Carnal Cruise

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I miss my wife very much. When she died in an accident I was only in my late forties. She was tremendous in every respect. A loving wife, a good companion, a devoted mother to our two children. And in addition the mistress every man long for; active, innovative and curious, always interested to explore new areas.

I was low for a long time and recovered only slowly. But in the last year I had started dating women and had found a few to take to bed. My lust and desire for sex had come back and especially one of the women had been a partner that nearly had matched my wife. She was very generous in bed but also very demanding and I had to do my very best. And that seemed to be to her liking. She was good for my recovery giving me back my lust and ability. Unfortunately, sex was the only thing we had in common and we both realized that a closer relationship would lead nowhere out of bed. But that doesn’t prevent us from getting together now and then for a lovely time of frolicsome sex.

I was looking for new relationships and also adventures. That’s why I was on this cruise in the Caribbean. It was an exclusive cruise on a small ship, well for being a cruise ship anyway. It had promised a lot of activities tailor made for different interests.

When I woke up the first morning of the cruise I found an envelope that was put in under my cabin door. It was an invitation to a surprise get together party the same evening. It was carefully pointed out that the invitation was very personal and exclusive. Only a portion of the passengers were invited. The party was not to be discussed with anyone because of that. A return card was included and I was expected to hand it to the purser before lunch. The invitation gave some brief information and it sounded very interesting and different. I didn’t hesitate but handed in my card immediately.

I looked forward to the evening. The party was to start at around 11 PM at the upper aft deck and would go on until very late. I spent the day with preparations, worked out and took a good nap in the afternoon and was careful with my food and drink at dinner.

When I came back to my cabin to get ready for the party I found a hanger with a silk shirt, shorts, soft leather moccasins and a purse.

A letter stated that all participants were expected to wear the outfit, to make everyone equal. No personal things should be brought. It was especially pointed out that everything was included even drinks and tips so please don’t bring any money. The few things needed were already packed in the purse to be strapped to the ankle. Put your key card into the purse, it was stated. I looked at the clothes and found that there were no pockets at all. I wondered where to put my hands.

The letter also gave detailed instructions how to get to the party and, very astonishingly, an exact time when I should leave my cabin. I started to wonder about this party.

I showered, dressed and left my cabin at the given minute. I followed the route but saw no one dressed like me which puzzled me.

The route ended at the entrance to the aft deck, a very nice place all day round. A tent was put up in front of a gate. I was met by an attractive female attendant in a very skimpy bikini and was ushered in behind the tent flap into a small room lit up very faintly by a red light. The female attendant asked me amiably if I had brought any personal items but didn’t wait for my answer before she started to search my body. Her soft hands went all over me. I startled when she without hesitation touched my private parts. Well, in fact she fondled my cock and balls kneeling in front of me putting her hand up the loose leg of my shorts.

“A nice piece you have there, sir. A forty-five long barrel I would say. Deadly, so be careful with it out there. I reckon you will get a chance to use it later on,” she said in a husky voice.

She took my hand and put it on her hip and led me forward around a corner. It was pitch black on the other side and she steadied me standing very close.

“Well sir, welcome to join the party. Have a good time and take care with that six shooter,” she whispered putting my hands on her ass cheeks for a short while. She withdrew and put a chilled glass in my hand. Then she was gone.

It had been a strange welcome, certainly something out of the normal just like the invitation had promised. But it had been very pleasant. She had handled it so deliciously and put me in a very good and excited mood.

I looked around trying to find my bearings but couldn’t see much. The sky looked like dark blue velvet with stars like spotlights but giving no light. There was no moon at all, not the tiniest slice. The night was pleasantly warm but pitch-dark. Soft pleasant music filled the air.

Gradually I started to get my bearings. In the far end of the deck was a faint light on something that looked like a stage. Fluorescent steps on the deck led in that direction. I followed them forward. After some poker oyna more steps I sensed other persons around me and then bumped into someone. The scent indicated a woman.

