Chemistry Help Ch. 03

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(Thanks for Brightdawn for helping me so much!!!!)


Ty woke up at 6 am finding himself back in his own bed, still wearing the jeans from the previous night. As he began to rise up from his bed, he could hear his cell phone ring again. What he wanted to do was to take that phone and destroy it. The only thing that ringer did was remind him of his own iniquities, whether it was the secret he was keeping from Brittany or of that woman in heat he was screwing to keep the secret about his prank he pulled. In either case, that call would probably be some bad news. A quick scan of the display showed it was Angie’s number.

“Hello….” He answered.

“Ty, we need to talk.” This was an unusual statement coming from Angie. After all, Mrs. Angie Milton was his high school chemistry teacher as well as the reason he woke up slightly out of it that morning. No doubt this woman was calling to shut Tyrone up about what happened.

“Mrs. M…” he started.

“No, not over the phone, how soon can you get to the classroom?”

Ty was about to answer when he remembered that he had a breakfast date with Brittany, yet another decision to make and another reason why he could lose his girlfriend. On the other hand, perhaps Mrs. M wanted to apologize for using him the way she did.

“What time do you want me there?”

On the other side of the phone, Angie smiled. She had this boy toy right where she wanted him. She knew that her husband never made it home last night, Armstrong account. She knew that meant he was seeing his affair again, even though she didn’t know the culprit, she knew that’s where his dick had been for six months prior. The thought that she was using this student, this handsome eighteen year old cock for her own personal enjoyment was as thrilling as it was dangerous knowing full well the savvy of his analytical mind. Yet, she needed to see him even for just a quickie.

“I use first period for planning, what do you have?”

Ty thought for a few moments. He knew his first period class was English and that particular day was group work. In his mind, it was a perfect time to get some.

“I can be there first period. I’m sure my English teacher could let me out for something important. Any ideas for an alibi?”

It was Angie’s turn for thought. She couldn’t believe she was organizing a get together with a young dick during school hours. The thought of what could happen was already dampening her panties without her manicured nails even touching her clit.

“I güvenilir bahis need some help with inventory before the budgets are due.”

Ty thought about the excuse his teacher just gave. As he smiled about it, he remembered his breakfast date with Brittany.

“Sure thing, Angie, I’ll be there,” he answered cheerfully. As he pushed the button ending the call on his cell, he looked in his closet for an outfit. He pulled out a pair of jeans and began whistling as he headed towards the shower. It looked like he was in for something good although he wasn’t sure which was exciting him more.

Meanwhile, Angie carefully selected an ensemble for class that day. She went over the lesson plans in her head as she wondered what kind of lingerie to wear under her conventionally conservative garb. As she selected a blue blouse to put over the white frilly bra, she could hear the door open and her husband trying to tip toe in. Anger froze Angie in place as she saw him walking towards the bedroom before he stopped, realizing he was caught. She could see the look of worry on his face as she calmly walked over and closed the door. As her tears began to cascade down her cheeks, she could hear him try to explain why he was just coming in at seven in the morning and what happened. She was fed up with the explanations and bull shit he tried to offer her until she opened the door and told him she was packing.

Across town, Ty was just getting to Brittany’s house when he saw her dad’s car leaving. He ducked under the dashboard for a moment before rising slowly to make sure the coast was clear. He parked in front of the house before heading up the walkway to her front door. Before he had the chance to knock, the door opened revealing Brittany in a white t shirt and a pair of skimpy white panties. Ty didn’t even say a word as he entered and they embraced before Brittany took him by the hand to her room.

“I hope breakfast is to your liking,” she said as she bent down on her knees and proceeded to slowly undo his jeans. His cock sprang to life as her hands reached into his boxers to grab at it. As she slowly caressed it out of the opening, Ty looked down to see his personal goddess taking her sweet time to please him. He was looking forward to a wonderful time as her mouth slowly took his member into her mouth, her tongue slowly licking the underside.

Angie arrived at the school at around 8:30. She tried to put makeup on to cover her tears, but it didn’t help. As she walked to her classroom, the principal türkçe bahis Mr. Anderson waved her down, slowly, she walked over to him.

“Mr. Anderson, good morning.”

