Busted in Balloonville Ch. 09: 3sum

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Chapter 9: The Big Blow Job

“Hey, is that my special friend?” Tracy said. She was wearing sweat pants and a ripped T-shirt over a pink sports bra that was making a heroic but ultimately impossible effort to contain her massive breasts.

“It is,” Janice said. “He wanted to see the popping room, and we were just watching Megan practicing for her balloon test.”

“Oh?” Tracy said. “What was she blowing? 16-inch balloons?”

“Yes” Janice said. “She’s doing really well. I tested one for her and it barely took any air before it exploded.”

“I can see Jeff here really enjoyed it,” Tracy said, looking at his bulging pants with a hungry eye.

“Oh yes, I’ve been torturing the poor boy, I’m afraid,” Janice said. “He’s like a really stubborn balloon. Just when you think he’s going to burst, you find out he can take a little more.”

“Well, let me tell you, when he goes, it’s a big explosion,” Tracy said with a mischievous grin.

“I’m a little scared, to be honest,” Janice laughed. “But then again, you’re not scared to have anything pop in your face at all, are you?”

“Not at all!” Tracy said.

“Er, ah…” Jeff tried to think of something to say to get his mind, not to mention Tracy’s eyes, off his rock-hard dick. “Tracy, what, uh, what brings you to the hotel?”

“I work here part time, and they let me use the exercise room,” Tracy said. “That’s why I’m all sweaty.” She bounced on her toes, and her titanic tits jiggled.

“Do you, uh, do you cook for the hotel?” Jeff asked.

“No, silly, the hotel has a chef,” said Tracy. “I help Suzette blow up the air mattresses when the hotel is really full.”

“Tracy has some of the strongest lungs in town,” Janice said matter-of-factly. “She can generate higher pressure than most of us. Certainly more than me.”

“Oh, come on, you’re pretty strong yourself,” Tracy said, and looked at Jeff. “She can blow up a hot water bottle to bursting, you know. One of the big ones.”

“Once!” Janice said, “I did it once! And that’s nothing compared to blowing a mattress rock-hard with a 250 pound man lying on it.”

Jeff felt something cool on the head of his penis, and looked down in a panic. His erection had grown so big that the head of his cock was now poking out of his waistband.

“Oh, look what you’ve done to my poor little boyfriend!” Tracy said.

“He doesn’t look very little to me,” Janice said, staring.

There was another tremendous BANG from behind the door to the balloon practice room.

“Sounds like Megan’s getting on alright,” said Tracy. “Come on, let’s put this poor boy out of his misery.” She took Jeff’s hand and led him back toward the door that said EXERCISE ROOM.

Jeff expected to find exercise equipment, and he supposed that’s what he was looking at… but not the kind you’d find in an ordinary hotel. The walls were covered with shelves holding balloons of every shape and size, plus boxes and boxes of colorful latex inflatables. Half a dozen air mattresses sat on the floor, each with a life-size (and, Jeff assumed, life-weight) mannequin laying on it. One wall held racks of eye protection equipment, and on the opposite wall was the largest sousaphone Jeff had ever seen. He wondered how anyone could carry it, let alone play it.

Of course, Jeff thought. Here in Balloonville, you don’t exercise your body. You exercise your lungs.

Janice followed them into the room and closed the door behind her.

“So, is this going to be a tag-team effort?” she asked Tracy. “A little two-girl action?”

“Of course,” Tracy said. “And I think you know what I’m going to blow.”

“Well, you’ve certainly had more practice, and to be honest, I’m a little afraid to blow something taksim escort that big, I’m scared of the pop.” Janice said.

Jeff, having seen Janice blow, stomp and squeeze several balloons since arriving, couldn’t imagine what kind of inflatable object Janice could possibly be afraid of. But then the busty cook dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his pants, and he understood.

“The question is,” Tracy said, looking up at Jeff with her hand poised above his zipper, “What is Janice going to blow?”

“Er… uh…” Jeff could not believe what he thought was about to happen. “Uh…”

“I’ll blow anything you want,” Janice said. “I could blow up a balloon, or one of the mattresses, or one of the pool toys. I think we have some four-foot beachballs around here.” She started sifting through the trays of packaged inflatables. “Yes, here they are. Oooh, here’s one of those big swan floats, I haven’t tried blowing up one of those yet. Or what about this inflatable whale? These get really big, but they take forever to inflate.”

“I don’t think he’s going to last that long,” Tracy said as she unbuttoned Jeff’s pants and let his stiff cock free.

