Chemical SeXXX Pt. 03

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“Mrs Donovan,” Principal Whitmore continued, “if your son continues this behavior, I’m afraid we’ll have no choice but to expel him.”

Beth Donovan sighed. The 42 year old mother glanced tiredly at her 18 year old son, John, from the corner of her eye while he sat slumped in his chair. His arms were folded over his chest and he was looking at the floor of the principal’s office, barely paying attention as the news was relayed to his mother and him.

Beth’s husband had passed away two months prior and the loss of his father had hit John especially hard. He had been acting out, getting into fights and damaging property at school, which had led to the meeting she was currently in with the school’s principal. She was having a hard enough time dealing with her husbands death and her son’s behavior wasn’t helping matters.

“I assure you, Principal Davis, this won’t happen again,” she told the man, turning her head to look at her son. “Isn’t that right, John?”

“Whatever,” John muttered, hopping out of his chair and leaving the principal’s office in a huff. Beth stood up from her own chair and apologized to the principal, hurrying after her son as he stormed off towards the exit.

She exited the principal’s office into the receptionist’s area, passing by another student who was waiting their turn to be lectured by the principal, and entered the school hallway. She looked around and spotted her son walking down the hallway a few meters away.

“John, wait!” she yelled, dashing after him and trying to get his attention.

“Leave me alone,” John growled, continuing to make his way towards the exit, his mother close behind.

“John, just… please stop for a minute,” his mother sobbed, her emotions bubbling to the surface as she fought back tears.

John heard the tone of his mom’s voice and began to feel guilty. He stopped, turning around and looking at his mom.

“You can’t keep doing this, John,” she said to her son, fighting to hold back tears as she pleaded with him. “You can’t keep getting into fights. You heard the Principal, you’re going to get expelled!”

“Who cares?” John snarled, his eyes beginning to water as tears threatened to spill out from his eyes. “All the kids in this school are so fucking stupid, spouting their stupid inane bullshit day after day, I can’t take it!”

“John, I know these last two months have been difficult since your father passed, but he wouldn’t want you throwing your life away.”

“Shut up!” John yelled, interrupting Beth as tears began to pour from his eyes. “Just shut up, don’t talk about him!”

Beth wrapped her arms around her son and hugged him tight. John tried to squirm free, before relenting and returning the hug. They both began to cry as their emotions got the better of them.

“I just miss him so much, Mom,” John sobbed, embracing his mother tightly as he cried into her shoulder.

Beth knew her son needed help, but she wasn’t sure how to help him. Therapy? He had refused to go. Maybe more time? They say time heals all wounds, but he was on the verge of expulsion and she couldn’t make his pain go away by just waiting.

As she was wracking her brain to try and think of something, the Chemical SeXXX gas began to seep from the ventilation system close by. The gas entered her respiratory system and began to make it’s way into her blood stream, it’s effects beginning to take hold and the telltale sighs of exposure overtaking her.

Small, motherly things that were normal to her were quickly becoming sexualized. The feeling of her breasts pressed again her son’s chest as she hugged him, his arms wrapped around her holding her close, her head in the nape of his neck, his smell, the feel of his skin against hers…

Likewise, John felt a wave of pleasure shooting through him as the gas began to alter his body chemistry as well. He had never in a million years thought of his mom as anything more than a mother, but as their bodies pressed against each other his feelings for her became less motherly and more wanton, more sensual.

His cock began to grow hard in his pants, the fleshy rod threatening to press up against his mom’s stomach as they embraced in the hallway. In the back of his mind he knew his feelings were wrong, but he couldn’t stop himself no matter how hard he tried.

John reasoned he was just confused and overstimulated from the emotional situation he was in. Even though he hadn’t had such feelings before, his mother WAS quite attractive for her age. Sure, she wasn’t as pretty as she had been when she was younger, she had some more wrinkles and a couple more sun spots these days, but in many ways she was still very beautiful.

Beth stood around 5’3 with round, green eyes and medium length, curly blond hair with flecks of grey in it. She had large d-cup breasts, wide set hips and a nice round ass. She had shown up to the school in a cute, loose fitting white sundress with a pink floral pattern and John’s thoughts raced with the image casino siteleri of it laying on the floor instead of covering up his mother’s body.

