Cassidy-More Stories

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Cassidy and I had been lovers for a while now. Things had gone south for her and her man but they stayed together as roommates, both for the good of the kids and just general practicality. I alwats told her she had a place with me but she knew there would be a lot of headaches with us trying to find a place that could fit the kids, etc. Plus, with all the fun we had, we never really had the opportunity to date and see if it could work as anything but hot sex. We both felt very strongly towards each other and it could easily have become love but there were just so many obstacles.

Still, the sex was epic and we explored every possible fantasy and perversion we could have ever wanted. One night, she laid down the gauntlet for us to name the dirtiest, nastiest, most perverted things we had ever done. Since i knew I had my own dark secrets, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to share ALL of them yet it was so hard to argue with her when she lubed my cock up with her mouth and then sat that wonderful tight ass right down onto it and began grinding my dick into her.

“Come on baby. Tell Cass that naughtiest thing you’ve ever done. Tell me while your thick dick is filling up my sexy little ass. I know you love this but fucking some other man’s woman in the ass isn’t the naughtiest thing you’ve done is it?” God I loved her mouth and for so many reasons!

She was really working my cock in that ass of hers, squeezing her muscles for all she was worth. She knew every last trick to please me.

“You really want me to tell you?”

“Oh god yes. Tell me how much of a fucking slut you you are. Tell me how fucking bad a boy you are.”

“Ok, but you can’t make me come until I’m finished telling you. And you can’t come either!” I slid a couple fingers into her pussy and played with her clit while she slowed her rhythm on my cock.

“So I told you my ex and played a lot of games right?”

“Yes” she was practically hissing she was so hot anticipating my story.

“Well, I told you how she let her brother fuck her and how we used to play fantasy games about different incestous couplings. In fact, I think you like them more than she did!” I dug my fingers deeper into her dripping pussy just to drive home the point. She moaned like the complete wanton slut she was.

“Mmmmm hmmmm. I think I like it most when I’m your mommy and my bad little boy is eating mommy’s pussy.”

“That is a good little fantasy. I might need that one soon.”


“Yes well, I never told how we actually had some incestuous fun for real” I made sure to make direct eye contact with her when I said this. Her eyes lit up like the Vegas Strip.

“No way! So who was it? Her brother again?” She was so hot now, she couldn’t help but fuck my dick faster and harder into her ass. “Please, tell me right now!”

“I thought you wanted to hear the story, not just a name?” I loved to tease her.

“MMMMMM, sorry, go on. Although would you mind? I’ve need your cock in my pussy.” She raised up slighty and shifted my dick into her waiting pussy. It was so wet I couldn’t have stayed in if she weren’t on top of me. She ground down into me and we shared a few long, passionate kisses.

“You know I never mind. It’s yours so you can have it anywhere you want it.”

“So you were saying? I’ve got to hear the rest of this sexy story!”

“So one night while we were fucking, my ex started calling me ‘Daddy’ and it really turned both of us on. She was absolutely writhing like crazy as I fucked her from every angle with ‘daddy’s’ dick.

She came so hard that she was trembling for a few minutes.”

“I know how she feels” Cassidy said as she swirled around on my dick, making sure it hit every spot she wanted it to. I gave her a nice long kiss.

“Well, poker oyna I know I can do it fairly consistently with my tongue but this was one of the few times I gave her THAT good an orgasm with my cock. Anyway, it made me wonder if this was just another game or maybe there was something going on. I mean, she had a biological father, a step dad and then she had recently met my dad for the wedding and said how hot he was (and how much I looked like him.)”

“So did you ask her?”

“Well, I was going to but I thought it might be hotter to keep our little game going, see how far she would take it and if she would just tell me at some point.”

“You are so devious.”

“You have no idea my dear” I flicked my tongue across her nipple, finally wrapping it around and sucking her cute little tit into my hungry mouth.

“God you are evil but you fuck so damn good!”

“So, when we moved, we did a cross country tour and ended up at my Dad’s in Kansas for a couple days.”

“Oh my god. She fucked your Dad didn’t she” Cassidy started bucking up and down on my dick like a demon.

“Hold on, yes she did but that’s not the nastiest part of the story and you promised you wouldn’t come until it was finished!”

“Ummm, I know but it’s too late. I already had one with you in my ass and right when you mentioned your Dad, I did again, just a little one. Keep going please!” How could I possibly say no to her?

“Okay, then just try and keep steady so I’m not coming all over. I want to hold out and give you a pussy full of me.”

“You already are!”

