Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 04

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I slept like a log that night after Joyce and I enjoyed our day-long sex fest, so much so that I didn’t wake up when Stacie left for school. I got a much better wake-up than I had been used to during my marriage.

I started rising from sleep when I felt my cock being pushed into a warm, wet hole, and a purr of pleasure as my cock was swallowed up to the balls.

I opened my eyes, and what a sight. Joyce had pulled back the bed covers, she was nude, squatting over me with my morning hard wood buried deep inside her. She smiled as she saw horny wakefulness chase away sleep.

“Good morning Uncle J, when I saw how stiff and hard your morning hard-on was, I thought this would be the best way to wake you!”

The sight of my niece, totally naked, and very horny, perched on me with my cock buried to the balls, really brought me up to full, horny need.

I growled back, “Oh yes baby, never had such a wonderful sight greet me in the morning!”

Joyce cooed, “You don’t know how exciting it is, to think of myself as your living fuck doll. So close, my warm, willing cunt just aching for your cock to make me feel so good. All your thick, juicy loads of cum, all for me, now just stay comfortable Uncle J, lay back, and watch your horny little fuck doll ride your stiff cock, just like a little slut cowgirl, let me do all the work!”

I groaned with pleasure from the snug feel of her hot, moist sheath as she lifted up, then drove her hips down, engulfing my shaft, wrapped around my cock like a tight velvet-lined glove. Joyce started to rock herself on my cock, with excruciating slowness. Soon, her desire fired her up, and she couldn’t keep the slow-motion going.

“Fuck, fuck, feels so good, oh yes!”

Joyce started to ride me harder and faster, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, hips pumping up and down. She was wrapped tightly around me, her cunt stroking me again and again in that pleasure grip, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions, and watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode me, and I could feel my balls starting to tighten up, getting set to gush more spunk. Joyce was gasping, her orgasm was starting to race at her.

She raised herself, froze for a second as she cried out raggedly, “Oh fuck, feels so good, cream my tight little pussy Uncle J, cum with me, cum deep inside me, I’m cumming, cream MEEEEE!” then thrust herself down, her body starting the telltale shuddering of climax.

The view of her body in the midst of orgasm had me steel hard. Her grapefruit-sized boobs were shaking, the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, giving voice to her cries of orgasmic delight. My cock was scrubbing at her pink pocket as I felt her pussy muscles clamp around me, hungrily massaging and milking my cock, taking me over.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” I shouted, her loud squeals of joy blending in as I arched up into her, my cock erupting, spraying a geyser of hot cum up into her, painting her tightly gripping walls. Another bolt of cum jetted out, and another, I was not done cumming until 8 gouts of spunk had been deposited, her hungry pink fuck-hole sucking it all up, deep into her womb.

Our orgasmic rush started to ebb, Joyce smiled down at me, and lay forward upon me, letting my cock stay buried deep inside her. A few minutes later, she sighed and said “As much as I hate to break this up, I have to get ready for class.”

I said, “Ok baby, would you like me to make you a hot breakfast?”

“All this hot sex, and he makes breakfast too!” Joyce giggled. “I’d love a hot breakfast!”

Joyce went to her room to get dressed, and I put on my robe, to head downstairs. The coffee maker was set to automatic, so it was already perking away. I was at the range top, flipping the pancakes when Joyce entered. I turned to look, filling my eyes with the sight of her body dressed for school. She smiled, and she parted her skirt, showing me the black lacy crotch-less panties she was wearing, and the black garter belt holding up her black stockings.

Her voice husky, she cooed, “I love wearing super sexy panties and a garter belt with nylons. Or nothing at all underneath, good girls wear regular panties, sluts like me wear panties like this, or we go pantyless! Pantyhose is so damn unsexy, what I am wearing will keep my tight little pussy simmering. When I come home at lunchtime, my tight pussy will be a hot, dripping fuck-hole. You are going to feast on the wettest, juiciest kaçak iddaa pussy ever set before you Uncle J!”

