Chrissy Teaches Shelly Ch. 03

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When they awoke the next day, Shelly declared that she was going to spend the entire day naked and not bother with clothes until their parents were due home that evening. Chrissy thought that it was a great idea and so she agreed that she would do the same, only dressing if they had to leave the house. They talked about outside and decided that they’d just wear t-shirts so that no-one peeking over the fence could see anything, but so that they’d each be able to sneak glimpses and touches when they wanted to. Any swimming was to be strictly in the nude though.

With that agreed, they showered, once again sharing the small space and taking the opportunity to touch each other all over. They enjoyed holding and kissing each other so that their breasts were crushed together along with their lips and tongues.

Their wet bodies slithering over each other, they used their fingers and tongues to excite each other, luxuriating in the warmth and closeness of the space.

“I guess we should actually get out at some point before we’re totally pruned!” laughed Chrissy eventually. “At this rate, we’ll never even get out of the bed room. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s the last day of the holidays. Other wise I think I’d just fuck you all day.”

At that they separated and dried off before venturing downstairs to go about their day. Being the last day of the holidays, they hadn’t planned a lot and Chrissy was entertaining thoughts about making shelly cum over and over again all day, but she had to go and get some food so that there’d be some in the house when her parents came home.

“I have to go out for a bit, but I’ll be back in a couple of hours, ok? Is there anything that you want from the shops?”

“Chocolate!” Shelly called out from the other room.

“Alright, I’ll see you when I get back,” laughed Chrissy, as she pulled a skirt and a blouse on.

Shelly sat down to watch a movie, but couldn’t really get into it and decided to go for a swim instead. She had to put sunscreen on first and was careful to ensure that she covered her breasts and her bare pussy well, as they hadn’t seen this much sun since she’d been about five! Spreading the cream over her breasts and pussy felt good, and she lingered for some time, exciting herself before deciding that she could really use the cool-off in the pool. She loved the feeling of being naked in the water and spent some time there, lazing around in the water, diving and swimming around.

Shelly grabbed her towel and headed inside, where she dumped it at the door. She had just turned the movie back on when she heard the doorbell ring. Damn, that was something that she hadn’t thought about when declaring she’d be naked all day.

Thinking that it was likely that it would be someone she could deal with quickly, she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her to cover her nakedness. She pulled the door open a little and peered around the edge of it to see who it was.

To her surprise, Cheryl was standing there.

“Hey Shelly,” she said as the door opened. “I was bored and thought that I might ask myself around for a swim? Are you just getting in or out?”

“Hey Cheryl, I was just getting out, but that’s ok, I’ll get back in again.” Said Shelly, letting Cheryl into the house. Cheryl walked past her and Shelly couldn’t help but look at her in a new light since her sister had awakened her. She followed Cheryl, watching her butt wiggle in front of her. Cheryl was wearing a pair of low cut jeans that hugged her arse beautifully and a tight tube top over her bikini, showing her large C cup breasts off nicely. Cheryl was always getting plenty of stares when the two girls went to the mall and lots of them never made it past her delicious breasts.

Unlike Shelly and Chrissy who both had light brown hair, Cheryl’s hair was red and she stood out in any crowd. At 5’9″ She was also taller than both Chrissy and Shelly who were only 5’6″. Cheryl’s dad was about 6″8″ and so there was every chance that she would grow even taller yet. At the moment, she was about as tall as most of the guys in their class. Not that that seemed to worry any of them when they were checking her out!

The two girls headed out to the pool, gossiping as they went, talking about who would be with who when they got back to school and who they thought that they might like to pursue. When they reached the pool, Cheryl pulled off her top and then peeled her jeans down, tossing them in a pile out the way where they weren’t likely to get wet. With a grin at Shelly, she quickly jumped in the pool.

Shelly was about to drop her towel to follow her when she realised that she was still naked. She hesitated just long enough for Cheryl to notice.

“What’s up?” Cheryl asked. “um.. well … oh, its just that I was skinny dipping and don’t have my bikini on,” Shelly said in an embarrassed rush. “Oh, my god, really?” Cheryl asked, “you were really out here starkers in broad daylight?” Shelly just nodded sheepishly and started to head back inside to get something to izmir escort wear, a bit disappointed that her naked day was at an end already.

“Wait … ” Cheryl said, “was it good?” Shelly turned and came back over by the pool.