“There are some swim rings here.,” Janice said, “Oh, look, a worker balloon, I didn’t know we had any left! I could blow that up for you.” Jeff began to doubt either woman would need to blow anything. Just hearing Janice list off all the things she could fill with her mighty lungs had him right back at the edge of orgasm.

“I could play the sousaphone,” Janice said. “I’m not very good, but I can blow a few notes.” Janice took the big horn down from its hook and rested it on her shoulder. Jeff had heard about tuba fetishists. It was something to which he hadn’t given much thought, and she did look sexy with that giant brass horn wrapped around her lithe body. And the thougth of her blowing that big horn – would it be as sexy as her blowing up a big balloon? Jeff realized he was about to find out. She took a deep breath, put her lips to the giant cupped mouthpiece, and blew a tremendous BLAAAAAT! Both girls cracked up, but Jeff nearly fainted.

“Oooh, did you like that?” Tracy asked. She was now face to face with his cock. Her lips were so close to his engorged head that Jeff could feel her breath as she spoke. “Did you like seeing Janice blow that great big tuba?”

Janice took a deep breath, and Tracy opened her mouth. Janice put her lips to the mouthpiece, forming a tight seal. Her cheeks started to puff as the pressure build in her lungs, and Jeff could feel Tracy’s hot breath as leaned towards his cock, her lips ready to close around his shaft…

“A hot water bottle!” he blurted.

Janice stopped mid-blow, her cheeks still partially inflated, and Tracy stared up at him, her open mouth hovering over the head of his dick.

“You said she could blow a hot water bottle. I want to see it. Not all the way to popping, just… I want to see it.”

Both women looked surprised for a second, then Janice said, “Well, okay, honey, if that’s what you want me to blow for you.” She hung the giant tuba on its hook, then began looking through trays.

“Yes,” Jeff said. He felt strangely sure of himself, something he hadn’t felt before in Balloonville. “And Tracy…”

“Yes, sweetie?” said the big-breasted cook.

“I’d like to… uh… you know… take control. Like you said that time… before.”

“Control?” She looked puzzled.

“You know…” Jeff stammered, starting to lose his nerve.

“He wants to fuck your face, love,” Janice said. Jeff felt his cheeks get hot, and he wondered if he would lose his hard-on.

“Well, it’s about time!” Tracy said. “Yes, please!”

“Found one!” Janice pulled a kadıköy escort brand-new hot water bottle out of its packet and pulled out the plug. “I haven’t tried this in a while,” she said, “but here goes nothing.” She raised the hot water bottle to her mouth, then looked down at Tracy and said, “Open wide, honey!” She placed the hot water bottle to her lips and drew in a long, deep breath through her nostrils.

Jeff looked down at Tracy, who was staring back up at him with expecting eyes and an open mouth. He placed the tip of his cock on her extended tongue and she closed her lips around the head. He looked back up at Janice, who gave him a wink, and began to blow.

Jeff had watched a lot of videos of women blowing various things on the internet, but he had never seen anyone blow as hard as Janice did. Her cheeks puffed out to an impossible large size, and her cheeks went bright red. She bend over with the effort, and for a moment Jeff thought the receptionist with the incredibly powerful lungs had met her match…but then the hot water bottle began to bulge.

That’s when Janice really went to work. Her brow furrowed and her bulging cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red, quickly followed by the rest of her face, then her neck.

“Blow it, baby!” Tracy managed to say around the head of Jeff’s cock. Janice’s cheeks seemed to puff out even larger, the skin near her chin expanding, and Jeff began to wonder if they would burst before the hot water bottle did He expected Janice to close her eyes with the effort, but she didn’t; instead, her determined eyes drilled into his. She could almost read her thoughts: “I hope you’re enjoying this, because I’ve never had to blow so hard…”

Suddenly, the hot water bottle began to grow. Jeff slid his cock further into Tracy’s mouth.

Janice struggled to force more air into the hot water bottle. It began to expand, slowly growing to the size of a basketball as she forced the air out of her mighty lungs. She inhaled through her nose, holding the hot water bottle tight against her mouth, and blew again. Her cheeks seemed to blow up to the size of Tracy’s breasts.

Jeff began to pump his cock slowly back and forth, into and out of Tracy’s mouth. He had never face-fucked a girl and didn’t know how deep he could go, but Tracy seemed to read his mind. She put her hands on his ass and pulled his full length into her mouth. Jeff looked down, but Tracy merely smiled with her lips wrapped around the shaft of his cock. There was a tremendous WHOOOOSH as Janice unleashed her powerful breath into the hot water bottle, blowing with all her might.