I set a plate of five piping hot pancakes in front of her, brought over the coffee pot, and filled our cups before bringing my plate full of pancakes over. Joyce eagerly dug into the butter, then poured a generous helping of maple syrup over her pancakes.

“Nothing like hot morning sex, with a hot lover, to work up an appetite!” she purred.

Before she left for school, she pulled me against her, our mouths clung together with tongue-filled swirls of passion. When we finally broke, her face was flushed, she reached down and under her ministrations, my cock rose up to a hard, horny bulge. She gave me a grin of lust.

Joyce cooed, “When I come home, I am going to suck you, lover, suck you so good! I want a juicy load to fill my mouth, and rush down my throat!”

I whispered back to her, “And I’m going to give your tight juicy pussy the best lick job I can, I want your girl cum all over my face!”

Alone in the house, I went and signed on to the computer, telecommuting for work was relaxing, and as it turned on, would now be a wonderful way for Joyce and me to keep our relationship going.

At 11:45, when the door opened and Joyce rushed to me, eyes bright, we didn’t waste time, upstairs in the bedroom, she stripped down, her all-black undies displayed for my eyes.

“Now that the virgin white you deserved is taken, now it time for all black, naughty niece fuck doll time! Do you want me to leave my undies on for you lover?”

“Oh yes, baby, going to be so sexy licking your tight little pussy through the open crotch!”

I lay back, and Joyce eagerly squatted over my face. The lacy black trim around the open crotch framed her pink lips, and the neatly trimmed red muff topping.

“There you go, eat my horny pussy, lick me, lover, while I suck your hard, sexy cock!”

I pulled her hips down, and started to lick at the exquisite taste of her juices, Joyce purred, as she bent towards my cock, and I felt her hand grasp my shaft, pulling down on the foreskin. My cock head popped up, and she was licking at it like an ice cream cone. I grunted and pulled her lips apart, I slid my tongue inside, tasting the juices starting to flow.

Joyce’s coo of pleasure reached my ears, as she surrounded the head of my prick with her warm wet mouth, swirling her tongue over it, making my prick sizzle with the sensation. I felt her mouth surround me, my throbbing cock encased in the hot, wet heaven of sucking and tongue lashing, as she swallowed me down. I felt her lips clamp around my cock, becoming a tight sliding ring of pleasure. Joyce slid her hot mouth up and down my hard shaft, her skill at fellatio making my cock sizzle. I ran my tongue through her juices, and her clit was bulging as if demanding attention. I took two fingers and stuffed them up her pussy, finger fucking her as I drew her clit into my mouth, letting my tongue make lazy circles all over her twitching orgasm button.

We were both making muffled noises of passion as we licked and sucked each other towards a sexual frenzy. I crooked my fingers around and started to stroke at her G spot.

Joyce pulled her mouth off my cock, and cried out, “Holy fuck, I feel like I’m gonna explode, oh my fucking god, gonna cum, so hard, so hard, fuck, fuck, GAWWWWWWWWW!”

She let out a full-throated scream, and my face was inundated as her girl cum squirted out in a strong spray, followed by three more jets of cum. My niece was howling with pleasure, her body wracked by her G spot orgasm. She dropped her mouth back on my cock, and the tightening up of her mouth in her orgasmic grip made me explode immediately, I could feel thick rushes of cum pouring out, filling her eager mouth, as she quickly swallowed to make way for more.

When we flopped down, Joyce put her hand over her pussy, and cooed, “Oh god, my tight little pussy is still pulsing, it’s like I’m still cumming, having mini convulsions tremoring through my pussy.”

She lay back, cradling her sex to try and get the sensations to calm down. After several minutes she turned her head to me with a smile.

“Jeez, that was like a total body orgasm, it felt like every cell in my body was cumming! I didn’t think such an all-encompassing orgasm was possible. Trust my lover, my Uncle J, to know how to make me cum so good!”

We got up, I wanted to have lunch for her before she went back to classes. I set a chicken salad sandwich and a bowl of tomato kaçak bahis bisque soup in front of her, then got my soup and sandwich to sit and eat lunch with her.