“It was great,” she said, “really free and the water on my body was lovely.”

“Well, why don’t you just keep swimming naked then? I won’t mind and I sure won’t tell anyone.”

“umm, ok, if its cool with you,” Shelly said. She walked over to the edge of the pool, tossed her towel aside and quickly jumped in, not sure about just how much Cheryl was meaning and deciding that discretion was probably a good thing.

Cheryl absently checked out her friend as she dropped the towel and jumped into the pool. It happened quickly and didn’t really leave that much of an impression on her as she went back to swimming around in the pool.

After they had been swimming for a bit and they were just hanging on the edge of the pool, Cheryl turned to Shelly.

“um Shel, can I ask you a question?”

“sure,” answered Shelly wondering just what it was that Cheryl might think she needed permission to ask.

“What happened to your pubes? I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I just couldn’t help notice when we were swimming around under the water.”

“Oh!” Exclaimed Shelly, having forgotten that her friend wouldn’t have seen her shaved before and not having thought about it. “Um, I shaved them off,” she laughed.

“Wow, why did you do that?” asked Cheryl. Shelly considered what to tell her friend about how it had all happened and decided that a part truth was probably the best approach for now.

“I walked in on Chrissy as she was just finishing doing it to her pussy,” said Shelly ” and it looked really nice and I decided to try it for myself and voila! Here I am all bald.”

“Do you like it?” Cheryl asked.

“Yeah, its really neat, I think I’m gonna keep doing it. It feels really good in the water too! You should take your suit off and try skinny dipping!” Shelly said, suddenly desiring to see her friend naked and free in the water.

“I dunno, your neighbours might peek or something,” hedged Cheryl.

“They’re not home … I saw them go out earlier,” said Shelly, determined now to see her friend nude it up in the pool. “Come one, get it off!” Shelly laughed and grabbed at her friend’s top to give it a tug. Cheryl pulled away, laughing and trying to avoid Shelly and as a result, Shelly only gave the bikini a brief tug, but managed to skew it aside and pop one breast out for her to see. She noted that the nipple was nicely erect, encouraging her to try again.

“Wait!” laughed Cheryl, “I’ll take it off. I don’t want it ripped!” She made her way back to the side of the pull and reached behind her to undo the tie. She then tossed it alongside the pool before peeling her panties down off her legs.

“ooo, it feels nice, doesn’t it?” she said to Shelly as she drifted about the pool naked.

“It sure does,” Shelly said quietly as she admired her friend’s body as it slid its way about the pool. She so wanted to suck on those titties and taste her, but knew that this wasn’t something that you just went and did to your best friend! She would just have to be happy that she got to watch her swim about the pool naked.

She was just starting to really enjoy it all when she heard the doorbell again. “Damn!” she said, swimming to the side to get out of the pool. She clambered out and grabbed her towel again. She also picked up Cheryl’s bikini and pretended to take it with her.

“Hey!” said Cheryl, “Where are you going with that?” Shelly just laughed and dropped it back beside the pool so that she could reach it if required.

Once again, Shelly went to the door to see who was there. This time it was Alex, Chrissy’s boyfriend.

“Hey Shelly, is Chrissy home?” he asked as the door was opened. Shelly noted this time that his gaze moved up and down her body, taking in the fact that she was only wearing a towel. She returned the favour and checked him out from his nicely shaped calves to his nice broad shoulders and muscular arms.

“Sorry Alex, its just me ‘n’ Cheryl. Chrissy went out to get some shopping. She’ll be back in an hour or so.” Then, without really thinking it all through, mischievously said “why don’t you join us for a dip and wait for her?”

“Hell, why not, its certainly hot enough.”

“huh, the weather ain’t the half of that,” laughed Shelly as she turned and led him through the house. Alex tried to ignore the flirting but couldn’t help look at Shelly’s lovely legs sticking out beneath her towel. He couldn’t wait to see her pert little butt in her bikini again. He didn’t know what Cheryl looked like, but even if she was ugly, swimming around with Shelly was a good way to get horny until Chrissy came home. Thinking of Chrissy made him think of shaved pussy and he was absent-mindedly wondering what Shelly would look like naked and shaved as they walked out to alsancak escort the back yard. His attention was captured by the vision of the girl in the pool though. She was gorgeous!

Shelly noted that Cheryl had managed to put her bikini back on and introduced her to Alex.

