Cabin Fever

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All characters in this story are at least 940 weeks old.


“This is Gary Smithers with your K-M-O-T weather,” the weatherman stated over the radio. “The low pressure front we have followed the past three days will reach our listening area in the next two hours and flash flood warnings are in effect. Between ten and thirteen inches of rain will fall within the next twenty-four hours. Compounding the problem is unseasonably warm late winter temperatures will speed the melting of the snow. This was a hard winter and the snow depths are the largest in the past fifty years. The combination of heavy rain and fast melting snow will raise all streams and rivers in Eastern Idaho and Western Montana to dangerous levels.”

Todd turned the radio off. This was not the news he wanted to hear. He had ten days before his next book tour and planned to spend them at the family cabin. He looked to the east and saw the heavy cloud bank. It was rolling in fast. If it kept the same pace, in another hour the entire sky would be one continuous cloud. Constant lightning flashes made the clouds appear as if a giant strobe light was in their center and set on high. The rumble of distant thunder warned of the coming storm.

The cabin was less than half a mile from the Bitterroot River, a river not only dead center of the approaching cloud burst, but also surrounded by snow covered mountains. He glanced at the river as he drove along side it. Snowmelt produced whitecaps from one bank to the other. He watched a log race downstream faster than he could run. Already it was a raging river, and to this point not a single drop of rain had fallen. Todd was not worried about being washed away by any potential flood. The cabin was atop a small hill forty feet above the river and would be safe from racing waters. What did concern him was it would take only one of the three bridges that had to be crossed to be covered in water or washed away to strand them. Also worrisome was the fact the rest of the family would not be here until tomorrow. He arrived a day early to have everything ready.

The truck was parked in front of the cabin and he spent a couple of minutes inspecting the area, seeing if there had been any changes since the last family outing six months ago. Everything looked good to him. There was still the stack of firewood on the porch, covered by a heavy tarp to keep it dry. The rocking chairs were in place, decorated by elaborate spiderwebs. Despite the rising temperatures, the ground still wore a four-inch blanket of snow. He went to the door and unlocked it. Once opened, out of habit he flipped the light switch on. Of course, nothing happened. The generator would have to be running before there would be any power. That would be the first order of business. Several trips were made from the truck to the small storage shed. Five-gallon cans of gas were set against the back wall. A funnel was taken off a shelf and moved to the generator. He used the last can of gas to fill it.

The better part of an hour was used emptying the bed of his truck and filling the cabinets. The last item he brought in was a three-ounce bag of marijuana. It was of the best quality. He only purchased the highest THC content. His parents warned him someday they would be raided and hauled off to jail. His parents also were the first to take a toke when he passed the joint around.

Once finished stocking the supplies, he took a couple of beers out of the ice chest. There was a stick close by he used to remove the spider webs. A quick inspection was made to verify there were no spiders in the chair, then he took a seat on the covered front porch and watched the clouds make their steady advance. After half an hour, he stood to go back inside when it started to sprinkle, tossing the now empty beer cans into the trash bin. At the same time, he heard an approaching vehicle. He looked to where the road disappeared around a sharp curve and saw his sister’s jeep coming at him. She was a day early, but he was glad she was here.

“Kirsten!” he shouted in joy as he met her when she parked.

“Hi, Todd,” Kirsten responded, giving him a tight hug. She enjoyed the feel of his muscled chest pressing against her.

“You’re early,” Todd stated.

“Yeah. I wanted to beat the storm.”

“What about mom and dad?”

“They are on their way, but their plane will not arrive until tonight. They suggested I head on up instead of waiting for them. They will rent a car as soon as they land, but if what the weather people say is right, it will be pouring by that time. When I drove across the last bridge to get here, water was already starting to trickle over it. If there is any rain at all it will flood out and keep them on one side of the river and us on the other.”

“Well I am glad you came. I love this place, but being stuck here all alone would get old, fast. The boredom would make me crazy.”

“Help me unload before the rain gets serious.”