“Ok so we were there and his wife was out of town at her folks. So it was just the 3 of us for a couple days. My Dad has always been with younger women and so it’s not like I was surprised when I saw him checking her out. Especially when we were in the pool! Now, our mom had always told us my Dad was pretty well equipped but he popped one on the deck chair when he saw my ex in her skimpy little suit that could have been a flgapole.”

“She was such a little slut. She knew she was being a cocktease.”

“Only a cocktease if you don’t give it up. so that night we are in our room and she is really hot. I’m eating her pussy and she’s just dripping. I ask her what’s gotten her so hot? She says all she can think about since the pool is my Dad’s big dick. ‘It must be 9 inches or more!’ she was moaning like crazy as I ate her out.”

“Really? He’s that big? How come you only got 6 inches?” Cassidy laughed as she ground all of those 6 inches into her pussy.

“You don’t seem to mind it’s only 6?”

“No, yours is perfect and it’s so thick. It fits my pussy like they were made for each other. Although if I made your Dad pop a rod like that, I’d have to at least suck it off. it’s only fair!”

“Well I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and she was like ‘oh my god, yes! I want his big dick in my pussy. I’d make you watch and jack off while your Dad fucks my slutty pussy. Would you like that honey? To watch Daddy fuck your wife’s pussy?’ I didn’t know if she was playing or not but I was so hot. I was thinking ‘what the heck?’ So I dared her ‘if you think you can get him, take your best shot but I get to stop it if I think it’s going to far.’ Her answer was ‘fair enough but then I’m saving my pussy for him. I want to keep it nice and tight for his monster dick to open me up. I’ll suck your cock and jack you off on my tits tonight though.’ She was such a wonderful slut!”

Cassidy closed her eyes and leaned into me to give my dick such a nice angle into her pussy. She bit my neck and kissed my ear lobe.

“Baby, you’ve got me so fucking hot. I want you to come in me. I can’t wait any longer!” She was pleading with me.

“Yes, you can. I know you want to hear where this goes.” i loved canlı poker oyna having my hands locked onto her wonderful ass while she was grinding all over my cock.

“Yes I do. Please tell me about your slut wife fucking your Dad’s monster dick. I bet she sucked him while you watched and drank all that cum right in front of you, didn’t she?”

“Something like that. So about halfway through the night I woke up. The room smelled of sex. I looked over and saw Kat had pulled the covers off from her. She was writhing her naked body and had her fingers deep in her pussy and was licking her lips. ‘God, she looks so sexy. She’s so fucking hot for him she is finger fucking herself thinking of him.’ I had to eat that pussy and taste all those wonderful juices. I wanted to suprise her though so I closed my eyes and turned over as if I was still asleep. I heard a noise though from outside the room. I opened my eyes and was able to catch my Dad leaving the doorway, naked!”

“You didn’t!?!? Was he jacking off for her? Oh my god this is so fucking hot!”

“I didn’t see enough to know but I bet he was and I’m damn sure she knew he was there. She asked if I was awake but I just made a little snort like I was asleep. It seemed like forever but it was probably only a couple minutes later when Kat got out of bed. It was on! So I waited as long as I possibly could, just in case I was wrong and she went to the bathroom. I crept up the stairs. Sure enough I heard them fucking. I really wanted to make sure they didn’t hear me so I went so slowly.” I loved listening to them fuck each other and relayed the details to Cassidy:

“God you’ve been driving my cock crazy all day. You are such a fucking slut. Billy is so lucky to get to fuck you whenever he wants. Your pussy feels so good.” My Dad was slowly pumping his long rod in and out of my wife. She was loving every last inch of it. Moaning in complete ecstasy.

“I love your big dick Daddy. And this pussy isn’t his anymore. it’s yours. It’s been yours since this afternoon when I saw your big cock at the pool. I decided right then that only you get my pussy. You can do anything you want with me.” God she was such a slut.I wonder how much of that she meant! Only one way to find out…

“Oh really? So then what are you going to give your husband?” I chimed in

“Oh baby, I’m sorry but his cock is so big and he’s working my pussy in ways you could never do. Don’t worry. You’ll still get me later but while we’re here it’s whatever he wants. I’m going to please this big dick anyway I can. He can fuck my ass, my mouth and cum anywhere he wants to. I’m his.”

“I’m really sorry Billy but she’s so hot. You’re ok with this right?”

