Breaking in the Sub Pt. 09

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Late one night I got a text from my naughty school girl, she didn’t seem herself, so I asked her what was wrong. She said her and her new man had, had a fight and were on a break. She asked if I wanted to pop down for a coffee and chat, so I thought why not 😉

I had a car now, and was able to cut the trip in half by wasting some gas, I shot down to the shop and grabbed her some chocolate, for some reason chocolate always cheers chicks up! Me being me I also took along a surprise to cheer her up, there was something different in her texts, and I was able to sense some vulnerability, I knew if I played my cards right, she’d be putty in my hands.

I got to her house and let myself in, she was all tucked up in bed watching tv, I went through to the kitchen to make us a coffee each, we had talked about fetishes a bit over our time playing around, we had discussed almost everything including food, etc during sex, so I decided to have some fun, just in case I wasn’t able to get fun later on………

She called out and asked if I could make her a hot chocolate instead, she was in luck as I hadn’t poured them yet. This is where I decided to try something I had never tried before, I ejaculated into her cup, I took a couple of pics of me emptying my balls into her hot chocolate and saved them for later just in case.

I made our cuppas and went through to the bedroom, we chatted for a bit, she made comment how her hot chocolate tasted different, esenyurt escort but in a good way, haha. We chatted and chatted and chatted for an hour or so, then she got that tune in her voice where she wanted cheered up, she said it felt wrong as they had just broken up, but asked could I help her out for the night. She knew about the toy box back at my place, and asked if I had any toys she could use to tie the night over. I surprised her by telling her that I had bought one with me and that it was in the car. I went out and retrieved the wand, I returned and her eyes lit up, she had seen these, but never had the chance to use one. I told her she could keep it, her eyes lit up even more, but I said her keeping it came with a catch………that catch was that I was able to use it on her first before I left, she was hesitant, said she felt as though she was still with her man and didn’t want to potentially ruin anything that could be fixed. I said that it was fine and completely understood, and that I would only use the wand on her, not actually touch her or do anything, I’d simply be in control of the toy, she seemed to like that idea and said yes to the deal.

It didn’t take long….. I started it up, she remove her nightie, I started on her nipples and breast area, she was already half horny by the time I started, she was dtf. I told her to slide down the bed a bit and closer to the edge so I could reach better, she just obeyed, I counted zeytinburnu escort 3 orgasms, before i even put the wand downstairs, she was loving it. I finally, slowly traced it down her body and between her legs, she was so preoccupied she hadn’t noticed I had undone my pants and had my cock in my other hand wacking off beside her, she hit another orgasm and turned her head to say something to me, but as her eyes opened all she was able to see was me ramming my cock straight into her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and said to her, that it was fine, and what ever happened in the bedroom that night, would stay in the bedroom that night. I released her head from my grip, and she was able to reply that ‘I was bad’ and she kept sucking as I played with the wand still on her pussy and clit.

It was about this time I got my phone back out and started recording, she looked up and shook her head saying no, so I turned the wand off and took it away, she moaned in disapproval, and continued to suck my cock, so I started the wand again, I could tell by the look on her face, that she wasn’t happy, but continued on anyway.

I wasn’t far from cuming and she was still in full swing having fun with the wand, I asked her if she wanted to take over the wand to see what it was like and I handed it to her, she now had to multi task between sucking me off and pleasing herself. I said to her she could stop sucking my cock if taksim escort bayan she wanted, not telling her I was about to blow my load, she kept a hold of my cock as she took it out of her mouth, she had just taken a breath and closed her eyes to cum again when my first stream hit her top lip, nose and just coated her face, second, third, fourth I just kept coating her face, she didn’t stop me as she was mid orgasm herself.

She finally subsided and turned the wand off, I took the opportunity to wipe the cum off her face with my cock, once again she knew what I wanted and I fed it to her wipe by wipe, she made me promise not to say anything, and I said to her that she should know by now, what happens between her and I, stayed between her and I, and that even while she was with this guy, I still considered her mine. She made comment that, that made her feel safe and was happy with it.

She got up and thanked me for her new gift, but said she better have a shower and hit the sack, so I slapped her arse and told her to behave as she left the bedroom to go to the bathroom, I disappeared out the front door and headed home. About half an hour later she text and thanked me for the night, that it was good to chat and get some stuff off her chest, I replied and said she was welcome, and I was there to chat with anytime she needed me, and thanked her for letting me cum for her twice. She sent back a question mark, so I sent her one of the pictures I had taken of me cuming in her cup of hot chocolate…… She replied once again that ‘I was bad’ but said maybe next time she could milk her secret ingredient herself. I sent a wink back and hit the sack myself, this was the beginning of a whole new type of fantasies i tired!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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