“Alex said that he’d like to join us for a swim to wait until Chrissy gets here and I said that it would be cool. You don’t mind do you?” Shelly asked Cheryl. Cheryl indicated that she had no problem with it and looked Alex up and down as he pulled his t-shirt over his head in preparation for the swim.

“There’s only one condition, Alex,” Shelly said as he prepared to jump in the pool.

“what’s that?” he asked.

“You have to skinny dip!” she said, wondering what his reaction would be.

“What? I’m not going to skinny dip with you in the pool, Chrissy would kill me if she thought that I was doing that!”

“Oh well, then, I guess you don’t want a swim.” And in saying that, with her back to him, she dropped her towel and jumped into the pool. Alex’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he realised that Shelly had just jumped into the pool completely naked. There was no bikini cupping that cute little butt, just the gorgeous little thing itself. He stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights, stunned.

Cheryl was laughing her head off when Shelly came back up for air.

“What’s up?” she asked cheekily.

“I think its what we call a dilemma” laughed Cheryl. “His head is obviously telling him one thing, but by the bulge in his pants, I think he wants to do something else.”

Shelly joined in with the laughter. “Come on alex, you’re going to strain yourself if you don’t let it out. Just take your shorts off and come in, Cheryl will nude up too, won’t you Cheryl?”

“If that’s the sort of reaction it gets, I think I just might have to” answered Cheryl, once again reaching behind her to take off her bikini top. Alex was now truly caught, his eyes glued to Cheryl’s magnificent breasts. Shelly came up behind her tall friend and reached around to grab her breasts, proffering them to Alex. Cheryl was surprised and flinched as her friend grabbed her breasts, but didn’t move because it was fun teasing Alex and watching the bulge grow in his pants. It was looking quite large now!

“Don’t you want to get a closer look at these babies?” asked Shelly, all pouty and teasing him. Alex couldn’t take any more and quickly removed his pants. Cheryl clapped and Shelly mock cheered him as he released his member to the air and he sprang into the pool. Having succeeded in getting him naked, Shelly was determined that she would now get to know what it was like to feel a big stiff cock in her hands. Cheryl busied herself with

“Doesn’t that feel better?” she asked him as he came up for air.

“Well, its cooler, but I don’t know that I’d say better,” he said, he said, deciding to play the game as far as he could.

“oh the poor boy appears to be suffering from some tension Cheryl,” Shelly said, sidling up alongside him, brushing her very tight nipples against his arm.

“Well I don’t know that there’s anything we can do about that,” laughed Cheryl as she floated up onto her back, breasts pointing to the sky and her neatly trimmed pussy displayed for all.

“Nope, nothing at all,” laughed Chrissy, duck diving in front of Alex to swim away. Alex could not help himself and noted that there appeared to be no hair on Shelly’s pussy. He stood transfixed and confused. He had a raging hard-on and both girls appeared to be flirting with him (not to mention the fact that they were gorgeous and naked!) but he was committed to his girlfriend. He decided that he should just enjoy the view and have a swim, perhaps even try to ignore the fact that they were naked (huh, some chance he scolded himself).

As they all just lazed about the pool, Shelly decided that she wanted more and thought of a way to perhaps get it. It was one thing to swim underwater and perve on Alex’s cock and Cheryl’s pussy, but she wanted to touch them.

“How about we play Marco Polo?” asked shelly. The other two weren’t sure but shelly pointed out that there was little else to do and that they may as well. They reluctantly agreed that this was indeed the case and resolved to play the game. Shelly told Alex that he was it and she moved away from him to give him space.

“Marco,” said Alex, now with his eyes closed.

“Polo” chorused Shelly and Cheryl. Alex moved to close in the space, moving towards Shelly. Not wanting to waste any time, Shelly very quietly moved closer to Alex. This time, when he said Marco, she ducked underwater, grabbed his cock in her hand from his side and then quickly darted away as he turned to try and touch her to make her it!”

“Hey, you didn’t say polo!” he accused her, laughing and trying again. Shelly stayed out the way awhile until at one point, he had both Shelly and Cheryl stuck in a corner of the pool.

“Marco.” buca escort

“Polo,” they replied and as they did so, Cheryl unexpectedly pushed her smaller friend towards Alex as she swam out of the way. Alex’s hand closed in on Shelly and he found himself touching her right on the breast. Shelly didn’t move away as she was now it, but she did note that Alex’s fingers lingered longer than was required on her breast. She was excited now, especially in this proximity to him. She half complained to Cheryl that it wasn’t a nice thing to have done and promised that she would get hers.