“Hallo there,” she said, giggling pleasantly. I felt her hand against me and on an impulse I took it and kissed it as a greeting. “Hi there yourself, I am Tom,” I said.

She leaned close to me and gave me a fleeting kiss on each cheek. “Hi, I am Laura, nice to meet you,” she giggled and I felt her breasts against my chest before she was gone.

I bumped into other persons of both sexes. Many of the females were into kissing the cheek and there were several nice hugs in doing so. Quite a few became full body hugs where the person grinded her body against me. It seemed like the darkness took away much of the normal shyness between strangers. Very clever of the organizers I thought.

Suddenly the stage was lit up. It was placed in an aft corner and the spotlights were directed in such a way not to give any light over the audience. My night vision vanished completely and I saw only the stage. People drifted towards the stage forming a tight crowd. I felt a nice pair of soft breasts against my back for a little while.

A woman entered the stage. She was dressed similar to me but with a skirt instead of shorts. She looked very elegant, dark red hair, a slender figure, high breasts with a deep, narrow cleavage and long legs. Her age was hard to determine in the light from the spotlights but I guessed that she was in her early forties. The way she moved and carried herself indicated a mature woman.

“Most welcome everybody to L- cruise´s get-together party. I am Diane, your hostess tonight.

As lined out in the invitation this will be a welcome- and get-together party out of the ordinary. I hope you liked it so far. You are all very carefully selected being only a fraction of all the guests on board. I have done it myself from the questionnaire you filled in at home and from the interviews when you came aboard.”

Oh yes of course, I thought. The cruise had promised tailor made activities and to be able to achieve that had requested a lengthy questionnaire to be filled out and mailed well in advance. I had wondered, it being rather personal and so had the pleasant attendant that had met me on arrival. She had chatted all the time while she walked me through the ship and showed me the facilities while putting in rather indiscreet questions. Now I understood that it was carefully selected questions aimed to clarify areas where I had been vague when answering the questionnaire. And she had formulated the questions very cleverly. If I didn’t answer directly she could easily interpret my silence.

“But if at any time you don’t like what is going on you can just leave without any explanation. I will make it up to those being my fault entirely to have made the wrong judgment.”

Diane made a pause moving around the stage as if trying to get eye contact with her audience. It was of course impossible but it was professionally done.

“We will have an evening together with a few nice shows. Refreshments and snacks will be served in between. But it will also be an interactive evening where you all are expected to take part. The aim of this evening is to get you acquainted with each other to get a good carnal time together. It will be fun, I can assure you. But more about that as we move on.”

She paused again walking around the stage taking the temperature of the audience. She stopped and started to fiddle with the buttons in her blouse.

“Oh, but isn’t this a lovely evening. So warm and dark. Let’s take our shirts off and let this warm breeze kiss our bodies.”

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. She stood erect on stage showing magnificent breasts in a low cut red bra.

I heard some rustling of clothes around me but also nervous giggles. I took my shirt off.

“Oh, I am sorry, I forgot. We will keep it dark like this all the time. It’s so much easier in the dark, don’t you agree? You can just walk away if you like and disappear. We have to use other senses than vision when it’s dark and that gives many new possibilities. So don’t be shy. Take your shirts off. Nobody will see you.”

She got the first laughter of the evening and much of the tension vanished. There were movements around me telling that people undressed.

“Oh, by the way ladies, let’s get rid of these harnesses as well.”

She put her arms at her back and unclasped her bra. She let it drop slightly but held it in place teasingly. Suddenly she took her hands away but when the bra fell to the floor the light went out. There was a disappointed murmur.

“Oh, you wanted to see me in the nude in that bright light? Well, we have to consider that thoroughly, haven’t we?” she said laughingly from the dark stage. “Come on ladies. Take your bras off. Remember, it will be completely dark and as you can see nobody will be able to canlı poker oyna see a thing. Pity though, I am sure that you all look marvelous. Come on, let this lovely breeze caress you.”