“Such an awesome lover and he feeds me afterward! Uncle J, you are amazing!”

Just after lunch, Stacie called me and told me that she would be home later than yesterday. When I relayed that news to Joyce, she grinned.

“Perfect, I’ll be home two and a half hours before Stacie, I want you to carry me off to bed, and fuck me, ram me until I cum like your personal cock crazy fuck doll in full heat!”

At the door, we shared hotter, lingering tongue-filled swirls, she reached down, rubbing gently at my crotch. She parted her skirt, and cooed “Take a look, Uncle J.”

I did, and filled my eyes with the view of her pubic triangle, as Joyce purred, “As I said earlier, panties are for good girls, not sluts. As your slut, no more panties for me. See you soon lover, your slut is already getting damn warm.”

Two hours later, she was standing before the bed, stripping naked, she slid into bed, urging me on.

Joyce gasped, “Oh my god, I am so hot, your fuck doll niece needs her Uncle lover’s big cock, take me, just fuck me like a wanton slut, and make me cum all over your big, beautiful cock!”

She stretched out in full heat, her face flushed as I took position between her thighs. Positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy, I gave one big thrust and sank in the full length. Joyce gave a loud gasp as she felt my cock stretch open the tight walls of her cunt. I growled from the pleasure, her pussy muscles gripping at me as I split open my niece’s tight teen heat. I slammed it home, feeling my balls smacking against her ass as I bottomed out.

Joyce cooed, “Tell me, tell me, lover, tell me who we are, and what we are doing!”

I growled back, “I’m your Uncle J, with a hard and horny cock, you are my niece, a pantyless teen temptress, my own personal live fuck doll, eager for my cock, and my cock is buried deep in your steamy fuck-hole, stretching you out, we are going to fuck wildly, so I can flood your womb with another rush of hot incestuous cum!”

Wrapping her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck, she grunted, “Oh yes lover, that’s exactly what I am, you know how I like it, deep and hard, I want your hot cum splattering my womb!”

God, she felt so fucking good. My cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices. Reaching down and cupping her ass in my hands, I withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again. I couldn’t resist reaching between her cheeks and stroking lightly at the tight pucker of Joyce’s ass.

Joyce squealed with pleasure, and gasped, “Ohhh, so naughty, so nasty, but feels so good, playing with my tight little ass hole!”

Feeling the grip of her legs around my waist, knowing how she wanted me to take her, I entered into a fast rhythm of pulling out till just my cock head was inside and driving back in hard until my balls smacked against her ass cheeks. Joyce’s pussy seemed impossibly hot and tight. Every plunge into her, the tightness surrounding my cock made her feel like she was still a virgin, and I was claiming her cherry. I could feel my cock throbbing, I was fast reaching the verge.

Joyce, pinned to the mattress, was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. I could feel her nipples, stiff hard cogs digging into my chest. Her body began to spasm, her legs tightened, driving me into her wildly twitching cunt, clamped tightly around my shaft.

Raggedly she cried out, “I’m cumming, oh god, fill me lover, flood my womb, so GOOOOOOOOD!”

Joyce’s spasming pussy drove me over the edge. My cock jerked and swelled tight, piercing her deep. Plunging in one last thrust, my back arched, and I could feel my throbbing cock explode. Even after being drained twice today, it felt like I was pouring a fountain of cum into her steaming cunt.

“Yes, oh yes, so hot, filling my womb, gonna cum again, fill MEEEEEE!”

Joyce’s shriek of pleasure as she came again drove me onwards, the rippling spasms milked me hungrily, sucking every drop out.

As we started to slowly slide down from our orgasmic plane, she gazed upwards into my eyes, and purred, “Ummm, Uncle J, you’ve spoiled me for any other lover! Hold me tight, and roll us over.”

