Brad’s Family Matters Ch. 01

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Brad had just stepped out of the bathroom following a shower and was headed to his bedroom. He turned on the light, expecting to find his clothes on his bed. Instead, he found his mother waiting for him in her blue terrycloth robe.

Brad was 18 and in his final year of High School. His mother had him when she was very young- at the tender age of 19, so she was still a very attractive woman. She had large breasts, a nice curvy figure, and a beautiful round bottom.

“What’s up, mom?” Brad asked.

“Mind explaining these?” his mother, Heather, asked him as she held up a pair of her panties. “I found them in your sheets when I was making your bed.”

Brad blushed heavily. He had fantasized many times about his mother and what she would look like nude. Lately, he had been stealing her dirty panties and using them as a masturbation aid. He tried to play it off- “The laundry must have gotten mixed up.”

His mother laughed and shook her head. “Next I suppose you’ll tell me the washing machine is responsible for the large cum stain on the crotch?”

He blushed again. She beckoned for him to sit beside her, which he did. Despite the massive embarrassment, his cock was beginning to stiffen in his boxers.

“It’s okay. Just be honest with me from now on, alright?” she requested. Brad nodded. His mother let the robe slip off her chest. Brad noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and had a plain view of her grapefruit-sized tits and beautiful, perky nipples. She smiled. “So be honest- have you ever fantasized about me?” He nodded. “Were you thinking about me when you ejaculated?” Once more, slower this time- he nodded.

“I’m sorry, mom. I promise it…” he started. She interjected, saying “Don’t worry sweetie. I love you and if you really want my body… well, take it.” She pulled the rest of the robe off, showing her son that she was only wearing some pink panty briefs. Brad’s cock was just about fully extended now- he was only six inches long.

“Take off your underwear.” His mother told him. Brad obeyed, pulling off his boxers. She eyed his cock and balls.

Brad started to apologize again- “I know, it’s not very big, but…”

“Would you stop? It’s a decent size and it would be my pleasure to take care of it.” His mother bent down and kissed the head of his penis. He looked behind her, checking out the mounds of her buttocks. He wanted so badly to inhale her scent.

Heather took her son’s penis into her mouth, sucking up and down the shaft and under the bulbous tip. Brad thought it was a fantastic blowjob. His mother took him all the way in, letting his ball sack rest on her chin for a moment. Brad could barely contain himself. Involuntarily, he began to rock his hips back and forth, seemingly fucking his mother’s mouth. She moaned in encouragement as he thrust harder and harder into her orally.

She bobbed up and down with increased momentum as tool began to twitch in her mouth. Finally, Brad knew it was time and he grabbed the back of his mother’s head. Pulling her forward onto his erect member, he blasted her mouth with three large helpings of cum, all of which she swallowed.

Afterwards, he slowly slid his penis out of her mouth and they both sat on the bed. She spoke first, telling him “Wow, baby. I’m impressed. You taste very good.”

“Thanks, mom. You give excellent head.” He responded. She smiled and tugged on his cock, standing up. “Come get your breakfast in a few minutes.” His mother told him as she walked out of the room. He watched her ass the whole time, wishing that those panties were not hiding the delicious flesh of her posterior.

When Brad went down for breakfast, he saw two places- one for him and one for his mother. At each place was a plate with eggs and bacon as well as glasses of milk and orange juice. His mother was still only covered by that one pair of skimpy underwear. Brad was still in the nude and his manhood’s life was becoming rejuvenated with each look he shot at his mother’s figure. He desperately wanted to grab one of her cheeks but was still too timid. She took a place opposite of Brad and they began eating.

“So, Brad… when I found the panties- I kind of searched your entire room.” She told him. His eating ceased.

“What exactly did you find?”

“The usual… couple porno mags… one bisexual porno magazine.” She reported. Ankara bayan escort Brad’s blushing had returned. His mother just smiled, knowing she had him right where she wanted him. “How long have you fantasized about being with another man?”

It took him a minute or two to begin his answer. “It’s not so much that I desire a man’s company so much as they continue to pop up in my fantasies.”

“What’s the kinkiest fantasy you’ve ever had?”

Again he hesitated. After another bite of eggs, Brad came clean to his mother. “I guess one of the kinkiest ones is walking in on your fucking another guy.”

“That’s not so kinky.” was her retort.

“Well, then you tell me to suck his dick.”

“That’s pretty kinky, babe.”

Brad’s mother scooted her chair over closer to her son, within her reach. Her right hand searched out and found his bulging erection. She began stroking him as their talk continued. “Okay…” she started, “…what’s your dirtiest fantasy?”

“Mom, I can’t answer that one- please.”

“Bullshit- I sucked you off a little while ago and I’m stroking your cock right now. Don’t be afraid to be honest with me, sweetie. I love you.”

Brad let out a heavy sigh. “As far as dirtiest, I guess I would have to say… eating your shit.”

The stroking stopped. His mother stared deep into his eyes.

“Oh Brad, scat is one of my favorite activities, too! Who knows how long the two of us have been secretly hiding our shit fetishes when really we could’ve been having a LOT of fun.”