They worked together and poker oyna within ten minutes emptied the jeep and had the supplies Kirsten brought inside. They had no sooner placed the last item on the kitchen counter when bright blue-white light flashed in the sky and a tremendous clap of thunder shook the cabin. The downpour started with the lightning.

The two stood in the doorway, amazed so much water could fall from the sky so fast.

“Todd, I have one more thing to bring in.”

“You stay here. Tell me what it is and I will get it.”

“No. You wait. I’m a big girl, I’ll get it.”

She opened an umbrella and leaped into the storm. Todd kept a worried eye on her. Even though the jeep was only twenty feet away, she was almost completely hidden behind the curtain of rain.

Kirsten could not have planned this any better. It was as if the forces of nature knew her plan and conspired with her to carry it out. She opened the passenger door and found the item at once. Then instead of hurrying back to the dryness of the cabin, she held the umbrella to the side where it offered no cover. She stood still for several seconds, making positive she was soaked from head to foot. She had selected a thin white blouse and had no bra underneath it. She knew if the blouse was wet, it would be next to invisible. She had plans for her little brother. If they went the way she wanted, there would be no way he would ever get bored.

She had wanted Todd’s dick in her for the last two years. It was almost two years ago to the day when she had been low on money and the electricity had been turned off. She was too ashamed to tell her parents. Instead she had gone to Todd. She broke down crying as she told him her financial problems. At once, Todd pulled his debit card out and gave it to her, along with his four-digit code. He told her to pay all her bills, buy lots of groceries, keep the gas tank full, and buy herself a present. He let her keep the card a couple of months until the rough times were over. Then he refused to take money from her when she again had cash.

Todd was well off financially. When he was nineteen, he wrote a book about werewolves. To everyone’s surprise, the book sold. His agent told him to write another. It soon became a series that went off the shelves almost as fast as he wrote them. They were published in paperback, not hardback, but still after fees and taxes he got a dollar and eight cents from each one sold, and close to three hundred fifty thousand copies of each novel was sold. He wrote three books each year.

Todd had an appointment with his agent and was going to cancel. At once Kirsten insisted he go to the meeting, saying she would be fine until he returned. Todd told her this business meeting was just an excuse for him and his agent to go to a bar and drink. They would discuss his next book for maybe three minutes at most. That way the agent could claim it was a business expense and deduct it. Kirsten still made him go.

About two in the morning, there was a loud pounding. Half asleep, Kirsten made her way to the door. She looked thru the spyhole and saw Todd, being held up by a guy she assumed was the agent. She opened the door and the two of them stumbled into the house.

“You Todd?” the stranger asked. “This is Kirsten. Wait, I got that wrong, you’re Kirsten, this is Todd.” He thought about that a second and added. “You’re his sister, right? I guess you know who he is.”

The two of them half carried and half walked Todd to a chair and dropped him into it. When he let Todd go, the agent had to quickly grab the back of the chair to keep from falling. He steadied himself, looked at Kirsten and said, “Wow! You are even prettier than Todd claimed, and when it came to you he claimed a lot. I would stay and fuck, wait, that’s not right. I’d stay and flirt, yeah that’s it, but I got early morning meetings and have to get ready.”

When he turned for the door, Kirsten said, “Maybe you might want to stay. You seemed to have had a couple of drinks too many.”

The agent asked, “If I stay, will you put out for me?”

“No way. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.”

“Wow, not only a fox, but a highly intelligent one.”

He walked out the door and made a curvy line for his car. He started it up and left. Looking back, Kirsten figured the god of drunks was watching over him because Todd never said anything about his agent being arrested or in a wreck.

She closed and locked the door. When she turned around, she saw Todd walking down the hall. She figured he was heading for his room and bed and stayed behind him, ready to help if needed. Instead of the bedroom, he turned into the bathroom. He stopped in front of the toilet and lifted the seat up. He unzipped his pants. Kirsten started to turn away to give him some privacy, but he had his dick out at once. Her movements froze and eyes opened wide as she saw him. He was huge. No past lover matched what she stared at. He was not erect, but she estimated canlı poker oyna when he was, he was at least nine inches.

