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Those green eyes didn’t seem so soft and inviting now ‘Smack’ Carrie’s hand slapping my face stopped me from finishing that sentence. I tried to push past her but she shoved me back. “What are you doing,” I cried out.

“Shut up slut!” She screamed, slapping me again, then pushing me to the floor, reaching in her pocket she handed me a piece of paper.

“Be at this address at midnight,” Carrie ordered.

Turning she left me there on the restroom floor, dazed and confused, I tried to make sense of what had just happen. I wondered what she was thinking I wasn’t going to some strange address at midnight. How dare her slap me and order me around.

At home the scene played out over and over again in my head. Something about Carrie intrigued me but no one gives me orders. I’m a well educated successful woman who did she think I was. I sat watching the clock, 11pm I wasn’t going, 11:30pm I was walking out the door, midnight I was ringing the buzzer. Why was I there, what did I want to happen, I wasn’t sure but her dominance over me earlier really turned me on in a weird way I had to know what was waiting for me behind that door.

Carrie open the istanbul travesti door standing there in a short black robe, “I knew you would come slut,” she laughed.

I said nothing just starring at her smooth legs and bare feet I wanted to taste her. What was I thinking, being driven by a strange lust, her confidence and control excited me.

“Are you coming in?” Carrie asked.

Silently I walked in past her, ‘SMACK’, swatting my ass as I walked past her.

“You don’t kiss me hello slut?” Carrie questioned, shutting the door. I turned leaning forward to kiss her lips but she pushed me back hard. Pointing down I knew where she wanted the kiss. I dropped to my knees opening her robe kissing her bald pussy lips gently.

“Get your tongue in there slut,” Carrie ordered.

Eagerly I obeyed, what was wrong with me, I licked parting her lips tasting her Carrie’s moans encouraging me. Carrie’s hands finding the back of my head gripping my red hair pushing my head into her I licked and sucked on her wet pussy. I wanted to please her, is this why I came here, on my knees servicing a dominate woman, did I need this? Her juices istanbul travestileri covering my face, her hips bucking, her hands on the back of my head grinding my face, mouth and long tongue into her sweet pussy.

I strained my tongue to go deeper into her cunt, suddenly I was being dragged across the floor by my long red hair, whimpering and crying from the pain.

“Lick my ass,” Carrie screamed.

Scurrying under her robe I plunged my face between her ass cheeks. Her scent filling my nostrils, I probed her asshole with my long tongue, poking into her bowels. Her asshole puckering around my tongue I reached up caressing her wet pussy. Her moans and squeals filling the dark room.

“Look at my ass licking slut,” Carrie laughed.

What was wrong with me I was loving this my own pussy longing to be touched. I fingered her wet pussy, working my tongue in her asshole. I felt Carrie tremble and shake, screaming in pleasure.

After she calmed down I looked up for approval but was met with disdain.

“Strip Slut!” Carrie ordered.

Blindly I obeyed standing and removing my cloths.

“Hand me your panties,” travesti istanbul another order.

Sliding them off I handed them to her she took them to her nose.

“WET! I knew it, you enjoy this,” Carrie said laughing at me.

“Yes Miss,” Did I really say that.

“Open your mouth slut,” Carrie ordered.

I obeyed opening Carrie shoved my own wet panties in my mouth. Leading me to the bedroom, bending me over the bed, she walked to the closet across the room. Opening the door my eyes grew wide at the sight of large dildos, butt plugs, whips hanging on the door. Taking her time, did she know ho scared, excited I was, Carrie finally removed one of the larger dildos.

Walking slowly toward me waving the large schlong my eyes transfixed on it. Walking behind me I felt the first drizzle of lube on my tight ass. I shivered in fear feeling pressure on my tight asshole.

“Please Miss not that it’s to big,” I begged and pleaded.

The pressure continued as my asshole stretched to accept the intruder. The pain was excruciating inch by inch she pushed the huge dildo up my tight ass. Tears streaming down my face Carrie held the dildo deep in my ass. Adjusting to the feeling pain turned to pleasure I was panting like a dog.

Carrie just held the huge dildo there and something weird happened I heard my self begging her to fuck my ass, pleading, in that moment the reality hit me I was her slut I wanted this, needed this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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