Center of Attention: Two Against Me

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This is the third and final time I am going to tell you about my sexual infidelity with Dr Scully. From the responses I am getting, many of you do not find my experiences cheating with my Dr Scully as “hot” as my experiences cheating with Jeff and Russell. Everything I told you in the last nine stories (Center of Attention Series) is true to the best of my recollection. That is except for one little detail I made up in the last story.

The story that follows is not true, but it is true that I fantasized about this when I was having my affair with Dr Scully. What is also true, as you will recall from my previous experiences with Dr Scully, is he has a rather small dick and tends to prematurely ejaculate (two things that are not very hot in a story or in real life). But I liked Scully and he gave me great oral sex so I continued my affair with him. What is also true is that he had a PA in his twenties named Donny who was hot as hell.

Again unlike all of the other experiences I have related to you, the one that follows is not true.


It was Wednesday night and I had dropped my girls off at church where I knew my husband would be busy and went to meet up with Dr Scully at the office. In my car in the parking structure below the office, I pulled off my panties and removed my bra (I used that little trick that lets you keep your sweater while you pull your bra off).

So when I walked into the office my pussy was nude under my short skirt and bare boobs bounced in my tight sweater. Once inside, I was disappointed to see that Scully’s PA, Donny, was still in the office.

After a little small talk, I went to the back counter and began to work on my charts hoping that Donny would soon leave. After a few minutes I heard Dr Scully coming up behind me. He kissed me on the back of neck as his hands pulled up my skirt. When he felt my bare ass he let out a low sigh.

I whispered that he couldn’t do that right now because Donny was still up front. As he continued to fondle my ass, he laughed and told me not to worry. His hands on my ass and the wet kisses on my neck really turned me on. I moved my feet to widen my stance and leaned forward on to the counter. This gave him great access to my pussy from my backside and I immediately felt his finger sliding into my wet snatch.

I was moaning quietly as he fingered my pussy. I am not sure if this is true for all women, but for me getting fingered from behind is so much hotter than getting fingered from the front. I think that it is just naughtier and maybe I like the way my backdoor is “inadvertently” touched by the man’s hand.

I told Scully that we couldn’t go any farther until Donny left. Scully responded that he did not think that Donny wanted to leave because he was enjoying the show too much. Terror struck me as I turned my head to see Donny standing behind us. Donny had a mischievous grin on his face and a huge bulge in his scrubs.

Donny and I worked closely together on the days I worked for Scully. Many times I had caught him staring at my tits in my tight sweaters or looking down at my nipples when my loose blouse hung open. I don’t think he had ever caught me staring, but many times I had noticed his large member hanging down his right leg almost to his knee. I guess he didn’t wear shorts under his scrubs that or his member just wouldn’t stay in his shorts.

I asked Scully what Donny was doing here, hoping to get the answer I had been dreaming about on quiet afternoons laying naked on my bed with my purple vibrator solidly on my clit. With my legs still spread, my ass stuck up in the air, and Scully’s fingers fucking me, Scully gave me the answer casino oyna I wanted, “He is going to fuck you while you suck my dick.” My knees went weak as I experienced a small orgasm.

I told the guys that I wasn’t going to be the only one in this compromising position and that they had to get their clothes off. I told Donny to come around to the other side of the counter where I could see him and to strip out of those scrubs. As Scully fingered me and rubbed my now exposed tits, I watched in sheer delight as Donny got undressed. First he took off his shirt to reveal a thin solid upper body cut to reveal every arm and shoulder muscle, that was sexy, but what really got me was his true six pack abs. This boy did not have an ounce of body fat. Then he pulled down his pants and sure enough he did not wear any underwear.

I have always said that it is the skinny guys who have the biggest dicks. Donny was proving me right. This boy’s cock was only semi hard and hung almost to his knees. It reminded me of Jeff’s cock. I remembered how incredible Jeff’s cock felt once my pussy grew accustom to it and how much it hurt when I wasn’t ready for it. I was pretty sure my pussy was ready for Donny.