Jeff began to make love to Tracy’s mouth with deep, long strokes. Janice drew in another breath, then paused, looking at Jeff with inquiring eyes. Why did she stop, Jeff wondered? And then he realized, this was his cue.

“Um… blow it, please,” he stammered. Janice just looked at him, eyebrows raised.

Tracy took his cock out of his mouth and whispered, “Be more assertive, babe, like you were with me when you put that pink balloon into my mouth and made me pop it. Remember? You need to be more assertive. With both of us.” Janice nodded, the hot water bottle waggling up and down.

“Blow it,” Jeff said quietly, and both women merely regarded him.

“Blow it, goddammit!” Jeff said. “Blow that fucking hot water bottle right fucking now! Blow, you… you… you balloon busting bitch!” And with that, he thrust his cock hard into Tracy’s mouth. Jeff thought he saw the traces of a smile on what little he could see of Janice’s lips, and her cheeks inflated to massive proportions as she blew for all she was worth. Jeff began to fuck Tracy’s mouth harder, putting one hand on halkalı escort bayan the back of her head for maximum penetration. With the other, he leaned down and pulled out her sports bra, freeing one of her fantastically large breasts. It overflowed his hand, soft, warm, and very, very heavy. Tracy moaned, her mouth full of Jeff’s cock and he thought he saw something soften in Janice’s face as well.

“Blow!” he yelled. “Blow for me!” He watched as she struggled to inflate the hot water bottle even bigger. Tracy reached behind her, groped for Janice’s thigh, found her crotch, and began to rub. He heard something like a whimper from Janice, the sound obscured by air escaping from between the hot water bottle and Janice’s lips.

“Oh, I’m so fucking close!” Jeff yelled. “Blow! Blow now! Blow as hard as you fucking can!”

Every bit of Janice that wasn’t covered by clothing was a deep shade of crimson, and her face contorted as she forced more air from her mighty lungs into the hot water bottle. She was struggling and it was clear that the hot water bottle was fighting her all the way, but she blew again and again, swelling the thick rubber to the size of a beachball. Jeff was now hammering his cock in and out of Tracy’s mouth, pulling it out until just the very tip was between her lips, then shoving it in until he felt her nose press into his pubic hair. He was holding the biggest tit he had ever laid his hands on, the big nipple rock-hard against his palm, , the soft flesh of the aerola under his fingertips, and he was watching in amazement as Janice blew the hot water bottle even bigger.

Oh my God, he thought, she’s going to pop it! She’s going to go all the way! She’s blowing as hard as she can!

“Pop it!” he yelled. “Blow it bigger! Blow it until it fucking explodes!” This time both women moaned, Tracy’s hand working Janice’s crotch as hard as Jeff’s cock was working her mouth.

“Do it! Blow it! Pop it!” Janice forced another breath into the hot water bottle, blowing it bigger than Jeff could have imagined it would get. She was going to do it! Jeff thought. She can barely blow any harder, but she’s going to burst it!

And then there was an explosion—but it wasn’t from the hot water bottle. Jeff pulled Tracy’s head hard down onto his cock, squeezing her gigantic tit. He felt a build-up in his balls powerful enough to launch a rocket to the moon, and as he watched Jancie blow one more lung-full into the hot water bottle, his cock started to spasm and he blasted a massive load of love-juice into Tracy’s throat.

“Oh, fuck!” Jeff yelled.

“Oh, fuck!” Janice yelled. She lost her grip on the hot water bottle, which deflated with a THWAP! and hit the bell of the giant sousaphone She pulled Tracy’s hand hard against her crotch.

“Oh, fuck!” Tracy yelled, or at least tried to; with her mouth stuffed full of Jeff’s giant member, it came out more like “Mmm, fmmmmm!” Jeff felt her big breast tremor as an orgasm wracked her body.

For a minute they all stayed where they were, panting, Tracy’s hand still on Janice’s crotch, Jeff’s hand still on Tracy’s boob. Jeff’s cock softened and slid out of Tracy’s mouth, and she swallowed hard.

“Wow,” Tracy said.

“Wow,” Jeff said.

“Well,” Janice said, as the normal color of her face slowly started to return. “Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, I believe I promised to show you the popping room. Shall we?”

She opened the door and marched out into the hallway, with Tracy, tucking her huge bare breast back into her sports bra, right on her heel.

Jeff stood there, stunned. This was one of the most exciting sexual experiences he had ever had, the fulfillment of so many fantasies at once—fucking a busty girl’s face while watching another women blow up what had to be the toughest inflatable known to man.

But to these incredible women, it was just another day in Balloonville.

Jeff rushed to zip up his pants and followed them out into the hall.

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