There were some nervous laughs but I sensed that women around me slowly started to take the bras off. Suddenly someone moaned loudly. “Oh yes, yes it feels lovely,” she exclaimed.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Diane quickly said. There were many relieved laughs. “Now I want you to put your shirts on the table over there. And ladies, pull your bra through the arm of the blouse. The blouses are marked and you will have them back when you leave. There are also refreshments on the table. See you in a couple of minutes.”

Looking around I saw a very faint light behind us. It was an opaque surface lit from underneath looking like it floated freely in the air. I moved over and got a few delicious canapés and a glass of wine. People moved around me and more than once I felt naked female breasts brush against me. The tension was suddenly completely gone and there were many giggles and laughs when people bounced into each other.

The stage was lit up again and I drifted towards it to get a good place. I tripped and fell towards a person. I lifted my arms to support us and got a pair of soft boobs in my hands. There was a stunned silence and I just held her breasts squeezing them slightly. I felt the nipples harden in my palms.

“Easy mister,” a pleasant voice said. “But no harm done. Hi, I am Sonia,” she said and giggled when she freed herself and disappeared in the dark.

Diane entered the stage. To our disappointment she was fully dressed again.

“I hope you had a nice break and enjoyed our buffet. Got something to drink as well, didn’t you? Well, it’s warm tonight and a drink is good for the health. Let’s move on. . . .”

The soft music changed to a tune with a clear pulse. Diane started to move to the music and it soon became obvious that she was at the beginning of a strip tease dance. She soon got her audience excited and taking part by cheering her.

She started with the blouse making some fuss about it, turning away pretending to be shy. But it soon came off revealing her lovely breasts now wrapped in a half cup balcony bra that pushed her ample breasts up and forward. The nipples, well out of the bra, were painted bright red.

She went on with the skirt. It was a wrap around model easy to graciously get rid of. She didn’t waste much time doing it. But to the dismay of the males in the audience the sharp light was raised to waist level when she was about to reveal what was under her skirt. The light was kept there leaving her lover body well in the dark.

She moved around a little and then stopped. Her movements indicated that she slipped out of her knickers. She again moved around the stage looking out for a little while and then turned around with her back towards us leaning forward. She put her hands at her back unclasping the bra and let it fall to the floor. She rose and started to turn around but in the same instant the light went out again. The disappointed murmur came back but an applause was taken up.

Suddenly the light was back on. This time it showed Diane in full figure. But before I had time to take her in the light was doused to nearly dark. But then the light seemed to be increased. Diane stood erect on stage hands on hips dressed in the smallest of bikinis. She laughed throatily.

The red straps of the thong went up and around her hips. The angle made it look like they came directly from her cleft of Venus. From the same place a golden chain went up over her belly button between her breasts to the throat where it was connected to a chain choker. A few strands of chain covered each breast and were attached to the chain. They formed sort of a bra but gave little support. Her breasts swung nicely when she moved. Her bright red nipples showed between the strands.

There was enough light to outline her body, a gorgeous full mature body with broad hips and heavy breasts that were surprisingly firm. The straps and chains shone brightly and so did her red nipples.

Diane turned around. The red straps came over the hips and crossing the small of her back went round her ass cheeks to disappear between her thighs. A golden chain was attached to the back of the choker and went down the crack of her ass. Except for the chain and straps, her back was completely naked. Her marvelous ass was round and firm. She leaned over the railing moving her feet in line with the music. When her legs parted it became clear that the strands and chain went all the way around.

I was astonished how tight the chain fitted without giving any restraints to her movements. It was like they were attached with springs but no such things could be seen. Diane pranced around the stage some more but stopped suddenly standing erect facing us. She got a very warm applause and many cheers, mine included.

“Oh, thank internet casino you. It is fun but now it’s time for the pros to give us the first show of tonight. But before I introduce them I suggest that you find a partner. It’s so nice to have someone to cuddle with under the show. Turn to the next person and introduce yourself. After all, getting acquainted is the purpose of the party. Come on, I give you a minute or two.” The light went out on stage but somehow the chains and straps still shone brightly telling where she was.

