Burned Ch. 04

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Small edits. Sorry about the typos I missed.


Chapter 04: Huh?

Alone again. Would it be all right again? Had I gone to far? My sweet Jesus it had felt good, my bare flesh against hers. The wondrous release and flood of sperm I had shot into her warm crack and onto bum cheeks. What must she have thought when she found the dried mess when she wakened. What is she thinking about her cousin now? Had I weird-ed her out?

I looked forlornly at the door between our rooms. A gap was visible. Leah had left a view portal open. Maybe all was not lost. Maybe I still had a chance. Thank god for small favors. I tip toed to the door and carefully peaked through. My reward was beyond current hopes.

Leah was reclining on her bed, knees drawn up, her right hand between her legs, her third and fourth fingers appeared to be plunged deeply inside her place of treasures. Her palm was pressed firmly against her pelvis making circular movements about her clit. Hips were thrusting rhythmically against her hand. Her left hand cupped her left breast with fore finger and thumb gently needing that crowning plump nipple. Oh to suck it into my mouth and feel its delicate texture.

“Ummmm, ohhhhhhh, yessss, yesssss, yesssssss….uhnnnnnnnn…..fuck me oh fuck me, cum on me, please cum in me….” The soft murmurings emanated from Leah’s open mouth. She licked her lips and moaned more loudly, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, please, please, I want your cum on me, in me, on my tongue, in my pussy, oh please only me…., uhnnnnnnnnn, uhnnnnnnnnnnn, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhn, uhnn, uhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

She was suddenly very quite, her breathing slowed gradually as her hips and body sank into the bed. I quickly retreated to my bed. My cock hard from the excitement induced from illicitly observing Leah’s self administrations. Her glistening fingers plunging in and out of her dark gash, her hips humping against her hand.

I imagined my cock penetrating where her fingers had disappeared. I wanted my cock to enter that dark tunnel and draw sounds of pleasure from Leah’s lips. I wanted her vaginal walls to envelop and caress my piercing cock. I wanted my administrations to cause her to climax and scream out my name.

As I closed my eyes and envisioned our bodies together, my stiff erection cleaving her labia as it traveled the road to my desired destination, my hand surrounded my erect flesh and began to stroke in time to my conjured intercourse with Leah’s dark unexplored tunnel. I was dimly aware that I was moaning and talking to Leah in my mind. My arousal continued to build as I imagined my cock in Leah’s sure to be tight and velvety pussy. I took longer strokes as I pumped my cock into an imagined pussy. My orgasm erupted. I felt spurt after spurt of thick cum hit my chest and stomach. I continued to ooze thick droplets down my shaft across my hand. I had several large puddles of thick white ejaculate that I had to clean up after I recovered from the intensity of my climax.

God I wanted her. I truly wanted to fuck my cousin. There was no kidding myself. I was obsessed with having Leah.


I found a note from my mom on the kitchen counter. “Chris, I forgot to tell you that Joe called last night wondering if you wanted to bring Leah over to meet Missy and you all go swimming together. Sorry casino oyna I forgot to tell you last night. Just leave a note letting us know where you will be. Love Mom.”

Joe was my best friend. We had lived in the same neighborhood and gone to school together all of our life. Missy was his little sister. I don’t know why she had the moniker of little except she was 10 months younger than Joe, and for that matter myself. Joe and I were born in the same month. I was actually 3 days older than Joe, a fact Joe hated.

Missy was like a little sister. I had grown up tormenting her, then became very protective of her when she started dating. I actually think I had a more brotherly relationship with her than Joe did. Didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

I gave Joe a call and told him we would be glad to come over. I figured I needed chaperones around to help me stay away from Leah. Where the hell was she anyway?

Just then the back door opened and Leah came in with a bunch of cut flowers. “Oh Chris. Good morning,” she said.

Was she flustered? Was she upset?

“Good morning back at ya Leah. How do you feel about using your new bikini today and going swimming over at some good friends house?”

She immediately brightened. “Yes. That sounds fun. I’d love to meet your friends,” she beamed.

“Tell you what, lets put our suits on here. Grab a towel and some dry clothes to change into later.”

“Sounds good. Let’s do it,” she agreed.

I didn’t try to spy on her. I just changed, went upstairs and waited for Leah to follow. A few minutes later she appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked great. She had a lovely lava-lava cover up. It was gauzy and see-through. She wore a black bikini and she looked stunning. I just kind of stared.

” Chris?”

“Oh, sheesh. Sorry. You caught me off guard. I don’t remember that suit. You look fantastic I gushed.”

She actually blushed when she smiled with obvious pleasure. “I know. I really liked this one and wanted to surprise you. I hoped you would like it.”

“Like it? I love it!”

On our arrival at Joe and Missy’s, they made me proud. They both gushed over how beautiful Leah was and how great her new bathing suit looked. Missy took Leah off to show her the facilities.

“Good god Chris. I hope she’s a kissing cousin, because if she isn’t, alls fair in love and best buds.”

“Knock it off Joe. She’s my favorite cousin so you better be on your best behavior.”

“Touchy-touchy aren’t we,” he kidded as he punched me in the shoulder. “Let’s go get wet.”

We were shooting baskets with the pool basketball set when the girls finally made it outside. They both decided to sun for a while and pulled two lawn chairs around to face the late morning sun. I admired the interplay of Leah’s muscles as she manipulated the lounge chair. I also enjoyed seeing the cleavage of her breasts enlarge as her breasts swayed in the cups of her bikini as she bent over and adjusted the head of the chair.

The basketball hit me in the side of the head.

“Hey, watch it asshole.”

“I was you incestuous bastard.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?’