She was a MILF for sure. Even so… sons weren’t supposed to find their mothers attractive, let alone have sexual thoughts about them. He fought to suppress the feelings coursing through him, tried to block out the images from his mind of pinning his mother against the wall and thrusting his cock deep inside her, but no matter how hard he tried he knew he was fighting a losing battle. His dick kept getting harder and he was no longer able to hide it as it pressed up against his own mother.

Beth felt John’s hard cock pressing against her stomach, naughty thoughts beginning to flood into her mind. His dick felt big, much bigger than her late husbands, and she couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel stretching out her cunt. She thought about how it would feel thrusting in and out of her hole, how amazing it would be for him to spray his teenage seed deep inside her. She liked those thoughts, she liked them a lot.

With all those new thoughts and feelings racing through her, she suddenly had an epiphany. She finally knew how she could help her son. He didn’t need therapy or time to grieve. In fact, he didn’t need to miss his father, what he really needed was to replace him. He needed to be with her as more than a son, he needed to be her replacement husband.

But with John replacing his father, she would be without a child. She realized the only way to fix everything would be to have a new child… and the only way for that to happen was for John to impregnate her. She needed him to shove his cock into her horny cunt and fill it with his incestuous seed. She needed him to knock her up so fucking bad. The very thought of it was making her so hot and wet that she was having trouble maintaining her self control.

It didn’t hurt that John was fairly handsome. He was 6’1 with blue eyes and short brown hair. He was in decent shape as well with a chiseled jawline and a well toned body. Her cunt ached as she pressed her body against him. She needed him bad, she needed him so fucking bad she couldn’t stand it any longer.

“John…” Beth whimpered, burying her face deeper into the nape of his neck, her breasts pressing up against him more as her breathing quickened and her heart rate began to climb. “John, I… oh god… what’s happening…” She pressed her lips against John’s neck, kissing and licking him sensually as she wrapped her arms harder around him. She rubbed her body against his hard cock, moaning softly as her arousal overtook her self control.

“So… big…” Beth whispered, gently rubbing herself against the tent in her son’s pants. She sucked on his neck lightly and began to move her hands over his body and under his shirt, caressing his bare back and continuing to kiss and suckle on his neck.

John groaned as the need to gratify his urges overwhelmed him. He could no longer control himself, he needed to fuck his mother and he needed it now. He didn’t care if it was in the middle of the hallway, nor did he care who would see. If he didn’t fuck her right then and there he was going to lose his mind! He took the initiative, pulling back from his mom’s embrace before pinning her against the wall, pressing his body up against her and gripping her ass with both hands.

“Mom, I’m sorry,” John whimpered, squeezing his mom’s ass hard as he pressed himself against her. “I can’t stop myself, I don’t know… I don’t know what’s happening…”

Beth gasped as John’s hands roamed over her ass, lust coursing through her as her own hands began to roam over his body. She felt his hard cock pressing against her again, the thick rod trapped in his jeans just begging to be set free.

“Shh it’s okay baby, it’s okay, just let it happen.” Beth whispered. She’d never had any sexual feelings for her son before, but suddenly she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her entire life. She didn’t know why this was happening, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to stop it.

“Ohhh, what’s this?” Beth cooed, moving a hand to his bulge and rubbing her hand over it, causing John to gasp and his cock to twitch. “Is this a present for mommy?”

“Maybe…” he whispered, “do you like it?”

His mouth moved closer to his mother’s face as his hands cupped her ass, squeezing lightly and causing her to moan. She bucked herself against the tent in his pants in desperation, his lips brushing up against hers lightly, teasing her, giving her a taste of what was to come.

“I like it very much,” she purred, “such a good boy, bringing mommy presents.”

Beth bit John’s lower lip gently, tugging at it teasingly as they continued dry humping each other like horny teenagers. She liked what was happening, she liked it a lot… but it wasn’t enough. She needed his cock and she needed it NOW! She hadn’t had sex in months and she couldn’t wait another single solitary second.

“Then why canlı casino don’t you unwrap it,” John commanded. The teasing, the feel of his body, his gentle breath against her mouth, it was too much for Beth and she began to frantically grab at John’s pants, pulling down his zipper and freeing his cock from it’s denim prison.