Before Alex moved away she said “I guess you’d better move now that I am it, or this will be a short game,” and at the same time fondled his cock quickly. He looked mildly surprised but also, she noted somewhat pleased as he moved slowly away from her.

Now it was her turn to close her eyes and try to catch one of the other two. Alex took the opportunity to swim close by her pussy under the water to confirm his suspicions. He was delighted and amazed to find that Shelly’s pussy was as bald as Chrissy’s. He badly wanted to touch it, but wasn’t quite game, even though she had grabbed his cock twice. So he just played the game. It wasn’t long before Shelly caught Cheryl and they traded places in the middle of the pool.

This time whilst Cheryl had her eyes closed, Shelly went over and tweaked her nipple, but she didn’t get away with it. They all agreed that the game was over and not really that much fun now that they were older and there was only three people to play it.

“How about a different game?” Shelly asked, deciding to run the gauntlet now.

“What game?” asked Alex cautiously.

“I call it exploration.” She answered. Both Alex and Cheryl said they had never heard of it.

“It goes like this. Alex sits on the edge of the pool with is big stiff dick out and I touch it and explore it and see what it feels like. And Cheryl can too if she wants to know. Who’s in?”

“Oh, I am for sure,” said Cheryl who had been getting hornier and hornier watching the by-play between the other two and watching Alex’s cock for the last half hour.

“I don’t think I should,” Alex said.

“Think schmink, you want to, so stop thinking and just do it Alex,” Shelly said, closing in on him.

“Only if you promise not to tell anyone,” Alex said.

“Deal” the two girls said together, thinking they’d at least be able to talk to each other about it.

Alex lifted himself up onto the edge of the pool at the shallow end. Cheryl and Shelly moved in to stand before him, his cock sticking up invitingly at about breast height. Shelly eagerly reached out to touch it, amazed at how hard it was and yet how soft the skin was. Cheryl reached a hand out too, and tentatively touched it. They both oo’s and ah’d as they handled the big cock before them.

Alex moaned as the two girls used their hands to fondle his cock and balls. He couldn’t believe that his girlfriend’s sister not only had her hand on his cock, but had her friend in on it to. He lay back on his elbows as they pumped his shaft and fondled him.

“Have either of you ever kissed a girl?” he asked them, letting his imagination run wild. Shelly answered yes at the same time that Cheryl said no and both Alex and Cheryl turned to look at her with surprise all over their face.

“God, Shel, you never even told me!” accused Cheryl.

“Well, I just didn’t find the right time was only really recent” replied Shelly. Alex’s cock had gone really hard in her hand.

“Did you enjoy it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was great.” Shelly decided that she’d better put a stop to the questions for now and just as he was about to ask another question, she leaned over and sucked his cock into her mouth. Alex forgot his question as he moaned in appreciation and Cheryl just stood there gob-smacked as her friend sucked her sister’s boyfriend’s cock like it was the last thing she’d get to eat on earth.

Shelly loved the control she had and the feeling of the stiff cock in her mouth. She took as much as she could in and then slowly drew back on it, catching the head between her lips briefly. “I like this!” she declared. Alex advised of his agreement and Cheryl declared that if it was that good that she should get to have a turn to. Shelly made room for her and watched her take the engorged organ into her mouth.

Alex reached down to grab Cheryl’s larger firm breast and she moaned her appreciation around his cock. Shelly reached in to fondle his balls as her friend sucked away.

“So would you kiss Cheryl?” Alex asked Shelly as he enjoyed all that he had at his disposal.

“Oh yes, she’s the most beautiful girl I know!” declared Shelly as Cheryl coughed and spluttered in surprise, releasing the cock from her mouth.

“What do you say Cheryl, are you prepared to give it a try? I’ll do anything you like for you if I get to see you kiss each other” Alex proposed, hoping like hell that his dreams could come true here.

“You’ll do anything huh?” Cheryl asked.

“mmhmm” he replied.

“Well, ok then, I’ll try it.” Shelly was surprised and thrilled. She hadn’t dared to believe that she might get a chance to touch Cheryl properly; she had just been ecstatic that she’d found out what was like to suck a cock!

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