She watched him piss. He must have downed a lot of beer because it seemed water shot out of him like he was a fire hose for almost a minute before it started to slow down. She fell in love with her brother all over again right then and there, and it was not the love of a sister for a brother she felt, but a lust to get him inside of her. It was not easy, but she tore her eyes away from his massive dick and studied the rest of him. Little brother was six feet two inches tall. He had on a flannel shirt, but that did not hide his magnificent chest. Many times she had seen him working out, but even if she never had, she would know with only a single look he lifted weights. His biceps were easy to make out, even when his arms were straight and he was not flexing. His legs matched the rest of him, strong and muscular. Her two girl friends were one hundred percent lesbian, but even they admired his body. One of the many things she liked about Todd is he knew went to stop adding muscle. If he wanted, he could put on another twenty to thirty pounds of muscle and be a model in a muscle magazine. He stopped before he got that big. He was tall, good looking, and in fantastic physical shape.

He kept his hair long, as long as hers. It was two feet and went halfway down his back. He almost always kept it in a ponytail. Sometimes when it was only family around, he would let it fall naturally. It was dark brown and Kirsten thought it was the handsomest hair she had ever seen. His eyes were almost as brown as his hair and girls seem to fall in love with them, along with every other body part he had.

The next morning, Todd had a terrible hangover. He did not remember how he got home. Kirsten told him about his agent dropping him off, but did not say anything about the drunken pass he made at her. She did not want to create friction between them. She also did not speak about her plans to enjoy his dick. Kirsten would have stayed and seduced him when he sobered up, but the parents were dropping by for a visit. They probably would not understand if she were to tell them, “Mom, Dad, hurry up and leave. I want to suck your son’s dick and he might be embarrassed if you sat around watching.”

Since that time, despite all her efforts, there was some sort of cockblock that kept his dick out of her cunt. Now at last things were falling into place.

When she felt rain water in the crotch of her jeans, she knew she was wet enough. She put the umbrella over her and rushed back to the cabin. Once out of the rain, she handed a bong to her brother. “I thought we would use a bong this time. Last time we were here, Mom mentioned she had never used one so I wanted to give her a new experience.”

“She will love this,” Todd said

His eyes left the marijuana delivery equipment and returned to his sister.

Kirsten saw his eyes open wide as he glanced at her. She was relieved when he did not mention he now had a fantastic view of her tits. That would allow her to keep feigning ignorance. She did not want to be vain, but she knew she had a great rack. Her now long-gone boyfriend and two girlfriends played with them every chance they had, the girls more than once commenting they wished they had ones like hers. She wanted Todd’s opinion more than theirs.

Todd was not certain which path to take. A real gentleman would avert his eyes and mention a certain article of clothing was now transparent. The problem is he did not want to be a gentleman. At this time, he would prefer to be a cad. He was amazed at the view and wanted to keep it. He decided to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open. He took the bong from his sister and moved to the kitchen and set it next to the pot. Once he was in another room with a wall between him and Sis, he quickly moved his hands into his pants to rearrange his dick. It was rock hard and turned his pants into a tent. Once his dick was pressing against his body and not pointing to a far wall, he returned to the main room.

“It’s freezing in here,” Kirsten said. “Get a fire going so I can dry out.”

Todd did not point out changing into dry clothes would be the quickest way to solve that problem. Changing would mean putting on a dry blouse and interrupting his viewing pleasure. It did not take long for him to put a starter log on and add a few dry logs. He lit the starter log, but it would be at least half an hour before the fire would produce any meaningful heat.

He figured Kirsten must have realized the same thing. She disappeared into her bedroom but returned quickly carrying a blanket. “Todd, come here please,” she said.

When Todd was next to her she said, “Here, you’re damp also. Wrap this around us. This should keep us from catching a cold until the fire gets going.” Together they waddled to the sofa and sat, Kirsten in Todd’s lap.

Once seated, Kirsten began talking about all the things that happened internet casino to her since they were last together. She discussed her work, talked about her new large screen TV, how a couple of months ago Tonya moved in with her and Cheryl, her plans for the future, and on and on. She was an energetic speaker, waving her hands and arms around, making gestures, and squirming.

