Bridge Club Benefits Ch. 02

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“Hey Sweetie, it’s almost time for the girls to be here. Do you think you could get the tables ready?” My mom asked me. It was another Wednesday and it was time for another night of bridge. Since I had started playing in my mom’s weekly card club I had been getting more pussy than I could handle. That was one of the reasons I had asked my mom if my friend Frank could join the league. First I told her at least it would give me company of someone that was my age, not that I needed it though it was really just a rouse to introduce my buddy to all the fine available pussy and have him take a little of the load off of me.

Not that I am complaining, I loved all the cunt I was fucking and sucking but a was at a point now where I was servicing all eleven ladies in the league with my mother the only one who didn’t get a regular workout of my cock slamming in her pussy. Heck I wanted to hit my mom badly, the more I did these hot hungry older women the more thoughts of sticking it to mom flooded my thoughts. I figured if I brought Frank into the fold and shared my little secret with him then I could at least cut the demand in half. My body was getting worn out quickly; I was having sex up to four times a day to just keep these ladies happy. I thought Frank would be the perfect fill in for me.

Frank and I had actually tag teamed one little slut once before so I knew he was a skilled cocksman and the silver foxes would not be disappointed. After I got the three card tables we got our first knock on the door. I heard my mom answer it and heard Frank’s deep voice greet her. Soon he came into the living room and started helping me put out the drinks and snacks. He was beaming and completely excited about the prospect of meeting some older women who were as desperate to get laid as he was.

“Dude, I can wait to meet these horny old broads. If they are as hungry and hot as you were telling me….man my cock is hard just thinking about it!” He said.

“Frank they aren’t that old, most of them are my mom’s age!”

“Hell ya…speaking of hot foxes, your mom is a babe Tim! I don’t now how you even live under the same roof with her without wanting to stick it to her!” He said.

I didn’t want to appear casino oyna to be eager in the fact that it was fucking hard to live under the same roof with my hot mother. “Dude watch it, that is my mother you are talking about. Besides what would you say if I said the same thing about yours? She is pretty foxy herself!”

“Hell man I would fuck my own mom if she ever gave me the chance!” He said to me in total seriousness.

“Frank you are such a perv!” I said to him.

“I know and that is why you picked me for this little project! So what do you say, if can I have a go at your moms or what?” He asked. I then told him my mom was a grown woman and if she wanted to have sex with him I wouldn’t stop him but if he did manage to bed my mother he would have to share all the juicy details with me.

“Who’s the perv now?” He said to me and we both laughed.

“What is all the laughing about?” My mom asked as she walked into the living room. We told her it was a private joke and left it at that. I was about to smack Frank as I caught him obviously ogling my mother. His eyes were all over her body and I gave him a nudge to let him know he was being too blatant. My mom caught his look to but she didn’t appear to be mad at all, she just smiled and gave both of us the once over from head to toe right back.

The ladies all started filing in and we were soon playing cards. My mom teamed up with Frank for the first game with me and Irene as their opponents. Since Frank was new and was just learning the game me and Irene took it easy on them. The banter was boisterous and we all laughed as we played. My mom asked Frank what made him want to play cards with a bunch of old ladies instead of chasing some young skirts. He didn’t even think when he blurted out that he figured it would be a great place to pick up some hot older ladies.

“Oh I finally see why my son was so eager to stay in the league. Timmy are you banging all of my friends? Is that why you still play in these games?” My mom said laughingly. You could have heard a pin drop in the whole room. Every lady shifted their eyes back and forth, each of them with a look of guilt on their faces. My mom noticed this and laughed again then she broke the tension.

“Well canlı casino my lord my son is the local stud for the horny bridge ladies! You lucky old witches! How come it had to be my son though? I am the only one left not getting some satisfaction in this league or what?” My mom said and giggled.

Frank took over right then. “Actually Mrs. H that is why Tim asked me to play. He figured you deserved some fun too and knew you were the only one being left out. If you ask me though even if you were my mom I would still be giving you some, you are so sexy!” My mom blushed from Frank’s words.

“You’re sweet Frank and if I was your mom I would probably give in!” She said and laughed. His easiness with the whole situation put all the ladies at ease and then the talk in the room changed to me. With the big secret out in the open the talk got hot as they each told stories of my skills and how I satisfied them. I noticed my mom looked a little flushed and started to wave her cards back and forth fanning her face. She also gave me a look that I had never seen from her before. I had seen the look in the eyes of all her friends, each time just before I would slide my cock deep into their wet pussies. The look of glazed lust and I felt my cock get hard.

I felt a foot reach my crotch area and I looked over at my partner Irene and noticed a big smile on her face. Her foot wasn’t helping matters and my cock was aching. I watched as my mom and Frank played eye games with each other. You could tell from their lustful stares at each other they were both imagining each other in sinful situations. We finally finished the game and me and Irene had won which meant that Frank and my mom had to move to the next table. I watched as my mom went to the kitchen to get a drink, my eyes were locked on her swaying ample ass and Irene noticed my stare. She looked at me and I knew I was caught staring at my own mother and she smiled a big smile.

Irene got up from the table and followed my mother into the kitchen, I figured since we had a bit of a break I would get myself a drink as well. I walked by the other tables and Frank was busy flirting with the new ladies at his new table. I started to enter the kitchen when I heard kaçak casino my mother and Irene talking.

“I’m telling you Maggie your son is hot for you!” Irene said. “And that new stud Frank, damn he is so handsome. Could you imagine how great it would be to be sandwiched by those two young studs?”

“Irene you are so bad…besides Timmy is my son, I could never do that!” My mom replied. My cock strained in my pants as I listened to them chat.

“Ya but you thought of it! Hell girl I don’t blame you, if Timmy was my son he wouldn’t make it out of the house. He would be tending to all of mommy’s needs!” Irene said.

“Girl your terrible! How would you like it if someone talked about you and your son that way?” My mom asked Irene.

“Billy and I had been having sex for years before he died Maggie! I am telling you, you don’t know what you are missing! Maybe we should take these to young men for a spin after the other girls leave today. That way you could make up your mind then, if you can’t go through with crossing the line with Timmy at least you have a capable stud in Frank there to take care of you.”

“I will think about it!” My mom said in a trembling voice.

“That’s the spirit…God could I ever go for a good fuck right now, I am so horny with all this talk!” Irene said and then I peaked around the corner and saw as she had my mother against the counter. She was frenching my mom and rubbing her breasts with her hands. I thought I was going to cum right on the spot. I would have never have guessed my mom was into chicks.

“That is just a little prelude to what could happen later on!” She said to my mother as they broke their kiss. I made a noise to let them know I was about to enter the room. I grab my drink and noticed once again as my mother stared at me with lustful eyes. Her look went straight to my crotch and she smiled when she saw my tented pants.

I couldn’t believe my mother was even thinking about wanting me, it was going to be very interesting to see where this day was going to take us and I couldn’t wait until the cards would finally be over. I got my drink then went back into the living room and told Frank I needed to speak with him immediately. I told him what I had heard in the kitchen and he was as excited as me. I let him know not to make any dates with any of the ladies for later that day because the fun was going to go on in my very own house…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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