I had been aware of a very pleasant scent just in front of me indicating a woman. I reached out to connect with her. As it happened I touched her hip and felt warm soft skin. She turned around and closed the gap between us.

“Hi, I am Paula,” she said a little breathlessly. “Hi there, I am Tom,” I answered.

“Hi Tom, nice to meet you,” she said as if we were at a formal party. She leaned over and kissed my cheeks politely. “I will be happy to cuddle with you,” she whispered in my ear.

Just then the light came back on stage. Paula turned around and pulled my arms around her waist leaning against my chest. It felt very natural as a gesture of affection.

“Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Nina and Eric.” We cheered the couple that jumped up on stage that now was brightly lit. The music was turned up and the couple started to dance circling around each other. They looked lovely and seemed to like each other. Slowly they started to help each other out of the clothes in a very tasty and erotic strip tease.

When Nina had lost her bra giving Eric access to her ample boobs to kiss and suck Paula pushed my hands up to cup her breast. As the show went on and the couple got naked she put a hand over mine to show how she wanted to be caressed. She moaned in my ear when I squeezed her boobs and her nipples got hard between my fingers. When Nina knelt in front of Eric to suck on his cock Paula put her right hand in between us and squeezed my cock. She pulled the zipper down and got into my shorts grabbing my cock. Her left hand pushed my left hand downwards and helped it get under her skirt. Her knees buckled when my fingers pressed against her pussy.

By now Nina had a very erect cock in front of her. She took the tip of the cock into her mouth and started to suck it. But she didn’t stop with that. She eased more and more of his rather long cock into her mouth. We saw how her throat bulged when the cock head was forced downwards. When she had taken all of him into her mouth and down the throat we had to stop what we were doing to give Nina a big applause. She slowly pulled away from the cock. But all of the sudden Eric pushed himself back in. His ass contracted and his body stiffened. A spasm went through his body when he shot his first load down her throat. She handled it excellently and prepared for the next one. Someone started to count and we all joined in; “two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . . seven blasts was shot down her throat which bulged each time. We cheered her loudly when Eric’s spasms were over and she sucked him dry

The show continued with Eric caressing Nina. Suddenly she jumped up on him and put her legs over Eric’s shoulders. He held her firmly and started to kiss and lick her pussy. Nina soon acknowledged his doings with cries of pleasure.

Paula had efficiently used the short interlude I found out when I went back to caress her breasts and pussy. Her panties were gone and my finger slid easily into her wet pussy. I caressed the best I could using more fingers in her pussy and on her hardening clit.

Suddenly she withdrew from me. But it was only to change position I understood seconds later. She stood in front of me and lifted her skirt. She pushed my hand down her ass with the thumb sliding through the crack and her slit. It ended up deep in her pussy and she quickly spread her legs and made sure that my fingers grabbed around her pubic flesh and squeezed her clit. She leaned forward supporting herself with her hands on her knees. I did my best in her pussy and it was to her liking. She started to pant and cry out and soon followed the rhythm of Nina who cried out loudly when Eric licked her. They came more or less together. Paula dropped down on her knees to rest when Nina made a vault down to ground.

The show was over but Paula used the time when we cheered the couple on stage. She pulled my pants down and started to suck on my rather erect cock kneeling in front of me. She was very good at giving head but unfortunately she didn’t have time to finish. The couple left the stage which got dark.

Diane suddenly was back on stage. No light was on but her skimpy bikini glowed in red and gold. Her pubic mound glistened in multicolor. It was like there was no fabric and every single strand in her pussy bush had its own color. And if so the pussy bush was impressive. Suddenly I remembered vaguely having read something about magic light, a way to split up the light in different wavelengths. Yes, that it was of course. She wasn’t wearing anything at all. She was naked with special paint on her body that was lit up by light with different wavelengths that the eye couldn´t see. Suddenly she looked very sexy.

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