John lifted up the hem of his mother’s dress revealing her panty covered pussy. He grinned as he noticed the wet spot on his mom’s panties from her arousal. He liked the sight, but what he liked even more was the thought of those panties being on the floor.

He grabbed at the lace fabric and began to slide it down her legs until it reached her ankles. Beth kicked them off as they came to rest around her feet, sending them sailing across the hall and against the opposite wall, her wet cunt ready and willing to be penetrated by her own son’s cock.

John gripped his mother’s ass again, hoisting her up and pinning her against the wall as he pressed his dick against her pussy under her dress, trying to shove it deep inside her hole. Beth reached down with a free hand and wrapped it around John’s cock, lining it up with the entrance to her pussy and helping to guide him inside. After a few seconds, he finally slid the head of his cock into her cunt, causing Beth to squeal in joy.

“Yessss!” Beth cried out as she was being fucked by her own child, squealing with joy as her own son prepared to fully bury his cock inside his own mother’s pussy and fill it with his incestuous seed. The mother and son were committing the ultimate taboo, but the only thing they cared about was fucking and that was what they were going to do, consequences be damned.

“Fuck me baby,” she hissed, “fuck mommy’s pussy right here in the hallway!”

John slid the rest of his cock deep inside his mother’s hole, his shaft stretching her out as the walls of his mother’s cunt squeezed around his dick. Both mother and son moaned in pleasure as Beth wrapped her legs around John, coaxing him on as he began to fuck her.

John fucked Beth hard against the wall, his lips finally meeting with hers, their tongues joining together in a succulent dance as they gave into their sinful desires. Beth wrapped her arms around John as he continued thrusting himself up into her horny cunt, his cock returning to the place from where he had emerged into the world 18 years ago.

Being a sexually inexperienced teenager, John didn’t last long as he had plunged himself deep inside his mother’s cunt only a few times before he began to release a torrent of semen into her. Beth broke off their kiss and moaned loud as she felt the hot ropes of cum erupt from her son’s cock, shooting deep into the depths of her needy hole.

“That’s right, cum in mommy! Fill mommy up!” Beth yelled, not caring who could hear her as her son flooded her insides with his scalding hot seed. Shame burned through her as she willfully committed such a perverted act of carnal lust, as she enthusiastically engaged in the crime of incest with her only child… but it only made her want more.

To her delight, her son continued fucking her as he was cumming, the chemical removing his refractory period allowing him to once again slam his dick deep into her needy hole.

“Oh fuck, mom, I need to cum again!” John yelled, continuing to slam his cock into his mother’s pussy, grunting like an animal with each thrust of his dick into his mother’s tight hole.

“Fuck me baby, give mommy more of your cum!” Beth yelled, the walls of her pussy trying to milk her son’s cock, desperate to coax out more of his sticky seed. She tugged at her dress and slipped it off over her head, throwing it on the ground as neither her nor her son missed a beat as they continued fucking. She was left wearing nothing more than her bra and her shoes, her breasts jiggling up and down with each thrust of John’s cock into her hole.

She wanted to be fully naked. She wanted her son to see her entire body so she could see the lust in his eyes as he slammed his cock deep inside her desperate cunt. She kicked her shoes off, her feet now bare as she wrapped her legs tight around her son. She held onto John with one arm as she reached another one back behind herself, fiddling with her bra clasp, trying to free her breasts. After a few moments, the clasp came undone and Beth tossed the bra to the side, her large tits coming into view.

Beth’s tits bounced up and down wildly as John fucked her, his eyes widening as the very sight of them caused him to one again orgasm, shooting more of his sticky cum deep into Beth’s hole. She cried out in bliss as John kept fucking her, using her wet pussy mixed with his own cum at lubricant to continue easily gliding into her hot cunt. Beth was in heaven, but as much as she loved her son’s cock, she needed to see more of him. She needed him naked, too.

“John baby, take off your clothes, I want to see how big and strong you’ve grown,” Beth whispered lustfully. John didn’t need to be told twice kaçak casino as, without slowing down his thrusts, slid his already unbuttoned pants off, while Beth pulled his shirt off over his head. Beth admired her son’s fit body. She drooled over his smooth chest with its faint outline of abs as his wonderful cock continued to fuck her, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy with each plunge into her greedy hole.