As Scully continued to undress me, I leaned farther forward and told Donny to kiss me. As he kissed me from across the counter, I rubbed as much of his upper body as I could reach. It had been a long time since I had had my hands on a twenty-five your old male body (since I was twenty-six) and I liked it. His skin was smooth and taught over his well developed muscles. Oh yah, his kisses were urgent and probing in a way that reminded me of a high school boyfriend. Damn was he hot, and he was making my pussy very hot!

After a few minutes of kissing and fondling, I stood up and told the boys we needed to move to a less exposed location. We all gathered are clothes from the floor and I led them to an exam room. Once inside, I closed the door, stepped up to the exam table, and laid down on my back. With me in a prone position on my back, I called the boys over and told them to “ravish me”.

Scully leaned down and began kissing my mouth with wet open kisses. While he kissed my mouth he used his right hand to rub my breast. Donny was on the other side of the table working the other end of me. As he rubbed my legs with his hands, he strategically planted wet kisses all over my lower body. Soon his mouth found its way to my pussy and he began to give me a real tongue lashing. I spread my legs in a very unlady like manner to give him access to all of me. For the next five minutes the boys ravished my body. Scully alternating from kissing my mouth, to kissing each of my breasts, all the while I gently tugged on his small cock with my right hand. And Donny “eating me out” like a high school boyfriend.

As I neared orgasm, I decided that I wanted to cum with Donny’s huge cock in my mouth. So I told them to change positions. I told Scully to “go down” on me and told Donny to come around to my end of the table. As Scully expertly licked my clit, I leaned my head off the end of the table and licked the precum off of Donny’s enormous cock. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Donny began to slide his massive dick in. I reached up with my right hand and pulled his sexy dick out of my mouth. As I held it to my cheek, I looked up at Donny and told him not to drive his cock too deep into my mouth. I told him that I can’t “deep throat” and I sure don’t want to learn on this monster!

He looked down on me and told me he would only feed me a small mouth full. Truth was there was no small mouth full of this cock!

With my right hand holding Donny’s cock in my canlı casino mouth and with my left hand pushing Scully’s face into my bucking pussy, I came. God did I come! I think the sight of my body bucking all over the table was too much for Donny, his body tensed, and his cum began to shoot into my mouth.

It had been a long time since a 25 year old shot his load in my mouth and I had forgotten how much cum those young balls could hold, but I tell you now it was a lot! After the first couple of shots my mouth was full, so I pulled him out and yanked his cock as huge lines of cum shot out of his cock, over my face, and splattered all over my tits. The whole time he is blasting me with his cum, I was still captured in a mind blowing orgasm. God was it hot!

When I finally came off my high, I pulled Donny’s cock down, sucked his cock head into my mouth so I could suck out the last few drops of his semen. Then I sat up and Donny’s man goo began to drip off my tits onto my thighs. Donny handed me some paper towels and I began to wipe his cum off my body. I told Donny to wet a towel for me, I told him that he made a mess all over my body and the least he could do was give me some towels to clean it up. We all laughed.

As I cleaned off my now cum covered thighs, I saw Scully reach for some paper towels and begin to clean cum that was dribbling down his thigh. His little cock had gone off and shot cum all over himself as he was licking my pussy!

I got off of the exam table and told the boys we needed more room for what was going to come next. So we gathered up our clothes and headed to Dr Scully’s office. As I enter the office, I turned around to watch my men follow me in. Dr Scully had his clothes pulled up against his stomach concealing his surely flaccid little dick. Donny held is scrubs in his right hand and as he walked his cock swayed over a large arc. (I love the look of a man’s cock right after he cums, his cock is still swollen with blood, but hangs in a “non-threaten” way.)

Once in Scully’s office, I knelt on the couch with my elbows on the arm rest. I told Donny to get behind me and Scully to stand at the end of the couch in front of me. Donny asked me if I could help him get hard. He stepped up to the side of the couch, I turned my head, opened my mouth, and he pushed his semi rigid dick into my mouth. I bobbed my head left and right, taking as much of his enormous cock into my mouth as I could and licking the underside of his cock head when I pulled my mouth off of his dick. I did my best to make my little blowjob look as sensual as possible. It worked. His dick was quickly rock hard again. I told him to get behind me and “gently” slide that monster into me.