“Well. I’m not so sure I’m ok with not getting mine but this IS so fucking hot. I should tell you we’ve played out this little fantasy a bunch of times before coming here. I never thought it might happen. Not to mention, Mom always said how hung you were and I have to admit I was a bit curious. Wish you had passed that thing onto me instead of a receeding hairline”

“He chuckled. Yeah, Kat was saying your isn’t too bad. Maybe even a bit thicker than mine but not as long. She doesn’t seem to be lacking anything.”

“God would you two shut up! Keep you concentration on fucking me Daddy. Billy, I want to see you stroke that dick while Daddy fucks your wife. Then I want both of you to come all over my tits.”

Kat was taking over this show and man was it hot.

Cassidy had to break in

“God that is SO naughty!!!! Ummm i’m cumming now. Please cum inside me. Please!!!!” Cassidy dug her nails into my back. She knew how that could usually do it for me but I was holding out. There was more to this stroy and she HAD to hear it.

“What? Why aren’t you coming?” Igave her internet casino the most wicked smile as an answer. “Are you saying there is more? What? He fucked her ass? She drank his cum? She licked all the cum for both of you off her tits? WHAT!!!!”

“Well, after fucking her pussy and then getting a deliciously naughty blow job from my wife, where she DID swallow every last drop he gave her, my Dad wasn’t recovering that quickly. She was jacking off his cock, trying to coax some life into when she called me over.”

“Fuck my pussy.” It was so sexy. Me, fucking my wife there on the living room coach and my Dad not a foot away, his dick coated in my wife’s pussy juice and her stroking him. She was really doing her best to get him hard but even her mouth wasn’t doing the trick.

“Kiss me Billy, taste your Dad’s dick and cum all over my mouth” I would do aanything for her so I leaned in and kissed her. I don’t know if this was her intent or not but this evidently brought a response from my Dad as I felt his cock twitch and bump my shoulder.

“Looks like Daddy’s getting close again, honey.”

“But not ast enough for me. I want him in my ass and my hand is getting tired. You stroke him.” WHOA!!! And with that Cassidy was coming again.

“you DID NOT. NO way you stroked your Dad’s dick! you didn’t right?”

“I told you I would do anything for her. Plus I thought it would be a nice way to take control of the situation away from her.”

“Oh my god. I want you to come in my ass now. You naughty fucking boy. Fuck mommy’s ass while you tell her all about your slut wife” Cassidy was out of control now.

So I looked ay my Dad. he nodded it was ok and so I strated stroking it. He got hard SO quickly. And his dick was so massive. I’ve never found a guy attractive in that way but this was so hot and it was so wrong being my Dad. It turned me on in ways I never thought anything could. she grabbed his ass and pulled him closer now that he was hard and started sucking him but he really wasn’t staying hard still.

“Keep stroking him while I lick the tip. I need more of your Daddy’s dick honey.” Kat pouted for that huge rod.

I did as I was told, god this was HOT. Here I am absutely ramming my wife’s pussy with my dick, stroking off my Dad as he’s getting his dick sucked by my wife! She stopped for a second and said “it’s time you taste your Daddy’s dick again. Come here.”

“So I leaned in to kiss her again but she turned me away.”

Cassidy was cumming again “oh shit. Oh shit” she was trembling and convulsing with my cock in her ass. ” Come now Billy. Please come in me. You sucked his dick didn’t you? Your wife told you suck Daddy’s cock and you did it? Did you make him cum? Did Daddy cum in your mouth?”

“Yes” I hissed as I stood up keep my cock tight in her ass. i flipped her over onto all four so I could fuck that ass with full force.

“yes, you naughty boy. Fuck mommy’s ass and tell her about how you sucked Dadd’ys cock!!!!!! Then cum in mommy’s ass like Daddy came in your mouth.”

“With Daddy’s big dick right in my face I just couldn’t resist. I opened my mouth and Daddy guided his dick right in. I was coming all over Kat’s pussy and it didn’t take long with watching his son wrap his lips around his huge cock that Daddy was cumming in my mouth. Kat begged me to give her some but I wouldn’t let go of his dick. Serves her right for saying she was only his. After he finished, he was still hard and he took her ass while she sucked me hard to fuck her pussy at the same time. I gave her the nastiest kiss and said ‘he was my Dad before he was yours and you were my slut before his. I’m still

around here’. We spent all that night and the next day fucking until it was time to leave. I didn’t suck my Dad again but I did stroke him a few times to get him hard for her.”

“you are SUCH a naughty boy. Now let mommy clean off your naughty cock so you can fuck her again. Here, let’s 69 so you can eat mommy’s pussy too.” Cassidy was such a hot lover!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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