“Ohh baby, you’re so handsome,” Beth gloated, “I’m so proud to have such a sexy son, such a big strong boy who can fuck mommy sooo good.”

Beth could feel herself approaching orgasm as her son continued slamming into her pussy. He was fucking her so hard, stretching out her hole so fucking good. She was gonna cum so hard, she was gonna…

“Oh John! I’m gonna cum! Make mommy cum on your big strong cock!” Beth yelled, her pussy clamping down hard around her son’s cock as she began to cum. She moaned loud as her orgasm overtook her, the sound echoing throughout the halls of the school as her own son was making her cum. John soon followed suit, grunting as he began to fill his own mother up once again .

John didn’t know what was more beautiful, his mother’s lust filled face, the sound of her moans, or the sight of her bouncing tits. Beth giggled as she noticed he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off her breasts.

“You like them baby? You like mommy’s big tits?” Beth asked rhetorically as they continued to bounce up and down as she was pounded by her son’s cock.

“Fuck yeah, mom!” John yelled, his eyes now glued to Beth’s big D-cup tits. “They’re so fucking big, they’re perfect.”

“Then why don’t you suck on them, suck on them like when you were a little baby.”

John didn’t need convincing as he lowered his mouth down onto a nipple and began to suck hard on it, slobbering onto his mothers nipple as he continued his thrusts deep into her fuck hole. Beth gasped as her son went to work on her breasts, suckling on them and licking her nipples with gusto. It felt really good, she loved having his face in her tits.

“Oh John, that’s a good boy!” Beth cried out, arching her back as her son sucked on her tits. “Suck mommy’s tits, baby, suck mommy’s big tits!” She hadn’t produced any milk since John was a baby, but she knew with the amount of times her son had spurted his loads into her cunt… well, that would soon be changing.

John continued jack-hammering his dick into his own mother’s pussy, the noise resonating off the walls as they continued their incestuous union. He moved his head away from her tits and up to her lips, kissing her hard, like long lost lovers who had finally been reunited after years apart. He could hardly believe he was having sex, let alone with his own mother, but the taboo nature of the act made it so hot for him that it just spurred him on.

They fucked and fucked and fucked. John went back and forth between kissing his Mom’s soft, sensual lips and sucking her big, luscious tits. He came countless times, always cumming deep inside his mom’s pussy while his mom goaded him on, begging for him to keep filling her up, to hollow her out, imploring him to fuck her again and again.

John eventually tapered off on playing with his mother’s breasts as much as he had been. He loved them, of course, loved the sounds of delight his mother made when he sucked or licked them, but he was really enjoying when he and his mom kissed. Beth loved it, too. She loved when they explored that side of themselves, giving in to their passions as their lips became one, their tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths as strange, forbidden romantic feelings continued to blossom within themselves.

They gazed deeply into each other’s eyes as John filled his mother with more of his semen. He felt guilty for what he had put her through the past couple of months. He realized now how much he loved his mother, how he would do anything for her… but now it was more than just familial love. He didn’t just love her, he was IN love with her.

He wondered how something like this could have happened. How was he in love with his own mother? He knew it was wrong… but it didn’t feel wrong. It felt right. It felt so fucking right. He wondered why he hadn’t felt like this before? How did he not notice her pretty, warm face, her kind alluring green eyes, her large magnificent tits and big voluptuous ass. And that sexy stomach, those legs… fucking hell, she was perfect. Every single part of her was perfect.

Her tight cunt, snug around his cock, felt amazing. The feeling inside her pussy was better than anything he had ever felt before and her sexy little moans were music to his ears. Nobody else in the entire world even came close to being as attractive as she was. She was so fucking beautiful.

“Oh god mom,” John cried out, “I love you!”

“I love you too, John,” Beth replied, smiling wide as she stared infatuated into her son’s eyes. He was so handsome, so sexy. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was. He could have chosen anyone to be with, a cute young girl his own age with flawless features, someone who wasn’t a middle aged housewife with wrinkles and greying hair… but he didn’t chose someone else, he chose her.

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