Seeing Joyce perched above me, her succulent breasts drew my mouth, and I lifted up, bringing my mouth to her nipples, and started to lick and suck at those beauties, laving, nibbling gently, enjoying illegal bahis the way they stiffened up in my mouth while Joyce’s coos of pleasure surrounded me as she held me against her tits.

When I lay back, Joyce purred, “You’ve made me insatiable, lover, and I think we can bring you back for one more go!”

My eyes widened as I felt her pussy contract, as she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her pussy. She grinned at my expression of surprise, and sure enough, my cock took notice. I felt my drained and softening cock reverse course, surging back up.

Joyce purred, “Ummm, oh yes, you are such a lover, such stamina, ahhhhh.”

She began to slowly undulate and squirm on my prick, all the while maintaining the squeezing of my cock by those talented pussy muscles. I slid a pillow under my head and watched her body, the sight helping out as I reached full erection again. Joyce was happy to give me a show, she brought her hands up, cupping her big boobs, fingers gently twisting and tweaking her nipples, making them rock hard.

She cooed, “Mmmmmm, I love to play with my tits, get them all hard, makes my cunt so creamy wet.”

Watching my niece playing with her tits while she was fucking me was a massive turn-on. Her cunt was still squeezing and releasing so rhythmically. Her pelvis began moving, first forwards and backward, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. She mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly rising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down.

Her hands slid down swirling all over her stomach, I looked down at where our crotches were merged. The sight of her red tuft rising and falling on me was a huge visual treat. Joyce was still tight, hot, and juicy. I could feel the last load of cum pouring out of her, streaming down and coating my balls. Her body was gleaming, between the sex and the heat of the day, both our bodies were covered with a sheen of sweat. The perspiration ran down Joyce’s body and started to drip from her perky, rigid nipples onto my stomach. She began running her fingers through the hair on my chest, down to my belly, ending up by running the length of my cock as it entered and exited her cunt.

I reached up one hand, rubbing and lightly tweaking Joyce’s large and stiff nipples, they protruded at least an inch from her bouncing breasts. With the other hand, I reached down and began stroking her clit. Joyce gave a small shudder and seemed to become distracted. She began to lose interest in the complicated motions she had been performing and began concentrating on a rapid in-and-out.

Joyce was alive with sexual tension, orgasms started to sweep over her, wave after wave, the rippling spasms milked hungrily, I was loving every second of it, as my cock worked on recharging. With my need to build up, she was able to ride me to orgasm after orgasm, I was amazed when I felt my fourth orgasm of the day building after 15 minutes of increasing speed, Joyce urging me on.

“Oh yeah lover, keep fucking me, feel my tight little pussy, I need another load, and I know your cock is building up one more volley, keep fucking me Uncle J, and let my tight pussy have another creamy load.”

I felt the rise, and I grunted, “Oh yeah sweetheart, gonna cum, gonna fill you again baby!”

I felt her hand reach down, cupping my throbbing balls in her hand, she began to massage my cum-coated nut sac. That took me over immediately, and I exploded, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt. Joyce’s shriek of pleasure and the rippling spasms of her final orgasm joined in, and once more my cock felt the exquisite pull of my spunk being milked out by my niece’s eager teen pussy.

Exhausted for the moment, she collapsed her body on top of mine. My cum began draining from her still pulsing pussy and onto my balls, oh yeah, I’d definitely have to change the sheets. I started to chuckle, and when I told Joyce what I was thinking, her giggles joined in with my laughter.

“Uncle J, I have tomorrow off from school. How about if we go out, and take a hike through the woods? You can fuck me outside, and not have to wash any more sheets! I’ll come in, we can have a good morning 69, then we head for the woods. Sound good lover?”

“Oh yeah baby, sounds great!”

We stripped the bed, and I quickly loaded them into the washer, while Joyce made the bed with fresh sheets. I returned as she tucked the last bit into place, and smiled.

“There, all nice and fresh, with no trace of our hot fucking and sucking! Mmmm, my pussy is purring like a real contented kitty, with all the cream you pumped into her!” We heard Stacie’s car turn into the driveway, she giggled and added, “And not a moment too soon!”

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