“Angela.” This caught Angie by surprise just because no one called her by her full name. “Is everything all right?”

She was going to lie, but figured that he was a person to talk to. She proceeded to open up right then and there and tell him about her husband’s infidelity and how she spent most of the morning crying. Afterwards, Mr. Anderson told her to go ahead and go home so she could recover and to call in later. She politely thanked him, got back into her car and drove home to finish packing so she could possibly move in with her mother. As she reached her house, she remembered the meeting she set up with Ty and quickly grabbed her cell.

Ty’s dick was just finishing filling the condom inside Brittany when he heard the cell phone go off. As he leaned back basking in the afterglow of the moment, Brittany rose up to quickly hit the shower. She had a first period Calculus test she didn’t want to be late for. Ty then reached over and grabbed the phone. When he noticed the number, he ensured the shower was running before calling back.

“You ok, Angie?”

“No Ty, I can’t see you this morning. I’m staying home today to pack.” The word pack caught Ty’s attention.

“Mrs. M., is everything ok?”

“He got home after I called you this morning, that sorry piece of shit has been cheating on me.”

The words rang in Ty’s ears as the shower stopped. “I’m sorry, Mrs. M. Did you need help with anything? Brittany and I….”

“Better not, tiger. I’ll call you after school.” The phone went dead as Brittany walked in, wrapped in just a towel with her long blond hair still dripping wet.

“Who was that?” she asked. Ty began explaining how Mrs. Milton was calling because they had inventory this morning, but told him not to worry about it because of personal business at home. Brittany listened intently before throwing the towel off to put on her clothes.

The rest of the school day was pretty normal for Ty except for Chemistry where this really old guy fell asleep as he watched over the class during study hall. Ty started to relax a bit, thinking that the conflict with Mr. Milton and his wife would keep his own butt out of trouble with Brittany. Perhaps the previous night’s fuckfest was just a one time thing and he was safe. As he headed towards his car with Brittany next to him, he felt like he escaped güvenilir bahis siteleri judgement in a way.

Angie spent most of the day packing up her clothing. Her husband slept in the guest room, exhausted from his all night activities. As she started packing her car, her phone rang. Her mother called to confirm she wasn’t going to try to make things right with her husband. As she hung up, her husband walked out of the guest room and attempted to talk to her, but Angie remained defiant. As she placed the last of her belongings in the trunk, she told him that her lawyer would be calling and that she was done with all his shit.

The drive to the motel was long. The drive was quiet and gave Angie a chance to think about all the crap her sorry soon-to-be-ex put her through. Her marriage was about to be over and she felt more freedom than she had in a while. The downside was that even though she worked in that town for years, she didn’t really have any friends she could stay at. Not only did this mean more money out of pocket, but it also put a kibosh on any further dealings with Ty for a bit. In a way, she felt a little relieved because of the trouble she could find herself in if it ever got out.

That night, Brittany was on her hands and knees in front of Ty as he saw the wonderful clit of hers framed by her nice tight ass. Slowly, he ran his tongue slowly over the engorged lips as she shuddered from the sensation. As his tongue slid deep inside her and he began to lick, he could just imagine how much his own little love slave was trying out all his perverted ideas from the internet. Especially the blow job she gave him home from school where she swallowed his cum for the first time even though she ended up spitting it out when they got back to her place.

As he moved himself to slid his pole into her tightness, he was enjoying the sensation as his hands found her hips and began to pull her into him. It was a slow fuck as her moans were suppressed by her pillow. Her hips began to thrust against him as she edged closer to climax. Ty was enjoying her complicity at wanting to fulfill him as her cunt squeezed his dick. It wasn’t much longer until his cock emptied inside her gooey gash. His eyes closed tightly as his dick began to shrink inside her before sliding out. As she turned to kiss him, he felt her breasts brush against his arms. For the moment, he was happy.

Across town, Angie was sliding her vibrator up and down her clit as she imagined Ty’s tongue down there. Slowly, she could feel her wave begin as she arched her back and allowed the sensations to take her. She kept her eyes closed for a few moments as she revelled in her newfound freedom and she allowed her mind to start reformulating a plan to get Ty’s dick back inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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