Todd was grateful their discussion did not take a lot of talking on his part. Most of his replies were grunts and nods of his head. He was not concentrating on the conversation but instead concentrated on Kirsten’s body moving against his. He knew his sister was deep into the topic matter she spoke about. This had to be true because her ass was pressing against his dick. Every half minute or so, the cheeks of her butt squeezed his prick. The only way she could not know this is if her entire concentration was focused on telling him her latest experiences, there could be no other reason.

I have to be driving him up the wall by now, Kirsten thought. That huge dick of his is trapped between my ass cheeks. All these, ‘unintentional’ movements I make might make him cum in his pants. If I play this right, when we go to bed tonight, it will not be trapped between my cheeks, but instead trapped all the way up my ass. I wonder who will like that more, him or me?

Todd willed himself not to move. He wanted so much to rub against her the way she rubbed against him. If he did, he knew it would not be long before Kirsten came to her senses and realized what was going on. She would be furious at him, and with good cause. She might hurry to her jeep and drive away, risking the storm waters to escape him. Using all his willpower, he forced himself to remain motionless.

As he sat there, unmoving as she continued her animated discussion, he remembered seeing her nude. It had been four months ago. He had gone to her house to bring her a copy of his latest book. He knocked on her door. A minute later, the door opened. It was not Kirsten that stood there, but one of her two girl lovers, Cheryl.

“Hi, Todd,” she said. She stepped to the side and let him in.

Todd showed her the novel in his hand. “Got my latest with me. I want to give it to my favorite sister.”

“She’s your only sister.”

“That she is, and I could ask for none better.”

“She’s in the back. Go ahead and take it to her. I’m going to grab a couple of cokes and be right behind you.”

I walked down the hall. The bedroom door was open and I entered. I froze at once. There in all her naked glory was my sister. Neither of us moved for two or three seconds. I was going to turn around and head away, shouting out apologies behind me. I did not get the chance. As big as I was, I was still shoved to the floor when Cheryl charged me.

She pounded me in the chest, shouting out what a bastard I was and she was going to kill me. I knew the first part of her sentence was not true, but she was doing all she could to bring about the second part. The fists to the chest did not hurt, I was too strong. However, when she smashed me in the mouth, that brought forth both a shout of pain and a bloody lip. The book had fallen underneath us and was getting twisted and warped. When next she swung at me, I caught her right hand in my left, and her left hand in my right. Good timing on my part. Her right hand was a fist, but her left was open, her one-inch nails straining to reach my eyes.

Before anything else could happen, Kirsten was there, pulling Cheryl off me. She shouted, “Cheryl, he’s not going to hurt me! It was just bad timing.”

Cheryl continued to fight as I stood, lifting her with me.

It took a minute with Kirsten pleading with Cheryl, trying to calm her and assuring her I was not a threat. Finally, I saw the madness leave Cheryl as my sister’s words penetrated the rage she had. Kirsten was nude as she tried to put herself between me and her girlfriend, but all my attention was on the one that still had traces of hate in her that could flair up at any second. I did not really have the opportunity to enjoy Kirsten’s naked beauty.

Cheryl stopped trying to rip me apart. She started shaking and crying, again losing control over her emotions. At least this time it was not a killer hatred motivating her.

“Todd, you probably best take off now,” Kirsten said. “I’ll call you later and see if we can get this sorted out.”

I turned and walked to the front door, dropping the now tattered and torn book on the coffee table. As I walked to the truck, I had the strangest thought. For some reason it seemed to me Kirsten was disappointed things turned out the way they did. I had the obviously mistaken notion she wanted me to see her standing there.

Kirsten was sixteen months older than me. As far as I was concerned she was a goddess. She stood five feet ten inches tall. She had golden blond hair that stretched halfway down her back. There had been times we combed each others hair. Hers felt like silk, so smooth and soft I could run my fingers thru it hours at a time. Her eyes were sky blue and her skin was flawless. Her figure was amazing. Whenever she entered a room, all eyes turned to her.

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