The stroking resumed as the two smiled at each other.

“I love you, Mom.” She smiled at her son. “I love you, too.”

Her focus shifted to his penis, which had a drip of pre-cum on the tip. She bent down and licked it off slowly. Brad, feeling a little more confident, got the nerve to ask her a question. “Mom, we are going to be exploring… well, a lot of each other- right?” She nodded. “Well, would you mind if I fucked your tight little butt hole?”

She chuckled. “I’ve been wondering how long it would be before you asked me that!”

Without another word, Brad’s mother stood up bent over the table. She pulled her panties down to where they rested just below her beautiful ass cheeks. Brad used his hands to spread her cheeks and dipped his face into her crack. He took a big whiff of her anus and stood up, erection in hand.

Slowly, he guided his hard cock into his mother’s backside. After a few moments, he managed the head of his penis inside. She was wincing in pain and he asked if she wanted him to slow down. She said no and he continued to penetrate her. Brad’s mom was satisfied once all six inches were deep inside of her rectum. She looked back at her son who gave her a kiss on the lips before starting to rock back and forth.

After fantasizing about it for so long, Brad was finally getting to fuck his mother’s ass. It was like it was his birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s all rolled up into one beautifully-chiseled ass. Brad didn’t last long as his mother was very tight back there. She squealed out loud when he erupted deep inside of her body, shooting out waves of semen. Brad slowly pulled out and sat back on the chair. His mother pulled up her underwear and sat back down, remarking about how sore her anus was. “Thank you so much, Mom.” Brad managed through heavy breaths. She smiled at him.

“What plans did you have for today?”

“Probably just play basketball with Scott, then come back home this evening. Unless you need some help around the house?” he answered.

“I do not mind at all. Go have fun and then I’ll have even more fun waiting for you when you get back.”

Brad got up to leave when his mother stopped him. “Oh, wait.” He turned around to see her sliding her panties off. For the first time, he was seeing his mother’s juicy little snatch. It was pink and the lips were decent-sized and puffy. There was just a small tuft of hair above the tip of her love organ. She tossed the panties to her son. “I think most of your cum drizzled out of my ass and onto those panties. I figure since you like my dirty panties, maybe you should help me get them dirty. Wear those and don’t clean them out in anyway until I tell you to. And do NOT take them off or else that’ll be the end of these explorations.”

Brad hesitated but accepted the strict rules. He Escort bayan Ankara slid the panties onto his body and over his semi-hard unit. The cotton felt good, and the cold stickiness on his ass was most likely his own cum that had previously been inside of his mom’s butt. She blew him a kiss as he went to his room to get ready to play basketball.


When Brad returned later that evening, his mother was waiting for him in the living room. She was in the nude, one of her bands buried in her crotch while the other aimed a remote at the television. She was watching a pornographic video and the current scene was rather surprising to her son- it showed a woman being fucked by some guy, but then that same guy was sucking off another man’s penis. When she heard the door open, Brad’s mother paused the video and turned to her son.

“So this type of stuff makes you hot, huh?” He had no other answer. He just kind of shrugged and agreed. “Come sit beside me and take off everything but my underwear.” Brad obeyed and was soon seated next to his mom, wearing nothing but her pink panties, which barely hid the rising bulge in his lap. “Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions?”

He told her he didn’t mind, so his mother continued. “If a guy were to let you, would you like to suck a man’s penis?” Brad thought it over for a second before answering. “Sure.”

“And if he were about to explode, would you let him empty his balls in your mouth, swallowing his cum?”

“Wow, you aren’t one to beat around the bush are you?” Brad shot back. He thought long and hard before answering. “I don’t know if I’d swallow all of it, but I’d probably let a guy cum in my mouth.”

Heather smiled at her son. “Okay, Mike! Come on out!”

From the hallway, a man dressed in white boxer-briefs appeared before sitting beside Brad. He had a smile on his face. “You know him, right?” asked Heather.

Brad nodded. “Jake Smith- graduated last year. What exactly is going on?”

“He heard everything you just said. Just so happens he is a little bi-curious, too. So, he is willing to help you out with your questions.”

Jake smiled at Brad. “What do you think?”

His mother reminded him to be totally honest, so Brad told them- “Honestly, Jake, you’re fucking hot for a guy. Just over six-foot, athletic, tight ass, and from the looks of your chest, you shave. You should be a porn star.”

Jake blushed, shaking his head. Then he lowered his underwear to reveal his true prize- an eight inch cock that looked about as thick as an aluminum can. Brad let out an audible gasp. “Don’t worry, it goes down easy.” Jake told him, caressing his inner-thigh.

Brad’s mother added a few words of her own- “Go ahead, baby- suck that cock.”

Brad was becoming incredibly turned on and he got onto the floor in front of the couch. Kneeling on his knees, Brad slowly dropped his head to just above Jake’s large prick. It was not only thick but was wrapped in veins and had a very sexy, large mushroom tip. Brad grabbed the shaft with his left hand… a droplet of pre-cum oozed out.

