisa’s clit. I could feel the hard little ball of her clit from beneath its concealing hood. Suddenly, Lisa sat bolt upright and shuddered. Her eyes closed and her lips pursed in concentration as she quickly stuttered her pussy back and forth on Doug’s cock, cumming from the combined pleasure of Doug’s cock stuffing her pussy and my caresses.

As her orgasms subsided, she smiled softly at me. “Do you want to lick my clit while he does me?” Lisa asked. My heart skipped a beat. I was so excited I was shaking. This was a fantasy that I had talked about with her many times, and I knew exactly where she wanted me. I laid down next to Doug and Lisa the bed on my back, my knees over the edge. Without even a pause, Lisa slid off of Doug, letting his cock slip from her pussy to slap wetly against his belly, then she climbed atop me in the 69 position. I felt her take my hard cock in her hand and then start to work her lips up and down my cock before sliding her mouth over my cock. I was looking up at the pink lips of her pussy and gave her clit a few licks and kisses.

“Do me from behind while he licks us?” she asked Doug playfully, wiggling her pert ass in the air invitingly.

The bed shifted as Doug positioned himself behind my wife. Still licking Lisa’s pussy, I looked up and saw Doug’s cock bobbing in the air above me. I paused to spread Lisa’s lips open, then grasped Doug’s shaft, still slick with their juices, and guided his dick toward her wet opening. Pre-cum oozed from Doug’s cock as I slid the round head of his dick up and down through the folds of my wife’s pussy, parting her hungry lips.

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