When I turned my head to Scully’s cock in front of me, I saw that his little dick was now standing at full attention. I sucked it into my mouth as I felt Donny “messing” with my pussy behind me. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I felt the pressure as he pushed his cock head hard against my small opening. A shock shot through my body as the pressure suddenly overcame my pussy’s resistance and his head slipped in.

I pulled my mouth off Scully’s cock and told Donny to hold still for a minute I needed time to adjust to his size. As I loosened to accommodate his size, I knew this was going to be good! I began to suck on Scully again and felt Donny’s cock begin to slide deeper into me. I felt the head of his cock hit the back wall of my pussy. He continued to push. Again I pulled my mouth off of Scully and told Donny that that is as far as his cock was going to go. He responded that only half of his cock was inside of me. He went on to say that I was damn tight kaçak casino (a very nice compliment)!

Now the fucking began in earnest. Donny was sliding his cock in and out of me. Each time he bottomed out in my pussy it forced me forward onto Scully’s cock. As he pulled back I relaxed and moved back with him, pulling my mouth off of Scully’s cock. Even though his cock was small, taking every inch of him into my mouth, made me feel like a pro. God this felt good! When I fuck my husband, I always use a vibrator on my clit to make sure I cum. Here with Dr Scully’s small cock in my mouth and Donny’s huge cock ramming me hard, I came! With nothing touching my clit I came! The orgasm was far deeper than anything I had ever experienced before. As I came, I begged Donny to “Fuck Me!” to “Fuck Me Hard!”. Dam he fucked me hard!

After about thirty seconds I expected my orgasm to subside. It didn’t. Donny kept fucking me and I kept cumming! Finally as my orgasm subsided, I asked Donny to stop for a second and let me catch my breath. Thank god he did. As he held still deep inside of me, I hung onto Scully’s cock with my left hand, and I rested my head on the armrest. I wasn’t cumming, but I just couldn’t stop trembling.

Finally I was ready to continue. I reminded Donny that I wasn’t on the pill and he couldn’t cum inside of me. Scully suggested that both of them pull out and cum on my face. I told him he watched too much porn and I was not a pornstar. They both laughed. I also told them that I couldn’t take much more and they would have to come with me the next time I climaxed.

With that statement I released a fury of fucking from Donny. My pussy was more accustom to his cock after my orgasm and the hard fucking felt incredible. I was so fucking horny! Sucking on Scully’s cock just felt so natural as Donny’s cock slammed in and out of me. It didn’t take long before I felt the orgasm building deep within me. I pulled my mouth off Scully and told the guys that I was going to cum soon.

Thirty seconds later I was cumming! I couldn’t concentrate on Scully’s dick anymore and it slipped out of my mouth. I was gasping for breath and begging Donny to fuck me! I was begging him to cum with me. He pulled his cock out of me and said he was going to cum. I begged him to put it back in me and to “Fuck Me Hard!” He slammed his cock back into my pussy and moaned that he was going to cum. I told him I didn’t care, I just wanted him to “Fuck me!” and “Fuck me Hard!”

Damn did he fuck me hard! Damn did I cum! I looked up just in time to see Scully pump out his first shot of ejaculate. It hit me in the cheek. I didn’t care. I was getting fucked hard by the biggest, sexiest deck, I had ever seen, I was cumming, and Scully’s cock was pumping shot after shot of ejaculate all over my face!

Then Donny grabbed my hips and impaled me on the full length of his cock! This just rocked my world! I was still caught in the full throw of orgasm and with all of Donny’s cock deep inside of me, I could now feel his cock shooting load after load of semen into my cunt!

Finally when the shots of cum stopped hitting my face, and Donny release his tight hold on my hips, my orgasm subsided. As I rolled over onto my side on the couch, Donny’s cock pulled out of me. I felt so good, so spent, but so satisfied. I know both of them wanted me to suck the remaining cum out of their cocks, but I was just too spent. I just laid there in total bliss.

A minute later Donny handed me some paper towels to wipe the cum off my face (I am not some pornstar who likes smear it into her mouth). As we dressed Donny thanked me for the “fuck of his life.” I thanked them both for making my fantasy come true. Then I told them it was great, but it was a “one time only experience.” As Dr Scully handed be a prescription for the morning after pill, he said “We will see about that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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