Brad’s tongue made quick work of the pre-cum, and as if that was an appetizer, Brad began attempting to swallow Jake’s entire dick. He was only able to manage the first five or so inches at first, but after working at it for a while, Brad was proud to be deep-throating Jake’s huge penis.

The sliding of Jake’s boner was steady… in and out, methodically and seductively. Brad’s moist lips were forming a tight little hole around it, almost like a little vagina. Brad’s mother was hooting with approval as he continued to take the monster deep into his mouth. Jake began bucking his hips, having sex with Brad’s mouth. With his right hand, Brad reached out and began fondling Jake’s nuts. This was the last straw- Jake forcefully bucked one last time as he shot his sperm all over the inside of Brad’s mouth. Brad was able to swallow about ¾ of the load, but the other quarter dribbled out of his mouth and dropped onto the panties he was wearing. His own boner had become painfully hard as it throbbed with heated blood.

Jake decided he wanted a shower. All three decided to go up to Brad’s mother’s room, which had its own bathroom. While he was showering, Brad sat with her on her bed. “Mom, I don’t want to bullshit around anymore, so here goes- I want to fuck you hard Bayan escort Ankara and fast right in your juicy little twat. There- I said it.”

Heather was shocked but pleased with her son’s coming around to the situation. She smiled and happily spread her legs, exposing every inch of her hot flesh to him. He wasted no time sliding the pink panties off and rubbing his head along the lips of her pussy. She told him that she wanted it bad, and he was about to give it to her.

Brad held nothing back as he furiously fucked his mother’s love-tunnel. His shaft worked over the inner folds of her female area.

“That’s it, honey. Fuck your mother!”

The tempo of the session increased. Brad couldn’t believe how great it felt to pound his mother’s gaping pussy. As his cock became more swollen, Brad’s pace lightened. Just before he blew, Brad withdrew his penis from his mom’s soaked vagina and pointed it upward. Erupting, Brad shot stream after stream of hot, sticky cum onto his mother’s tits. He rolled back and laid there on the bed for a moment, letting the act sink in.

“Thanks, sweetie- you’ve got good rhythm.” Heather told her son.


The three of them continued playing long into the night until- around 1 am- they heard a loud crash from the adjacent bedroom. Brad’s mother investigated while the two horny men sat on the bed, eyeing each other’s crotch. When Heather returned, she had a big smile on her face as well as her hands behind her back. When Brad inquired about her mood, she told him “Brad, I hope you’re to the point where you can be completely honest and open with me.” He nodded. “Then tell me- have you ever fantasized about fooling around with your sister?”

“Holly?” he exclaimed. Brad damn sure didn’t want to answer, but did so anyway. “Yes, I’ve fantasized about her once or twice. Why?”

“She just walked into the house piss-drunk. She is passed out on her bed and I thought you might want to toy with her.”

“She’ll wake up.” He rebutted. His mother smiled and showed them what was in her hands- a pair of denim shorts.

“Not true.” informed his mother. “I just took her shorts right off of her and she didn’t move.” Brad was reluctant more so now than ever before. He had just had sex with his mother- but his sister? His mother continued egging him on, telling him “Come on- she’s wearing a sexy little black g-string.” Now he had no choice. Brad grabbed his erection and headed to his sister’s bedroom with Jake and Heather following behind. The light was on, and sure enough, his sister was passed out on her bed. She had on a blue tank top and thanks to her mom, now just a small black strip up underwear up her ass. Brad’s sister was very attractive. She was three years older than him. She had C-cup breasts, a cute little tummy, and firm ass. Brad had thought about her a lot more often than he had let on. He turned to his mother, still unsure.

“Look- we just had passionate sex.” His mom told him bluntly. “Who cares if the three of us are blood related? We aren’t looking to conceive, so we don’t have to worry about a shallow gene-pool. Other than that, we’re just a family that loves each other VERY much.”

Looking at his sister’s smooth ass helped him see his mother’s advice as justification. He tested her earlier methods as he approached his helpless sister. Reaching under the waistband of her g-string, he tugged it out of her bottom and all the way and off her legs. Brad drew the underwear to his face, inhaling his sister’s sweet scent when a gleam hit his eye. What was that sparkling under the light?

“Mom!” Brad yelled. When she looked confused, he told her “Holly must have let some dude fuck her in the butt- there is cum trickling out of her asshole.”

His mother gave him a serious look. “Then be a good brother and help clean her out.”

Brad re-approached his sister and moved her left buttock with his corresponding hand. She didn’t move- she was out like a light. His face was about six inches from his sister’s ass. He took another big whiff of her dirty scent and began licking the sticky cream from her wrinkled hole. When the outer rim was clear, Brad slowly pushed a finger into her bottom. Holly’s sphincter wrapped around Brad’s finger, but she still didn’t wake up. It only took him a second to fish out a big load of semen.

After fully cleaning his sister’s anus, he put the g-string down on the pillow beside her head. They decided she would need to be awake when taking this further. The three went back to Brad’s mother’s room and fucked once more, the three of them finally conking out on her queen-sized bed.

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