“Jesus, you were looking at her with unmitigated lust in your eyes you pervert.”

“Fuck you, you dim-witted Neanderthal,” I said as I laughingly dunked the canlı casino observant little prick. I couldn’t believe he had found me out so soon. The laugh and the dunk got him off the subject as we wrestled and tried to drown each other.

We apparently got a little carried away because I suddenly had Missy on my back, her arms around my neck choking me. Leah was similarly latched onto Joe.

“You guys knock it off,” yelled Missy. “Someone is going to get hurt.”

“Yeah, what she said,” chimed in Leah.

Joe and I looked at each other and cracked up. I dunked under water pulling Missy with me. She couldn’t hold her breath for any time at all and almost instantly gave up, released her grip around my neck and bobbed to the surface. I reached the surface with a purposeful distance between Missy and myself. Quickly scanning to see how Joe faired, I observed him popping to the surface with Leah in tow. I howled. Leah had not let go. I think Joe may have met his match. Joe stopped thrashing and Leah finally released her chokehold on his neck. They looked each other in the eye, shook hands then broke up laughing.

Wow. Wait just a second. That wasn’t what I expected. What was going on here. Missy swam up next to me and said, “I think Leah has made a new FRIEND. I looked over at them. They were head to head chatting up a storm. I didn’t get it. What the hell was Joe doing? What the hell was Leah doing? What the hell was I doing? Jealousy directed at my best friend? Jealousy directed at my cousin? I had no right. But I admitted it to myself. I was definitely jealous. I wanted my cousin to pay attentions only to me.



These were silent thoughts, yet they both looked at me in concert as I thought them.

I was in a tiff. “What do you think is going on with Joe and Leah?”

“What do you mean?” Missy asked in all innocence.

“They look all chummy all of a sudden don’t you think?”


“What do you mean so? They just met. How can they be all chummy so quickly?”

“How the fuck should I know Chris?” Missy asked with some heat.

My head snapped around and I looked at Missy with new perspective. She had my attention.

“You know Chris, sometimes you can be so fucking dense it is ridiculous. You miss all kinds of cues and signals thrown your way.”


“Not that it makes any difference now, but I have had the hots for you forever.”


“See. That’s what I mean. For a really bright guy you sometimes don’t read the signals.”

A glimmer of understanding was beginning to bash me in the head.

Missy must have seen the glimmer because she said, “See, you are bright, but sometimes blinded by your sense of right and wrong. Sometimes right and wrong aren’t quite as black and white as you would like them to be. You have to live in shades of gray sometimes.”

“Oh Missy. I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?”

“I have already you big dummy. I love you. I hated you for a while because you wouldn’t love me, wouldn’t pay attention to me romantically. But I finally saw you for who you really are. You truly saw me as a sister and could not and would never allow yourself to see me in a romantic role. Once I came to that understanding, I forgave you and let you become my big brother. More of a big brother than my real big kaçak casino brother ever was.”


“That is another set of guy type blinders you are suffering with.


No. No way. That one you have to figure out on your own and deal with on your own terms. It isn’t a thing a chick can help you with.”

“Double huh?”

“You’ll understand when you understand. I know you will be able to handle it.”

“Triple huh?”

“Because you are decent you.”

Missy then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a giant lip lock, tongue and all. It was a great kiss. She broke, smiled at me and said something so cryptic I wondered if she had totally lost it.

“That is to give Leah something to wonder about equal to what you are currently wondering about.”

“What the fuck huh?”

“Just remember that Joe and I think outside of the box when it comes to conventions. We are and always will be your friends. I think we may well always be Leah’s friends as well. It doesn’t make sense now, but I think it will soon.”

With that, she gave me one more smooch, swam to the edge of the pool and exited the area.

I looked at Joe and Leah with what must have been a very bewildered look on my face. Leah looked somewhat bewildered as well. She slowly turned from me, took Joe in her arms and gave him a slow, burning, lingering and jealousy inducing kiss. Joe turned his head, looked at me with a very quizzical look on his face, looked back at Leah who was now looking at me with a very pissed look and then looked back at me and cracked up. Joe was laughing uncontrollably as Leah lifted herself out of the pool, walked to the pool house changing room and slammed the door behind her obviously pissed off retreating self.

“What the fuck just happened,” I said to myself out loud.

Joe was staring at me, pointed a finger at me and continued to laugh uncontrollably.

“What the fuck are you laughing at Joe. Let me in on the hilarious secret why don’t you?

He swam over to me, put his hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “You already know and just won’t come clean you dimwit. Just be honest and it will all work out.”

“That helps one hell of a lot. Thanks for making that crystal fucking unclear.”

I pulled myself out of the pool, went to the pool house and changed into my dry clothes. When I opened the door and stepped outside, Leah was sitting dressed and clearly ready to leave.

We got in the car and drove home in a deafening silence. I was at a total loss. I felt as dense as Missy accused me of being. What had happened?

Had Joe hit on Leah and totally scored? Had I lost my cousin to my best friend? How could things have gone out of control so rapidly? What was I going to do? What could I do? She was my cousin for crying out loud. I should be happy if she and Joe had clicked. But I was anything but happy.

We ate supper in total silence. My parents looked at us; looked at each other; looked at us, etc. They were at a loss as well. They could tell something was up, but wisely just left it alone.

We watched TV silently, numbly. Finally bedtime came. I, as usual, let Leah have the bathroom first. She finished. I quickly brushed my teeth, washed my face and went back to my room. The pocket door was tightly closed. I felt cut off from my life.

I tapped on the door. “Leah? What’s wrong? What happened? What did I do? Please tell me so I can fix it.”

Silence. Dead, vacuum of space, total and utterly silent silence.

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